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Tartu Ülikooli Majandusklubi on organisatsioon, mis tegeleb majandus- ning finantsmaailma tudengitele lähemale toomisega.

Tartu Ülikooli Majandusklubi on organisatsioon, mis tegeleb majandus- ning finantsmaailma tudengitele lähemale toomisega.

UT Economics Club's logo has gone through some changes. Can you guess what updates the club's bear has received? 🤗😀🐻


UT Idea Lab | Calendar | Idea Hackathon

UT Economics Club is proud to introduce Idea Hackathon, an event held by IdeaLab.

Do you feel like your ideas are worth hearing? Then come and turn them into reality!

✨Idea Hackathon✨
📆 28.02
🕒 3 pm
How to generate ideas, how to recognize good ideas and what to do with an idea? Come to Idea hackathon to find new ideas and turn them into reality!
✅ If you have an idea that could change the world IdeaLab will help you to develop and test the idea, find teammates, take first steps and bring your idea to life!
✅ If you don't have an idea then you can find the idea that interests you from the hackathon! Simply show up, listen to different pitches and join the team that you like the best!
The idea doesn't need to be a startup idea, it can be a project or NGO idea as well!
The event is free and in English, but please register before on IdeaLab's webpage! 👇


UT Economics Club's cover photo

UT Economics Club wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :) :)

UT Economics Club's cover photo

Tonight UT Economics Club members craved pumpkins for tomorrow's Trick or Treat party 🤗👻

Throwback Thursday!
In 18/10 UT Economics Club had its first movie night for the club members. The members decided to watch an episode from the Netflix series called Dirty Money. The episode was about Volkswagen's corporate deceit. After the episode a group discussion was held.
Sadly not all the members could participate.....but thankfully more movie nights will be planned. 🤗😊

The winner of the giveaway is Romina Hiis. 😊 Congratulation!! 😊
Thank you all for coming to the @olerohkem Student Fair 🤓It was good seeing you all.

See you soon at UT Economics Club's Introduction Evening (20.09, 18:30 at J. Liivi 4)!! 😊

UT Economics Club's cover photo

On 13th of September we will be present at OLE ROHKEM Student Fair 2018. During the fair we have organized some games and in the end of one game there can be a lucky winner who will win this beautiful jar full of snacks that will boost your brainpower.
Therefore don't be shy to enter the Student Fair. UT Economics club will be present inside and eager to meet all the participants! 🤓

See you in the Student Fair!

ECUT members all had an amazing tour trip to Tallinn, where we visited: Ministry of Economics, Transferwise and Estonian Bank!
We heard about the changes in economic world, that is happening right now. Also we got to visit one of the most successful Estonian company, that is known world wide. 🤣
We have amaziing club members from Estonia and all over the world and we will definitely gonna have more events like this!

Jaak Roosaare has given another great event! The room was full, emotions were high and its great to see so many students interested in world of investments. It was a great turnout and it seems like there should be even more events on similar topics! ;)

Yesterday our board members took part of Tartu student organizations roundtable. We discussed how to make organizations stronger together and how to attract more students to our ranks. It gave us some new ideas and got us inspired & motivated. ;)
!We would like to thank the awesome organizers for making this event happen and hope for many more to come!!

We wish You Happy Holly-Dolly X-Mas!!! 🎁✨

This was one awesome semester for us and we thank all the events participants and the organizers!
Lets have one memorable end of the year 2017 and lets meet again in 2018! ;)


Living in Amazon's World

Life controlled by technology is not so far away... by Wall Street Journal. Would you like to live like that?

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBs9jXivzjw

Amazon's reach is greater than any U.S. company, so WSJ's Katherine Bindley decided to go on an Amazon diet, using its products and services whenever and whe...


Becoming an entrepreneur: child play

How to become and entreprenuer in Estonia? - Euronews Business Planet
This is a fun video that shows how enterprise Village in Tartu helps students and teachers learn entrepreneurship.


This week, we are in Estonia to visit a very unusual kind of village aimed at boosting the young entrepreneurial spirit. We speak to entrepreneur

***This is a chance to make Your ideas real and start Your business!***

It is an opportunity for people to challenge themselves in trying to start a business in a highly supportive environment. Take part in Ajujaht 2017 and maybe You will be the one to win the prize fund!
Further information: http://www.ajujaht.ee/en/about/

▼English below ▼
📢Ajujahi konkurss ootab taas oma ideid proovile panema, tänavune auhinnafond on 60 000 eurot. Kõik tudengid, kes on uute väljakutsete jahil, osalema! Ideid oodatakse 29. oktoobrini.

