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More and more students have chosen to study law at TalTech, and our graduates have found work both in Estonia and abroad. Today, ca 800 students study law at TalTech, ca 200 of them in English. Our priorities in research and study are:

- Law & Technology: The development of information technology and innovation are priorities for Estonia, thus it is also important to develop a legal framework tha

The #CREA2 Project and its chatbot. 28/06/2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can become a powerful tool for resolving inheritance and asset division disputes. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, AI can offer unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in addressing these complex issues.
The CREA 2 - CONFLICT RESOLUTION WITH EQUITATIVE ALGORITHMS project has been at the forefront of pioneering research in this area, seeking innovative solutions that can assist consumers and legal professionals in resolving these issues through algorithms based on game theory.
The potential of AI in this context is immense, as shown in the preview video. However, addressing and mitigating biases and ensuring inclusivity in these approaches is crucial. Due to these complexities, the project results are not yet ready for public use and will undergo further development in the coming years. You can view the discussions and presentations from the project's final conference through this link.
The CREA 2 project is the natural successor to the original CREA initiative and is implemented through a European partnership. The consortium includes Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE) as the lead partner, along with University of Naples Federico II (IT), University of Ljubljana (SI), University of Vilnius (LT), University of Zagreb (HR), Tallinn University of Technology (EE), Seraphin Innovation (FR), Adiconsum (IT) and the Fédération des Barreaux d'Europe (FR).
Funded by the European program Justice 2021-2027 under the call for "Action grants to support National or Transnational e-Justice projects JUST-2021-EJUSTICE," the CREA 2 - CONFLICT RESOLUTION WITH EQUITATIVE ALGORITHMS project continues to push the boundaries of how AI can be utilized in the legal domain, aiming to create equitable and effective solutions for dispute resolution.
Next month, we will provide a detailed message containing step-by-step instructions for utilizing the e-handbook, along with a direct link to our official website, ensuring you have all the necessary resources and information about this tool.

The Project and its chatbot: https://youtu.be/QaR1PGtsdDE?si=QaJ8Hn1lEEaC49OR

Project final conference: https://youtu.be/UIIIdZLhJJo?si=mpTfmugZbUknSIuh

The #CREA2 Project and its chatbot. Funded by the EU programme Justice 2021-2027 within the call for proposal “Action grants to support National or Transnational e-Justice projects JUST-2021- ...


Viimsi Vallavalitsus otsib juristi


Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe at TalTech Innovation Festival 2024 dedicated to AI and Society: "Estonia could be a model for entire world - applying AI in e-governance could be a fine-tuned cooperative synergy for citizen, private sector and Government"


We are thrilled to announce the third edition of our Summer School, organised in collaboration with Turiba University and partners from Finland, Norway, and Lithuania.

🌟 Join the NORDPLUS Intensive Course on Security Risk Management in Riga!

📅 Dates: 13th - 25th August, 2024
🏫 Location: Turiba University, Riga, Latvia
💼 Topics: Energy Security, Data Security, Cyber Security, Risk Management, and many more security-oriented subjects.
📚 Activities: Lectures, Workshops, Practical Sessions, Study Visits
💰 Cost: Free of charge! Organisers will cover travel, accommodation, catering, and study visits.
🎓 Credits: Earn 4 ECTS credits for participating.

🔍 Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in security risk management!

👉 Apply now: https://forms.gle/9rwnxhX1X4YwSBX2A
✉️ For more information, contact: [email protected]

✨ Apply today and secure your spot! Successful applicants will be contacted to arrange travel details. ✨


👏Sandra Särav is a favorite of the master students as stated in the gratitude letter of the Student Union of the Faculty of Business and Governance!

👏Sandra Särav on Majandusteaduskonna Üliõpilaskogu tänuavalduses toodud välja magistrantide lemmikuna!

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) 23/05/2024

🎤Professor Tanel Kerikmäe speaks at European Legal Tech Summit organised by University of Business and Economics Vienna (WU). The event that is titled provocatively as "automating the Rule of Law" has presentations by scholars from professors from Stanford, Delft, Bologna, Queen Mary universities and practitioners from international and public stakeholders

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) The first European Scientific Legal Tech Summit will take place at WU Vienna on 23 May 2024. This one-day conference will bring together international experts on legal tech, AI and the rule of law, creating a scientific platform for discussing the use of technology in the application and enforcement...

Photos from TalTech Law School's post 21/05/2024

Javad Keypour, our senior expert in the energy law, visited the Centre for International Studies and Development (CISAD) at Jagiellonian University in Poland last week. During his visit, he presented two lectures on energy security in the Persian Gulf and the future of EU-Russia gas relations. He also had meetings with professors and staff to explore pathways for bilateral academic cooperation between the two institutions (photos by CISAD)


Adjunct Professor Katrin Nyman Metcalf is spending a week as visiting Professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She is meeting with Professors and PhD students, giving lectures on 'Law and Technology: Challenges and Opportunities' and 'Should we automate just because we can?' plus participating in student exercises on digital administration.

Photos from TalTech Law School's post 08/05/2024

The IP Campus 2024 – Pan European Seal (PES) 10th Anniversary Ceremony was recently held in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante, Spain.

TalTech is a member of the prestigious PES programme which is jointly managed by the EUIPO and the European Patent Office (EPO). TalTech is the only university in Estonia which is a member of the PES programme. Under this program, our students are able to receive traineeships in the EUIPO and EPO and to get more exposure to intellectual property laws.

