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Study and research law at Tallinn University of Technology --- Õigusõpe ja teadustöö Tallinna Tehnikaülikoolis

More and more students have chosen to study law at TalTech, and our graduates have found work both in Estonia and abroad. Today, ca 800 students study law at TalTech, ca 200 of them in English. Our priorities in research and study are: - Law & Technology: The development of information technology and innovation are priorities for Estonia, thus it is also important to develop a legal framework that supports them, as well as train specialist lawyers. TalTech is the best place for research and study in the area of Law & Technology. - European law: There are no comparable institutions in Estonia in terms of breadth and scope of EU law related research and studies. More than 10 years of continuous development (with the support of Jean Monnet grants from the European Commission) of the study and research activities related to European Union law have resulted in not only providing education in EU law to Estonian students, but also in bringing to Estonia many foreign students (including students from Georgia). - State and municipal law: Students get basic foundations about criminal and private law as well as more in depth knowledge of state and administrative law, with special emphasis on municipal law, planning and construction law and environmental law.

Mission: Tallinn Law School contributes to the fulfilment of the mission of Tallinn University of Technology by providing research and studies in the area of law. This allows TUT to offer contemporary higher education and knowledge services as well as advance legal science, especially in the areas of technology law, European law and human rights. --- Õiguse instituut panustab TTÜ missiooni täitmisesse, pakkudes õigusteaduse alast kompetentsi. See võimaldab TTÜl pakkuda ühiskonnale kaasaegset ülikooliharidust ja teadmusteenuseid ning edendada õigusteadust eelkõige tehnoloogiaõiguse, Euroopa õiguse ja inimõiguste suundadel.

Turība University

Students are welcome to apply for the NORDPLUS Intensive Course on Security and Active Citizenship in Riga

This summer from July 16th until 27th Turiba University in Riga will host NORDPLUS Intensive Course „Security and Active Citizenship”. We invite to apply full time students of all faculties, especially Security and Law programmes.

In recent years, security issues have become a priority also to Baltic and Nordic countries. The world is coping with challenges such as migration, conflicts based on different cultural backgrounds, cyber-attacks, etc. There is need for high quality training for young security specialists.

The participants will gain knowledge about assessment of security tactics for guarded sites, the basics of tactical planning and implementation methods for threat prevention and their legal regulation; comprehensive knowledge of facts, theory and data necessary for carrying out work on the tasks related, skills for personal growth and development, and learn about active citizenship and social integration. Stress Management in Crisis Situations, Globalization and Intercultural communication, and Team-building training activities are planned within the program.
The participants will be attending from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland and the workshops and seminars will be led by instructors from the four partner Universities and independent practitioners.
The language of the Course is English and the participation– free of change. The organisers will cover travel, accommodation, catering, study visits’ and free time activity costs. Applications are accepted only from full time college, bachelor and master level students. The students who complete the course will receive 3 ECTS.

To apply, please fill the application form and send it to the national project coordinator until 11.06.2019:
🇪🇪 Mr Vlad Alex Vernygora [email protected]
🇱🇻 Ms Ivita Kisnica [email protected]
🇱🇹 Ms Kristina Šlekienė [email protected]
🇫🇮 Ms Anu Lähteenmäki-Uutela [email protected]
Lithuania: Ms Kristina Šlekienė [email protected]

Feedback and video about the previous Courses can be found here: http://www.turiba.lv/en/sadarbiba/international-projects/intensive-course-organisation-and-individual-security/528/

*This Course is implemented by Turiba University (Latvia) in a cooperation with Kazimieras Simonavičius University (Lithuania), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) and Turku School of Economics (Finland). Project receives financial support from NORDPLUS Higher education program. Project number: NPHE-2019/10177.

turiba.lv Turiba University


TalTech õiguse instituut panustas äsjavalminud Eesti tehisintellekti ehk krattide kasutuselevõtu kavasse



Õigusloomejuristide järelkasvuprogramm | Justiitsministeerium

Õigusloomejuristide järelkasvuprogramm

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Student to student "Flower Scholarship"

✅ Donate your graduation ceremony´s flower budget to a scholarship fund and plant a grant for future students!
✅ TalTech SBG doubles your contribution



AS Eesti Eine otsib oma meeskonda tublisid värskelt lõpetanud asjalikke õiguse ja matemaatilise taibuga noori inimesi.
Pakkuda on tööd nii omahindade kujundamise alal, riigihangetega seonduvas, müügis ja paljus muus

