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Photos from Tartu International School's post 13/05/2022

📅 Friday is exhibition day! 🧐

🕵️‍♂️👕 After weeks of research, our Grade 6 held their final IB exhibition titled "The Clothes We Wear".

🌳🏭 There were carefully designed and crafted exhibition pieces that helped the visitors to understand the social and environmental impact of clothing production.

💡 📝 All Grades with their class teachers were invited to visit the exhibition and learn new facts presented by Grade 6.

👪♻️ To top off the exhibition day, all students and parents could take part in a clothes exchange event and charity fair in the afternoon.

🙂 Thank you to Grade 6 and their class teacher Jaak-Albert for sharing your knowledge in such an interactive and truly impressing way!👏👏

Photos from Tartu International School's post 04/05/2022

🌱⚡ Join us on the energy track! ⚡🌱

🏃 Yesterday was a very active day for our school. It started with the official opening of our new energy track, a path where you can run or walk, climb and listen to the birds! 🌳

🏋️‍♀️ In the spirit of the event, our teachers held their morning meeting outside and played some outdoor games before the lessons. ⚽

👟 But our students are already breaking their own records in completing the track - as of today, the record is 12 times in one day! 👏

😊 Thank you to our PE teacher Hasso who always finds new and fun ways to encourage us to be active. 🙏

Photos from Tartu International School's post 22/04/2022

🌍 Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Here is a small glimpse of what happened today in TIS, our last day before spring break.

💚 Our smallest inquirers explored the world of bugs and had real Madagascar hissing cockroaches in class! 🪳
💚 Preschool finished their Unit of Inquiry about plants and had a fun hands-on outdoor lesson. 🌱
💚 Thanks to funding by PRIA. Grade 3-4 got to practice their cooking skills with Tartu University students while learning about a healthy lifestyle. 🍏
💚 Science teacher Jaak-Albert and Latvian teacher Diana with Grade 5-6 celebrated Earth Day with an adventure to the Vapramäe hiking trail. ☀️
💚 Three of our Grade 9 students had their Gymnasium Entrance Exams. 💻

It was also the last day of our PYP Evaluation Visit by the IB organization. The collaboration and combined effort from our staff, management board, parents, and students have been remarkable. Another proud day for our community! 🤗

Next week (25 - 29 April) is Spring Break for school.
Kindergarten is closed for a mini-break on 29 April (Friday).

Photos from Tartu International School's post 20/04/2022

⭐️Today TIS hosted a IB Primary Years Programme evaluation visit!⭐

🌏Our students, leadership team, teachers and parents proudly shared what TIS does to develop internationally minded citizens who are confident, inquiring, knowledgeable and successful in their personal and professional lives.

The virtual visit included meetings with the IB evaluation team, lesson visits, discussion sessions and a school tour 💟 The visit will last until Friday this week.

✅Read more about the IB programmes at TIS here: http://istartu.ee/ib-programmes/

Photos from Tartu International School's post 27/03/2022

Exactly a week ago we finished with our second round of 🚀Rocket 69🚀 Science camp!
This time, it was our older students who got to participate in exciting challenges and duels. Such a fun way to spend a weekend! Wish every day was like this. 😊

Thank you to Science Center Ahhaa and Rakett69 Teadusstuudio with whom our remarkable Science Teacher Jaak-Albert 💪 prepared the camp!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 15/03/2022

✨Passion Project Day! ✨

This annual event is truly loved by the students and teachers of TIS! 😊

If you don’t know already, on this day all students are divided into groups based on the topics and interests they wanted to learn more about. In teams, they have a whole day to focus on their topic. At the end of the day, we all gather in the hall and share our projects with each other.

What did we do this year?
💻Technology groups - making futuristic cars and other cool moving builds out of legos; programmer skills were put to the test to create a game
🎭🎼Arts & Music - bringing into life the magical world of “The Little Prince” by creating “The Stars and Planets” music and crafting a plane out of cardboard
📜🦖History groups - interesting and thorough research about the Stone Age; “Dinosaur Boyz” collected dinosaur facts and cut out dinosaur footprints in their real size
📖Languages - exploring different languages and making a language recognition game for the rest of the students
🧊🎶Science groups - making awesome dry ice smoke machines; learning about cymatics and visualizing sound with sand
👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳Cooking - making food to represent three countries: Estonia, Finland, and Cyprus

It was a wonderful day full of exploration, knowledge, and teamwork. 💛 Can’t wait for next year!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 14/03/2022

💙 Kõuekõmin 💙 Uusaastaöö 💙 Jäääär
These are all Estonian 🇪🇪 words!

🎈March 14 is the Estonian Mother Tongue Day! 🎈
This is the birth date of one of the founding fathers of Estonian poetry - Kristjan Jaak Peterson (1801-1822). He was the first nowadays well-known Estonian poet to start writing poetry in Estonian language.

