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Tartu MUN


Rahvusvaheliste suhete praktika: SAKSA KEVADele Tartu MUNile saabub sel korral delegatsioon Greifswald Model United Nations e.V. (GreiMUN e.V.)ist. 19.-21.04. saavad nad koos Tartu Ülikooli tudengitega ÜRO-simulatsioonis rahvusvahelise poliitika kujundamist harjutada.

Отличная возможность ощутить международные отношения: в рамках „Немецкой весны“ делегация Greifswald Model United Nations e.V. (GreiMUN e.V.) примет участие в Tartu MUN этого года. 19.04-21.04 в University of Tartu студенты смогут принять участие в модели ООН и испытать себя в формировании международной политики.

Internationale Beziehungen werden erlebbar: Als Teil des Deutschen Frühlings nimmt dieses Jahr eine Delegation der Greifswald Model United Nations e.V. (GreiMUN e.V.) an der Tartu MUN teil. Vom 19.-21.4. können die Studierenden in der University of Tartu bei Planspielen die internationale Politik der Vereinten Nationen mitgestalten.

Tartu Model United Nations is an international event organized by the Society of International Relations (Rahvusvaheliste Suhete Ring) at the University of Tartu.

It was first held in May 2016 at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies. Tartu Model United Nations in an international event organised by the Society of International Relations (Rahvusvaheliste Suhete Ring) at the University of Tarty. TartuMUN has an educational aim of promoting democracy and exchange of ideas through the concept of modelling the real work of United Nations. In 2018 the event is going to take place from the 30 March to 1 April.

Operating as usual


IMPORTANT! 📣 Tartu MUN 2020 postponed due to the latest developments regarding the coronavirus.

We will let you all know when we have more information regarding the future of our conference here on our page, our event and homepage. Make sure you follow our page and this event to be up to date!

Until then - keep safe!


Quick insight into the Middle-East through the eyes of a witty young man!


''I am Mihkel Märtens, president of the Society of International Relations. The Middle East, which is the main theme of Tartu MUN this year, is my favourite region in the world. The region manages to maintain it's mystique to the western world.

Last summer I travelled to Israel and Palestine. The regions' historical importance is unparalleled. It contains numerous holy sites for the largest Abrahamic religions. The Temple Mount, The Western Wall and The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and The Cave of the Patriarchs/Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron are just some of the special places which I had the chance to visit. These places really make you appreciate the history of the region and due to its importance, the history of modern civilization.

The Middle East can seem to be a really complex region to analyse, and rightly so! Culture, religion and geopolitics play their part. Tartu MUN is the perfect event to take your first steps, so don't hesitate and register to participate!''


UN General Assembly: World leaders' attempts to stand out 19/02/2019

UN General Assembly: World leaders' attempts to stand out

''Theatre and emotion'' it one way to call the UN General Assembly. Every world leader has 15 minutes to make their point but we all know that politics can get heated.

Did you know that Fidel Castro ones held a speech in UN General Assembly for 4 and half hours!

Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COeV6AA_36c

UN General Assembly: World leaders' attempts to stand out For more than 70 years, world leaders have gathered before the United Nations General Assembly to speak and to be heard. However, with more than 190 leaders ...

The Changing Security Structure in the Middle East 07/01/2019

The Changing Security Structure in the Middle East

Happy New Year! 🎉

After a week of celebrating the new year and enjoying the holiday we are back. TartuMUN team is really excited to continue working.

Almost 3 years ago CSIS published this article about the changing security structure in the Middle East. Has anything changed since then? Were the predictions correct?

Here is the interesting article:

The Changing Security Structure in the Middle East There is nothing new about change in the security structure of the Middle East and North Africa, nor is it new that many key changes seemingly come without warning. The challenge today, however, is not to examine the past but to focus on the future, and here I have been asked to give a keynote speec...