Praktikavõimalus Välisministeeriumi juriidilises osakonnas

Debating the future in the past: the emergence of new states in Eastern Europe after the WWI

On 20 March, Vlad Vernygora took part in an open debate organised in the framework of the EACEA-financed academic initiative, “The Emergence of New States in Eastern Europe after the WWI: Lessons for all of Europe”. While celebrating the Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish truly big anniversaries in 2017-2018, Europeans already forgot how interconnected and interlinked the 1918-bound events had been and by how much those events had affected the entire European continent as well as the international system. The Ball Room of the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace, a neoclassical architectural masterpiece of Warsaw, was chosen to be the venue for the event, which was followed by the inauguration of the project-produced exhibition. Apart from Vlad’s involvement, the debate was featured by contributions made by Professor Frank Golczewski (the University of Hamburg), Dr. Ugnė Andrijauskaitė (Vytautas Magnus University), Dr. Vineta Kleinberga (the Latvian Institute of International Affairs), Dr. Suvi Heikkilä (the University of Turku), other scholars, officials and public. The event was skilfully moderated by the project’s manager Dr. Adam Balcer (WiseEuropa). It is worthwhile mentioning that this unique exhibition will soon be ‘visiting’ Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Belgium. Tallinn University of Technology will be prospectively hosting it next academic semester.

Eesti Õigusteaduse Üliõpilaste Liit kutsub õigustudengeid osalema Advokaadibüroo DERLING PRIMUS töötoas

Viru Vangla otsib juristi

Tallinn Law School is honoured to welcome you to this semester’s second Top Hat Lecture. On 28 March, we will be hosting His Excellency Kevin Rex, Ambassador of Canada to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Format: Top Hat Lecture
High-profile speaker: HE Kevin Rex, Ambassador of Canada to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Date: 28 March 2019
Time-frame: 10.00-11.00
Auditorium: SOC-311, Akadeemia tee 3
Topic: Canada’s new ‘enhanced’ presence in the Baltic region
Moderator: Vlad Vernygora, Department of Law

We are looking forward to see you visiting our high-profile event!

Keskkonnaõiguse Keskus pakub praktikavõimalust

Hea uudis meile praktikandiks soovijaile - pikendasime kandideerimise tähtaega nädala jagu ehk 24. märtsini!

Vaata kandideerimise kohta täpsemalt me kodulehelt ja levita sõna võimalike kandidaatide hulgas: https://goo.gl/PYiBuZ

Dr. Lehte Roots is a keynote speaker for the event "Women's Political Freedom in Europe"


Ettevõtte juristiks olemisest räägib Swedbanki baltikumi juht Tiina Sepa

25. märtsil kell 17:15 lähevad noorjuristid külla Swedbanki, kus ettevõtte juristiks olemisest räägib Swedbanki baltikumi juht Tiina Sepa.

Osalema on oodatud kõik EJL noorjuristid või tudengid, kes on avalduse noorjuristiks saamiseks esitanud.
Kui sa veel ei ole EJL liige, siis saad avalduse esitada kodulehel: http://www.juristideliit.ee/ejl-liikmed/
Üritus on tasuta!

Registreerimine üritusele kestab kuni 21. märtsini

docs.google.com 25. märtsil kell 17:15 lähevad noorjuristid külla Swedbanki. Meid võtab vastu Tiina Sepa (Head of Legal, Baltic Banking), kes on ühtlasi ka Eesti Juristide Liidu volikogu liige. Tiina Sepa räägib, kuidas Tema teekond alguse sai - millised olid väljakutsed, mis andis Ta karjäärile hoogu juu...

[03/11/19]   Open lecture on Tuesday, March 12 at 12:00 in SOC-308
“Broken Windows and Hybrid Warfare.” BRIAN WHITMORE

All political warfare is not created equal. Vladimir Putin’s political shenanigans work better in some places than others. Russian active measures seem to be more successful in Latvia than in Estonia or in Lithuania. Kremlin disinformation campaigns appear to gain more traction in Hungary and Slovakia than in the Czech Republic and Poland. But why is this the case? What accounts for the relative success of the Putin regime’s political warfare in some places and not in others?

