EBS Student Council

EBS Student Council


**English down below**

Head üliõpilased, sõbrad, tuttavad!

Ma usun, et me kõik mõistame tänase maailma olukorra tõsidust. Seisame silmitsi hetkedega, mille sarnast pole nähtud. Sellest lähtuvalt peame ka meie, EBS Üliõpilasesindusega, langetama vajalikke otsuseid, mis puudutavad lähitulevikku. Märtsis ja mais oli meil plaanis palju erinevaid üritusi ning aprillis aasta suursündmus Haba Gala. Ratsionaalselt mõeldes, oleme otsustanud kõik suuremad üritused, kas ära jätta või edasi lükata. Haba Gala kohta tuleb info lähipäevadel.
Kooskõlas kooliga, jätkame me väikesel skaalal ürituste tegemist, nagu näiteks sel pühapäeval Curling, kuna 10-15 inimese üritustel hindame ohtu pigem madalaks.
Üliõpilasesinduse poolt paneme teile südamele, et mistahes haigusliku kahtluse puhul lasta hinnata oma tervist spetsialistidel ja jälgige kindlasti ka tavapäraseid hügieeninõudeid.

Küsimuste või murede puhul pöörduda, kas otse Üliõpilasesinduse või minu poole, kirjutades Facebooki või meilile [email protected]

Oleme tugevad, hoiame oma tervist ja üksteist! ❤️

Üliõpilasesinduse esimees,
Randy Padar


Dear friends and students!

I am sure that we all understand the situation which occurs around us. We are facing the crisis, we haven't been in yet. According to this, we, as a Student council, have to make crucial decisions about the near future. In March and May, we were suppose to bring you lots of different events. In april, Haba Gala was on the list, being the biggest event in EBS.
Rationally thinking, we have decided to postpone or cancel all the bigger events. The information about Haba is coming in few days.
In accordance with school, we will continue with smaller events, like curling this sunday. We have evaluated the risk small in events of 10-15 people.
We emphasize that if you don't feel well or have any symptoms, please contact experts or call emergency.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (Facebook, email [email protected]) or Student council.

Let's be strong and take care of us and others! ❤️

Chairman of the Student council
Randy Padar
Dear reader,

We are two students from Estonian Business School, and we are currently doing our bachelor's theses.

Our bachelor theses’ purpose is to study the variations in the interpretation of the term “corporate social responsibility”(CSR) and investigate the role, which the CSR performance of a company has (or would have) in investment-decision making of actual or potential investors in Estonia and Finland. To find this out we are conducting an empirical study and we would be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes of your time in order to support our study by answering our survey.

The survey is completely anonymous and strictly confidential.

By following this link you will get access for the survey: https://surveyhero.com/c/8b493cec

Thank you in advance!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email:

Carlos Gordillo Kontio

Email: [email protected]

Elie Akili

Email: [email protected]

I am an IT professional with 13 years of rich international experience of ICT in Banking, Telecommunication industries. I did my BS Degree (4 years) in Software Engineering.

I am interested in Masters Program in EBS, as wanted to enhance my understanding and equip with business administration and management tools on top of my IT background.

I have a question and guidance required about selecting right Master program (IBA, MBA 1 and 2 Years) for my profile.
Based on my Academic and professional credentials (i.e. 4 years BS Degree in Software Engineering and 13 years of IT experience), which Master program of EBS do you recommend/suitable for my profile?

Much appreciate your swift feedback to help me to decide about right Master program.

My name is Amita and I am part of the Lionbridge Finland recruitment team.

We are looking for Estonian native speakers to work on our project for this language.

Please, check some of the details below:

Otsime audioandmete kogumise projekti tarbeks eesti emakeelega inimesi. Projektiga seotud ülesannet saab täita kodus või mis tahes vaikses kohas Android-seadmega (iPhone/iPad ei sobi) või mis tahes arvutiga, milles on brauser Chrome. Salvestuste lõpetamise järel makstakse teile projektis osalemise eest tasu. Registreerumiseks klõpsake siin: http://datacollection_et-EE.register-lionbridge.com. Lisateabe saamiseks võtke meiega ühendust meiliaadressil: [email protected]

Kutsuge projektis osalema ka sõpru ja pereliikmeid!


