Baltic Defence College

Mission: BALTDEFCOL’s mission is to:  Educate military and security related civilian personnel of the Baltic States, Allies and partners;  Promote international cooperation and encourage networking;  Contribute to security and defence policy related research.

Today we said our goodbyes to our Head of Finance, Mr. Raul Koni. Raul can be described as a person, who is not just a high-level expert in his field, but also someone who has been readily and tirelessly putting his knowledge and experience for the benefit of the organization. Thank you for your enormous contribution to the College! Good luck in your new endeavors!

Today, COL Paul Clayton, Commander of NATO eFP troops in Estonia visited BALTDEFCOL. Read more about the visit:

NATO Battlegroup Estonia

Today the College welcomed a speaker who is more than acquainted with the Higher Command Studies Course 2020 class. COL Ron Ti (Australian Army) presented a session on operational contract management in multinational operations today - to his own colleagues. The session was also the first physically in the College premises after the recent emergency measures. The class was required to split into two separate groups in order to be consistent with the current regulations, but with the help of technology, it worked well!

"It was an honour and a rare privilege indeed to be asked by module coordinator COL Polekauskas to present to my own classmates", said COL Ti, who had previously delivered this session to the 2019 HCSC class, saying: "I am humbled by the responsibility given to me by the College and today's opportunity was the first time I have ever lectured to my own class in a 26 year career". 'Measures of both effectiveness and performance will be reflected in the weekly survey...' he said, adding, with a smile: 'and I'm not sure that I'm keen to know!"

Today, BALTDEFCOL held a Virtual Graduation Ceremony of JCGSC 2019/2020. Read more about the event and see the pics here:

We congratulate once more all the students and wish you luck in your future engagements! 🥳🌻

Virtual Graduation Ceremony of the Joint Command and General Staff Course 2019/2020 is done! Congratulations to all the students 🌷 Alltogether 129 participants on a video call shows that we all care and wish you luck in your new endeavours!

BALTDEFCOL Faculty members participated in the VTC session with the leadership of the Національний університет оборони України імені Івана Черняховського represented by the NDU Deputy Commandant for Education MG Sergeii Salkutsan. The discussion about areas of multilateral cooperation with partner organizations was organized under auspices of the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) and moderated by Mr. Mariusz Solis, the Coordinator of the DEEP and Dr. Alan G. Stolberg.

Innovation and Military Security

New blog post is up on BALTDEFCOL BLOG! 🖋📃 This blog was created by the Baltic Defence College’s 2019-2020 Joint Command and General Staff Course over the course of one week while studying Innovation and Military Technology (their last modu…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s in the world! 👏

Baltic Defence College - Baltic Defence College Change of Command and Joint Command and General Staff Course 2016/2017 Opening Ceremony

This summer, the Command of the College will be handed over from Latvia 🇱🇻 to Estonia 🇪🇪
To refresh the memory, we will share the Handover Ceremony article from 2016 when Lithuania 🇱🇹 handed over the command to Latvia 🇱🇻. On 8 August 2016 the Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) Change of Command Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony of the Joint Command and General Staff Course (JCGSC) 2016/2017 took place in Tartu.

Latvijas Republikas Neatkarības Atjaunošanas Diena (Day of Restoration of Latvian Independence) is a Latvian 🇱🇻 national holiday and event, being celebrated annually on 4 May.

Our sincere congratulations to all Latvians on 30th Anniversary of the Restored Independence of the Republic of Latvia! 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

Latvian Embassy in Estonia
Latvijas armija
Latvijas Nacionālā aizsardzības akadēmija

Photo: Latvian Independence celebrations in 2017 at the BALTDEFCOL.

Today, Gen Pēteris Radziņš has a birthday, 140 years. A wreath of flowers was laid behalf of BALTDEFCOL at the monument dedicated to General Radziņš in Valka, Latvia 🇱🇻

It is 100 years since the liberation of Latgale, which laid the foundation for the unification of the Latvian nation and the de jure recognition of the Latvian state. General Radziņš's political and military role in the struggle of the Latvian state is invaluable.

BALTDEFCOL has named one of it's syndicates after Radziņš to honour his significant contribution to the Latvian state 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

1st May is known as International Worker’s Day! In Estonia, we call it Kevadpüha (Spring holiday). It is a day, when we celebrate upcoming sping 🌸🌼 Have a sunny holiday!

Baltic Defence College - War and Conflict Studies

Want to work in a modern, future-oriented and innovative organization? 🤔
Baltic Defence College is looking for a Lecturer in War and Conflict Studies. Please share! :) Deadline May 31. JOB TITLE: Lecturer / Senior Lecturer, War and Conflict StudiesJOB CODE: DPS02TYPE: Employed by Baltic Defence CollegeDEPARTMENT: Department of Political and Strategic StudiesSUPERVISOR: Director of the Department of Political and Strategic StudiesLOCATION: Tartu, EstoniaSALARY: €30,000-€36,000 ...

