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Phone: +372 742 4241
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Operating as usual


Exciting times ahead! 📣 We just wrapped up our student council members' voting. Every class from grade 4 up to grade 9 will have two representatives in the TIS Student Council and the results are now in 🥁
Meet the awesome team on Friday at 10.30 ready to make a positive impact this year! 🙌👥


❗️Many schools in Estonia received threatening emails this morning.

❗️Tartu International School, however, did NOT receive any threats and our day can continue as usual.

❗️The police see this as a wave of spam emails and continue with further investigation.

❗️There is no actual threat and schools can continue their regular work.

❗️Tartu International School held a meeting for students and teachers to assure that everyone has the necessary information.

In case of any questions, please contact our principal via [email protected].

❗️Eesti asutusi tabas rämpspostituste laine❗️

Täna öösel saadeti mitmekümnele asutusele üle Eesti, sh koolidele ja lasteaedadele meili teel venekeelne pommiähvardus.

Politsei praeguse info kohaselt on tegemist ulatusliku rämpspostituste lainega ning reaalset ohtu ei ole.

Sarnane pommiähvarduste laine oli paar päeva tagasi ka Lätis.

Politsei praeguse hinnangu kohaselt on tegemist laiaulatusliku rämpskirjade lainega, mille eesmärk on häirida asutuste tööd.

Politsei suhtleb nende asutustega, kes on selle kirja saanud ja tegeleb ähvarduse tegija väljaselgitamisega.

Asutused käitusid kirja saades erinevalt – osad katkestasid oma igapäevase töö, osad mitte. Oleme asutustele andnud juhised, et igapäevane tegevus võib jätkuda ja reaalne ohutase on madal. Tunnustame kõiki meeskondi, kes seda kirja saades oma kriisiplaani läbi mõtlesid ja otsused tegutsemiseks vastu võtsid. Kindlasti ei saa öelda, et oma töö katkestanud asutused oleksid kuidagi üle reageerinud, sest alati on parem karta kui kahetseda.

Mistahes moel saadud ähvardusest tuleb teavitada politseid. Kohe tuleb helistada 112, kui märkate võimalikku vahetut ohtu – leiate kahtlase eseme või märkate kahtlast tegevust.


📣 Exciting News from the Student Council! 📣

We are thrilled to announce some changes in the Student Council for the upcoming academic year 2023/2024! Thanks to your votes and the support of our dedicated class teachers, here's what's new:

1️⃣ Annual Elections:Student Council elections will now be held every year, starting this October! 🗳️✨

2️⃣ Increased Representation:Two students from each class will be part of the Student Council, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive student body representation! 🤝

Meet the Elected Members: We'll gather on Friday, October 13. This will be the perfect opportunity for everyone to meet and greet our freshly elected members! 🎉🗣️

Let's make this academic year extraordinary together! 🌟📚


Ootame kõiki õpetajaid juba täna toimuvasse töötuppa, kus tutvustame stsenaariumipõhise aktiivõppe meetodeid ning rahvusvahelist e-meekonnamängu Big Game."

🌐 Tartu Rahvusvaheline kool
🕐 15.00

Üritus on kõigile tasuta. Tule ise ja võta kolleeg ka kaasa!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 06/10/2023

🐾 Our little explorers had a blast today at Tartu Town Hall Square celebrating 175 Years of Veterinary Medicine! 🐶🐱🐴From listening to dog heartbeats to meeting police dogs and other furry friends, it was an even full of excitement and learning. 🐾


🍎📚 Happy Teachers Day 📚🍎
Today our classrooms and hallways were filled with flowers, candies, nervous 8th and 9th graders (aka teachers for today) and giggling children - we celebrated the teachers day.
As a tradition our oldest students take over the jobs of our teachers for couple of hours and it is for sure one of the most anticipated events.
The day ended with a quiz, and as a result, it can be confidently stated that our students know our teachers inside and out.

💚Thank you, dear students, for your dedication!

💛Thank you, dear teachers, you are amazing!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 03/10/2023

⭐️ International Event 2023⭐️

Have you ever tried sweet pasta salad? What about pickled herring, currywurst or mole? We can now say that we have and definitely recommend you to try as well!

