.Contriber is a school for practical self-development through everyday life.

We want to show the middle path which goes between daily practical life and esoteric depths. It is not difficult to get yourself busy with all the tasks and responsibilities we have in our families, work place, hobbies and communities. You can also find ways how to be in balance and inner silence once you retreat to live in the countryside and dedicate yourself to some form of meditation. However,

Operating as usual


⚡️ The Art of Listening by Triin Sarri at sTARTUp Day

Join us on a journey to unlock the power of listening!

In this seminar, we will explore why listening can be the toughest skill to master. Unveil the enchanting magic inherent in listening and its role in tackling our challenges. Gain insights into why using this tool might be more daunting than we think.

Transform the way you navigate challenges and communication!

Join us!


Happy New Year dear friends! ☀️

Our mentor and Numerology lady Kristiina has looked into the numbers of this year.

There are many layers, many messages, and of course, we are all masters of our own Life - so take what you feel is for you in this message, yet pay also attention to what you feel is irrelevant or even somehow triggering, there might be an extra gift for you here. But most of all - enjoy your journey! 🥰
The keyword for the year 2024 is Balance & Harmony (from Numerology - 8 Balance & harmony / Lack of).

A Warrior of personal Freedom is humble and understands (2 Humility & understanding / Need for) that there is a long way to go, but the Power supports him. Efficiency (8), stability, determination, and self-confidence (4) in one's actions are tools to be used that support.

Since the 2 is represented twice in the number of this year, it means that throughout the year the focus is on acquiring humility and understanding in strengthening one's understanding of Self. A Warrior is supportive and selfless, not only to himself but also to others, always supporting what is life-supportive and positive - one doesn't have to support other people's weaknesses (nor your own). In order to do all this, the Warrior listens to his feelings. Cultivating these qualities results in the ability to be an arbiter/balancer in conflict situations (which again leads to harmony).

Théun Mares has given a nice Socrates example: "I am the wisest man in the world because I alone know that I know nothing". Therefore, when Socrates said that he knew that he knew nothing, he actually took a step back to bow his head in complete humility, because he was willing to admit that even all his wisdom as a philosopher was nothing compared to all that is around, all that is Life. Such an understanding, which automatically leads to humility, indicates a truly wise person.

All harmony depends on the interrelationships of life, through physical, emotional, and spiritual actions. There can be no true freedom where there is no harmony. Since 0 is both emptiness and potential (Universality, Absolute freedom / Lack of), one should be playful like a child, brave and fearless, and let himself get inspired. This year, the Warrior shows strong clear feelings, has a vivid and creative imagination, and notices details.

The universe supports action. Being responsible, hardworking, and practical, letting the creativity in, and taking necessary manual activities give support for business partnerships. A Warrior is modest, not proud and boastful, not self-centered or argumentative. A Warrior doesn't worry.

If knowledge is not comprehendible, the Warrior is not afraid to appear stupid or inadequate but takes it as an acknowledgment of the fact that he is always ready to learn and get a new experience. Striving for simplicity, the Warrior discards all unnecessary actions. A Warrior always listens to his heart.

Have a harmonious journey!

What a great conflict to have! — sTARTUp Day - Most Startup-Minded Business Festival 05/01/2024

"If two opposing views meet, is one of these 100% correct and the other one stupid? Or might there be a chance that both perspectives have an inch of truth? This recognition opens the door to a thoughtful examination of conflict, recognizing the opportunity for mutual understanding and learning."

What a great conflict to have! — sTARTUp Day - Most Startup-Minded Business Festival Conflicts are an opportunity to learn. Find out what you can take from a conflict and how to have a good one from the guest essay by .Contriber.

Meet yourself in silence 26/12/2023

Take time today dear friends!
For yourself. To look back at the year, to welcome all the experiences that you have had. To meet yourself, again.

Meet yourself in silence Silence. I am sitting on the porch having my morning coffee and looking at the silence. Isn't it weird that we are afraid of silence, yet this is so natural? In my backyard, everything is covered with snow - the trees, the flowerbeds, and even the forest a bit further away are all covered and everyt...


The totality of the self is a balance. For that, we need to truly understand the need for both the mind and the heart, for dicrimination and unification.

We wish you a beautiful Christmas time and a harmonious New Year!

C Team


⚡️ We are looking for a startup to invest in!

The application deadline is December 17❗️

Hey, startup, picture this: pitching your idea to 3900+ potential investors, clients, partners, and global media. It could be the game-changer your startup needs! 🚀

Join the sTARTUp Pitching Competition where we're on the lookout for startups with a live product, traction or feedback, a strong team, and investment readiness.

If that sounds like you, read more & apply → 👋

The application deadline is December 17❗️

Aleksander Tõnnisson & .Contriber — sTARTUp Day - Most Startup-Minded Business Festival 18/10/2023

🎙️ Tune in to our latest sTARTUp Day podcast episode with entrepreneur and investor Aleksander Tõnnisson.

Discover his insights on self-growth, his journey from an engineer to the founder of Europe's first hardware startup accelerator, and his role as a lead partner at .Contriber Ventures.

Hosted by Tarmo Virki, this episode is a collaboration with FoundME and Miltton. Listen in Estonian! 🚀

Aleksander Tõnnisson & .Contriber — sTARTUp Day - Most Startup-Minded Business Festival Our guest this time is entrepreneur and investor Aleksander Tõnnisson, who shares his insights on self-development.

Walking the Path with a Heart: A Journey of Listening to Your Inner Wisdom 06/10/2023

💙 Path with a Heart

Many think that walking the path with the heart means doing all the things that the person likes or enjoys. But a path with a heart is more than just a career choice or a life direction. In reality, your heart will always lead you to learning, which means that you will continuously encounter something unknown.

