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Welcome to the shared official page of two Estonian graduate schools: Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts, and Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics. Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts is a joint venture of Tallinn University (coordinator), University of Tartu, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, and Estonian Academy of Arts. Graduate School of Linguistics, Philosophy and Semiotics engages the doctoral students and supervisors of the University of Tartu (coordinator), Tallinn University, Estonian Literary Museum, and the Institute of the Estonian Language.

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9th Winter School: Troubling Gender: Theory and Method, 3.-7.02.2020, Tartu

Last week's 9th Winter School "Troubling Gender: Theory and Method" attracted over a hundred of graduate students from all over the world. They came together to learn from the lectures, seminars, and workshops held by the Winter School international staff from Australia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK, and the USA. In addition to tight learning schedule, the students also enjoyed lots of social and cultural events, including the Science Slam many contributed to as well. Some photos reflecting on the Winter School diverse program are available here:

On Friday we are having two lectures on masculinity, by Lucas Gottzen (10:00) and Todd Reeser (11:45) approcing the topic from the point of view of affect and Foucauldian analysis. The lectures are open for all the listeners and do not require prior registration.

Don´t miss the lectures by Susanna Paasonen (10:00) and Roberto Kulpa (11:45) tomorrow to dig into boredom and enchantment on social media as well as the West vs East discourses in gender research.

Thank you Jack Halberstam and Angela McRobbie (video) for today's lectures.
First day of winter school is over! See you all tomorrow.

Tomorrow´s winter school public lectures! Everyone are welcome! #wstartu2020

How does capitalist consumer culture challenge feminist resilience? Come and learn in a lecture by Angela McRobbie (University of London) “Feminism and the Politics of Resilience” on February 3 (next week already!)

The politics of transgender, the politics of sex, the politics of performance, the politics of resistance, the politics of this and the politics of that… What if politics as a framework is not a solution, but a problem? Ask Jack Halberstam, a Professor of Gender Studies and English at Columbia University, at his lecture “Exit Routes: On Dereliction and Destitution” on February 3

On February 4, a Professor of Sociolinguistics in SOAS, University of London and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Australia, Anne Pauwels will give a lecture on “Gender Troubles in Language” on linguistic sexism in different language systems. The lecture does not require prior registration

Explore East vs. West dichotomy in sexual politics and the unique way non-Western scholars contribute to understanding of gender together with Roberto Kulpa, a Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Law, Criminology and Government from the University of Plymouth. His open lecture “Knowing Your Place: From Geo-Temporal Politics of Sexualities to Resistance as Resilience in Togetherness and Friendship” will take place within the frames of the Winter School "Troubling Gender: Theory and Method" on February 6, 2020

Humanitaarteaduste ja kunstide valdkond/Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Pühad on peagi käes ja soovime, et kõigile oleks see rahulik ja ilus aeg pere ning sõpradega! 🎄Dekanaat on 20. detsembril avatud kuni kell 14.00 ja uuesti alles 30. detsembril. Kellel on veel selle aastanumbri sees kiireid asjaajamisi, siis soovitame nüüd lähipäevil läbi tulla, sest ka 31. detsembril on lühendatud tööpäev. Alates 2. jaanuarist oleme taas avatud tavapäraselt.
The holidays are almost here and we wish you'll have the most wonderful time with your friends and family!🎄The Dean's Office is mostly closed during holidays so if you have urgent business that needs to be attended before the new year, please drop by before 14.00 on December 20. We're back on December 30, followed by a half day on December 31. Regular hours will resume on January 2.

What did Foucault have to say about gender and masculinity? Quite a lot, as Professor Lucas Gottzén (Stockholm University) promises to show in his lecture “Foucault, Masturbation and the Caesura of Masculinity” on February 7, 2020

Do you feel addicted to the social media and at the same time bored with it? You are not alone! Professor Susanna Paasonen (University of Turku) will explain this paradox at her lecture and seminar (February 6, 2020) at the Winter School "Troubling Gender: Theory and Method"

Have you registered for a Winter School “Troubling Gender: Theory and Method” yet? If not, don’t lag behind: this is an exciting opportunity for meeting leading scholars and fellow PhD students working on gender and related topics. Don’t miss it: the registration deadline is today! More information and the link to registration page are available here:

Do men cry? Who is a real man and is he allowed to have emotions? University of Pittsburgh Professor Todd Reeser will discuss these issues on February 7, 2020, at his lecture and seminar of the Winter School “Troubling Gender: Theory and Method”. The registration is closing soon, don’t miss it!

