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Dannebrog800/Estonia100 in Estonia


The Estonian Institute in cooperation with Tallinna Linnamuuseum and Det Nationalhistoriske Museum på Frederiksborg has published a booklet "Dannebrog 800. The Story of Denmark and Estonia" with articles of historic and contemporary relations between Denmark and Estonia. These can be ordered from the Institute's website and are available in Tallinn City Museum (Vene St. 17), Kiek in de Kök and Neitsitorn. They will also be available during the family event on Freedom Square on 15 June.

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Head Eesti Instituudi sõbrad ja huvilised! Tahame teile meelde tuletada, et selleks, et meie tegemistega paremini kursis olla, on kasulik tellida meie uudiskirja.

Kui soovite meie sündmustest ja tegemistest esimesena kuulda, saatke oma meiliaadress palun aadressile [email protected] või kirjutage meile FB postkasti!

Galerii: Luulehommik 24. mail 2019 - Eesti Instituut

Our morning poetry reading with HeadRead 2019 went very well. Many great poems in many great languages were heard and good emotions were shared. Here are some visuals so you could also enjoy!

Ladies and gentleman, may we have your attention please!
Tomorrow, on the 24th of May, you are all very welcome to join us at the Estonian Institute for a poetry reading that takes place as a part of the marvelous Festival HeadRead. You will be mesmerize by poetry in quite a few different languages and warmed up with hot coffee.

More information:

Tähelepanu - tähelepanu! Ettevalmistused juba käivad ja homme ehk 24. mail, kell 11:00 ootame teid aadressile Suur-Karja 14, teisele korrusele ehk Eesti Instituuti.

Jalavaeva tasume kuuma kohvi ja hõrgutava mitmekeelse luulega sest toimuma saab Festival HeadReadi luulehommik "Kui ma räägiksin igas keeles".

Täpsem info:

EUNIC Global

EUNIC focal points' meeting in Italy, in Biella on May 13-14. Estonian Institute was represented by Katrin Maiste. Two days of meetings, contemporary art, nice Italian views and many conversations. Thanks a lot, EUNIC Global team and Cittadellarte!

The EUNIC focal points meeting is taking place at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy. Many thanks to the Italian MFA, taking up the EUNIC Presidency in June, for inviting us to this beautiful venue! The focal point is the contact person for EUNIC agendas in their respective institution. During our meeting yesterday and today we are preparing for the EUNIC General Assembly taking place mid-June. Check out our video for some impressions on our first day of work!

Estonian Institute's cover photo

CLEAN UP DAY! Our yearly clean up day is especially fruitful this year, as you can see! By the end of the day we should be well ready to take on the next 30 years!

Kaasaegse Kunsti Eesti Keskus/ Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia

."A boat filled with multi-handed characters greets you first." in the Estonian Pavilion in Venice.

Must-see pavilions of Venice biennale 2019 by Artnewspaper, including also the Estonian Pavilion:

“It works so well because it is not just playful, sexual and pretty, but because it feels like it actually reacts to its environment, like it belongs in Venice; not like it was just plonked here by some curator.”

Észt Intézet - Estonian Institute in Hungary

A widely known Estonian band called Ewert and The Two Dragons presented their new album in Hungary with a little help from their friends at the Estonian Institutes Hungarian representation. In the video they talk a bit about their music and other wonderful things.

Ewert and The Two Dragons koncertet adott Budapesten A38 hajón április 27-én. Az interjú a koncert előtt készült.

10 of the best things to do in Tallinn’s Kalamaja district

The Guardian has found 10 best things to do in Kalamaja: This former industrial area in Estonia’s capital has been revamped with bars, boutiques and galleries, along with several festivals

10 of the best things to do in Tallinn’s Kalamaja district

The Guardian has found 10 best things to do in Kalamaja: This former industrial area in Estonia’s capital has been revamped with bars, boutiques and galleries, along with several festivals

Estonian Institute brings poetical slant to Finnish tourism

ERR News writes: "An interactive poetry map takes readers on a journey around Estonia, but in the language of its neighbour to the north, Finland.

And it is all true, we can confirm! Read more from their article and be sure to share with your Finish speaking friends! An interactive poetry map takes readers on a journey around Estonia, but in the language of its neighbour to the north, Finland.

Lennart Meri, that visionary, who brought the Estonian Institute to life three decades ago would have turned 90 today. At our Finish branch in Helsinki there was a very nice celebration in honour of that great man.

Paljon onnea, presidentti Lennart Meri! 💙 #lennartmeri90 @ Elokuvateatteri Kino K-13

The Estonian Institute to celebrate a worldwide Estonian language week The Estonian Institute is planning to celebrate a worldwide Estonian language week in September 2019, inviting everyone to learn and teach the language during that week.'s weekly recommendations: 4–10 Mar 2019 | CULTURE.EE BLOG

Have a happy Shrove Tuesday and an interesting culture filled week!’s weekly recommendations: 4–10 Mar 2019 04-03-2019 | Weekly recommendations Here is a selection of this week’s exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and discussions which are worth visiting, watching or listening. Kadri Liis Rääk and Wondering O’s exhibition Rhizopia2 4 – 5 M...