Brian Whitmore is a Senior Fellow & Director of the Russia Program at the Center for European Policy Analysis. Before joining CEPA he was Senior Russia Analyst at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He also worked as a foreign correspondent for The Boston Globe in Moscow and Prague; as a graduate instructor in the Department of Government and International Studies at the University of South Carolina; and as a visiting lecturer in the History Faculty at Mechnikov National University in Odessa, Ukraine and the International Relations Faculty at St. Petersburg State University.

Tallinn Law School is honoured to welcome you to this semester’s first Top Hap Lecture. On the day, our high-profile guest will be His Excellency Dr. Grzegorz Kozłowski, Ambassador of Poland to Estonia. On 14 February 2018, Ambassador presented his Credentials to the President of the Republic of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid, inaugurating his mission to our country.

Format: Top Hat Lecture
High-profile speaker: HE Dr. Grzegorz Kozłowski, Ambassador of Poland to Estonia.
Date: 14 March 2019
Time: 10.00-11.30
Auditorium: SOC-311, Akadeemia tee 3
Topic: Current challenges of the EU-bound diplomacy: a view from Poland
Moderator: Vlad Vernygora, Department of Law, School of Business and Governance

As usual, we are looking forward to see you visiting our open event!


Eesti kodanikust ukraina õigusteadlane: Venemaale maksab kätte liigne kartmatus

Postimehe intervjuu dr. Evhen Tsybulenkoga

postimees.ee Rääkides viis aastat pärast Krimmi annekteerimist endiselt «Ukraina konfliktist» ja «separatistidest», laseme asjadel paista nii, nagu Venemaa soovib neid näidata – kodusõjana, mille raames kasutab rahvas oma enesemääramisõigust, ütles veebruari lõpus Tallinnas uut Ukraina-teemalist ...

Dr. Evhen Tsybulenko took part in the presentation of the book - Sayapin S., Tsybulenko E. (eds) (2018) "The Use of Force Against Ukraine and International Law: Jus Ad Bellum, Jus In Bello, Jus Post Bellum". T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer, The Hague., which was orginised by the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Estonia and the International Centre for Defense and Security (ICDS).

Participants were greeted by
Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe, Mr. Sven Sakkov, ICDS Director and H.E. Ms. Mariana Betsa, Ambassador of Ukraine

The book is written by a team of international lawyers from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean, this book analyses some of the most significant aspects of the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.
The co-editor and co-author of the above-mentioned book is Dr. Evhen Tsybulenko, who is also the Head of Ukrainian Community in Estonia.

The book will be useful to practitioners of international law working at national Ministries of Defence, Justice, and Foreign Affairs, as well as in Parliaments, to lawyers of international organizations, and to national and international judges dealing with matters of public international law, international humanitarian law and criminal law. It will also be of interest to scholars and students of international law, and to historians of international relations.

The event was open to the public and was attended inter alia by representatives of diplomatic corp, military, scholars, Ukrainian diaspora and mass media.

Õiguse instituudi doktorant Melita Sogomonjan annab loenguid Laose rahvavabariigis, Vientianes Horizon 2020 projekti raames

TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology

Great news! We are very proud to present our new virtual campus tour with a unique digital guide! As suitable for a digital university, the virtual tour at the TalTech campus is conducted by a virtual guide, who directs the visitor with questions and encourages to click on more interesting sites. Such tour is unique not only in Estonia, but also worldwide... Enjoy touring our campus here: https://virtualtour.taltech.ee


Viru Maakohus otsib enda meeskonda määratud ajaks, ajutiselt äraoleva kohtujuristi asendajat.
Ametikoha eelduseks on magistrikraadi olemasolu.


Peeter Müürsepp on kevadsemestril külalisprofessor Al-Farabi nimelise Kasahhi Rahvusülikooli filosoofia ja politoloogia teaduskonna filosoofia kateedris. Külalisprofessori kui välismaise teaduskonsultandi põhiülesandeks on uurimistöö ja publitseerimine koostöös kasahhi kolleegidega ning abi doktorantide juhendamisel. Lisaks tuleb läbi viia metodoloogiaalaseid seminare. Al-Farabi ülikool paikneb 2019. aasta QS rankingus Eesti ülikoolidest tublisti kõrgemal, kohal 220.

