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DreamApply was launched in 2011 and is a specialised international student recruitment management platform. DreamApply is purposefully personalised for all stakeholders involved in higher education internationalisation: students, administrative staff, management, academics, partners, agents and external governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Helsinki Summer School

Follow Helsinki Summer School for the updates! 👇👇👇

Updates on the Current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak:

The University of Helsinki is mon­it­or­ing the coronavirus situ­ation and com­ply­ing with re­com­mend­a­tions provided by the au­thor­it­ies. As for now, Helsinki Summer School continues to proceed with all of the arrangements and preparations. In case the situation changes, we will inform about this as soon as possible, latest 8 May, 2020.

Kindly note that, if HSS needs to be cancelled because of the coronavirus situation, all paid HSS fees (course fee, accommodation fee when booked via HSS, social programme fees) will be fully refunded.

Please follow the university’s website for updated and current information about the coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki: bit.ly/2UyyY52

Note also that owing to the coronavirus outbreak, Finland, in line with the rest of the Schengen countries, has suspended the reception of normal visa applications in Finland’s missions with immediate effect from 19 March until further notice. For more information, please see the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: bit.ly/2xio77o

Tallinn University


Due to recent developments regarding the corona pandemic, Tallinn University’s International Admissions Office will be working remotely from the 16th of March. Read here all the important information you should know, when applying to Tallinn University during COVID-19 virus situation.

What does your home office look like? Let us know how you are doing and share pictures of your working space with the hashtag #AdmissionsAtHome.

This is our Kert’s home office. He keeps working as usual to develop best solutions for helping you with managing applications.

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Study In Pécs, Hungary

It is great to see how quickly HigherEd professionals are able to adapt to these unpredictable situations. International student recruitment activities are going on at full speed!

Study In Pécs, Hungary #UniversityofPecs #StudyInHungary #AdmissionsAtHome

Application Q&A Session


Estonia offers its digital education solutions for free to support other countries | Estonian Ministry of Education and Research

We are proud to be a part of this great initiative!

Estonia is ready to share all of our digital education tools to support other countries' education systems during the Covid-19 crisis.

Haridus- ja Teadusministeerium

hm.ee Estonia, the leading education nation in Europe (No 1. in PISA test in Europe), announced that it is humbled to share all of its digital education tools to support other countries’ education systems during the COVID-19 crisis. The list of tools that are internationally available are here: http://e...

Working from home?

We are also working from home. This is our Kaisa’s home office. She keeps working as usual to provide you the best support possible.

Let us know how you are doing and share pictures of your working space & best practices with the hashtag #AdmissionsAtHome.

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Read our response to Covid-19 – DreamApply

Press Release: Read our response to Covid-19!

We are launching a free, lightweight and rapidly deployable online admission & remote work system to support all education institutions across the world.

Please share if you know any educational institution who needs to re-organize their admissions and might benefit from our service!


dreamapply.com DreamApply has a collection of integrations with world-class service providers to offer our partners even more functionality to simplify their admissions processes.

DreamApply starts working from home.

We believe that it is highly important to follow official guidelines in order to reduce the risk of infections, and keep everyone around us safe.

We will keep delivering our clients the best service as usual!

Have hundreds of applicants to interview?

Use our Video Interviews Tool to automate your interview cycle and save time now! 🎥


"Vilnius University International exceeded my expectations" 👇👇👇

“Vilnius University exceeded my expectations”. Ketevani Tatikiani, Master’s student in Eastern European and Russian Studies, tells the programme fully met her interests and she was thinking about research and academic career for the future. “Receiving a scholarship for living expenses and part of tuition fees played a big role too.”
Applications for 50 Lithuanian state grants for full-time Master’s degree at Lithuanian higher education institutions for the 2020/2021 academic year are now open 👉 http://studyin.lt/scholarships/full-time-master-degree-studies/
Join us at VU 👉 https://apply.vu.lt/enter/240
📷 Edgaras Kurauskas

Malta! 🤩

The best view of the Three Cities is from our AUM terrace!

