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Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 29/04/2024

And that’s a wrap for this year’s Summit!

We recently hosted the Rise Europe Summit, bringing together 20 ecosystem leaders from 13 European countries to catalyze European tech innovation through the Vision for Europe 2030. The event started at in Madrid and concluded at our historic Segovia location.

Rise Europe aims for Europe to excel in fostering new economic growth and innovation by supporting tech startups, scaleups and unicorns. We are proud to be part of such a successful event aimed at building breakthrough technology across Europe.

Thanks to all involved!

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 26/04/2024

On Tuesday, we officially hosted the start of Rise Europe Summit with a dinner where top tech entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem builders for Europe convened.

The event included keynote speakers, discussion panels, a lot of networking and the promise to work together for a more united EU of Entrepreneurship!

Thank you to all the participants!

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Last week, in collaboration with Ryanair, we hosted the Sustainability Datathon final, a competition where students worked in teams to find an innovative and viable solution to reduce food waste on airlines.

Judging the competition were María Teresa Ballestar, head of analytical consultants at Google; Jaume Manero Font, director of intelligent enterprise at T4S Advance; and Michael Mouire, head of data and analytics at Ryanair. Also giving some insightful speeches and presenting the teams were Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu; Ryanair CTO John Hurley; Rocío Albert López-Ibor, regional minister of economy, finance and employment for the Community of Madrid; Enrique García Otero, assistant director of strategy development and business intelligence Europe at the International Air Transport Association (IATA); Isabela del Alcázar, IE University’s chief sustainability officer; and Raquel Cabero Quiles, academic director and professor at IE University.

The day was full of exciting and novel ways of using data models to solve the problem, presented by the five final teams. After some deliberation, the team Planet Pioneers won first place!

Congratulations to all the teams that participated! We love to see you getting involved in pressing matters and showcasing your ability to create new and fresh solutions. 👏

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 10/11/2023

This year's Careers Forum Fall 2023 was a big success, breaking all previous records with an impressive audience of 1,594 attendees. Master’s students, university students and our esteemed alumni joined us across five remarkable days of festivities.

Here are some highlights of the the SciTech Career Forum Day, which was split into two engaging sections:

🌅 Morning session
An exclusive rendezvous with the SciTech School where companies converged to share insights about their products, cutting-edge technologies and open opportunities within their technical departments. It was a morning filled with innovation and possibilities.

🌆 Afternoon session
The focus shifted toward business profiles and students with a fervent interest in technology. We were joined by an outstanding number of 42 companies, providing a unique opportunity for students to connect with future employers and explore exciting prospects in the tech world.

🤝 Networking & Insights 🌐
Students connected with recruiters, partner companies and IE University’s Alumni, gaining valuable insights and shaping future opportunities. The Careers Forum Fall 2023 set the stage for incredible journeys and exciting partnerships to come.


Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 27/09/2023

What better way to welcome the students of the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data and the Master in Computer Science & Business Technology than with a couple of fun team-building activities?

New students had the chance to make new connections with their classmates on our Maria de Molina campus as they participated in various competitions throughout the day. Check out some of the activities below!

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 19/09/2023

We are excited to welcome a new class of Master's students to the IE School of Science and Technology this week, celebrating their first step on a career journey in the world of science and technology.

Students in the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data and the Master in Computer Science and Business Technology gathered in to celebrate the start of their respective programs. Faculty greeted them with welcome speeches, while our Talent & Careers team and alum Maika Robledo outlined future career paths for graduates of these programs. Check out the photos below to learn more about the event!

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 11/10/2022

“The can help all the knowledge that has been created to be retained”, said the Deputy Dean of the University of Melbourne, Thas Nirmalathas, during the three-day Metaverse Catalyst meeting held at the IE School of Science and Technology last week.

This collaborative roundtable meeting involved global luminaries from prestigious global institutions such as , , , and the University of Melbourne. Each guest provided their expertise in Information Technology, AI, and Data Science. It was an opportunity to collectively assess what’s next in these fields and how best to anticipate the new frontier’s challenges and opportunities.

At the event, our guests demonstrated that through the metaverse and simulations, doctors, pilots and other professionals are allowed to learn their skills without putting lives at risk. Skills become internalized before applying them in real life, and this ability increases the motivation to learn. Reducing limitations to learning permits entrepreneurs to plan their startups and reveals a large list of potential possibilities to discover. Even more, the metaverse creates inclusive learning environments, accelerating the learning process in cases of people with disabilities, as well.

The Catalyst event also addressed elements to consider surrounding the metaverse such as regulations, safety, costs and its potential psychological effects. As a hub for innovation, we raise these questions in advance and we will develop them in future meetings. Be aware, be there.