☀️❄️ Our students had an outdoor Estonian lesson today by the monument of Kristjan Jaak Peterson on Toomemägi, just a 5-minute walk from our school📋

This is how we celebrate Estonian language at TIS
✔️ teaching Estonian as mother tongue
✔️ teaching Estonian as foreign language on three different levels
✔️ learning about Estonian culture
✔️ watching theatre plays and films in Estonian
✔️ Estonian in an authentic language environment

Head emakeelepäeva! 💙

Photos from Tartu International School's post 10/03/2022

🇺🇦 Support for Ukraine 🇺🇦

🤗📦 Last Sunday our TIS community came together to donate items for the people of Ukraine. We received an overwhelming amount of items and help.

🚐💪 Today our transportation arrived and with the help of our students, we got everything packed and ready to go to the ones in need.

❤️We couldn’t have done it without Ewa and Tomasz, we are so grateful for the opportunity and the transportation! ❤️

💙💛 It warmed our hearts to see the kindness and generosity from our families, teachers, and friends from around the world. Thank you! 💙💛


💻 Webinar umpcoming! ❕

🏃 We are part of the Schools in Motion network (Liikuma Kutsuv Kool in Estonian), a project that has the goal to bring more movement into the classroom and motivate all members of the school community to be active. 👟

💪 As the project leader at TIS, our PE teacher Hasso will talk about his teaching and how the principles of Schools in Motion are already implemented at our school. The webinar is organized by the Movement Laboratory of Tartu University. 🎓

Uudised liikumisõpetuse uuendamisest on paljudes Eesti inimestes tekitanud nõutust ja pahameelt, teistele aga toonud uut lootust. Kuidas kõik need paberile pandud liikumisõpetuse muudatused, uhkelt sõnastatud õpitulemused ja eesmärgid päris koolielus välja võiksid näha, ei teata veel eriti kummalgi poolel.

Just nüüd on paras aeg saada parem ülevaade!

Kutsume teid kõiki osalema 15. märtsil kl 14.00 Liikuma Kutsuva Kooli veebivungil, kus juttu on päriselt toimivast liikumisõpetusest.

Sest tegelikult on Eestis juba täna hulganisti koole, kus uuendamisel oleva ainekavaga liikumisõpetuse põhimõtted juba rakendust on leidnud – ikka selleks, et kõik õpilased omandaksid iseseisvaks liikumiseks vajaliku oskused, teadmised ja motivatsiooni ning leiaksid, et liikumine on oluline osa nende igapäevaelust.

Liikumisõpetuse ainekava toob küll välja terve ja liikuva inimese kujunemiseks olulised õpitulemused, kuid võimaldab iga kooli jaoks omanäolise ainekava koostada.

Nii olemegi veebivungile kutsunud rääkima nelja küllaltki erineva kooli esindajad:

Kristiina Jürisson räägib liikumisõpetuse kogemustest Viljandi Gümnaasiumis, kus käivad vaid gümnasisistid;

Sigrid Tilk räägib liikumisõpetuse kogemustest Muraste Koolis, kus õpivad lapsed 1.-6. klassini;

Hasso Paap räägib liikumisõpetuse kogemustest Tartu International School/Tartu Rahvusvahelises Koolis, kus õpilasi on väga paljudest kultuuridest;

Meelis Raiend räägib liikumisõpetuse kogemustest Tallinna 32. Keskkool, kus esindatud on kõik kooliastmed.

Nii et 15. märtsil kl 14.00! Pange end kirja ja tulge kuulama! https://www.liikumakutsuvkool.ee/.../veebivunk.../

❓ Mis on veebivunk ❓
Veebivunk on meie seminaride sari Liikuma Kutsuva Kooli jaoks olulistel teemadel, mis toimub Zoomis. Ja nagu ikka, on seegi seminar pärast järele vaadatav.

Ka veebruaris toimus veebivunk liikumisõpetuse teemadel. Seal jagati Soome ja Rootsi kogemusi liikumisõpetuse uuendamisega. Seminari saate järele vaadata siit: https://youtu.be/AMM3LF7ITMc

Photos from Tartu International School's post 24/02/2022

🇪🇪 🇪🇪 Celebrating the 104th birthday of the Estonian Republic! 🇪🇪 🇪🇪

🌟 As is tradition at TIS, our school and kindergarten community gathered to celebrate the Estonian Independence Day together.

💚 Our principal Kristi adressed the parents, students and teachers in a speech. 🎵 The children showed traditional dances and were singing Estonian songs. Afterwards, there was hot tea and Kringel for everyone. 😋

We wish all members of our community nice holidays. 🙂
📅 See you again on March 7!


📅 Tomorrow, we invite you to join our Estonian Independence Day Celebrations! 🇪🇪

🎶 Let's sing songs together, watch the dances that our students learned and have some tasty Kringel. 😋

Photos from Tartu International School's post 21/02/2022

👋 🙌 Welcome to our pop-up outdoor art gallery! 🎨🖼️

✨❄️ Our Grade 6 held an impressive art exhibition on Friday. With the paintings and their presentation, they finished the current PYP Unit of Inquiry "How we express ourselves".

🧊🌨️ All other grades and teachers were invited to come see the beautifully decorated gallery right by ULA's ice castle.

🖌️🧐 The other children were very curious to hear about the artists' ideas and experience, so they asked lots of questions.

