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One of the foremost training and R&D centres in Europe, the Media Business School (MBS) offers a complete set of training and consulting programmes ranging from entry-level specialisation courses to intensive training for experienced producers and executives. The MBS has had a lasting impact on over 4,800 audiovisual professionals who have attended any of the training initiatives we have organised in 20 different countries since 1991.

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Timeline photos 12/02/2016

Meet us in Berlin! For more info, please contact Hugo Lasarte. 03/02/2016

Berlin unveils Meryl Streep’s very European International jury! The competition jury, chaired by the US star, will comprise Lars Eidinger, Clive Owen, Alba Rohrwacher, Małgorzata Szumowska, Nick James…

Master in Film and Media Production · Mega Plus 03/02/2016

is designed to prepare the next generation of industry entrepreneurs and executives to enter the sector with the skills and knowhow required to operate in a digital, on demand economy.
Register by the early bird deadline for a 20% discount on the course fee.

Master in Film and Media Production · Mega Plus mega plus is a nine month master in film and media production that provides specialized training in audiovisual company management and content production. 02/02/2016

Netflix admits its viewers think of 'Breaking Bad' as a Netflix experience — and that should... Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos admits that Netflix's way of distributing shows downplays the role of the network.

Funding for Training | International Scholarships 02/02/2016

Scholarships available for UK residents!
programme is accepting applications for 2016 edition!
More info

Funding for Training | International Scholarships International Scholarships are funding for training grants of up to £5,000 for experienced film professionals to attend intensive and high-level developmental programmes 01/02/2016

MIPTV Focusses on German TV International television market MIPTV will shift its focus to Germany for its upcoming event, which runs April 4-7 in Cannes. 01/02/2016

Rotterdam Unveils Tiger Awards For Short Films Mark Leckey’s "Dream English Kid 1964-1999 AD," Yto Barrada’s "False Start" and Daichi Saito’s "Engram of Returning" nabbed the Tiger Awards for short films at the 45th Rotterdam International Film... 01/02/2016

All of the Winners of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Updating Live Follow along as we update live every winner of this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Weekly Rankings - Weekend Box Office Results | Rentrak 01/02/2016

Worldwide Box Office Results for Weekend of January 31, 2016

Weekly Rankings - Weekend Box Office Results | Rentrak Weekly charts ranking the top weekend box office results, top DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals, top Video on Demand movie sales, top digital movie sales and rentals and most engaging TV shows. 21/01/2016

Using music in your production! From the excitement of natural history programmes to the high drama of the Great British Bake Off, the music we hear can affect everything we watch. But does it enhance the narrative or ruin our viewing pleasure? Composer William Goodchild, Richard Bradley from Lion TV and film editor Jake Martin di... 21/01/2016

7 Overlooked David Lynch Films You Must See to Believe You've seen "Eraserhead," "Lost Highway," "Wild at Heart," "Blue Velvet," "Mulholland Drive" and "Inland Empire," now celebrate Lynch's birthday with these over


WATCH: Festival Flashback to 2015 ...

Timeline photos 21/01/2016

"Negativity is the enemy of creativity." David Lynch

"Negativity is the enemy of creativity." David Lynch, who turns 70 today. 20/01/2016

Watch: Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg Talk about Bridge of Spies | Filmmaker Magazine Sitting down for an hour-long chat about Bridge of Spies a few months ago, Martin Scorsese noted that he's already watched the film twice. In the subsequent

Timeline photos 19/01/2016

mega plus is geared to young producers, recent film school or university graduates who wish to accelerate their careers, and to film executives who want to update their skills to face the radical changes that are taking place in the audiovisual business.
Residential training: 19h Sept. – 25h Nov. 2016. More info 19/01/2016

The world's most boring television ... and why it's hilariously addictive You've heard about slow food. Now here's slow ... TV? In this very funny talk, Norwegian television producer Thomas Hellum shares how he and his team began to broadcast long, boring events, often live -- and found a rapt audience. Shows include a 7-hour train journey, an 18-hour fishing expedition a… 19/01/2016

Netflix defends its ratings secrecy against competition's criticism Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos says ratings make no sense for their business model.


The best moments, memories and events of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival! Only 3 days for 2016 edition!

Timeline photos 15/01/2016

Congratulations to our alumni Michael Schaefer and team for the 7 nominations of The Martian including Best Picture and Best Actor at the 88th The Academy Awards

Son of Saul "Official Trailer" 2015 15/01/2016

Congratulations to producer Judit Stalter ( participant) and team for the nomination of "Son of Saul" for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th The Academy Awards.

Son of Saul "Official Trailer" 2015 December 18th, 2015 In the horror of 1944 Auschwitz, a prisoner forced to burn the corpses of his own people finds moral survival upon trying to salvage from...

Embrace Of The Serpent - Official Trailer 15/01/2016

Congratulations to producer Cristina Gallego (Ciudad Lunar Producciones / Colombia) and editor Etienne Boussac ( participants) for the nomination of "Embrace of the Serpent" for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th The Academy Awards.

Embrace Of The Serpent - Official Trailer A film by Ciro Guerra, 2015, Colombia/ Venezuela/Argentina, 125' EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT tells the epic story of the first...

Sofia Neves Joins WestEnd Films as Director of Sales 15/01/2016

Congratulations to our 2004 participant Sofia Neves, who has just joined WestEnd Films as Director of Sales.

Sofia Neves Joins WestEnd Films as Director of Sales LONDON -- Sofia Neves has joined international sales and film financing company WestEnd Films as director of sales, and will attend next month’s European Film Market in Berlin. Neves previously wor... 14/01/2016

The three-time Oscar winner will be jury president of the 66th Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival . Triple Oscar winner Meryl Streep will share her experience from decades at the top of the acting profession with the 300 emerging film professionals taking part in this year's Berlinale Talents program.

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La entidad Aenoa Formación Continua se creó en el año 2004 para asesorar a los Centros de Estudios en la gestión de la Formación Bonificada. Formación. MK Digital. Gestión de Redes Sociales.

CEF Centro de Estudios Financieros CEF Centro de Estudios Financieros
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Escuela Arteneo Escuela Arteneo
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Escuela Artes Visuales Presencial y Online. Ilustración, Diseño, Concept Art, Creative Media, Zbrush

Cursos Express de Liceus Cursos Express de Liceus
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Una formación online en Humanidades ágil, flexible y para todos los bolsillos, desde 25 €. Matricula abierta todo el año. ¿A qué estás esperando?

Cálamo & Cran Cálamo & Cran
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Centro de Formación especializada en Edición y Traducción

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Asociación REDconsultora Asociación REDconsultora
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La Asociación Redconsultora es un colectivo profesional que da respuesta a las necesidades a travé

AA/IE Madrid Summer School 2009 AA/IE Madrid Summer School 2009
Maria De Molina, 11
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In July 2009 two leading independent schools of architecture, the Architectural Association, London

Fundación Junior Achievement España Fundación Junior Achievement España
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Con más de 100 años de experiencia en educación, somos una Fundación que impulsa el talento de l

Academia de Policía LegisPol Academia de Policía LegisPol
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Oposiciones al Cuerpo Nacional de Policía
Calle Faraday
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Cursos Inglés en UK, Irlanda, USA, Canadá, Australia PROMO FB. Gana un IPOD por contratar un curso

SCT Systemic Consultancy and Training SCT Systemic Consultancy and Training
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CHANGES (th) AT WORK difunde y desarrolla DBM (Developmental Behavioural Modelling) en España y en todo el mundo hispanoparlante.