15x4 Tartu

15x4 Tartu

Do you want to join the 15x4 volunteer team or become speaker for our next event, then fill in this form: https://goo.gl/forms/XGJu8SfJ8RqwkyS32

Mission: 15x4 is a series of non-commercial science communication events in Europe. On this page you can find information about our events in Tartu, Estonia.

Operating as usual

New 15x4 event already today in Zoom at 7 pm. Come to listen to interesting lectures and topics.

Link for Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/94040400737

15X4:Volunteering,Colours,Relationships&AI,Foreigners in Estonia

15X4:Volunteering,Colours,Relationships&AI,Foreigners in Estonia

Look! Our traditional 15x4 selfie is back😉📷
We were glad to see your smiling faces today!
Thanks everyone for being with us and sharing knowledge!🥰

Next event is coming...Stay tuned!👌😊

15X4:Winter Swimming,Money&Happiness,Languages in Russia, Death

It`s time to enjoy the memories and tag your friends!

It`s time to enjoy the memories and tag your friends!

15x4 is back and planing to have a new event very soon! Stay tuned for new info about our upcoming lectures.

Hey everyone! 🙂 Don't forget that today we have an event!✔️ The event will occur in LIIVI 2 ROOM 111 at 7pm!

See you there! 💕❗

Have you ever wondered about connection between climate and marketing? 🤔🌍📊 Then we have good news for you! 😉

Our last speaker is Marko Jakimenko! 🙂 He will talk about projects that struggle against air pollution 🍀 and explain whether environmentally friendly solutions are marketed in a right way or not!⁉️🚙🛴

Come to 15x4 event tomorrow to hear this wonderful presentation!⏳🔔

Who am I? That's the question everyone has asked himself about... 🧐💭⁉️

We are presenting our 3rd speaker Julia Pronjagina!⚠️ Her topic is about eating disorders.🍏🥩🍤 She will talk about myths🐉, psychological aspects💭 and warning signs❗connected with eating disorder!

See you next Wednesday on 15x4 event! 💓💕

Have you ever wondered whether we are born kind or not? 🤔❓

Then we are introducing our 2nd speaker of Wednesday (20th November) event- Kateryna Kubrak! 🎉💥⚠️

During her speech you would understand the main principles of nonviolent communication, get the insight of how to peacefully resolve conflict situations with your roommates and much more!

Stay tuned, we are waiting for you!💕💓

Do you want to learn more about educational issues, challenges and scams in China? 🇨🇳⚠️
And understand why Chinese parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 are driven to get their children into American universities? 🇺🇸🏫

If your answer is "yes", then you are more than welcome to hear speech of our 1st wonderful speaker- Joseph Enge, who is a lecturer at Tartu university! 🗣️💥🔔

Hello everyone! Next Wednesday (20th November) we are having 2nd event of this semester! 🌟🍾♥️

On this event we will have 4 wonderful speakers with super interesting topics💥:

• Education in China 🇨🇳⏰🔠
• Eating disorders 🥗🥬🥦
• Nonviolent communication 🤝🗣️👥
• Climate and marketing 🌿🌤️🌍

See you next Wednesday on our event!💕

Today at 7 PM is 1st 15x4 event of this semester. The event will occur in AHHAA (Sadama 1 street). Make sure to come and listen to our wonderful speakers! 🙂‼️💯

Hey everyone!👋 Don't forget that tomorrow is the 1st 15x4 event of this semester! With visiting it you would get more information about Attitudes🤝, Synthetic Biology🍀, Populism🗣️ and Tourism🛳️! We are waiting for you!😍👌

Have you ever thought about people's attitudes, their types, structure and history? Do you want to understand how attitudes affect behaviour? 🤔‼️🤝

Then you are more than welcome to come to 15x4 event to listen to psychology and international business researcher Henrik Arvidsson! 💬💯👌

Have you ever heard about synthetic biology and yeasts?❓🧠 Did you know about iGEM "Pop culture" project of SynBio students?⚠️
We present our 3rd speaker- science & technology student Irina Borovko, who will give a speech on this interesting topic on 17th of October! Make it POP!❗💯
Here are links for iGEM Instagram, Facebook and S&T UT department:

Do you like cruise ships and their origin?🛳⛴😍 Do you want to learn more about the prospects of development of this direction of tourism, how cruise ships affect nature and much more? Then meet our second speaker, Anastasia Rammul! 🍾🌺

Come on October 17th to the 15x4 event so you don’t miss the great performance of Anastasia! 👌🚢

Our first speaker of 15x4 Tartu event is junior research fellow Louis Wierenga!
His topic is about 21st century populism in Europe🌐 and U.S.🇺🇲 and he will explain the ideology and history of concept's birth during his speech!
Don't forget to come and listen to this interesting topic!😉

Hello to everyone!