Anu Martinson wrote an article about recognizing your path with heart - or how to understand you are clearly not on it. Read more!

Walking the Path with a Heart: A Journey of Listening to Your Inner Wisdom Path with a heart is more than just a career choice or a life direction. In reality, your heart will always lead you to learning.

Photos from Contriber's post 14/09/2023

💙 A quick recap of our book launch/birthday party!

"Since time is clearly the biggest asset we will ever have, why spend time reading and understanding how we are operating? The answer is exactly the same as the question points out – time. Once you know how your psychological makeup functions, you can save and compress time.

If I want to use more of my human power, I need to understand how exactly I operate."

The book "Unwanted Secrets of Power" is available on our website.

Why do I need Synchronicity? 08/09/2023

Anu Martinson, our .C Lady is writing:
I have been pondering on why sometimes I get things right seemingly with quite a small effort and the other times it just will not work out. Is it just about being at the right place at the right time for things to happen?

Continue reading here:

Why do I need Synchronicity? I have been pondering on why sometimes I get things right seemingly with quite a small effort and the other times it just will not work out. Is it just about being at the right place at the right time for things to happen? Those times when everything goes smoothly I am connected. Connected first and...

What do you believe yourself to be capable of achieving? — sTARTUp Day - Most Startup-Minded Business Festival 11/08/2023

⚡️ Rein Lemberpuu wrote about personal power in sTARTUp Day blog.

"Personal Power is the key to unlocking our true potential. It comes from our perception of self, determining what we believe we are capable of achieving."

How to get more Personal Power? Read from the blog!👇

What do you believe yourself to be capable of achieving? — sTARTUp Day - Most Startup-Minded Business Festival In our journey through life, Personal Power is the key to unlocking our true potential. It comes from our perception of self, determining what we believe we are capable of achieving.

Introducing .Contriber - a new chapter for the .Cocoonity School 09/08/2023

↗️ Growth means change.
Lately, there have been lots of changes in our self-development school and we continue growing.

🌟 .Cocoonity is changing its name (back) to .Contriber. 🌟

The decision comes at a pivotal moment in the .Contriber group’s journey - our sister company .Cocoon Program has spun off from the group as an independent company. To make it clearer to differentiate, we are returning to our roots.
The school is now called .Contriber.

Read the story here 👇

Introducing .Contriber - a new chapter for the .Cocoonity School .Cocoonity decided to change its name and return to its roots - it is now called .Contriber.


✨ We are announcing Cocoon spin-off from Contriber group!

We are excited about your journey and wish you all the best. This has been a wonderful path full of growth, cooperation, learnings, and emotions.

Thank you and .C you around! 💙

Read more:

10-day Relationship Challenge | Cocoonity 04/08/2023

🌟 Join our 10-Day Relationship Challenge! 🌟

Relationships are constantly changing, and it's up to us to steer them in the right direction.

Take a fresh look at your relationships and get the tools to create greater respect, trust, and closeness. 💕

Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your bonds and build meaningful, lasting connections. 🚀✨

Join us now and let's uplift our relationships together! 🙌

10-day Relationship Challenge | Cocoonity Think for a moment about the relationships that you have in your life. How many of those are in ease, trust and respect, and you enjoy them? How many of your relationships are a struggle, a burden, and in tense in one or another way? All those relationships impact your life. All of our lives are not...


It is very natural to feel helpless in the face of impossible odds. All of us have to learn how to act on our own, and all learning takes time. This is the same as when an infant has to learn to stand up and walk; and all of us are like helpless infants when we first come to the Warrior’s Path. But an infant wants to learn to stand up and walk, and because it cannot manage it at first, it complains and protests in its frustration at not being able to act on its own. Again this is only natural and therefore not wrong. It follows that it is not the feeling of helplessness itself which is wrong, but what is wrong is indulging in these feelings of helplessness, and complaining while protesting that you are incapable, for this implies not wanting to learn.
- The Toltec Teachings

/Photo: Anu Martinson/


With humans, the inside world determines our learning capability;
hence, if you want to evolve exponentially rather than linearly, the only option is to study yourself.
- Rein Lemberpuu

/Photo: Liisi Lillemäe/


If you postpone taking action because you fear failure, or because of feeling inadequate, you have already failed.
- The Toltec Teachings
/Photo: Liisi Lillemäe/


There is no such thing as luck or misfortune, coincidence, accidents or even magic, for that matter.
There is only intent.
So if something comes your way this is because, in one way or other, you set your intent on it.
- The Toltec Teachings
/Photo: Liisi Lillemäe/


The job of any challenge is to support us to exercise a quality that is weak in us.
- Rein Lemberpuu
/Photo: Rein Lemberpuu/


To live life is to feel.
To be alive, you need to feel what is going on for you right now. There are no conditions or tasks that need to be fulfilled in order for you to feel what is going on now.
Your relationship with yourself is happening now.
Your life is happening right now.
- Rein Lemberpuu

/Photo: Anu Martinson/


Wanting to do something implies having a motive and, provided such motive is pure, the action will be impeccable. But any motive is merely a substitute for the heart,
since an act arising from the heart is unconditional and therefore
does not require motive.
- Théun Mares

/Photo: Anu Martinson/


Belief is not blind faith —
belief is a powerful act of magic.
- Théun Mares
/Photo: Anu Martinson/


The world is what you have chosen to believe it is. You, likewise, are whatever
you have chosen to believe you are.

- The Toltec Teachings
/Photo: Anu Martinson/


We are grateful to have such curious and courageous people in our community!
In May we had a special Masterclass - Relationship with the Self - facilitated by Elizabeth Schnugh and Rein Lemberpuu.
We explored how to be a whole person, how to be All One -



The warrior makes his own mood.

- The Toltec Teachings
/Photo: Anu Martinson/

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