Our international community got together last Friday to celebrate our annual International Event and needless to say - we had a blast!

This year we have 25 diffrerent nationalities represented in our house and it was beyond fascinating to learn about the food, culture, national costumes, flags, colours, traditions and nature of our students' homelands.

We also had wonderful performances by our music teacher Vesta and her students, face painting by grade 8 students Miley, Dagnija and Esme and an online quiz to test your knowledge.

Thank you TIS community! Many-many thanks to all the families who cooked, decorated, designed their displays and introduced their homelands with a smile on their faces. Your dedication is inspirational!

An applause to our organizing teachers Diana, Maarika, Tiia and Triin and every other staff member who contributed to make sure the event was a success.

And of course thank you all so much for coming and enjoying the event. It is of great value to have such a diverse and warm international community.


Tartu City Subject Teacher of the Year

⭐️ Jaak-Albert Metsoja ⭐️

Today, the mayor of Tartu presented our beloved physics teacher, Jaak-Albert, with the Subject Teacher of the Year Award.

Jaak-Albert, you are an inspiration! Thank you for:

🍎 Making science practical and fun.
🍎 Teaching us the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle.
🍎 Bringing Rocket 69 to our school.
🍎 Taking the time to get to know your students and their aspirations.
🍎 Recognizing the importance of a research-based approach to teaching and learning.
🍎 Encouraging us to always ask "Why?"


We are honored to introduce the Tartu City Subject Teacher of the Year

⭐️ Jaak-Albert Metsoja ⭐️

Today, the mayor of Tartu presented our beloved physics teacher, Jaak-Albert, with the Subject Teacher of the Year Award.

Jaak-Albert, you are an inspiration! Thank you for:

🍎 Making science practical and fun.
🍎 Teaching us the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle.
🍎 Bringing Rocket 69 to our school.
🍎 Taking the time to get to know your students and their aspirations.
🍎 Recognizing the importance of a research-based approach to teaching and learning.
🍎 Encouraging us to always ask “Why?”

Jaak-Albert is also one of the three finalists in the National Teacher of the Year Award Gala in the category of Subject Teacher of the Year. The live broadcast of the gala will take place on October 7th at 18:45 on Estonian National Television ETV. Make sure you don't miss it!

Congratulations, Jaak-Albert! We are proud to have you as our teacher and wish you the best of luck in the upcoming gala event!


With your help our 5th graders gathered over one hundred kilograms of apples and plenty of pumpkins to make the residents of Tallinn Zoo very happy 🦏🐻🐯🐹🐰🐢
As a return the students get to visit and attend engaging workshops at the zoo this academic year.

Thank you for lending us your helping hand!

Grade 5 students and their teacher Kadi Rätsepp


🌍✨ Join us this Friday for an unforgettable journey around the world at our International Evening! 🌎
See you there! ✨


🌍 Join us for an Enchanting Evening of Cultural Exploration! 🌍

Dear Friends,

Get ready for a journey around the world without leaving the comfort of our own community! We're thrilled to invite you to a unique and joyous event where diverse voices will come together to celebrate the beauty of our global tapestry.

🌟 Event Details 🌟
📅 Date: 29th of Sept
🕕 Time: 16.00
🏠 Venue: TIS premises

🌎 Discover the World Together! 🌎

This special evening is all about celebrating our rich cultural heritage, and we'd love for you to be a part of it. Each person will have the chance to introduce their homeland, share stories, customs, and even some delicious traditional dishes!

🌟 What to Expect 🌟
🌟 Engaging Presentations: Learn about the wonders of different countries.
🌟 Mouthwatering Cuisine: Savor global flavors and culinary delights.
🌟 Live Performances: Experience the beauty of diverse music and dance.
🌟 Cultural Exchange: Connect with people from all walks of life.
🌟 Fun & Friendship: Create lasting memories in a welcoming atmosphere.

Let's come together as a community, celebrate our differences, and discover the beauty that lies within each unique culture. This event promises to be a heartwarming, educational, and unforgettable experience.