EBS Student Council

Operating as usual


Dear Ebsters!

EBS Student Council is looking for board members. All active and ambitious Ebsters are welcome to apply!

The board coordinates and manages the work of EBS Student Council.

The Student Council board consists of 3 members: Chairman, Education Counsellor and Communications Counsellor.
You can find the specific task descriptions for the board here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EabUxj4yqdVStsah5N8ctKAafOk1-L8r/view?usp=sharing

As these are extraordinary elections, then the board is elected for a prolonged mandate of 1.5 years (until summer 2024).

Requirements for applying:
- you are a student of Estonian Business School;
- the Chairman’s position requires fluency in Estonian. International students are welcome to apply for the two other board member positions in case of interest.

How to apply?
- fill out the application to join the EBS Student Council board. You can find the application form here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cO84iz-BDAwWMYAYhuO9fgR0HkqOb4Pe/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=104965958031440094281&rtpof=true&sd=true ;
- upload your CV in English. Your CV should include relevant experience and information for the position you are applying for;
- send us an introduction video about yourself (maximum 2 minutes):
video is in English, maximum length 2 minutes, full HD, landscape

Content of the introduction video:
- Short introduction of yourself and which position are you applying for
- What kind of value would you bring to the EBS Student Council?
- What would you like to accomplish during your mandate?
- Why should people choose you to be the board member of EBS Student Council?

Application deadline: March 10, 23:59!

Send your application to: [email protected]

We will introduce all the candidates on the EBS Student Council page and in Canvas.

You can vote in EBS Canvas between March 11-16 2023.

Voting ends on March 16 at 16:00.

16:30-17:00 counting the votes;
17:30 announcing the election results

The voting results will be announced on the Ebster page and in the EBS Student Council social media channels.

NB! EBS Student Council will start recruiting new members at the end of March. In case you would like to receive more information, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Z8h6o7FgEwscP6ET7


🏆SEMESTRI AVALÖÖK at Studio X EBS Student Council LOOS🏆

Kas Sina teadsid, et juba 2. veebruaril toimub Studios TTÜ Kultuuriklubi poolt KÕIGILE TUDENGITELE mõeldud pidu - SEMESTRI AVALÖÖK? Nüüd tead!

Loosi läheb 1+1 piletit Semestri Avalöögile! 🤩

Loosis osalemiseks:
✔️ Pane Semestri Avalöök at Studio 2.02 evendile “Going”
✔️ Täägi selle postituse alla sõber, kes sulle joogi Avalöögil välja teeb 🥂

P.S. Mida rohkem inimesi täägid, seda suurem on võimalus võita!

Võitja kuulutame välja 2.02 kell 20.00.


Already 👉 THIS FRIDAY 👈 at 22:00, the 🥵 hottest 🥵 Winter Party of the year is taking place @ Botik!
Introducing the artists who will be performing:

DJ Paju will bring us all the ⚡ hype energy ⚡
EBSter at heart, our very own DJ Milku 💅 will light up the dance floor with 💥 good-ass 💥 music! 💫

🎉 Make sure to be there!


Heyy everybody!!

We are happy to announce that the EBS newsletter will finally come out! 🤩

A lot of exciting things are happening at our school and you, our future newsletter reader, you will get a comprehensive summary of all that. Also you will be noticed about upcoming events.

Newsletter will come out once a month. It’s FREE and in order to be able to read our newsletter, you need to add your EBS email.

SIGN UP HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TXN34zoxrlWffNkLpXl0evMAFf284rR6zroy5LPzwzI/viewform?ts=637f7926&edit_requested=true

Improve Your Student Experience Through Course Feedback And Evaluations 14/11/2022

Improve Your Student Experience Through Course Feedback And Evaluations

Want to improve your student experience and help EBS staff better themselves?😇

❗️Then don't forget to fill out your course feedbacks and evaluations!


Improve Your Student Experience Through Course Feedback And Evaluations Why are course evaluations important? EBS collects feedback about each course to improve the teaching and learning experience for students. Feedback allows EBS to get a glimpse of what is happening in the classroom, to identify the best practices, acknowledge outstanding lecturers and identify areas...