Republic of Estonia 101!

February 24, 2019

Men rescue 'dog' from ice, find wolf

Today's hero is the Estonian national animal: One man described taking the large dog to the vet in his car - before realising the mistake.

Estonian Institute's cover photo

Estonian Institute

Here are some friendly reminders of some interesting events to visit this week!

This week's recommendations are based on movie screenings at Artis, Kumu and Tartu Electric Theatre as well as on a broad selection of concerts starting with techno, pop and impro, ending with Pärt, Grünberg and Piaf.

Kino Artis, The Disaster Artist, The Room, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Improtest, Kumu auditoorium, Kumu, Why Are We Creative?, Jõhvi Kontserdimaja, Edith Piaf, Rebecca Kontus, NUKU, Argo Vals, Teater Vanemuine, Estonia kontserdisaal, Eesti Kontsert, Sven Grünberg, Vox Clamantis, KultuuriKatel, Tartu Elektriteater

Here is the Estonian Festival Calendar 2019! There is a pick of over a hundred festivals to visit and we are sure, everyone will find their favourite!

THE MOST COHESIVE ESTONIAN FESTIVAL CALENDAR OF 2019 IS HERE! We promise there is something for everyone!'s weekly recommendations: 7–13 Jan 2019 | CULTURE.EE BLOG

We hope this year has been treating you well so far. Here are this week's cultural event recommendations that will surely lift your spirits!’s weekly recommendations: 7–13 Jan 2019 07-01-2019 | Weekly recommendations This week’s recommendations include film, music, dance and art. Enjoy! Documenatry evening #49: RBG 7 JanCinema Sõprus - The 85-year-old US supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a very long career b...

How do you teach Estonian culture? - Eesti Instituut

As the world becomes more globally connected – through a combination of travel, migration, and basic awareness of the world – cultural education is stepping into the spotlight. In Estonia, a new program from the Estonian Institute called Culture Step is helping to educate and connect foreigners to local traditions and cultural character. As the world becomes more globally connected – through a combination of travel, migration, and basic awareness of the world – cultural education is stepping

The year 2018 is dedicated to the Estonian Language.
Come learn Estonian with us!
From 16 January 2019, The Estonian Institute (Suur-Karja 14, Tallinn) will start language courses on Wednesdays:
5.15-6.45 pm (beginners A0-A1) and 7-8.30 pm (improvers A1-A2).
Additional information and registration: [email protected]

Dear friends, we wish you the happiest of Christmases and a fruitful New Year!

During the last 20 years, many important names in the Estonian culture field visited Hungary with the help of Észt Intézet - Estonian Institute in Hungary. Here are those names personified in pictures!
Good pictures and great people! Ready for the next decade!

ENGLISH BELOW /// Idén ünnepelte 20. születésnapját a Magyarországi Észt Intézet. Az évek során az észt kulturális élet számos szereplője megfordult nálunk, akikről igyekeztünk budapesti környezetben portrét készíteni. Ezekből a portrékból szeretnénk a következő napokban megmutatni nektek egy csokornyit, a teljesség igénye nélkül. /// The Estonian Institute in Hungary celebrated the 20th anniversary of its opening this year. Several prominent representatives of Estonian cultural life have visited us during the past decades. We collected some of their photos taken in Budapest and we’d like to share them with you next week.

Estonian Institute's cover photo

Estonian Music Week in Budapest - Eesti Instituut

From tomorrow, the 23th of November, Estonian top musicians perform on the prestigious stages of the capital of Hungary – the Estonia 100 anniversary programme ends with a series of concerts that introduce the finest Estonian music in three genres.

The Estonian Music Week organized by the Estonian Institute in Hungary (Észt Intézet - Estonian Institute in Hungary)offers both famous names and a chance to find some new favourites. Find out more below! The series of events starts at November 23 with a concert of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and the Philharmonic Chamber Choir at the Music Academy: under the ba video: Eesti kirjanikud laulsid paadimehe Lätile tagasi

Today our dear neighbours Latvians will celebrate the 100th birthday of the independent Latvia.

Last week the Estonian Writers’ Union and friends (us, Estonian Institute among them, of course) gathered to sing a birthday song to Latvia.

The selected piece is a popular song "Gaujas laivinieks" by a Latvian composer Alfrēds Vinters, which has become almost a folk song in Estonia (and in Estonian) as well.

Milam tevi, Latvija! 💌 18. novembril saab Läti Vabariik 100-aastaseks. Selle tähistamiseks kogunes ka üks ainukordne laulukoor, mis koosneb eesti kirjanikest ja kultuuritegelastest. ERR kultuuriportaal filmis koori esituses "Viljandi paadimehe" lätikeelset versiooni.

Estonian Institute's cover photo

Have you seen this book? Are you interested in Estonian art? Do you like books in general?
If one of the answers was yes, then we recommend you take part in a little raffle!
We are giving away one book among people who write to the comments the name of the first Estonian artist that comes to mind.
You can find some helpful material from here and we will pick the winner on the 16th of November.