Happy Shrove Tuesday, everyone!


Getting strategic about enrolment management

How can you manage your enrolment funnel better?

h/t EAIE European Association for International Education

eaie.org Asking a few careful questions can help you take a proactive approach to international student enrolment.


Modern Lead Generation for Higher Education

How to channel prospective students from the first stage "Visitor" to the second stage "Lead"?

h/t educations.com #highered #marketing

institutions.educations.com Modern lead generation for higher education. How to best channel prospective students through your admission funnel using organic traffic to attract & multi-channel campaigns to nurture.

University of Tartu

Admission period of University of Tartu is still open for international bachelor's and master's programmes! Check their web site to get more information!

Our admission period is now officially open for our international bachelor's and master's programmes! Watch the video to unravel the story of a #unitartu student. What will your own story be like?

Get more information about our study programmes from here: www.ut.ee/admissions


peer-to-peer effect in international student recruitment

A new study shows that student ambassadors can be as influential as “friends and family” in prospective student decision-making about study abroad.

h/t ICEF #highered #marketing

monitor.icef.com A new study shows that student ambassadors can be as influential as “friends and family” in international student decision-making about, Read more...


How to attract more students to Central and Eastern Europe

"Behind these numbers are individual success stories: institutions that mastered their strengths and were able to attract more students from abroad."

EAIE European Association for International Education #EAIE #Admissions

eaie.org Central and Eastern Europe have undergone a major transition since the fall of the Iron Curtain – so why are the region’s universities still struggling to attract international students?

Helsinki Summer School

Check all the amazing courses Helsinki Summer School has to offer for 2020 and apply asap to reserve your spot!

HSS course 'Cooperative Law – Beyond the Talk about Sustainable Development' creates an understanding of the vital necessity for a diversity of enterprise forms to match the diversity of people's needs and interests and to make (sustainable) development possible and of the function of cooperative law in this respect.

Advanced law students and students from other disciplines with a strong interest in cooperative law are warmly invited to apply!

You can learn more about the course and the whole HSS course catalogue here bit.ly/HSS2020Courses 🔗🌻 The deadline to apply is 15 Jun 2020. However, the students of the University of Helsinki may apply until 17 Jul 2020.


International Higher Education conferences not to miss in 2020! | Studyportals

Which key higher education conferences are you attending this year?

studyportals.com We are sure that 2020 is full of new challenges for you and that is why we do not want you to miss out on the main Higher Ed Conferences of the year. We look


Measuring our impact: mission impossible?

"The first step will entail not only agreeing on how we measure the impact of the work we do, but also agreeing that the impact is the work."

EAIE European Association for International Education #highered #eaie

eaie.org More than ever, we are being called upon to justify our internationalisation activities in terms of their relevance. What is our impact, and how do we measure it?

Study in Estonia

Meet Estonian universities in your home country! The three biggest Estonian universities, University of Tartu, TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology, and Tallinn University host info-sessions in many countries.

Visit Study in Estonia web site for more information!

Meet Estonian universities in your home country - Georgia! 🇬🇪
The three largest Estonian public universities, University of Tartu, TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University, host info-seminars in Tbilisi, Georgia on 1st of February.
Information, schedule and registration of the info-seminars can be found here 👇


What do your prospective students expect from you? – DreamApply

How can we catch up with the changing needs of today’s ‘choosy’ international students and develop a modern approach in recruitment starting from application management to alumni services?

dreamapply.com Times are changing, so are the expectations of the international students. Listen to their need and provide them with more than educational opportunities


Modul University Vienna – DreamApply

Read our newest case study of Modul University Vienna, a continuously growing English-speaking university in the beautiful capital of Austria, and learn more about how they manage their student applications by using DreamApply!

dreamapply.com We would 100% recommend DreamApply just because it is so elaborate that it already covers so many aspects so universities can offer the applicants


Time to cut international education’s carbon footprint

Want to cooperate with DreamApply on building a greener admission journey for your applicants? Contact us today!

universityworldnews.com The role of international education in the global climate crisis is set to become a key issue for the 2020s. We need to significantly curb short-term ...