💥💥Don’t have your outfit ready for the party?! WE GOTCHA!

👉🏼 Khuul with the best vintage fashion pieces is offering -15% to all EBS students, just show them your student card!

‼️Offer is valid from 24.10 to 28.10



Do you have your ticket ready for the biggest party happening already next week?!🔥🔥🔥

To celebrate this we will be giving away 30€ of bar credit!
To win it:
👉🏼Buy yourself a ticket https://fienta.com/et/ebs-00-s-halloween-party
👉🏼Tag your friends underneath this post
(The more you tag, the bigger is the chance to win!!!)

We will be announcing the winner on the 25th October.
Good luck!!🤩🤩


Want to try a new challenge?🧐😎

You can find awesome job opportunities from many well-known companies: GKR Trade, PwC, Vitamin Well Group and many more

Check out our website for the 🔥NEWEST🔥 job offers! ebsikas.com


Want to join an EBS sports team?

Want EBS to create a new sports team?

Want to compete for EBS?

Want EBS Sports Club to organize a specific sports event?

Let us know by filling in this form by 28.10:


Heyhey, Ebsters! ✌️

Our Student Council is looking for new members to join our cosy little family!


If you wish to join us, then register for the interview🥰

✅Apply for a member position at the Student Council:

✅Apply for the Field Manager position in Marketing:

❕More information about the fields and their responsibilities can be found under the application forms.



✈️ We are looking for new buddies for our incoming Erasmus students for the academic year 2022/2023! 👀
Please, register here: shorturl.at/dqyTW


The Buddy program pairs new exchange students with a buddy (current EBS student). Your tasks as a buddy are to help exchange students settle in their new "home town", give them further information about the study life and help them with any other issues that might come up before and during their time in Tallinn. Being a buddy gives you new opportunities to be a part of the international community and you can also attend events for exchange students.🕺🤓🤘

And who knows, maybe you will get a new foreign friend.🤝

EBS Student Council Election Results Spring 2022 22/05/2022

EBS Student Council Election Results Spring 2022

EBS Student Council Election Spring 2022 results are here!🤩


The new board will officially start on the 1st of June 2022. Good luck to the new board!💛

EBS Student Council Election Results Spring 2022 For the last couple of weeks, the elections for the new board of the the EBS Student Council has been going on. We are happy to finally share the long-awaited results of the Student Council elections 2022 with you. This year 64 students voted in a questionnaire through EBS Canvas. The students were....


This Friday at 17.00 we will have a new board for the Student Council! How exciting! Make sure to give your vote here: https://ebs.instructure.com/courses/288/quizzes/9065

Also, check out our IG account if you want to learn more about the candidates.🤩

Good luck to the candidates!😊


It's now your chance to show support to the candidates of the new EBS Student Council Board. Please check out their introduction videos on our Instagram account and give your vote here!👇👇


TalTech Turundusklubi invites us to an exciting event!👀

Feels unbelievable, but this endless semester is coming to an end. This means only one thing - it is time to find your best dance shoes, bring your greatest buddies and come to Telliskivi, club D3, where the coolest student party of this spring will take place - Semestri Lõpulöök 2022

🔥Ticket information 🔥

8€ early bird
10€ regular bird
12€ late bird

PRE-SALE: https://gateme.com/D3Tallinn/96725-semestri-lopulook-2022/


Ebsikad, see nädal on veel VIIMANE võimalus kandideerida meie Üliõpilasesinduse esinduskogusse, tule ja võta väljakutse vastu!
Küsimuste korral kirjuta meile julgelt!

Uus kandideerimistähtaeg EBS Üliõpilasesinduse esinduskogusse on 13. Mai 2022 kell 23:59!

The new application due date for the EBS Student Council's Board is 13th May 2022 at 23:59!


In English below!

‼️ TÄHELEPANU, kõik ebsikad! ‼️

Iga õppeaasta lõpus toimuvad EBS Üliõpilasesinduse esinduskogu valimised ning kandideerimine EBS Üliõpilasesinduse esinduskogusse on AVATUD! 👀

👉 Esinduskogu moodustavad 3 liiget, kes täidavad ametiülesandeid vastavalt nendele positsioonidele:

• Üliõpilasesinduse esimees
• Haridusnõunik
• Kommunikatsiooninõunik

Tutvu positsioonidega lähemalt siit:

👉 Kriteeriumid kandidaadile ehk kandideerida saab…

-tudeng, kes on kandidatuuri esitamise päeva seisuga immatrikuleeritud tudeng Estonian Business Schoolis.