📢Ajujaht is an opportunity for people to challenge themselves in trying to start a business in a highly supportive environment. The prize fund of the competition is 60 000 €. The deadline for the submission of the business ideas is October 29, 2017. More information: http://www.ajujaht.ee/en/about/


*** What is Bitcoin, and How does it work?***

Virtual currency is wave of future in the form of BITCOINS. It has been around for few years now, but the concept of it is still confusing. There are a lot of pros and cons of using Bitcoins. If You wanna understand it better and learn how to use them, then read the article below.

If You find this topic interesting then be sure to leave a comment about Your opinion on Bitcoins!



***Estonian below***

UT Economics Club invites you to join us!

Tomorrow on 22th September we will have a club meeting where everyone is invited. We will talk about upcoming events and write down some new ideas. If You are interested in joining ECUT then come to J. Liivi 4 (0 floor) at 5PM.
See you there!

[Eesti keeles]

UT Economics Club kutsub teid klubiga liituma!

Homme 22. septembril toimub klubi koosolek, kuhu kõik huvilised on oodatud. Me räägime tulevastest üritustest ja paneme kirja ka mõned uued ideed. Kui sa oled huvitatud klubiga liitumisest siis tule J. Liivi 4 ( 0 korrus) kell 17.00.

UT Economics Club board members

UT Economics Club invites you to OLE ROHKEM student fair at Raekoja Plats!!

We will be here until 18.00 so if you are near or just have a free time them come by. We have different games and you will get more information about Economics Club!

[Eesti keeles]

Majandusklubi kutsub Teid OLE ROHKEM tudengimessile Tartu Raekojaplatsi!!

Me oleme siin kuni kella 6ni nii et tulge kindlasti läbi. Toimumas on mimeid erinevaid mänge ja samuti saate rohkem informatsiooni Majandusklubi tegemiste kohta!

UT Economics Club


Rising Inequality May Be the Real Risk of Automation

Should we implement the robot tax?

bloomberg.com Technological change has had more impact on earnings distribution than on demand for workers, study finds

UT Economics Club's cover photo

We had a great time at the Houseparty! Hope you noticed us and helped Kalevipoeg. Thank you for taking part of quest and having a good time with us! ☀️

Another academic year and semester will soon be over and in fall the next Economics Club season will continue. Will the board members remain the same or will there be new heroes in their places? Find out that next semester. In the meantime, admire the current management of the Economics Club.
Veel üks õppeaasta ja semester on juba varsti läbi ning sügisel on ees uus Majandusklubi hooaeg. Kas juhatuse liikmed jäävad samaks või tulevad uued kangelased? Seda saab teada alles järgmisel semestril. Seni imetlege selle aasta Majandusklubi juhatust.

UT Economics Club's cover photo

UT Economics Club's cover photo

UT Economics Club's cover photo

Last but not least - Reinhold Mutli. He is the president of UT Economics Club. Reinhold is currently studying law at University of Tartu. He is also a member of ELSA Estonia (Treasurer for the second term) and Society of International Relations.
As the President of the club, his main task is to ensure that the organisation runs smoothly and is on the track of achieving its goals. Together with the team leaders it is their responsibility to come up with a plan for the semester and ensure that it comes to life. It is also important to have a vision and ideas on how to develop the organisation to make it more and more developing for their members and anyone who attends their events.

1. What is your vision of UT Economics Club in 10 years?

In 10 years, the UT Economics Club will be a club with a strong structure and motivated members. We will have a bigger presence in the faculty on every level. We will cooperate with all the largest companies in Estonia and have partner organisations abroad. We will be able to offer our members many benefits and the students will recognise that. Attending the club events and taking part in extracurricular activities will be an obvious part of the Economics studies.

2. Shark diving, bungee jumping or sky diving?

As I like freedom and also planes (which in a way offer us freedom), I would go with sky diving.

Majandusklubi sümpaatsed juhid OLE ROHKEM auhinnagalal!

UT Economics Club lovely management at OLE ROHKEM award gala!

The fourth manager of Economics club is Karl-Gustav Kallasmaa !
He is currently studying Economics at University of Tartu. He is also a member of RSR - Society of International Relations.
Karl-Gustav's team is responsible for practical activates - they organise workshops and other actives, where the participants can get their “hands dirty”.

1. What would your ideal event look like?
The ideal event- the one, where the participants talk more than the lector/mentor.

2. What superpower do you dream of having?
I would like to be able to read 10x faster 📖.

If you have some ideas, what kind of workshops would you like to do, then message Karl-Gustav or write us. ✌️


How Color Psychology on Websites Helps Boosting Conversions

Have you ever thought how colors can impact your sales? How to make people buy your product while using different colors?


Which colors get the highest conversions on websites?
If you haven't thought about it, then it's TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT IT!!! Read the article below and find out what are the right colors for YOU.

truconversion.com Understand color psychology and boost your website conversions. Learn what colors make people buy and how to use colors to increase CTR.