Discover all the courses taking place this summer in Maastricht Summer School! 👇👇👇

A well-written grant is one that provides relevant information to the reader when they expect it. This course will give students tools for building that relationship and provide opportunities to practice these tools.

Students who would like to join this course should bring a solid idea that they want to work on. The course will take place from 20 – 24 July. For more information, visit: http://ow.ly/JwFE50xW6Sw.

According to many experts in the field, India - with over 17 percent of the world’s population and over 3,000,000 Indian students studying abroad - is going to shape the future of international education in 2020 and beyond.

Let’s say that you want to double Indian enrolments in your university, but you don't know where to start. We have done some preliminary work for you!

Continuing our series of articles regarding profiles and information sources for international students from major, sending countries, we take an in-depth look at one of the global leaders – India: https://dreamapply.com/trends-for-indian-students-studying-abroad/

If you need some tips for student recruitment marketing and admission processes, drop us a line at [email protected]. We'd be happy to help you!


Application tips: a checklist | Study in Estonia

The application season is fully upon us! Here you can find some application tips and a checklist prepared by Study in Estonia international student ambassadors.

studyinestonia.ee by Nkajima Ngewe-Oluka

What keeps our customers satisfied and helps thousands of students access higher education opportunities is the commitment of DreamApply team, and the secret ingredient that helps our team keep their commitment is the magic juice called coffee!

As an innovative company having also a core goal to reduce its carbon footprint, we want to make an impact not only through our services but also through our everyday actions. During last six months, we have taken different initiatives in our office in order to make it greener with a project called GreenApply that consists of interventions in small or larger scale for changing our mindset and making our work more environmental friendly.

While we were looking for better ways to recycle our used coffee grounds, we came across with Paulig's Coffee Grind Project 2019. Thanks to this amazing initiative, where they have collected used coffee grounds in order to produce green energy for donating Haiba Orphanage, DreamApply had a chance to take a part, and confirmed once again how small changes in our daily routines can make such a big impact and help our own community.

Special thanks go to our own Katerina for leading this initiative in our office!

How much time do you take to send offer letters to your applicants? 3 days? 3 weeks? Well... We really hope that it doesn't take 3 months!?

Here is a small tip based on our analysis of 175 thousand offers sent out by universities that are using the DreamApply application management system: When you are able to send your applicant a positive offer within 3 weeks of submission of his application, you will have a chance to improve conversion rate by 100%, when compared to managing it in ~3 months.

Read more of our articles where we explore ways to make student admission process more efficient: https://lnkd.in/dtE3cd7

If you need some tips for admissions processes & student recruitment marketing, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]reamapply.com. We'd be happy to help you!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year full of joy and success! 💙

In DreamApply we believe that we can make our contribution to the world not only with our services but also with our acts as a part of our own community. So, this year, we decided to spend one of our working days and donate our time to an organisation that offers support to people in need.

On the 18th of December, our team spent their day at Toidupank (Estonian Food Bank) where they provided help to distribute food and Christmas presents.

It was a busy day, but a really rewarding experience for us. We would love to encourage everyone to donate their time and support such important initiatives!

Special thanks to Piet Boerefinj and Kerttu Olõkainen for hosting us. We will see you soon! 💙

DreamApply's cover photo

What are the best channels for recruiting students from Nigeria?

Continuing our series of articles regarding profiles and information sources for international students from major, sending countries, we take an in-depth look at the leader in Sub-Saharan Africa – Nigeria: https://dreamapply.com/trends-in-nigerian-students-studying-abroad/

If you need some tips for student recruitment marketing and admission processes, drop us a line at [email protected]. We'd be happy to help you!


