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I am proud to to present my continuing series that is being published in IECA Insights Magazine that tackles the ever going topic of the differences between IEC's and agents. This edition brings the us Sheetal Joshi the past head of international development of CEU universities in Spain. Thank you for your wonderful insights on the topic!

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Very proud to have been invited to present "Study in Spain" to the Italian Counselors Group! Thank you to Luiss Guido Carli University and St. John's University for hosting and to Shawn Slon for a wonderful dinner as well!

Special shout out to Beatriz Plagaro Cenoz and Mila Laquidain from the University of Navarra, GUILLERMO DIAZ DE LA CRUZ form Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Alba Conde from IE Business School. Amazing presentations and wonderful options for students looking to study in Spain!


Great to see Study in Prague Reps from Charles University and Czech Technical University at the IACAC Conference in Miami!


We are pleased to be working with Holly Gray as a new Global University Advisors collaborator!


Navigating US and Spain Admissions


Thank you for your wonderful Testimonial!

"Jack and Christian are professional and experienced consultants, they really helped my daughter in focusing on her potential and translating it into a successful application. They really supported her during all the application process and answered promptly to any question or doubt she had. Adding also some psychological support. In the end she received an offer from one of the best universities in the UK, so I can say she was a successful case! I highly recommend GUA!!!

Proud Parent - Susanna Passaquindici University of Durham - Class of 2027


We had a great visit to UE university in Madrid!


Congratulations to our class of 2022 that was accepted into top institutions throughout the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic! Now it’s your turn to follow your dreams and find your perfect university!

The U.S. may never regain its dominance as a destination for international students. Here's why that matters. 05/08/2021

The U.S. may never regain its dominance as a destination for international students. Here's why that matters. Colleges and universities in the United States attract more than a million international students a year. Higher education is one of America’s top service exports, generating $42 billion in revenue. But the money spigot is closing. The pandemic, visa restrictions, rising tuition and a perception o...


"Galvanizing the TCK Experience to Enhance University and Career Choice" A presentation at the 2021 IACAC conference.


The identity of Third Culture Kids is becoming more prevalent as we move closer to a global society where families travel and live all around the world. The importance of this study can be seen in how this new global population is interacting with society as adults. Christian analyzed whether these decisions have changed over the past 20 years, and what, if any, differences there were in the decisions of ATCKs from various cultures and backgrounds. His research includes a comparative study between the previous research and a new recent survey that features Adult Third Culture Kids’ identity and their educational and career choices. It also analyzed these choices from Adult Third Culture Kids born from bicultural and multicultural parents.


So excited to have been able to present at the annual FIGT conference!

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Aniceto Marinas 106
Otros Asesores educativos en Madrid (mostrar todas)
Interway Idiomas Interway Idiomas
Madrid, 28016

Tenemos el curso de idiomas en el extranjero que estás buscando. ¡Tú elige el lugar y nosotros ponemos el resto!

Grupo Aula6 Grupo Aula6

Consultoría especializada en dificultades de aprendizaje y logopedia, educación emocional, habilidades.A domicilio, online y en centros escolares.

Gran Vía 6
Madrid, 28004

Asesora de idiomas mejoramos tu nivel de inglés tanto con programas en el extranjero, como con plat

Juan Nova Juan Nova
Madrid, 28007

Formador para Líderes y Liderazgo

Entusiàstic Entusiàstic
Santa Agnès De Corona
Madrid, 07828

Inspirant creativitat a través de l'art, el joc i el cor. Una mirada creativa, lúdica i intuïtiva sobre l'aprenentatge i el creixement personal, que proposa activitats, formacions i recursos per despertar l'èsser creatiu que tots portem dins.

Dónde estudiar? Con Sara. Dónde estudiar? Con Sara.

Asesoría para estudios de Posgrado en España.

Talent In People Talent In People
Calle Loreto Y Chicote, 2
Madrid, 28004

Diseño e impartición de programas de formación y desarrollo en habilidades sociales y directivas,

Kämpe Kämpe
Calle De Velázquez, 80
Madrid, 28001

Teresa Legido - Instituto de Lenguajes Metafísicos Teresa Legido - Instituto de Lenguajes Metafísicos
Avenida De América 12, 3C
Madrid, 28028

Estudio de lenguajes metafísicos: Numerología, Árbol de la vida de la Cábala, Astrología, Calendario Maya y Tarot.

Profe Luis Profe Luis

Ingeniero y Docente Universitario por más 25 Años en la enseñanza de matemática, física y electricida

Kosmik Teaching Kosmik Teaching

Spanish class should be accessible, fun, and easy to plan! Follow for freebies, ideas, & resources!

Matraz Innova Matraz Innova
Madrid, 28050

🧪Compartiendo experiencias con profesionales y personas que se inician en la Industria Farmacéutica