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Only sky is the limit. 04/10/2018

University of Dayton Research Institute - Risk in the Sky? - sUAS News - The Business of Drones By Pamela Gregg, Communication Administrator, UDRI Tests performed at the University of Dayton Research Institute show that bigger may not always be better in contests between manned aircraft and UAVs. When a large military helicopter collided midair with a small quadcopter last year, the helicopter...



The coolest part about the Olympic opening ceremony? A world-record breaking drone show: 15/10/2017

DJI launches drone identification and monitoring system AeroScope | ZDNet The product is aimed at striking a balance between security and privacy. 30/09/2016

Global Robot Fleet Manager - Starship Technologies In case you’re from Mars and haven’t heard of Starship Technologies, we’re one of the coolest companies on Planet Earth building small, cute, self-driving delivery robots that will completely change how we receive parcels, groceries and food in our homes.


Instagram video by European Drones Academy • Sep 13, 2016 at 10:42am UTC

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European Commission has published a draft rule of a coming Europewide drone regulation. Feedback from stakeholders is welcome using the dedicated mailbox [email protected]. Considering the high interest of this topic, a large number of reactions is expected, and therefore EASA will not provide individual answers. However, all comments will be taken in due consideration during the development of the rulemaking task
(Draft Pdf linked) 06/09/2016

EU aviation groups want all drones to be registered - BBC News A string of aviation associations calls for all small drones in Europe to be registered. 17/08/2016

New Opportunities and Tech for Drone Developers and Enthusiasts | Intel Newsroom Intel is focused on creating innovative new technologies and leading with key vision capabilities in the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) segment, commonly referred to as drones. At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) today, Intel is hosting a panel with drone industry leaders including Ronie Gnecco, innov...


EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency

Got a #drone this Christmas? Watch the EASA flight safety video and enjoy your flying experience! More information 10/12/2015

March of the drones: 10 ideas that moved flying robots forward in 2015 Let's cast our eye over the more promising drone applications to emerge in 2015, a diverse list that includes everything from drones that deliver medical supplies to drones that can build bridges all by themselves. 10/11/2015

Civil Drones (RPAS) | EASA

European Commission has proposed to set new standards to regulate the operations of RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) or as people call them "Drones" Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - RPAS (some people call them civil ‘drones’) are increasingly being used in Europe, but under a fragmented regulatory framework. Basic national safety rules apply, but the rules differ across the EU and a number of key safeguards are not addressed in a coherent way…


European Drones Academy 24/10/2015

Drone Laws in Australia - We explain CASA CASR 101 laws for RPAS in Australia


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Kaare Tee 3, Viimsi, Estonia
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Haabneeme Kool Haabneeme Kool
Randvere Tee 18
Viimsi, 74001

Tugeva ühtsustundega, paindlik, õppimist ja laia silmaringi väärtustav kogukonnakool.

Viimsi Kooliteater Viimsi Kooliteater
Randvere Tee 8
Viimsi, 74001

Viimsi Kooliteater

Viimsi Kooli Õpilasesinduse teataja Viimsi Kooli Õpilasesinduse teataja
Randvere Tee 8, Haabneeme, Estonia
Viimsi, 74001

Viimsi Kooli õpilasesinduse teated ja informatsioon käesolevate ja tulevaste ürituste kohta. Kindel koht, kus jõuavad õpilaste arvamused löögile ja läbiarutamisele.

Viimsi Gümnaasium Viimsi Gümnaasium
Tammepõllu Tee 2
Viimsi, 74001

Valikutega loome maailma.

Eralasteaed Pääsupoeg Eralasteaed Pääsupoeg
Pääsupoeg 1 Saare Tee 11 Ja Pääsupoeg 2 Suur Kaare Tee 66
Viimsi, 74011

Meie lasteaiad on kodused ja hubased, värvikad ja turvalised.

Toomas Suursoo Tennisekool Toomas Suursoo Tennisekool
Sõpruse Tee 5


Viimsi Muusikakool Viimsi Muusikakool
Rohuneeme Tee 38
Viimsi, 74001

Viimsi Muusikakool

Püünsi Kool Püünsi Kool
Kooli Tee 33, Püünsi Küla
Viimsi, 74013

Väike ja armas kool Viimsi valla Püünsi külas. Väidetavalt oleme mandri põhjapoolseim kool:).

Spordiklubi Meihua - for Women Spordiklubi Meihua - for Women
Randvere 8 Viimsi Spordikeskus

Wing Tchun Kung Fu - very suitable for women.

Viimsi Kool Viimsi Kool
Randvere Tee 8
Viimsi, 74001

Viimsi Väikese Hipi Lastehoid Viimsi Väikese Hipi Lastehoid
Heki Tee 6-25, Haabneeme
Viimsi, 74001

Väikese Hipi lastehoid on turvalise, koduse keskkonna ja pisikese kollektiiviga turvaline eralastehoid Viimsis.

Põngerjate Kokakool Põngerjate Kokakool
Rohuneeme Tee 57 B

Meie missioon on õpetada lastele, et ise süüa teha on vahva ja tervislik ning lauakommetest kinnipidamine on cool! :)