See you on Friday!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 22/09/2023

🌍🚮♻️ A round of applause for our eco-warriors from the kindergarten, making a big impact on World Cleanup Day! With tiny hands and big hearts, they cleaned a part of the park and found several bags full of trash, understanding the difference between man-made and natural waste. Early environmental education paves the way for a cleaner, brighter future. Read about their inspiring endeavor on our blog: https://tisgoesgreen.blogspot.com/2023/09/world-cleanup-day-2023.html?m=1 🌎🚮♻️

Photos from Tartu International School's post 18/09/2023

📚 Proud to collaborate with the University of Tartu! Last week our amazing kindergarten teachers provided daycare services during the three-day conference at the Estonian National Museum. 🏛️ Parents, got to enjoy the conference while we looked after their little ones. 🧒👧 Let's make learning a family affair! 💡


On 16.- 22. September TIS joins the rest of Europe in celebrating European Mobility Week https://mobilityweek.eu/home/ and this year it tackles five topical areas:
- Public Transport
- Active Mobility
- Minimizing Car Dependency
- Mobility Management
- Infrastructure Solutions

Our amazing P.E teachers and class teachers have put together a week filled with a myriad of fun, educative and charitable activities. Let's do it!!!


🦏Help us to help!
Our students of grade 5 are lending a helping hand to the animals of Tallinn Zoo by gathering produce for them.
They kindly ask for your help! In case you have some left over apples 🍎, carrots 🥕, beetroots & turnips and pumpkins 🎃, bring these to school by the 18th of September (inform their class teacher Kadi Rätsepp at [email protected] for further details).

Let us give the animals a bountiful winter feast!
Grade 5
Tartu International School


📚 Did you know that today is the International Day of Literacy? It has been celebrated already for over fifty years and just like in previous years, we also participate in this. Happy reading to everyone!
Visit UNESCO for more information at https://www.unesco.org/en/days/literacy


🏆Time to celebrate!🏆

Congratulations to our dear physics teacher Jaak-Albert! Who has been awarded Tartu Subject Teacher of the Year Award and who has been nominated as one of three finalists in the national Subject Teacher of the Year Award!

Thank you, Jaak-Albert for
🌿 always connecting science to real life in a meaningful way
🌿 starting Eco Schools Programme in our school and making us more aware of green mindset
🌿 bringing Rocket 69 science camp to TIS
🌿 just being one cool and passionate science teacher!

Read more from here: https://tartu.ee/et/aasta-opetaja #2023.


If You're Happy Back at School Clap your hands 👏
If You're Happy Back at School Clap your hands 👏
If You're Happy Back at School
Raise the roof, your school is cool
If You're Happy Back at School Clap your hands 👏

Warmest welcome to all the children and their families!
💚 With love, your kindergarten teachers 💚


How to become a valid member of a team? What does commitment have to do with collaboration? Which ways can we contribute to successful teamwork? Our students start searching for the answers to these questions and to many more during our team building week starting on Monday the 4th of September.


You like sandcastles and magic, but still believe rules are awesome? You like drawing and exploring, but see the importance of clean-up time? Then think no more!

We are looking for a part-time kindergarten assistant teacher.

Our new teammate:
🚀 speaks English very well
🚀 believes in child-centered education
🚀 likes to spend time outdoors
🚀 values diversity

Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] and let us know that you are the colleague our team is missing.


🎉 A heartwarming day as we welcomed families to our school's opening ceremony. The joy of seeing our first graders embarking on a new educational journey is truly priceless. Here's to a future filled with growth and learning! 📚💫


🎓Let's celebrate the start of the academic year together!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 06/08/2023

☀️Welcome back!☀️

🌿 The kindergarten reopens after summer holiday tomorrow, 7 August!

🌿 Our kindergarten team returned to work already on Friday to plan and make sure that the house and playground are ready for our little learners.

🌿The teachers are very excited to greet all our new families and see how much the students have grown over summer. See you soon!


The school year has come to an end. We wish you all a happy holiday! See you next year! 🎄👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎇


For the second time this week we can feel proud of our excellent student Leanne Kiilo from Grade 5 who was awarded the title of International Maths Olympiad Elitist. 🏆

Congratulations Leanne and a big thank you to teacher Maarika for supervising!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 16/12/2022

🌟 Thank you all for this amazing Lucia Day concert! 🌟

Teachers Tiia and Vesta prepared an excellent performance and school building glowed so beautifully in the dark. 🎶

We wish you the most beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 16/12/2022

We would like to thank Vocational College for the successful cooperation in conducting Handicrafts, Home Economics and Technology lessons.