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Digitality has completely changed the understanding of gender. How shall we as researchers reflect on and respond to this challenge? Come and explore the issues of ethics and researcher’s self-reflexivity in the age of digitality with Gabriele Griffin, Professor of Gender Research at Uppsala University. Her lecture and seminar will take place on February 4, 2020 within the frames of the Winter School “Troubling Gender: Theory and Method”

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9th Winter School

The registration for the Winter School 9th Winter School
"Troubling Gender: Theory and Method" (February 3-7, 2020) is now open. You are welcome to apply!

Humanitaarteaduste ja kunstide valdkonna atesteerimise kuupäevad:
The dates of progress reviews in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:
Täpsem info:
More info:


Registreerige ajajuhtimiskoolitustele Kati Tikenbergi (Aeternum) juhendamisel. Veel on vabasid kohti!
22.11.2019 - koolitus (eesti keeles)
10.12.2019 - koolitus (eesti keeles)
26.11.2019 - koolitus (eesti keeles) AjajuhtimiskoolitusedTartu Ülikooli doktorikoolide koolitussariSügissemester 2019TartuKoolitaja Kati Tikenberg, Aeternum Koolitus ja Konsultatsioonid OÜ

Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogu

Käimas on rahvusvaheline Open Access nädal. Tulge tutvuma avatud juurdepääsuga teadusinfo võimalustega! Raamatukogu Open Accessi teemanurgas on lugemiseks ja kaasavõtmiseks erinevaid infolehti (kommi saab ka). Huvilised on oodatud osalema OpenAIRE veebiseminaridel, kus käsitletakse OA publitseerimise, andmehalduse, Horisont 2020 programmi avatud juurdepääsu regulatsioonide ja plaan S-ga seotud teemasid. Avatud on registreerimine seminarile „Open Access – Plans and Choices“, mis toimub TÜ raamatukogu konverentsisaalis 6. novembril algusega kl 13.
Rohkem infot:

Welcome to orientation session INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OF RESEARCH FUNDING on October 3, 2019, 11:00, Jakobi 2-226, that aims to give our doctoral students a better understanding of funding resources available after receiving their PhD as well as horizontal topics of ethics requirements and intellectual property rights.

Students in Tartu, please, come to discuss gender studies with Raili Marling and Rebeka Põldsam this fall! Gender and ethnographies, sex and gender between East and West, queer art of failure!
(Drawing by Natalie Mei, 1921)

Olete oodatud 11. septembril infopäevale / Welcome to the orientation session on September 11 – DOKTORANDI KOHUSTUSED JA TOETUSED 2019/2020 ÕPPEAASTAL / DOCTORAL STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITIES AND RESOURCES IN STUDY YEAR 2019/2020
Täpsem info:
More information:

On June 10-13, the PhD students of the Humanities from Estonian universities got together for another writing retreat. In addition to the possibility to concentrate on own writing projects and to get advise on writing issues from the colleagues, nice place, good weather, healthy food, and yoga classes fostered the productivity of the students in a particular way.
Photo credit: Remo Gramigna.

[06/04/19]   Tartu Ülikooli Humanitaarteaduste ja kunstide valdkonnas loetakse esmakordselt kursust "Sissejuhatus doktoriõpingutesse humanitaarteadustes".

Aine on registreerimiseks avatud 15.05.2019-01.09.2019, registreerimise lõpptähtaeg 1. aasta doktorantidele 16.09.2019.
Vaata täpsemalt:
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Tartu, new course for doctoral students "Introduction to Doctoral Studies in the Humanities"

The course is open for registration 15.05.2019-01.09.2019, registration deadline for the first-year students is 16.09.2019.
More information here:

Seminar Ida-Euroopa vandenõuteooriatest //
Seminar on conspiracy theories in Eastern Europe
24.04.2019, 10:00-14:15, Jakobi 2-114

Seminar toob kokku vandenõudeuurijad, kelle huvi keskmes on ennekõike Ida-Euroopas toimuv. Viimase aja populaarsemate vandenõuteooriate kõrval arutletakse ka nende tekke ja leviku tagamaade üle – milline on sotsialistliku mineviku ja suurenenud populistlike meeleolude roll.

This interdisciplinary seminar brings together the scholars working on the topic of the conspiracy theories in Eastern Europe. The papers will investigate the most recent and popular conspiracy theories and observe how the socialist past and populism-infused present impact their emergence and dissemination.


Filmid 2019 — Maailmafilm

Kutsume teid vaatama Maailmafilmi festivali filmi nimega "Ruumide vahel", mis tundub meile väga huvitav. Kui see pakub huvi ka teile siis täpsem info leitav lingilt: Maailm algab siit!