UT Economics Club's cover photo


Estonian companies looking at new opportunities in Canada

You want your business to develop and take it to the next level? It's time to take your business to whole new continent to Canada. The controversial and long-in-the-making trade agreement CETA will be given green light this spring. Mari Tepp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that "CETA opens up possibilities for all Estonian companies. The question now is which sector will be the most active in taking advantage.”
For further information read the article below. http://news.postimees.ee/4062541/estonian-companies-looking-at-new-opportunities-in-canada

news.postimees.ee Several Estonian companies are awaiting the entry into force of the EU-Canada free trade agreement (CETA) as it will make it easier for them to access the far-away and expensive market.

We are introducing you the third manager in Economics Club - Rainer Urmas Maine.
He is currently studying law BA and also a member of ELSA - lawyers' organisation, RSR - international relations area and he also tries to give his contribution in developing the student organisation OLE ROHKEM.

Rainer is responsible for organising lectures and taking care of the academic activities that one would mostly associate with student organisations.

1. Why did you join UT Economics Club?

The club seemed to be the perfect way for being a part of the Economics Faculty.

2. If you could change one law, what would it be?

That’s a really tricky question, there are many laws with their own faults and kinks, but as a member of a student organisation, I would sure love to have the system implemented in Romania, where 2% of taxes deductible can be given tax-free to an NGO.

If you have some ideas, who would you like to see in Tartu giving you a lecture or just telling interesting stories and stuff, then message Rainer or write us :)


Tesla Just Passed GM to Become America’s Most Valuable Carmaker

Marrti said in his interview, that Elon Musk's goals has inspired him, and could inspire others too. Maybe this is another goal, that could change something and inspire someone?

Why not build Tesla factory in Estonia? See more at https://www.facebook.com/teslacountry/

Piper on Monday raised its price target on Tesla to $368 from $223, representing more than 20 percent upside from Friday's close.
Will Tesla shares lose value in the short term or it will remain in its place for a long time?


bloomberg.com Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. surpassed General Motors Co. to become America’s most valuable carmaker, eclipsing a company whose well-being was once viewed as interdependent with the nation’s.

We are introducing you the second manager in Economics Club - Martti Tarro.
He is currently on second year of Economics BA and also a member of University of Tartu Chamber Choir.

1. What are your main activities in this club?
Organizing the events/popularisation team activities, and finding new ones, alongside Reelika

2. If you could invite one person in the whole world to make a speech then, who would you invite? Why?
Elon Musk, since I have the utmost respect for him and all that he has achieved. His determination to reach the goals that may seem completely out-of-this-world to others has inspired me, and could inspire others too.

3. What is your favourite cheesy pick-up line? Have you ever used it for real?
I’m not really one for pick up lines, but the one that I used once, was “I thought happiness started with an H, but it rather looks like a U.”

Feel free to ask questions from Martti in comments.


How to Make the Most of Your Workday

Need to work, but Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat distract you?
So how can you regain control of your time? One-size-fits-all lists on how to be more productive don't work; this article will outline productivity techniques that can be adapted to your personality and working style.
It also talks about, how to make your work environment better and more efficient for you.


nytimes.com Take control of your time at work. We’ll outline productivity techniques that can be adapted to your personality and working style.


How giant digital adverts could soon be in our cities - BBC News

Giant digital adverts? Billboard, that targets adverts? Seems unreal? But now it isn't.
In Moscow, drivers approaching a digital billboard were shown ads for Jaguar's new SUV, but only if they were driving a different make of SUV. Will this kind of ad distract drivers or engage more potential customers?

Will augmented reality (AR) tech take marketing to the next level? What do you think?


bbc.com How new technologies are transforming outdoor advertising.

For the next few weeks we will be introducing you UT Economics Club managers, who will answer some questions and if you also have questions for them, feel free to ask them by writing a comment.
Meet the first one - Reelika Alunurm.
Major: doctorate program first year (subject: university-business collaboration, it’s models in Asia and implications for Europe).

She is currently the Student Council president of University of Tartu and a member of the university senate. She is also in the OLE ROHKEM movement – coordinates all activities involved with organization development.

1. What are your main activities in this club?
I am mainly responsible for dealing with the club’s financial questions (like support from the university, sponsors etc). I am also in the Events Team (as much as I can next).
2. Who would be your ideal sponsor?
The ideal sponsor would THINK TOGETHER with us – how could we make events and the club seen (so the sponsor is also seen more).
3. If you were given a one minute add slot during the Super Bowl, that you couldn´t use for commercial, then what would you fill it with?
I would try to convince everybody to start changing the world – NOW! The world needs you! Make a systematic difference!

Photo: Ole Rohkem

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