Our students will soon be more skilled than many adults. ❤

Photos from Tartu International School's post 16/12/2022

Is it Christmas already? Time flies... 🎄

We cannot wait to see you all tonight at the Lucia Day concert at 16.00.

All classes have baked gingerbread and other delicacies to raise money for UNICEF to help the children in need.

Photos from Tartu International School's post 15/12/2022

Today, Estonian and Finnish writer Keränen visited our school to present his works and talk about the profession of a writer.

The school library is very grateful for the books, and children with genuine excitement asked so many interesting questions. 📖


Felix Wengler and Greta Bönig from the University of Tartu/University of Göttingen giving a lesson to grade 8 and introducing new tools for language learning. 📄🔍

Photos from Tartu International School's post 07/12/2022

Today our artistically outstanding students took part in the drawing competition "Valguses ja varjus".

The task was to draw a picture depicting an object, pattern, picture, etc. found in the exhibitions, in order to interpret 'the old' and 'the new'.

VIDEO ja GALERII ⟩ Linnapea ja Soome aukonsul tähistasid rõõmsalt jenkat tantsides põhjanaabrite iseseisvuspäeva 07/12/2022

Yesterday, Tartu Finnish School celebrated Finland's Independence Day. Finnish students performed the song "Minun Suomeni" for the whole school and afterwards Finland's 105th birthday was celebrated on Tartu Town Hall Square. 🇫🇮

Tarton suomalainen koulu Tartu soome kool

VIDEO ja GALERII ⟩ Linnapea ja Soome aukonsul tähistasid rõõmsalt jenkat tantsides põhjanaabrite iseseisvuspäeva Täna, 6. detsembril kell 12 tähistati Raekoja platsil meie põhjanaabri Soome iseseisvuspäeva.

Photos from Tartu International School's post 06/12/2022

🎄Each grade participated in the annual classroom door decoration. Thank you for the Christmas spirit and coziness!

🎄A special big thank you to Lillesalong Sõnajalaõis who made stunning Christmas flower arrangements that you can admire in front of the school house.


2nd Advent morning 🎄

Photos from Tartu International School's post 04/12/2022


Our kindergarteners visited Kaspri Farm ( ) winter wonderland on Friday. And oh what a wonderland it was 🥰 - we played different games, danced and sang, met sheep, rabbits, chickens, puppies and a very fluffy cat. Decorated a tree, made some gingerbread cookies and got to meet Santa Clause.
Thank you to the lovely Kaspri Farm (( )) for welcoming us!


Photos from Tartu International School's post 28/11/2022

Tell your friends! Tartu International School’s admission for the academic year 2023/2024 is now open.

We are the only English speaking kindergarten-basic school in Southern Estonia, that offers education for children from age 1.5 to 15. We admit children from age 1.5 to kindergarten and children from age 6 to the 1st grade.

We value:
💛caring and supportive internationally minded learning environment;
💛child-centered educational journey that promotes joy and curiosity;
💛active, outdoorsy, inquiry-based and meaningful learning;
💛a community of parents and teachers who work together to best support our little learners.

We have:
💚IB curriculum for students aged 3 to 12;
💚class sizes up to 14 students;
💚teacher student ratio of 1 to 5;
💚English as the language of instruction;
💚Estonian as mother tongue lessons;
💚two outdoor breaks for school children;
💚school day that starts at 9:00;
💚after-school care until 17:00.

Find more information from here: http://istartu.ee/applying-to-tis/.
Contact us via [email protected].

Photos from Tartu International School's post 28/11/2022

December is holiday month and we start our Monday mornings with lighting advent candles 🕯
Each group has made their rooms festive and cozy 🎄🎅🏻

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We are a small student-centered private school with class sizes up to 12 students providing

  • exceptionally personalised learning experience with teacher to student ratio of 1:5

  • English as the language of instruction and IB programmes

  • professionally recognized international staff
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