Peeter Müürsepp is as a visiting professor at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University for the Spring Semester. The visiting professor has to act as a foreign scientific consultant doing research and publishing in cooperation with Kazakh colleagues as well as supervising doctoral students. Speaking at seminars on methodology adds to these tasks. Al-Farabi University is positioned 220 in the current QS ranking of world universities.


Noorjuristide Ühendusega Eesti Energiasse

13. veebruaril kell 14:00 toimub Eesti Juristide Liidu (EJL) Noorjuristide Ühenduse (NJ) külaskäik Eesti Energiasse (Lelle 22, Tallinn).

Eesti Energia on Eesti riigile kuuluv rahvusvaheline energiaettevõte, mis tegutseb Baltikumi, Soome, Rootsi ja Poola elektri- ja gaasimüügi turgudel ning rahvusvahelisel vedelkütuste turul. Eesti Energia pakub energialahendusi alates elektri, soojuse ja kütuste tootmisest kuni müügi, klienditeeninduse ja energiaga seotud lisateenusteni. Kohapeal kohtume õigusteenistuse juhiga, kes tutvustab töötamise võimalusi Eesti Energias juristina.

Registreerimine kestab kuni 11. veebruarini - ära jää hiljaks, kohtade arv on piiratud! REGISTREERI END SIIN: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc1xDIA8ZXO2hDc9CTbiWPwmXLUNaD8Mmnm5YOhjbMrncsUoQ/viewform

ÜRITUS ON TASUTA! Kasuta võimalust ning pane ennast juba täna kirja!

Kui sul on küsimusi, siis võta julgelt ühendust Jevgenia-ga ([email protected]).

docs.google.com 13. veebruaril kell 14:00 toimub Eesti Juristide Liidu (EJL) Noorjuristide Ühenduse (NJ) külaskäik Eesti Energiasse (Lelle 22, Tallinn). Eesti Energia on Eesti riigile kuuluv rahvusvaheline energiaettevõte, mis tegutseb Baltikumi, Soome, Rootsi ja Poola elektri- ja gaasimüügi turgudel ning rah...


NATO-EU Roundtable 2019

7th annual “NATO-EU Roundtable 2019“

The Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association would like to invite you to the 7th annual “NATO-EU Roundtable 2019” which will take place from the 4th until the 6th of April 2019 in Tallinn at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel and in Saka Cliff Manor in Eastern Estonia.The event is organised in cooperation with the NATO Headquarters, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonian Ministry of Defence, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Estonian Foreign Policy Institute/International Centre for Defence and Security.

In 2019, the roundtable will focus on the 70th anniversary of NATO and NATO-EU political and military cooperation, particularly regarding hybrid threats and defence. The event will bring together around 100 young professionals and students who will have the possibility to discuss the security challenges of NATO and the EU. While the first day will predominantly feature panel discussions from the experts and decision-makers in the field, the second and third day in Saka Cliff Manor will see around 60 students themselves engage in group works and discussions. The overall aim of the event is to increase the knowledge of young people about foreign and security policies, as well as NATO-EU cooperation.

We are looking forward to active participation of young professionals and students (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level) in the field of defence and security and international relations. EATA will cover accommodation expenses for the participants, transport between Tallinn-Saka Cliff Manor and Narva-Tallinn, as well as meals and materials during the event. A small contribution fee of €40 is expected from each participant towards the organisation of NATO-EU Roundtable 2019. Please note that travel expenses to Estonia and back must be covered by each selected participant him /herself.

The working language of the conference is English. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]. To participate, please fill in the registrations form by the 13th of February in here:

The Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association announces its announcements to the selected on 19 February.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

docs.google.com Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association would like to invite you to the 7th annual “NATO-EU Roundtable 2019” which will take place from the 4th until the 6th of April in Tallinn at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel and in Saka Cliff Manor in Eastern Estonia. The event is organised in cooperation with the N...


«Otse Postimehest»: professor Kerikmäe analüüsib Tartu rahu tänast tähendust - Postimees TV - videod, saated, ülekanded

Tanel Kerikmäe analüüsib Tartu Rahu tänast tähendust

tv.postimees.ee 99 aastat tagasi tunnustas Nõukogude Venemaa rahulepinguga Eesti võitu Vabadussõjas ja loobus Eesti iseseisvust tunnustades igavesti oma ülemvõimust meie maa üle, milline on aga Tartu rahulepingu tähendus ja tähtsus tänases maailmas, sellest räägib reedel saates «Otse Postimehest» TalTe...

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