[email protected]

Kirjutamislaagri 14.-17.03.19 registreerumine on avatud. Täpsem info: /// Writing retreat March 14-17, 2019 registration is open. More information:

Humanitaarteaduste ja kunstide valdkonna kaks doktorikooli pakuvad TÜ doktorantidele toetust lühiajaliseks mobiilsuseks (kuni 30 päeva) Eestis ja välismaal.

Järgmise taotlusvooru tähtaeg on 28.01.2019.

Rohkem infot doktorikoolide kodulehel:

Mobility grants
The Graduate Schools of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities support research-related short-term (up to 30 calendar days) mobility to foreign countries and Estonia.

The next application deadline is 28.01.2019.

More information about mobility grants :

Warmest greetings of this festive season and best wishes for Happiness in the New Year!

Armsad tudengid! Ilusat esimest adventi! // Dear students! Happy first Advent!

Ootame Teid Kunstide keskuse heategevuslikule jõululaadale (Uppsala 10). Tulge uudistama.

Dorothy Noyes, UT honorary-doctor-to-be, to deliver a lecture on Catalan festival traditions and politics on November 30

Professor Dorothy Noyesi (Ohio Osariigi Ülikool) külalisloeng “Whatever Happened to Convivència? Festival and Collective Performance from the Spanish Transition to the Catalan Crisis”.
Loeng toimub reedel, 30. novembril kl 14.15 kultuuriteaduste instituudis (Ülikooli 16–212) ja kõik huvilised on oodatud.
Professor Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University) to deliver a guest lecture “Whatever Happened to Convivència? Festival and Collective Performance from the Spanish Transition to the Catalan Crisis” on Friday, November 30 at 2:15 pm at the Institute of Cultural Studies (Ülikooli 16), room 212. All are welcome! Professor Dorothy Noyes (The Ohio State University) to deliver a guest lecture “Whatever Happened to Convivència? Festival and Collective Performance from the Spanish Transition to the Catalan Crisis” on Friday, November 30 at 2:15 pm at the Institute of Cultural Studies (Ülikooli 16), room 21...

Registration - 8th Winter School

Head KTKDK liikmed,
Meil on hea meel teatada, et alanud on veebis registreerumine kaheksandasse Kultuuriteaduste ja kunstide doktorikooli talvekooli "The Humanities and Posthumanities: New Ways of Being Human” (28. jaanuar–1. veebruar 2019).
Talvekooli saab registreeruda sellelt lingilt:
(Kuna kohad töötubades on piiratud, siis kehtib põhimõte, et kes ees, see mees.)
Rohkem infot talvekooli kohta leiab:

Dear members of GSCSA,
We are happy to announce that the registration is now open to the 8th Winter School of GSCSA dedicated to the topic "The Humanities and Posthumanities: New Ways of Being Human” (28 January–1 February 2019).
To registrate, please follow this link:
(As the available spots in the workshops are limited, the principle of first come, first served applies.)
More information about the winter school can be find here: Upon full participation in the Winter School students can be awarded 4-6 ECTS credits. 4 ECTS credits – attending all lectures (8) + attending one workshop. 6 ECTS credits – attending all lectures (8) + attending one workshop + delivering a presentation at the student seminar OR at the science s...

8th Winter School of the GSCSA

Head doktorandid,
Meil on rõõm teatada, et 28. jaanuar–1. veebruar 2019 toimub juba kaheksas Kultuuriteaduste ja kunstide doktorikooli talvekool. Sel korral on talvekooli teemaks "The Humanities and Posthumanities: New Ways of Being Human". Kogu vajaliku info leiab talvekooli kodulehelt:
Dear doctoral students,
We are happy to announce that the 8th Winter School of GSCSA takes place on 28 January-1 February 2019. The title of the Winter School is "The Humanities and Posthumanities: New Ways of Being Human". Please find more information on the website of the winter school: The Humanities and Posthumanities:New Ways of Being Human. 28 January - 1 February 2019. 8 plenary lectures, 1 workshop day, 1 science slam, 1 artist talk, 1 public discussion.

Kirjutamislaager / Writing retreat

1.-4. november 2018 Nelijärve puhkekeskuses
1-4 November 2018 Nelijärve Holiday Centre

1.-4. november 2018 Nelijärve puhkekeskuses
1-4 November 2018 Nelijärve Holiday Centre

Humanities Grad School

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KFSDK ja KTKDK korraldavad 1.-4.11.2018 Tartu Ülikooli doktorantidele ja nende juhendajatele ühise kirjutamislaagri. Registeerimine on avatud 26. oktoobrini. /// GSCSA and GSLPS have a joint writing retreat for University of Tartu PhD students and their supervisors in November 1–4, 2018. Registration is open until 26 October.

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