Together with Eesti Sõjamuuseum (Estonian War Museum) and Kaitseväe Akadeemia (Estonian Military Academy) we are sincerely hoping that in autumn it is again possible to hold live events and thus we announced a call for papers to an international military history conference “Small but Capable? Quality against Mass in Military History” on 22–23 September 2020 in #Tartu, Estonia.
Please see it here

In the meantime it is always possible to read articles based on previous conference papers in the peer-reviewed academic journal Estonian Yearbook of Military History

Today students in Module 4 of HCSC had a chance to listen to former CMC Gen (ret.) Petr Pavel from the Czech Republic. Delivering his speech over VTC General Pavel spoke about the influence of NATO on Defence policies of nation states. Very lively disscusion with students touched upon topics stretching from eFP presence in 3B to the possible future effect of coronavirus on defence budgets of NATO countries.

Today, we said farewell to three our very valuable faculty members. First time in the College history, we did it online!
On the first hand we are sad to end the contracts with such a great faculty members, but on the other hand we are happy that will meet the new challenges and ventures. Good luck in your new endeavours - @Maxime, @Meelis and @Triinu and keep in touch!

With the celebration of #VeteransDay on 23 April, Estonians express their gratitude and recognition of the men and women, as well as their loved ones, who protected security and international importance in military operations far from home.
BALTDEFCOL family alltogether supported the Blue Hepatica Campaign with over 300 euros 👏 HEAD VETERANIPÄEVA! Kaitseväe Akadeemia, Kaitseliit, Naiskodukaitse, Eesti Vigastatud Võitlejate Ühing, Kaitseressursside Amet 🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪🇪 #annameau #sinilill

Baltic Defence College - Education process continues at BALTDEFCOL

This week started with the lectures by the representatives of EST 🇪🇪, LVA 🇱🇻 and LTU 🇱🇹 Defence Forces to HCSC. Lectures were part of module 4. In the light of COVID-19, BALTDEFCOL follows all the restrictions and lectures were held via MS Teams.

Read more how education process continues at BALTDEFCOL! 👇 Since 16th of March, Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) faculty had to rearrange all the education and teaching processes to exploit distance learning opportunities. To prevent spread of COVID-19, the courses, electives, modules, lectures and presentations are conducted in online environment, which...

Baltic Defence College - Lecturer in NATO Joint Operations

BALTDEFCOL is waiting candidates for the position of Lecturer in NATO Joint Operations 🧐 Apply until 30th April. JOB TITLE: NATO Joint Operations JOB CODE: OP04 DEPARTMENT: Department of Military Studies SUPERVISOR: Director of Department of Military Studies LOCATION: Tartu, Estonia SALARY: 30 000 – 48 000 EUR per annum (gross) CONTRACT: Indefinite duration Deadline for applications: 30 April 2020 Interviews...

Baltic Defence College - Lecturer in Strategic Leadership and Military Ethics

Baltic Defence College is looking for a Lecturer in Strategic Leadership and Military Ethics 🧐 Sharing is caring!
Deadline for applications: 30 April 2020 JOB TITLE: Strategic Leadership and Military Ethics JOB CODE: LEM03 DEPARTMENT: Department of Leadership and Management Studies SUPERVISOR: Director of Department of Leadership and Management Studies LOCATION: Tartu, Estonia SALARY: 30 000 – 48 000 EUR per annum (gross)  CONTRACT: Indefinite dur...

Baltic Defence College - Manager in Academic and Outreach Activities

Baltic Defence College is looking for a Manager in Academic and Outreach Activities! 🧐
Deadline for applications: 30 April 2020 JOB TITLE: Manager in Academic and Outreach Activities JOB CODE: ACA03 DEPARTMENT:Dean’s Office SUPERVISOR: Dean of BALTDEFCOL LOCATION: Tartu, Estonia SALARY: 30 000 – 42000 EURper annum (gross) CONTRACT: Indefinite duration Deadline for applications: 30 April 2020 Interviews anticipated: May 2...

May your Easter be as happy and full of colours!

Our very first Virtual Graduation Ceremony of Civil Servant's Course is over!
We congratulate all our Civil Servants and wish you good luck in your new endeavours! 👏👏👏

Simple instructions for making your own face mask to wear in public from the Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. Text in Estonian, but pictures are universal. #stayhome #stayhealthy

It`s April already! Every spring since 2014 the Eesti Vigastatud Võitlejate Ühing (NGO Estonian Society of Wounded Soldiers) in cooperation with the Naiskodukaitse (Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization) carry out a charity campaign “Let us Salute!”. The campaign invites people to wear Blue Hepatica flower pins in recognition of veterans and their family members 🔵⚫️⚪️

From 1 April to 30 April, you can order Blue Hepatica pins directly to your nearest Smartpost parcel terminal or you could donate through their webpage:

Let us salute our veterans! 🇪🇪

Ceremony marking the accession to NATO of the Republic of North Macedonia

Today, Ceremony marking the accession to #NATO of the the Republic of North Macedonia will take place. Congratulations, North Macedonia! 🇲🇰 #Allies A flag-raising ceremony to mark the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to NATO will take place at NATO Headquarters on Monday, 30 March 2020.

