The next generation of student application management. A world-class digital solution used by more than 200 satisfied education institutions worldwide.

DreamApply was launched in 2011 and is a specialised international student recruitment management platform. DreamApply is purposefully personalised for all stakeholders involved in higher education internationalisation: students, administrative staff, management, academics, partners, agents and external governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Operating as usual

We are very excited to introduce you to our new series of articles: DreamApply Expert Insight Series

Our first guest expert is Guus Goorts, who is the author of Successful Student Recruitment with Google Ads. Guus has prepared a series of articles for you about getting insights from Data & Analytics in Student Recruitment.

Read the first article and sign up for the future ones on our website: https://bit.ly/2I9LPbC

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Meet our Anna at EAIE 2020 and exchange your best practices in student recruitment.


EAIE European Association for International Education #HigherEducation #DreamApply #EAIE2020

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Flywire, a high-growth vertical payments company trusted by education institutes globally. Flywire is now available as a cross-border payment method inside DreamApply.

Another big step forward in helping education institutes enjoy hassle free and flawless payment solutions!

#DreamApply #Flywire #Partnership #HigherEducation


Job ad - INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, Tatari 64, Tallinn, Full-time work, DreamApply OÜ

We are looking for someone with endless enthusiasm for sales to change how universities around the world manage applications.

Sounds like you? 😎

cv.ee Our good client, DREAMAPPLY OÜ, is seeking for a new team member to fulfill the position of INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT MANAGER located in TATARI 64, TALLINN with working time of FULL-TIME WORK, job ad deadline is 04/10/2020. Apply now!

We are deeply honoured to be listed as one of the top #EdTech companies across the Nordic-Baltic region by Holon IQ.

#Nordics #Baltics #HolonIQ #DreamApply

🎊Congratulations to @Admentum @DreamApply @Edurio for being recognised in the HolonIQ 2020 Nordic-Baltic EdTech 50 and for your work to support institutions, teachers, parents, and learners to make more efficient and user-friendly administration and communication systems. 💪
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Working with agents for recruiting students to your university and having difficulties keeping track of students which come from agents as well as the agents themselves?

We have the perfect solution for you: DreamApply Agent Management Tool

Read more about our Agent Management Tool in our blog!


If you want to discuss how we can help you further with your admissions, write us an e-mail at [email protected].


Tech backbone in enrolments vital for efficiency, ROI

"Linking admissions to marketing departments in terms of data shared within universities is the holy grail in international student recruitment – but not often a reality, according to HE stakeholders at a recent PIE Webinar."

It was a pleasure to be part of such an informative event!

The PIE Utrecht University Università degli Studi di Siena Digitary

thepienews.com Linking admissions to marketing departments in terms of data shared within universities is the holy grail in student recruitment - but not often a reality.

Join The PIE, Digitary and DreamApply to discuss how tech solutions simplify #StudentRecruitment process!

It is this Wednesday. Register now: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/the-pie-webinar---tech

Startup Adventures

Listen to DreamApply's story from Märt, our co-founder! 😎

Thank you very much, Startup Adventures! It was great to have you here.

Here it is 💥💥 Another episode of The Startup Story: live interview 🙌🏼 We went to the office of DreamApply in Tallinn and asked them about their story from the beginning till now 🔥 🎧 It was pretty interesting⚡️

This project is brought to you by the Startup Adventures - a project about startup culture in different companies. We visit their offices and share the interviews with them. So people have a better understanding about the company - We show how the startup mindset works🚀

Association of Technology and Startup Transfer

Since 2004 Märt Aro has co-founded 3 NGO’s and 4 companies for education development.

The most recent co-founded company is DreamApply - a Student Admission Platform, established in 2011, that is used by more than 250 universities from 30+ countries. By now the platform has served over 1 000 000 international students’ applications to full degree studies, student exchange and scholarship programmes.

Don't miss Mart's Keynote during the acceleration program! In addition, you will have the opportunity to hear his thoughts and ideas on "Where the education system be headed" during Monday's Fireside chat.

Don't forget to apply for EdTech Evolution: www.edtechevolution.org


Alternative approaches to crisis-time student recruitment

Tracking results and optimising conversion rates in the prospective student journey are key components to master.

h/t EAIE European Association for International Education

#StudentRecruitment #TrackYourLeads



From a click to an enrolled applicant, it’s a numbers game! – DreamApply

How do you track the performance of your student recruitment campaigns?