Dr. Pawan Dutt of TalTech Law School was invited as a speaker at this conference and he also participated in the 10th Anniversary Ceremony.

DOMŮ | Law & DigiTech 03/05/2024

📣📚New PhD programme in Law and Digital Technologies at Palacký University in Olomouc in cooperation with TalTech Law School. Find our more about the programme and attend the online info-session following the link

DOMŮ | Law & DigiTech The programme is  implemented by the Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Faculty of Science, Department of Informatics.


🎤 Public lecture on 14th of May at 12:00 - 13:00
(room SOC-308, Akadeemia tee 3)

Speaker: Prof. Zeynep Ayata, Jean Monnet Chair on Digital Law


Regulating digital platforms within the digital single market presents a multifaceted challenge balancing innovation, competition, and consumer protection. The European Union's approach emphasizes fostering a level playing field while ensuring fair competition, data protection, and safeguarding fundamental rights. This involves measures such as the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, which aim to enhance transparency, accountability, and user trust, while also addressing concerns related to market dominance, unfair practices, and harmful content. By harmonizing regulations across member states, the EU seeks to promote a cohesive digital ecosystem that empowers businesses, fosters innovation, and prioritizes the well-being of users in the digital space.

Jurist, Tallinn, Terviseamet 24/04/2024

Terviseameti õigusosakond otsib juristi

Jurist, Tallinn, Terviseamet Terviseamet otsib oma kollektiivi täiendust ja tööd saab Jurist. Kandideerimistähtaeg 12. mai 2024.

Photos from TalTech Law School's post 23/04/2024

✨Law, Technology and Art Association invited Professor Tanel Kerikmäe and Early Stage Researcher Ebru Metin, LL.M from TalTech Law School and Assoc. Prof. Pınar Çağlayan Aksoy from Bilkent University to attend the Law and Innovation event based in Adana Turkey last week. The event was moderated by turan ozer and translated by BİNNAZ DÜZGÜN. Ebru Metin, LL.M and Asena Damla Şahin from Legal Design Turkey, they also hold a legal design workshop. Thanks a lot for the invitation Volkan Kurtar!

Photos from TalTech Law School's post 12/04/2024

🎤Adjunct Professor Katrin Nyman Metcalf was invited by our good colleague and long-time cooperation partner, Professor Ioannis Papageorgiou, to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki🇬🇷 to give a lecture and seminar in the course 'EU Africa relations' and to discuss future cooperation.


Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe and former Minister of Justice (also freedom fighter for Estonian independence) discussing TARTU PEACE TREATY at Ants Piip foreign policy and security policy debate club.
Ants Piip’s discussion club on foreign and security policy is in honour of the Estonian prime minister, foreign minister and professor in international law. The club trace back its activity to 1944 when the club started as an information forum for the Estonian refugees in Sweden.

Photos from TalTech Law School's post 25/03/2024

Within our 🇪🇺Jean Monnet Chair project "Digital Europe and Future Integration", Dr. David Ramiro Troitiño organised a conference in Manila.


The main takeaway from Lawyers Union conference at TalTech ➡️Legal education needs refreshment and market orientation but the core principles should be safeguarded. New legal market will introduce new legal positions and interdisciplinarity becomes a key for success. By prof. Tanel Kerikmäe "education provided should be ahead of the practice".

Photos from TalTech Law School's post 19/03/2024

Majandusteaduskond tunnustas õiguse instituudi töötajaid//
School of Business and Governance awarded our colleagues of TalTech Law School

🏆Educational innovator- Kristi Joamets
🏆Lecturer of the year-Pawan Kumar Dutt
🏆Special award for long-term and highly dedicated work- Uno Feldschmidt
🏆Authors of the research articles of the year:
Abel Polese and Tanel Kerikmäe
Polese, A.; Fradejas-García, I.; Šimić Banović, R.; Škokić, V.; Kerikmäe, T.; Luis Molina, J.; Alpeza, M.; Lubbers, M. J.; Camerani, A. „Labour Mobility and Informality: Romanian Migrants in Spain and Ethnic Entrepreneurs in Croatia“; Politics and Governance; 2022




Tervise Arengu Instituut otsib juristi


Professor Tanel Kerikmäe at Strathmore University, Kenya, with IT School, sharing the knowledge on legal aspects of e-governance

Photos from ILSA TalTech Chapter's post 07/03/2024
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Our Story

More and more students have chosen to study law at TalTech, and our graduates have found work both in Estonia and abroad. Today, ca 800 students study law at TalTech, ca 200 of them in English. Our priorities in research and study are:

- Law & Technology: The development of information technology and innovation are priorities for Estonia, thus it is also important to develop a legal framework that supports them, as well as train specialist lawyers. TalTech is the best place for research and study in the area of Law & Technology.
- European law: There are no comparable institutions in Estonia in terms of breadth and scope of EU law related research and studies. More than 10 years of continuous development (with the support of Jean Monnet grants from the European Commission) of the study and research activities related to European Union law have resulted in not only providing education in EU law to Estonian students, but also in bringing to Estonia many foreign students (including students from Georgia).
- State and municipal law: Students get basic foundations about criminal and private law as well as more in depth knowledge of state and administrative law, with special emphasis on municipal law, planning and construction law and environmental law.

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📣We present you short stories of our students from different countries. Law studies at TalTech have various inspiring an...





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