NATO Update: Seven new members join NATO - 29 March 2004

16 years ago today, #Bulgaria 🇧🇬, #Estonia 🇪🇪, #Latvia 🇱🇻, #Lithuania 🇱🇹, #Romania 🇷🇴, #Slovakia 🇸🇰 and #Slovenia 🇸🇮 joined #NATO. Happy Anniversary to all the #Allies! At 1:00 pm local time, the Prime Ministers of the seven countries handed over their instruments of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who accepted them on behalf of the United States, which is the depository nation for the Treaty.

Lai ierobežotu Kremļa agresiju, spēki jāapvieno visām Krievijas kaimiņvalstīm

Read the interview with Major General Salkustan, the Deputy Commandant of the Національний університет оборони України імені Івана Черняховського (National Defence University of Ukraine) 🇺🇦. In his interview, he mentions BALTDEFCOL as a positive example of the cooperation between UKR and Baltic states.

UKR delegation visit to BALTDEFCOL: Lai nosargātu savu brīvību un neatkarību pret Kremļa ietekmes atjaunošanas tīkojumiem, Krievijas kaimiņvalstīm, pret kurām jau ir vērsta ag

Baltic Defence College - BALTDEFCOL hosted its Operational Level Energy Security Course online

BALTDEFCOL hosted its Operational Level Energy Security Course online 👩‍💻 👨‍💻

Read more: Since 23 March, the Baltic Defence College has been executing the Operational Level Energy Security Course, which is certified as a NATO course. College participants from the Higher Command Studies Course, the Joint Command and General Staff Course and the Civil Servants Course were joined by two ex...

Baltic Defence College - First “NATO Intermediate Strategic Communications Course” is conducted in Baltic Defence College

On March 23-27, Baltic Defence College conducts the first "NATO Intermediate Strategic Communication Course" 👏

Read more:

in 🇱🇻 From March 23 to 27, the “NATO Intermediate Strategic Communications Course” is conducted in Baltic Defence College. The aim of the course is to educate military and civilian decision makers and planners how to ensure the full integration of StratCom into operations and crisis management situati...

This is how our Information Manager’s homeoffice looks like. Show us yours! #stayhome #covid19

In the scopes of the Baltic Defence College International Night, the Baltspouses (spouses of students and staff of the College) organized a lottery to sponsor a charity organization in Tartu, Tartu Kristlik Noortekodu (The Tartu Christian Adolescent Home). With the generosity of all members of all the Nationality in the College we collected 1,380 Euros. The cheque was presented to their representative, Mr. Kristjan Pallav, Manager of the Home, at the College by members of the Baltspouses." Thank you all for contributing 💕

Distance learning has started! Empty classroom with students behind the screen is a new normality 👌

Good opportunity to join 👏

Stuck at home without much to do? 😒 Here is a good opportunity to learn more 🧠 about the geopolitical situation in the Baltic sea region without leaving your couch! 🛋️ #stayathome
Join our e-course "Security in the Baltic Sea Region" and meet our lecturers in the virtual classroom! 👩‍🏫🎥️
➡️ Register at the following link until March 29 - It's free and its successful completion will grant you 1 ECTS awarded by the University of Tartu👨‍🎓
The course has been developed by our #EURUS graduate students Anastasia, David, Elis, Peeter, and Taya and involves lecturers from Political Science - University of Tartu and the Baltic Defence College

Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in
🇪🇪 171
🇱🇻 30
🇱🇹 12

Stay healthy! Enjoy the weather ☀️

Our Story

The Baltic Defence College is a multinational professional military education institution of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania established in 1999. The College educates military and security-related civilian personnel of the Framework Nations, allies and partners, while promoting international cooperation and networking and contributing to research in security and defence policy. 4 core courses (SLC, HCSC, JCGSC & CSC) are currently conducted at the College with the 5th one (Pilot CSELC) starting in autumn 2019.

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BALTDEFCOL observing the 30th Anniversary of the Baltic Way
Syndicate Laidoner
Syndicate Gediminas
BALTDEFCOL 20th Anniversary Ball
Happy birthday, Estonia!





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General information

Baltic Defence College is an English-speaking international higher education institution of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania providing professional military education at the operational and strategic level for military and civilian leaders of the Baltic states, their allies and partners. The college conducts applied research, hosts and co-hosts conferences and seminars and offers a fellowship programme.

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