In DreamApply, we offer tools that enable you to track all your online or offline student recruitment activities from a click to an enrolled student.

Read our sample blog about how you can connect DreamApply and Google Ads to measure results of your campaigns.

Do you have questions? Write us at [email protected] or leave a comment below!

#TrackYourLeads #AdmissionsAtHome #DreamApply

dreamapply.com Any DreamApply user using our marketing tools has access to a growing number of marketing communication and analytics possibilities, specially designed for higher education needs in mind.

Education Nation

DreamApply co-founder Märt Aro speaks with Education Nation sharing our best practices in digitalizing and optimizing student recruitment funnel.

#StudentRecruitment #HigherEducation #AdmissionsAtHome
#EducationNation #Estonia #DigitalSociety #Covid19 #DreamApply

Today, student application management platform DreamApply.com is used by 250 universities from 35 countries, serving millions of users a year. DreamApply's co-founder Märt Aro explains how the platform helps universities and why digitizing of education can be beneficial.

The webinar was organized by Education Nation.

Education Nation is an Estonian initiative to share our best educational practices to the world - consulting, training, digital solutions, etc. Estonia has top education results (no 1 in PISA in Europe) and is known for its e-services. We aim to share the experience!

#educationnation #digitalsociety #candospirit #hackthecrisis #covid19 #coronavirus #stayhome #distantlearning

Startup Adventures

A great start to the week! We are very happy to make admissions easy and accessible for everyone.

Time to share the personal story using an awesome service🙌💥

Hardik wrote about his experience using the DreamApply platform to apply to the university in Estonia🚀

"DreamApply is one such platform where all the universities and colleges residing in Estonia comes under one roof"🌇

Check it out and let us know what you think🤔

KTU Kauno technologijos universitetas/Kaunas University of Technology

Learn more about degree programmes offered by KTU Kauno technologijos universitetas/Kaunas University of Technology 👇👇👇

Study In Lithuania

🇱🇹 Už kiekvienos technologijos – žmogus! 💡 stojantiesiems.ktu.edu/

🇬🇧 The Human Side of Technology! 💡 admissions.ktu.edu/


Using Google Ads for international recruitment: Measuring results with key indicators

Last week, we shared a blog post about how you can track your Google Ads campaigns and measure their results in DreamApply - from a click to an enrolled student.

This article by ICEF Monitor will give you amazing insights about how to interpret results of your Google Ads campaigns.

See also our blog post: https://dreamapply.com/from-a-click-to-an-enrolled-applicant/

#DreamApply #TrackYourLeads #AdmissionsAtHome #GoogleAds

monitor.icef.com Having goals and objectives is great, but let’s face it: things often work out differently in the real world. Measure performance and you’ll, Read more...

Study in Szeged

Do not miss online info-session of Study in Szeged & University of Szeged! 👇👇👇

Officers of the Admission Team of the University of Szeged hold online sessions 🌐💻👩‍💼 to answer prospective students questions in English at Study in Szeged page.

Stay updated regarding all the latest information ℹ️, ask your questions 🤔 and receive immediate guidance on what to do next ✔️

Next session ⏲️: 27th April 2020, 13:00 CET 🥰


#StudyinSzeged #SZTEinternational #OnlineSession #UniversityofSzeged #Hungary #Szeged


New functionalities – Engagement add-on and upcoming improvements to Marketing tools – DreamApply

Check out our new DreamApply functionalities that will help you create effective e-mail communication with your applicants and leads.

We are also working hard at improving our existing marketing tools. The upcoming improvements in our marketing add-on will enable you to make a more thorough comparison between different marketing channels and activities.

Read more and stay tuned! 👇

#DreamApply #TrackYourMarketing #ConvertYourLeads #StudentRecruitment #AdmissionsAtHome

dreamapply.com In current times, with internationalisation of education being heavily influenced by the current COVID-19 crisis, it is ever more important to communicate with both existing and potential future…


From a click to an enrolled applicant, it’s a numbers game! – DreamApply

Any DreamApply user using our marketing tools has access to a growing number of marketing analytics possibilities, specially designed for higher education needs in mind.

Connecting those tools with specific marketing channels you use enables you to track all your online or offline #StudentRecruitment activities. In our first article of DreamApply Marketing Series, we have written a short article about how you can track your Google Ads campaigns in DreamApply, and measure results of your campaigns - from a click to an enrolled student.