Ali G learns about the UN 21/12/2018

Ali G learns about the UN

Christmas holidays are almost here and we're sure everyone is going to have a busy week celebrating with their friends and family. This is also true for us and for this reason we will be opening registration for Tartu MUN 2019 in early January! So as not to end the year on a serious note, here's a quick overview of the innerworkings of the United Nations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdjAD035oJc

Ali G learns about the UN Ali G travels to New York to learn more about the UN. I claim no rights.

More journalists were murdered for their reporting in 2018 than were killed covering war 21/12/2018

More journalists were murdered for their reporting in 2018 than were killed covering war

Another topic on the list is Freedom of the Press and 2018 has been a problematic year in that regard.
"The brutal murder of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi captured the world’s attention this year. But he was just one of 34 journalists murdered because of their work in 2018, up from 18 the year before." Who do you think has has the biggest influence in the rise of the issue? What are the reasons behind it? Who could solve the issue and how?

Here is a short article about the problems with press freedom in the Middle-East:

More journalists were murdered for their reporting in 2018 than were killed covering war Committee to Protect Journalists said lack of international leadership on safety and rights of journalists was partly to blame

Nearly half of US arms exports go to the Middle East 13/12/2018

Nearly half of US arms exports go to the Middle East

One of the topics in TartuMUN 2019 will be armament in the Middle-East. To keep you posted and excited about the event, we will be posting various articles for you to read in order to catch up on the topic. Here is the first one. This might be controversial but we hope it will help you gather your thoughts, provide new information and a different perspective.


Nearly half of US arms exports go to the Middle East Saudi Arabia is world’s second biggest importer, with global US sales up by 25% in past five years


Tartu Model United Nations is back for 2019 and this year the event will take place from 18 April to 21 April in the student city of Tartu in Southern-Estonia!

Tartu Model United Nations is organised by the Society of International Relations at University of Tartu, a student non-profit, which connects students interested in diplomacy and foreign affairs.

This year’s conference will focus on „Sustainable development in the Middle-East“. The four-day conference will discuss over the development in the Middle-East, status of World Heritage Sites, the controversies within its societies as well as the domestic and foreign challenges faced by this region.

Tartu MUN 2019 agenda:

UN Security Council:
The Mediterranean region

Heritage in the Middle-East

First committee of the General Assembly (Disarmament and International Security):
Armament in the Middle-East, weapons market and black market

Third committee of the General Assembly (UN Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues):
Freedom of Press

Registration to Tartu MUN will be open to all university students. High-school students and recent graduates are just as welcome. The age limit for the conference is 18. No matter what your previous MUN experience or knowledge in international relations is, we look forward to welcoming you!

Registration will begin this month.
Stay tuned for more!
Tartu MUN 2019

Photos from Tartu MUN's post 08/04/2018

Tartu Model United Nations 2018 is over for this time! It was our pleasure to bring this event to you! We hope everybody have had a safe trip home, see you next year!

Photos from Tartu MUN's post 01/04/2018

Tartu MUN 2018 general assembly is on the way in AHHAA Science Centre! This year's MUN has been the biggest so far with about 70 participants from 20 countries! Photographer: Tjorven Siiboja.



My name is Eleri Pilliroog and I'm the secretary general at Tartu MUN, responsible for the agenda!

Apart from organising Tartu MUN I am also active in numerous student organisations, e.g. I am the vice president at the University of Tartu Student Council.

I hope you all have a pleasent stay here in Tartu. In addition to the substantive contribution that you all bring to the conference I also (like Rainer) look forward to see you all in the evening socials. As my motto states – work hard, play hard! :D

See you!



My name is Rainer Urmas Maine and I'm the head organiser of this year's Tartu MUN. :)
Organising a MUN conference has been a dream of mine for a long time and it's so great that it's finally happening! Can't wait to see you all on Friday! Let's make Tartu MUN great again!

PS. Outside of MUN activities I'm an avid fisherman and philatelist. I hope I'm not the only one... If you're also interested we could have a chat during MUN! :)

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018 09/03/2018

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018

This post is for everybody who missed the registration deadline!

We now have nearly 100 people signed up from about 30 different countries!
Fortunately, due to the fact that many people who registered cannot come we now have some additional free places left for Tartu MUN 2018!