-tudeng, kellel puuduvad varasemad probleemid nii kooli kui ka üliõpilasesindusega.

-tudeng, kes on esitanud avalduse EBS Üliõpilasesinduse esinduskogusse PDF formaadis.

Avalduse põhja leiad siit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZPmQs6BwoeR9ayCkgjUos_QPhy5zFALH/view?usp=sharing

👉 Esitada tuleb endast viis videot (inglise keeles).
Info: maksimaalselt 30 sekundit, Full HD, landscape. Google Drive link saata koos avaldusega. viis küsimust, millele eraldi videotes vastata:
1) Tutvusta ennast ja millisele positsioonile soovid kandideerida.
2) Millist lisaväärtust pakud üliõpilasesindusele?
3) Nimeta ees-seisvaks kooliaastaks enda eesmärgid, mida tahad oma ametiajal täide viia?
4) Vaba teema (video pikkus maksimaalselt 1.minut)
5) Miks peaksid tudengid valima sind üliopilasesinduse esinduskokku (vastavalt positsioonile).

👉 esitada pilt suuruses minimaalselt 1600X1200;

👉 esitada motivatsioonikiri PDF formaadis, maksimaalselt üks A4 (inglise keeles).

‼️ Esita enda avaldus hiljemalt 09. Mai 2022 kell 23.59 ‼️


Kandideerimise algus: 02.05.2022
Kandideerimise tähtaeg: 09. Mai 2022 kell 23.59 ‼
Kandidatuur esitada: [email protected]
Kandidaatidega tutvumise aeg: 10.-13. Mai 2022
Kandidaate tutvustame “EBS Student Council” Facebooki ja Instagrami lehel.
Kandidaatide poolt hääletamise aeg: 10.-17. mai 2022

Hääletada saab EBSi Canvase keskkonnas 10.-17.mai 2022, selleks tuleb igale tudengile vastav teade.

Hääletus lõppeb 17.mai 17:00
17:30-18:00 hääletuste lugemine;
19:00 hääletuste avaliskustamine 📢
Hääletuste tulemused avalikustatakse EBS Student Councili sotsiaalmeedia kanalites ning ebsikas.com lehel.

Edukat kandideerimist!


‼️ATTENTION, all Ebsters! ‼️

The Student Council board elections take place every year and we have RE-OPENED the candidacy for the board members of EBS Student Council!

👉 The Student Council board consists of 3 members:
• Chairman
• Education Councillor
• Communications Councillor

👉 Requirements for the candidate:
All of the board positions require fluency in Estonian. International students can still participate in the work of the Student Council as field managers or Student Council members.


Introduction of candidates: 10.-13. May 2022
We introduce the candidates on the EBS Student Council Facebook and Instagram page.

Debate: 18.May

Voting time for candidates: 10.-17. May 2022!

You can vote in the EBS Canvas environment on 10.-17. May 2022, an announcement will be sent to each student.

Voting ends 17.May 17:00
17: 30-18:00 reading the votes;
19:00 announcement of votes 📢
The results of the voting will be published on the social media channels of the EBS Student Council and the ebsikas.com page.

Photos from EBS Student Council's post 26/04/2022

This weekend you have an opportunity to discover HELSINKI with your friends from EBS! 🌞🍻✨
For more information, check out our latest post:

Photos from EBS Student Council's post 22/04/2022

🇫🇮 Trip to Helsinki 🇫🇮
EBS Helsinki kindly invites us to take part in their Wappu celebration and have a great time together as one university family. The two-day program consists of lively and fun activities.

🎉 11:15-12:15 // First day starts at the EBS Helsinki campus with a GLITTER BAR experience to get ready for the Wappu Spirit.