#DreamApply #TrackYourLeads #AdmissionsAtHome #GoogleAds

dreamapply.com Any DreamApply user using our marketing tools has access to a growing number of marketing communication and analytics possibilities, specially designed for higher education needs in mind.


Some Routines Do Not Break: How to Work During Crisis

In these extraordinary times it is important to come together and learn from each other.

Every university is facing challenges – whether they are related to organising their teaching effort into e-channels, staff working remotely, or recruiting students during the crisis etc. At DreamApply we unfortunately can't help with all those challenges, but we can offer our support in what we do well – and that’s international student recruitment.

While universities are nowadays mainly working from home and student recruitment events are cancelled, we were interested to hear how our friends working in higher education institutions are coping. We sat down with Leonid Markusyk, the Director of International Marketing and Recruitment of Vistula University to hear how they are doing.

#InThisTogether #AdmissionsAtHome #HigherEd #DreamApply #UczelniaVistula

dreamapply.com DreamApply has a collection of integrations with world-class service providers to offer our partners even more functionality to simplify their admissions processes.

"The dream of studying abroad is still alive and well."

Very useful insights from educations.com Student Survey on the impact of Covid-19 on study abroad: https://bit.ly/2Vhm0ZI #highered #studyabroad

University of Padova

Stay connected! 👇

🙌 Let’s keep alive our beautiful international community, in spite of physical social distancing!

📱 The International Office has started organizing Zoom meetings every Friday to present and explain the measures adopted and to give students the opportunity to share their concerns. > https://bit.ly/2xNNVZn


Most prospective overseas students ‘not shifting plans’

Most prospective overseas students will not be shifting plans.

timeshighereducation.com But data suggest that students’ views on study abroad are changing by the week as a result of pandemic

Study in Estonia

Check out Milad's story of studying in Estonia! 👇👇👇

Milad, originally from Iran, has graduated from the Eesti Maaülikool/Estonian University of Life Sciences with a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture and works as an Architect Designer in Tartu.
Read all about what Milad thinks about Estonians, landscape architecture and Tartu here 👇

Read the new EAIE report on the impact of COVID-19:


EAIE European Association for International Education

Helsinki Summer School

Follow Helsinki Summer School for the updates! 👇👇👇

Updates on the Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak:

The University of Helsinki is mon­it­or­ing the coronavirus situ­ation and com­ply­ing with re­com­mend­a­tions provided by the au­thor­it­ies. As for now, Helsinki Summer School continues to proceed with all of the arrangements and preparations. In case the situation changes, we will inform about this as soon as possible, latest 8 May, 2020.

Kindly note that, if HSS needs to be cancelled because of the coronavirus situation, all paid HSS fees (course fee, accommodation fee when booked via HSS, social programme fees) will be fully refunded.

Please follow the university’s website for updated and current information about the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki: bit.ly/2UyyY52

Note also that owing to the coronavirus outbreak, Finland, in line with the rest of the Schengen countries, has suspended the reception of normal visa applications in Finland’s missions with immediate effect from 19 March until further notice. For more information, please see the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: bit.ly/2xio77o

Tallinn University


Due to recent developments regarding the corona pandemic, Tallinn University’s International Admissions Office will be working remotely from the 16th of March. Read here all the important information you should know, when applying to Tallinn University during COVID-19 virus situation.

What does your home office look like? Let us know how you are doing and share pictures of your working space with the hashtag #AdmissionsAtHome.

This is our Kert’s home office. He keeps working as usual to develop best solutions for helping you with managing applications.

Do not forget to tag us! 😊 #DreamApply #AdmissionsOpen #StudentRecruitment

Study In Pécs, Hungary

It is great to see how quickly HigherEd professionals are able to adapt to these unpredictable situations. International student recruitment activities are going on at full speed!

Study In Pécs, Hungary #UniversityofPecs #StudyInHungary #AdmissionsAtHome

Application Q&A Session


Estonia offers its digital education solutions for free to support other countries | Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

We are proud to be a part of this great initiative!

Estonia is ready to share all of our digital education tools to support other countries' education systems during the Covid-19 crisis.

Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium

hm.ee Estonia, the leading education nation in Europe (No 1. in PISA test in Europe), announced that it is humbled to share all of its digital education tools to support other countries’ education systems during the COVID-19 crisis. The list of tools that are internationally available are here: http://e...