If you're interested or if you have some friends who'd be interested in participating sign up NOW at https://goo.gl/forms/HCZggQghIdwA51dI2!

See you in the end of March!

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018 The main theme of the 2018 conference is "Globalization, Labour Market and (in-)equality". On a three day conference we will go deeply into discussions about legal aspects of work force in the global world as well as international security and humanitarian issues that are on the table for the global...

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018 15/02/2018

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018

The registration for Tartu MUN 2018 ends today!
Sign up now and you won't regret it!

More info: www.tartumun.com

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018 The main theme of the 2018 conference is "Globalization, Labour Market and (in-)equality". On a three day conference we will go deeply into discussions about legal aspects of work force in the global world as well as international security and humanitarian issues that are on the table for the global...

Craziest moments at U.N. General Assembly 10/02/2018

Craziest moments at U.N. General Assembly

The registration for Tartu MUN 2018 ends on Thursday!
So far about 100 people from more than 25 countries have registered but there are still some places left!
Sign up now because priority is given to earlier registrations!

More info: www.tartumun.com

Craziest moments at U.N. General Assembly From Gadhafi to Ahmadinejad, Bush to Chavez: look back at memorable moments from past UNGA sessions. Richard Roth reports.



Only about a week left until the end of early-bird registration for TartuMUN!
Be there, don't be like Lisa!

More info: www.tartumun.com

Opinion | I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing 13/01/2018

Opinion | I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing

Do you think the UN is failing?

Early bird registration for TartuMUN is open until the end of January! We look forward to seeing you!

Opinion | I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing I joined to protect the helpless from rape and murder. I never dreamed our own forces would be the rapists and murderers.

The problem with profits 02/01/2018

The problem with profits

We hope you've all had a good vacation so far! Let us remind you that registration for TartuMUN is still open!

In the meanwhile here's an interesting article from the Economist to read that goes well with our main topic "Globalisation, labour market and (in-)equality"!

The problem with profits Big firms in the United States have never had it so good. Time for more competition

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018 01/11/2017

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018

Registration is open for Tartu Model United Nations 2018!

The main theme of the conference is "Globalisation, labour market and (in-)equality"!

Check out www.tartumun.com for full agenda and more information!

Registration for Tartu MUN 2018


Tartu MUN continues to collect memories from last year! :) This time it's Krista Belija's turn! Krista is from Latvia and at the moment she's doing her masters in international relations in Tartu!

Registration for TartuMUN 2018 opens in less than two weeks so be ready!

"Last year was my first MUN and it was full of new discoveries that led to challenging myself with the position of the chair this year. These are three days that are hard and exhausting. Yet, Tartu MUN is also a place to learn something new, express yourself and simply to have a fun weekend with your friends and to find new ones! So smile, be amazing and see you at Tartu MUN 2018!"


Saskia Jõers was one of the MUN participants last year. This year she's joining the team as an organiser.

"I was the delegate from the president's worst nighmare.
I have been doing simulations for about 5 years now and for 4 of them only in the role of an organiser. You might say that I came out of delegate retirement only to go out with a bang. During the GA I proposed (as Russia) to the United States that we should start a war in the Arctic, they agreed. We mutually and happily started gathering supporters for our cause. When the time for the amendment came the presidency scrapped it and you could hear the disappointment in the room. Some plots to overthrow the presidency might have come up.
This year I will be joining the chairs team and take a more peaceful approach to the MUN experience."

Our Story

Our mission is to positively affect the lives of participants and prepare them to be better global citizens. We achieve our goal by connecting people that are interested in diplomacy and global affairs. Tartu MUN gives students, both local and foreign, a chance to learn how the United Nations works and the art of compromise.

University of Tartu is a home for more than 13 000 students, out of which 1600 are foreign students, who all have a different cultural and political background. Tartu MUN 2020 is the perfect platform for all those youngsters from Estonia and abroad interested in international relations to gather and share their ideas and experiences.

Check out: https://www.tartumun.com

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