Thank you to all the participants for forming a global community to share best practices for education and high-impact entrepreneurially-driven research in the area of the metaverse.

You can also have a look at some of the key live quotes from the Metaverse Catalyst meeting over on our Twitter page!

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“I’m interested in the category of research in between entrepreneurship or applied research. Is there a question buried in there that can be a research project?

Entrepreneurs see and triangulate that world, and they see problems that are occurring. So I want to fuse those disciplines and break away the boundaries.”

In a fireside chat last week at IE Law School’s , Dean of IE School of Science and Technology Ikhlaq Sidhu covered the important topics of , and . Focusing on the importance of merging disciplines for richer research, his participation spoke to the focus of IE University to of disciplines.

Check out these highlights from the event.


The new QS rankings are in, and we couldn’t be more proud that our Master in Business Analytics and Big Data program is regarded as one of the best in the .

Our Master in Business Analytics and Big Data placed 7th worldwide in the 2023 QS Master in Business Analytics Ranking.

What’s more, the program was also ranked 3rd worldwide in Employability and 16th globally in Class & Faculty .

Thinking of enrolling in our internationally acclaimed program?

Find out more here.


We are honored to co-host, along with Cornell Tech, Accelerating Equity: Universities Sparking Systems Change, a conversation between top academics and leading professionals, who will discuss the part that and play in bringing about systemic and expanding talent pipelines.

Join our fantastic key speakers Santiago Iniguez, IE University President; Renée T. White, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at The New School, Yale University; Caryn Beck-Dudley, President and CEO at AACSB International; and Greg Morrisett, Dean and Vice Provost at Cornell Tech.

Moderated by John A. Byrne, Chairman, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at C-Change Media, our distinguished panel will discuss important matters including and in .

Register here using our "ieguest" code to get free tickets to attend the panel.

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 20/09/2022

We were delighted to welcome our new Master in Business Analytics & Big Data students and our new Master in Computer Science and Business Technology students to IE Sci-Tech Monday.

The welcome included an insightful talk from our Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu, as well as note-worthy advice from Raquel Cabero and Christina Stathopolous.

From the team, we welcome you all to this new chapter in your lives.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you all. 💚

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 15/09/2022

This week, the School of Science and Technology hosted an Induction Day where both students and faculty were able to enjoy some of the wonderful tech devices we had on display at IE Tower for them to use. 🕹

VR and AR headsets, Formula 1 simulations and super intelligent robots are just some of the amazing gadgets available.

A completely immersive experience, users witnessed simulated reality like never before.

We leave you here with some of our favorite moments of the event. ☝️

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 13/09/2022

The School of Science and Technology greeted a new year and a new wave of incredible undergraduate students and opportunities.

We welcome this beginning of a chapter and are excited to see the new faces that will make up our family for the next four to five years. We look forward to creating new memories with you.💚

We leave you here with some key moments of the day.

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 12/08/2022

Rocio Gonzalez Lantero graduated this year from IE University with a Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics.

Regarding her professional future, Rocio will continue at Inditex as a Data Scientist.

Eager to put her degree into practice, Rocío is looking forward to applying what she has learned - including - to her new company's decision-making processes.

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 26/07/2022

Class of 2022 students from several IE School of Science and Technology master’s programs graduated last week at the IE Tower.

We extend our warmest congratulations to all of you who graduated!

We’re so proud of your achievements.

Here are some of our favorite photos from your big day

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 21/07/2022

It's time to rejoice—after all your hard work and dedication, your time has come!

The IE School of Science and Technology wishes to congratulate the students of the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data, who celebrated their closing event in the Paper Pavillion building in Calle de Serrano 99.

Congratulations to all winning students; you are champions!


In the following video, IE School of Science and Technology Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu describes the ways in which, to him, and has significant impact on the world.

In deconstructing his logic, Professor Sidhu mentions an extremely valuable concept: "One way we innovate with science and technology is by looking at the broader version—you connect what you know about science and tech to all the other things happening in the world, and by making those trade-offs, innovation happens"

Learn more about the Dean's reflections. ⬇️

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 18/07/2022

🎓 This week, students from various master programs in the School of Science and Technology from the Class of 2020 celebrated their graduation ceremony at the IE Tower.

Congratulations to all of the graduates! We’re so proud of you!

Check out some highlights from the very special day!


In the following video, IE School of Science & Technology Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu expresses his beliefs in the qualities and changes education needs in order to evolve and keep up to date with a modern climate.

After careful analysis, Professor Sidhu summarises his thoughts: "The solution is technically deep, but it's also broad, and that includes and behaviors, and entrepreneurialism that connects. It connects to people, and to actual problems that are happening outside in the real world."