Working from home?

We are also working from home. This is our Kaisa’s home office. She keeps working as usual to provide you the best support possible.

Let us know how you are doing and share pictures of your working space & best practices with the hashtag #AdmissionsAtHome.

Do not forget to tag us. 😊 #DreamApply #AdmissionsOpen


Read our response to Covid-19 – DreamApply

Press Release: Read our response to Covid-19!

We are launching a free, lightweight and rapidly deployable online admission & remote work system to support all education institutions across the world.

Please share if you know any educational institution who needs to re-organize their admissions and might benefit from our service!


dreamapply.com DreamApply has a collection of integrations with world-class service providers to offer our partners even more functionality to simplify their admissions processes.

DreamApply starts working from home.

We believe that it is highly important to follow official guidelines in order to reduce the risk of infections, and keep everyone around us safe.

We will keep delivering our clients the best service as usual!

Have hundreds of applicants to interview?

Use our Video Interviews Tool to automate your interview cycle and save time now! 🎥


"Vilnius University International exceeded my expectations" 👇👇👇

“Vilnius University exceeded my expectations”. Ketevani Tatikiani, Master’s student in Eastern European and Russian Studies, tells the programme fully met her interests and she was thinking about research and academic career for the future. “Receiving a scholarship for living expenses and part of tuition fees played a big role too.”
Applications for 50 Lithuanian state grants for full-time Master’s degree at Lithuanian higher education institutions for the 2020/2021 academic year are now open 👉 http://studyin.lt/scholarships/full-time-master-degree-studies/
Join us at VU 👉 https://apply.vu.lt/enter/240
📷 Edgaras Kurauskas

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tallinn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.







Tatari 64

Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
Thursday 10:00 - 18:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Other Education in Tallinn (show all)
Rein Ottosoni Purjespordikool Rein Ottosoni Purjespordikool
Pirita Tee 17
Tallinn, 11911

RahaFoorum.ee RahaFoorum.ee

Sinu usaldusväärne abimees investeerimises, rahaasjade kordaseadmises ja finantsvabaduse teekonnal.

MSP Eesti MSP Eesti
Rävala Puiestee 5
Tallinn, 10143

Microsoft Eesti ootab jälle säravamaid tehnoloogiahuvilisi üliõpilasi MSP tiimi. Muuda maailma juba täna ja laadi kandideerimisavaldus www.microsoft.ee/msp. Kandideerimine lõppeb 30. september!

Free Flow Studio Free Flow Studio
Viru Tänav 4
Tallinn, 10140

Free Flow Studio

Laste Joogaruum "Hingelind" Laste Joogaruum "Hingelind"

Laste joogaruum "Hingelind" korraldab lastele ja noortele joogatunde ning loovhariduslikke tegevusi, mis toetavad positiivse minapildi arengut <3

Opiskelemaan Tallinnaan Opiskelemaan Tallinnaan
Ehitajate Street 5
Tallinn, 19086

Hakuaikaa 21.08.2013 saakka!

Siseaudiitor.ee Siseaudiitor.ee
Tõnismägi 3a

Siseaudit avalikule ja erasektorile

Studio Lingua Personaliarenduse Agentuur Studio Lingua Personaliarenduse Agentuur
Tõnismägi 3A
Tallinn, 10119

Üle-eestilised tailor-made ja in-house juhtimiskoolitused ettevõtte liidritele ja juhtidele. Baaskoolitused, sh keelekoolitused kõikidele töötajatele. Inspiratsiooni pakkuvad tiimiüritused.

Eesti Instituut Eesti Instituut
Suur-Karja 14
Tallinn, 10140

If you prefer English, try Estonian Institute in FB Kultuurisündmused Eestis: kultuur.info Ajakiri Estonian Art: EstonianArt.ee

ViaFreedom Montessori center ViaFreedom Montessori center
Kiisa 8b
Tallinn, 11313

Family center with Montessori class (0-3y.). Perekeskus Montessori rühmaga (0-3a.). Семейный центр с Монтессори классом (0-3г.).

Детский клуб развития Open Mind Детский клуб развития Open Mind
Lasnamäe 20
Tallinn, 11416

Наш девиз- любовь, забота, бесконечная теплота и внимание к детям!

Языковой центр GAME Языковой центр GAME
Narva Mnt 7a
Tallinn, 10143

GAME – это языковой центр, работающий по эффективным авторским программам.

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