Estonian Literary Magazine

From now on you can read some of Estonian Literary Magazine's articles from the English language ERR news (Estonian Public Broadcasting) page.

We are very glad that Estonian Public Broadcasting has also taken an interest in Estonian Literary Magazine and will from now on share selected pieces from ELM.

Here is the first one – the latest cover story, an interview with the writer Vahur Afanasjev by the writer Holger Kaints.

Here is a vibrant gallery from the opening of the exhibition called “Language Family”. It is organized by Észt Intézet - Estonian Institute in Hungary in cooperation with the Ludwig museum. The Estonian artists displayed there are Dénes Farkas, Johnson & Johnson, Flo Kasearu, Marko Mäetamm, Marge Monko, Tanja Muravskaja, Kristina Norman and Kaido Ole.
The exhibition was opened at the Ludwig gallery by Estonia’s new Ambassador to Hungary, Kristi Karelsohn.

“Language Family” is a part of Estonia 100 international programme and will be open until January 6, 2019.

Fotó: Bach Máté / Észt Intézet

Culture steps in Estonia - discovering Estonian architecture, nature and people. More information #kultuurisamm

We are happy to announce that the Autumn issue of Estonian Literary Magazine has now been published!

So, now it has arrived – ELM Autumn issue 2018!

This time our cover story is about Vahur Afanasjev who introduces the magical world of Old Believers that inspired his novel "Serafima and Bogdan", and also tells us vividly about how life turned him into a novelist.

What is more – ELM has a brand new column "A Perfect Day" and the first author to share her recipes for it is Eva Koff.

And then we have excellent articles about poetry and the art of watching the clouds, travelling and being one with the world, the chocolate box of contemporary Estonian drama, reflections about EstLitFest and London spring. And more. And more.

The Autumn issue is very soon available at and in the best bookstores.
Now and always available at the Estonian Institute!

The Estonian Institute participated at the Speak Dating /Keeltekohvik at Station Narva festival last weekend

Arvo Pärt. Renowned and Unknown - Eesti Instituut

THRILLED TO BE A PART OF THIS: The exhibition “Arvo Pärt. Renowned and Unknown” will open at Budapest Palace of Arts (Müpa Budapest) on this Sunday, (16 September). The exhibition is compiled by the Estonian Museum of Theatre and Music, with the Hungarian variation born from the support and cooperation between the Estonian Institute in Hungary and the Estonian Music Development Centre. Eesti Instituut levitab teadmisi Eesti ühiskonna ja kultuuri kohta.

We are excited to introduce Marleen, our new Estonian teacher. Her beginners course (14 weeks) will start on Wednesday 26 September at 5.30-7.00 p.m. The cost is 220 € per person (+ 20 € for the course book). Want to join the group? Register: [email protected]

Estonian Institute hosts expat programs starting September

If you haven't heard yet :) This September, the Estonian Institute (Eesti Instituut) is organising several programs and events for global expats living in Estonia.

Some excellent literature news for this afternoon: an Estonian classic "I loved a German" by Anton Hansen-Tammsaare is eventually available in English!

We all know that good things are worth the wait, and this Estonian timeless classic is another vivid example of it. First published 83 years ago, "I loved a German", a shaking and beautiful psychological novel by Anton Hansen-Tammsaare, is eventually available in English! Translated by Christopher Moseley and published by Vagabond Voices.

Read more about the book in the ELM article "Love doesn’t excist in a vacuum" by Maarja Vaino:

And find out other details from the publisher:

The Estonian Institute launches a new programme to integrate newcomers

Estonian World writes about our new integration program for newcomers. There is still time to register! The Estonian Institute, a non-governmental organisation that promotes Estonian culture, will start a new project called “Culture Step”, aimed at English and Russian-speaking residents in Estonia.

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Game development studio working on "Bit by Bit" - an educational game for teaching programming basics to kids

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Astangu KRK-s tegutseb 3 töötuba: käsitöö, puutöö ja lihttöö töötuba, kus toodetakse hulgaliselt häid asju ja seda kõike erivajadustega inimeste poolt.

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Oleme turvaline ja kodune paik Nõmmel. Meie lastel on siin hea olla.

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Käesolev leht kajastab Tallinnas toimuvaid Waldorfpedagoogika Seminari sündmusi.

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Esmaabi koolitused,B-kategooria kursused

Tallinna 21. Kool Tallinna 21. Kool
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TalTech Maastikuarhitektuur TalTech Maastikuarhitektuur
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See lehekülg on mõeldud kõigi TTÜ Tallinna maastikuarhitektuuri õppekavade endiste, praeguste ja tulevaste üliõpilaste ühiseks platvormiks.

Infra Yoga School Infra Yoga School
Hobujaama 12 / Narva Mnt 9E

​Infra Yoga School is the first Yoga Alliance registred yoga schools in Estonia and we offer Vinyasa 200-hour teacher trainings in United States and Estonia. Additionally we have various events, workshops and continuing education trainings for teachers.

EXITraining EXITraining
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EXITraining korraldab täiendkoolitusi maal ja merel.

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Estonian Academy of Arts. Glass department