🎉 15:00-17:00 // Traditional spring cleaning of Havis Amanda is taking place

🎉 19:00 // The day ends with a special afterparty. There will be drinks, food, beer pong, sauna, games, etc. Ticket 5€

🌿10:00-14:00 // Traditional May Day gathers all Student Unions together, including EBS to Ullanlinnanmäki, Helsinki

✅PLEASE REGISTER YOURSELF HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8KEG2ZsUBtT0SWANUZm-DMunw-HkJ3UX3ZymQuvLu9swtVQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

✅ Registration for the afterparty starts on Saturday, 23.04.2022 at 6 PM. The places are limited! Ticket 5€
Link: https://www.hebsry.com/events-1/wappu-afterparty-30-04-2022

✅More detailed program can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/710945337006621/?active_tab=discussion


Happy Monday!🌞
Why not take on a new challenge this week?
We have 4 new job offers on ebsikas.com, check these out!

Swedbank 👉 https://www.ebsikas.com/post/project-manager-in-customer-value-communication-division

Grow Finance 👉 https://www.ebsikas.com/post/grow-finance-tööpakkumised

CyCon conference volunteer 👉 https://www.ebsikas.com/post/cycon-conference-volunteer

Praktikapakkumine Nefabi Müügiüksuses 👉 https://www.ebsikas.com/post/praktikapakkumine-nefabi-müügiüksuses

EBS Golden Haba Gala 2022 30/03/2022

EBS Golden Haba Gala 2022

Dear EBS family! Today is THE LAST CHANCE to buy tickets to the Golden Haba Gala 2022. Do not miss out on this beautiful night, we have put so much effort in and are so excited to share this with you! ✨👏

Do you have your tickets yet?

EBS Golden Haba Gala 2022 R 8. aprill kell 18:30 - 23:00

Avaron Asset Management: Finantsspetsialist 24/03/2022

Avaron Asset Management: Finantsspetsialist


Check it out:

Avaron Asset Management: Finantsspetsialist On avatud konkurss järgmisele ametikohale: Finantsspetsialist Töö sobib pigem viimase kursuse ja peatselt lõpetavatele tudengitele, sest eeldab töötamist täiskohaga. Kandideerimiseks: [email protected] Täpsem info allpool!


Uus Maa kinnisvarabüroo korraldab 7. aprillil avatud uste päeva tudengitele! Kõik Ebsikad, kes on huvitatud praktikast või töötamisest kinnisvaramaaklerina, minge uudistama!

👉Tutvumisüritus toimub neljapäeval, 7. aprillil, kell 15:00 – 17:00 Maakri kvartalis (Maakri 19/1, 5. korrus).

Avatud uste päeval osalemiseks palume end registreerida alloleval lingil:

NB! Kohtade arv on piiratud! Kiiremad pääsevad löögile 😊

Photos from EBS Student Council's post 21/03/2022

Red Bull Paper Wings 2022 ✈️

👉 Red Bull Paper Wings 2022 is taking flight for paper plane pilots all over the world. Find a Qualiflyer event near you to take part in the Distance and Airtime categories.

✈️ Test your creativity, imagination, and technical paper plane skills in the Distance or Airtime competition – or both – and you could be battling it out on the international stage.

🏆 National winners will advance to compete for top honors in the World Final at Salzburg's iconic Hangar-7. There, the champions crowned in each category will win a flight experience with the renowned Flying Bulls.

🔥FOR MORE INFO: https://paperwings.redbull.com/ee-et/

Golden Haba Gala 2022 17/03/2022

Golden Haba Gala 2022

❗️It is time to vote for your favourites❗️

✨The Golden Haba Gala is coming up in only a few weeks, and it's time to cast your votes and choose Your favourite nominees from each of the categories. ✨

Every single vote counts 😉!

Golden Haba Gala 2022 The Golden Haba Gala is coming up in only a few weeks, and it's time to cast in your votes and choose Your favourite nominees from each of the categories. The winners will be given Haba statuettes at the Golden Haba Gala that is being held April 8th at Swissôtel Tallinn, 19:00 The following online ...


Hei ebsikas!!🔥

Üle-eestiline kübersuperstaaride ürituste sari algab!
Cyber Battle of Estonia 2022 küberkursuseid ja eelvoorudele saab registeerida siin: https://ctftech.com

Osalemine on tasuta!

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