With updated TEAM, fresh IDEAS and maximum STRENGTH we returned to win the hearts of many-sided people! 💞

Our first event of this semester will occur on 17.10.2019 at 19:00.

Make sure to come and listen to our wonderful speakers! 🔥🍾😍

Call for speakers!

Right now, 15x4 team is looking for new speakers for an upcoming October event. If you are interested in giving a talk in October or any other time, please contact us or just come right away to our weakly rehearsals.
We hope to see more interested speakers!

15x4: Hacking, Poetry, Animal Monogamy, Effortless Conversation

15x4: Hacking, Poetry, Animal Monogamy, Effortless Conversation

#15x4 Meme Time

#15x4 Meme time

Call for speakers!

Right now, 15x4 team is looking for new speakers for upcoming event in 15th of May. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact us or just come right away to our weakly rehearsals. We hope to see more interested speakers.

May the science be with you!


In 15x4 we consider very important to make sure, that people understand why our project exists in the first place? So, what is our mission?

Basically, science popularization is the main thing we are doing in 15x4, we are aimed to share the scientific world view. But it’s not only that, the mission of 15x4 is to promote the idea of science communication and make knowledge more available. We perceive and want to promote science, as leisure time, and we definitely don’t want to show science, as some boring, but the right thing to do. In 15x4 we think that science popularization is very important and in 15x4 we want to popularize the idea of popularizing science.

But WHY science popularization is so important? Read in later posts!

Who can be our speaker?

As you probably know, we are constantly looking for new speakers, and you might think: “But who can be a speaker? Can I try?” In this post, we would like to tell you who and how can become our speaker.

Basically, any person, who knows something well enough to educate others, can become our speaker. We don’t have any formal requirements for people, we don’t care about a person’s academic achievements, anyone who can deliver a good talk can be our speaker. We have three main requirements for a speech: it has to be scientifically based, it has to be interesting and it has to be 15 minutes.
In 15x4, we give an opportunity for people to share their knowledge to make others more aware of the world we live in.

So, if you are interested in giving a talk, please contact us or just come to our rehearsals. We post information about the time and place of rehearsals on our page. Feel free to come and join us!

As usual, our Team is waiting for all the science lovers🥰 to join us on the Wednesday rehearsal, which will take place on Lossi 36, room 214 at 6 PM😉

What is 15x4?

“Raise your hand if you’ve heard about 15x4 before? Raise your hand, if you have visited our events already? So, what is 15x4?” - that is how usually our events get started. We like to ask people if they know who we are, and then explain what our project is about. We find it very important for people to understand the essence and mission of our lectures. So anyway, what is 15x4?
In short, 15x4 is a science communication project that wants to spread the knowledge about the world we live in. We organize public educational lectures, which features four popular science talks, fifteen minutes long each. During these fifteen minutes expert gives a general overview of the topic in the way that common man can grasp.

If you are interested, then come to our event on the 17th of April at 7 p.m. in Ahhaa.

It`s Wednesday again and it means that we are looking for hot topics🔥 and passionate brains🤓 for sharing the unique knowledge.
Have you ever had a desire to describe the concept which makes you excited to the large audience?
15x4 Tartu provides you with the possibility to make this dream come true.
Come to our weekly rehearsal which takes place today on Lossi 36 at 18.00.
Hope to see new faces😉

Every Wednesday you are welcome to visit our rehearsal where you will be able to know everything about our next event.
If you consider yourself as a potential speaker, it’s a great chance for you to see how we organize the whole preparing and to get valuable advice🔍
Feel free to join us on Wednesday at 6 pm in Lossi 36 building, Room 305.

Monday is the best day to try something new💫
We are looking for amazing volunteers who like science as much as we do.
If you always wanted to become a videographer or video editor, or maybe you already are, we would love to see you as a member of our team💪🏼

Dear science lovers!🥰
❗️Just a kind reminder, that each Wednesday our team has a rehearsal❗️ which is free to attend for all the potential speakers📯 and videographers🎥 (as now we are lacking our video managing wizards⚡️
If you are interested, come to Lossi 36 Building, Room 306 today at 6 pm.

15x4:Speed of light, Aviation, Limits of reality, Neuromarketing

15x4:Speed of light, Aviation, Limits of reality, Neuromarketing

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