Dive deeper into the Dean's reflections ⬇️

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 11/07/2022

This past week at IE University’s graduation, we celebrated the School of Science and Technology’s 2022 graduates and took the opportunity to award the best students with both the Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics and the Bachelor in Information Systems Management. The graduates were presented their awards by Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu.

Congratulations to Alberto Lazarov, Chloe Martin, Jose David Vazquez, Rocio Gonzalez, Sidhant Singhal, Teresa Trueba, Morgan Geyr, Ryan Daher and to all the graduates. You made it! Check out photos from the event.


In the following video, Dean Ikhlaq Sidhu points out what inherently makes up the DNA of the IE School of Science and Technology.

The IE School of Science and Technology offers its students programs that intertwine the most practical and applicable knowledge and skills from the latest advancements in , and .

The pillars of the school are to combine data and technology to drive radical improvements, connecting technology with business purpose and .

Check out the paramount values from our Dean below ⬇️


Originally from Colombia, Alejandro Torres Pérez studied an International MBA and a Master in Business Analytics and Big Data at IE University. He is currently working as Cloud Solution Specialist Data & AI at Microsoft.

In this video he tells us about his experience at IE University and both the wins and challenges he has had to face along the way.

He also defines what his key responsibilities at Microsoft are, and how his education at IE University helped shape him into a competent professional and a valuable asset to the company.

Find out more about Alejandro's incredible journey here👇


Taking a breath at the Segovia campus, is taking a breath of history. If you have ever wanted to discover the secrets that linger the halls of the soul and spirit of our institution, have a look at this brilliant documentary featuring Miguel Larrañaga, David Goodman, Iona de Macedo, Isabela Alcázar, and Fernando Serrano-Suñer.

IE University launches Tech4Democracy Challenge 09/12/2021

Today, Joe Biden, President of the United States of America, is inaugurating the , and at IE University, we have been invited to take part. We're honored to have Manuel Muñiz, Provost of IE University and Dean of the Global and Public Affairs School, joining a panel tomorrow within the Summit to talk about technology and its potential to drive positive impact within our societies and democracies.

As part of this virtual event convened by the White House, IE University, in partnership with the US Department of State, through the US Embassy in Madrid, will launch the Global Entrepreneurship Challenge, which will take place throughout 2022. The goal of this project is to identify, through a set of regional startup and scaleup competitions, entrepreneurs that build and advance democracy-affirming technologies.

Read more about the Summit for Democracy and Tech4Democracy through the following link!

IE University launches Tech4Democracy Challenge IE University launches the Tech4Democracy Challenge as part of Joe Biden’s Summit for Democracy.

In Their Shoes: Genuine Student Stories | Oxana Pangina 29/10/2021

Having been interested in science fiction and video games from a young age, Oxana Pangina chose to study data. Seeking to combine her passion for and with her experience in the business world, IE University was the perfect fit, especially as her program allowed her to solve real-world problems and delve deeper into the world of technology.

Learn more below!

In Their Shoes: Genuine Student Stories | Oxana Pangina IE University students are passionate about many different things. Whether it's sports, arts or developing new ideas, if there is something that defines our ...

Photos from IE School of Science and Technology's post 28/09/2021

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us here at IE HST School! We attended the opening ceremony for our master’s programs, giving our new students a warm welcome at the auditorium.

We had the pleasure of hearing from incredible high-caliber speakers from within the IE HST school: Jose Esteves, Associate Dean of Technology & Analytics, Rafif Sour, Vice Dean of Programs and Academics, Carlos Marquerie, Vice Dean Corporate Relations, and Innovation, Eva Valbuena, Head of Talent & Careers, Beatriz García-Bernalt, Senior Associate Director Talent & Careers, Niccolo Mazzucchelli, Senior ManagerAdmissions & Enrollment, and Borja Perez, Master in Computer Science and Business Technology Alumni.

Each delivered an informative and motivational session to attendees. We’d like to extend our thanks to them all!

It was great to celebrate our first-ever event held at the new auditorium—and we’re thrilled to have done so with our newest studying tech master’s programs at IE HST!

Life as a Young Woman in Technology - IE Driving Innovation 13/07/2021

"In the field of technology, I think that this diversity is especially important because we always need new mindsets, new ways of thinking, and new ideas. You only find those through listening to people from diverse backgrounds."

Read more about Rocio Gonzalez's story and how life as a young woman in technology is at IE HST.

Life as a Young Woman in Technology - IE Driving Innovation Bachelor in Data and Business Analytics student, Rocio Gonzalez, talks about why she chose such an innovative program at IE University.

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