☕🥕 After the discussions, they could warm up with some hot tea and eat healthy snacks.

🙏👍 Thank you Grade 6 for creating such a unique experience! And thank you to class teacher Jaak-Albert for organizing it!

Photos from Tartu International School's post 17/02/2022

🍕🍕 Is there a better way to celebrate friendship than with tasty pizza? 🧀🍅

It's 🙌 friends week 🙌 at Tartu International School and Kindergarten. Our youngest children took the chance to prepare their own snack together: They cut out the bread, added tomato paste and then covered everything with cheese. 👩‍🍳🍴

The tiny pizzas were delicious!😋 🍕
💓💓 Happy friends week! 💟💟


📚 Most of our students are studying from home this week. 🏠 Hoping to see you soon! 👀

PS: Most teachers are working from home, too. ☕💻 If you're curious what their working spots look like, make sure to follow us in instagram🐈🐕:


💙🧤 Meet our frosty friend "Friday"! 👋☃️

👩‍🏫 📕 This is our new substitute teacher who emerged this morning in front of our school. 🏫✨

🤗💕 Thanks to our lovely students and lots of fresh snow, Friday can give classes in case one of our teachers has to stay home... 🧣☕

🌨️💚 Welcome Friday, and thank you, girls! 🥰👍

Photos from Tartu International School's post 21/01/2022

❄️❄️ Ice and snow and animals - what an adventure! 🦌🐻

🧒🏼🧒🏻 Two of our kindergarten groups went to Elistvere Animal park this week

❕ They learned interesting facts about those animals that live in Estonian wilderness and elsewhere

🐰 They saw smaller animals like rabbits, but also big ones like reindeer, wolves and even a bear!

🧭 Our little inquirers got to look at real (tall) animals, learn something new and play in the snow. It was a nice and exciting trip with their teachers Triin, Saskia and Dagmar! ☺️


🎉🙌 This semester starts with a celebration! 🙌🎉

🧮 Our student Luca from Grade 4 has won the title of International Maths Olympiad Champion 2021. 🏆

🌏 Students from all over the world participated, so the competition was grand. But Luca excelled with his performance. 💪👑

💚 We, and especially Luca's class teacher Evelyn, are very proud! Congratulations! 👏😊

➡ You can read more in our website's news blog:


Enjoy the holidays! 🎄 Our kindergarten will open again on January 3.

Photos from Tartu International School's post 09/12/2021

❄️❄️ Walking in a Winter Wonderland... ☃️☃️

Our kindergarten children went on a trip to the townhall square yesterday. They saw the tall Christmas tree and sent off their letters to Santa in the Village of Light! 🎄 ✉️ 🎅

Meanwhile, our school students are enjoying the sledding season during every outdoor break. The white school yard is filled with colorful sleds and amazing maneuvers. Cold weather can be so much fun! 🛷 🏃‍♀️ 🙂

Photos from Tartu International School's post 06/12/2021

🇫🇮 🇫🇮Today is Independence Day of Finland! 🇫🇮 🇫🇮

🥧 On this special occasion we got to try Karelian pies and real Finnish candy. 🍫

🎉Our Finnish students (and their classmates, too) went to the townhall square of Tartu where they participated in official celebrations. With lots of snow and sunshine, they could enjoy this day in perfect weather! ☀️❄️

🇫🇮 🥳 Happy Independence Day to our Finnish families!

Tulevikulinnad. Future Cities. A Contest Video by Tartu International School 4th Graders. 01/12/2021

Tulevikulinnad. Future Cities. A Contest Video by Tartu International School 4th Graders.

🏆🎉 Yahoo! We celebrate again! 🎉🏆

💚 Our Grade 4 students took part in the Estonian nationwide competition Negavatt. 🌎

📹 With their video about future citites 🏙️🌱, they got third place among all contestants in their age group! 🏆🥉

➡️ You can see the video (and the lovely submissions of the other children) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E15Lbh3CZN8&list=PLazY06Q8_CUgQ9-5ISAEdOUN_c83_3jz_&index=12

👏 Congratulations Grade 4✨ , and thank you 👐 to teachers Evelyn and Jaak-Albert who helped to realize this video 🤗 💕

Tulevikulinnad. Future Cities. A Contest Video by Tartu International School 4th Graders. Video valmis mini Negavati konkursi jaoks. Autoriteks Tartu Rahvusvahelise Kooli neljanda klassi õpilased.


We're open for admitting next year's first Grade!

Register here: https://bit.ly/3FB3YHr


It's not every day that classes take place in an embassy 😁👩‍🏫

With the 🇱🇻 Latvian Day of Independence 🇱🇻 coming up this week, our Latvian students had the chance to visit the Embassy of Latvia in Estonia yesterday.

With their teacher Diana, they learned how important it is to build relationships between countries, 💡 and also how close and related 🇪🇪 Estonia and 🇱🇻 Latvia are.
Our students had the chance to see the embassy building and were lucky to meet the Latvian Ambassador to Estonia, Raimonds Jansons. 🤝
Is there a better way to prepare for Independence Day? 🤓


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