Featured add-on: SimCheck – DreamApply

Imagine you are an admissions officer, have thousands of admissions essays to check for plagiarism, and lack time or resources. This is actually very close to reality, right?

We are ready to help you fight against plagiarism by offering yet another digital solution. We are proud to present our new add-on SimCheck, made possible by our partnership with Turnitin. Read more about SimCheck on our blog!

dreamapply.com DreamApply has been dedicated to helping universities solve challenges related to the application process and connect with all their potential students.

Did you know that only about 7.4% of all your leads will progress to a student? We think that this really highlights the importance of properly targeting your marketing efforts in order to not weaken what are already thin margins of success.

DreamApply offers you not only a view of which marketing efforts brought in the most leads (this is the easy part), but also allows you to track them across the next steps as well, until they become a student.

Read our articles where we explore ways to make student admission process more efficient: https://bit.ly/2EeQmnX

If you need some tips for student recruitment marketing, drop us a line at [email protected]. We'd be happy to help you!


Featured add-on: Video Interviews

Video interview add-on allows you to either replace your complete interview cycle or add another validation step to your admission process. Read more about it on our blog and contact us if you want to try it out!

medium.com University admission processes are generally quite similar, worldwide. A student fills in an online application and uploads relevant…

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Other Education in Tallinn (show all)
Golden Lotus Club Golden Lotus Club
Roheline Aas 13,

European Center for Development and Research of Human Abilities - Golden Lotus Club - Taiji, Tai Chi, art of sword, tui shou, pushing hands..

Vulpecula Vulpecula

Interesting meetings for interesting people!

Pikaliiva Lastehoid Pikaliiva Lastehoid
Sepapere 19

Pikaliiva elamurajoonis tegutseb tore lastehoid, kus lapsele meeldib. Tule külla ja tutvume....

Dance Mix Studio Dance Mix Studio
Rävala Puiestee 8
Tallinn, 10143

Танцевальная школа в центре Таллинна.

Mustamäe Laste Loomingu Maja Mustamäe Laste Loomingu Maja
E.Vilde Tee 54

Mustamäe Laste Loomingu Maja alustas tööd lastega 1984. a. 1.novembril.

Loovuskohvik Loovuskohvik
Toompuiestee 21
Tallinn, 10137

Loovuskohvikus toetame loovate organisatsioonide kujunemist ja inspireerime inimesi uutmoodi tegutsema. Sellel lehel arutleme loovuse, ettevõtluse ja enesearengu teemadel ning hoiame Sind uudistega kursis! Tere tulemast loovuskohvile!

Laste Joogaruum "Hingelind" Laste Joogaruum "Hingelind"

Laste joogaruum "Hingelind" korraldab lastele ja noortele joogatunde ning loovhariduslikke tegevusi, mis toetavad positiivse minapildi arengut <3

Goldwell education Estonia Goldwell education Estonia
Järvevana Tee 9
Tallinn, 11314

Discover programs where you can develop yourself further and refine your skills together with our education team. Join us, we’re looking forward to seeing

Atlasnet EST Atlasnet EST
Narva Mnt. 7
Tallinn, 10117

Hei! Oled huvitatud keeleõpest? Tule meie keeltekooli! Asume kesklinnas, aadressil Narva mnt. 7

Õnnelik Naine Õnnelik Naine
Poordi 3-12
Tallinn, 10156

Онлайн-школа Premium Management Онлайн-школа Premium Management
Peterbury Tee 2F
Tallinn, 11415

Онлайн-школа Premium Management. По авторской технологии Владимира Тарасова - сrowd training. https://premiummanagement.com

Eesti Koolijuhtide Ühendus Eesti Koolijuhtide Ühendus
Estonia Puiestee 10
Tallinn, 10148

EKJÜ tegevuse eesmärgiks on ühendada Eesti koolijuhte, aidata liikmeid nende professionaalses arengus, oma tööalaste õiguste kaitsmisel ning esindada Eesti koolijuhte rahvusvahelistes organisatsioonides.