King Sejong Institute, Tallinn

King Sejong Institute, Tallinn


Baltoscandal festival is proud to present South Korean artist Jaha Koo performance “The History of Korean Theatre” in the small hall of the Rakvere theatre on July 6 and 7.

In the documentary theatre performance "The History of Korean Western Theatre", Jaha Koo investigates the influence of the Western theatre tradition on Korean theatre. In this final piece of his Hamartia trilogy, Jaha Koo resolutely focuses on the future. With a new generation of South Koreans in mind, he attempts to break with a tradition full of self-censorship and keeping up appearances. Because only when based on an authentic version of history, he can pass on a future to the next generation. Performance is in Korean with Estonian and English subtitles.
More information and tickets:

The seventeenth edition of the international performing arts festival will be held between July 6 and 9, 2022.
Festival programme can be found on our site
Link to event:

안녕하십니까 여러분!

[ENG] It is time for another chance to test your Korean language skills with the 78th Annual Korean Proficiency Test in Riga, Latvia!
As the event states, the application period will be from July 1,2021 to July 10,2021.

The date of the exam is planned to be on 16th of October, 2021. And the place of exam will be announced after October 1st.
I, Helena Kursinska, will be your receptionist.

And the inquiries and method of application will be :
* Email application: [email protected]
* Online application:

So if you or anyone you know would like to test their Korean language skills, feel free to apply, or let your friends know!

You can contact me for more information.
Liilia ja ta parimad sõbrannad pakiti Teslasse ja sõidutati esialgu fotostuudiosse pildistama, siis spaasse lõõgastuma, edasi sush*t sööma ja seejärel korea keele õppustele! Korea-fännidest tüdrukud olid oma eksootilisest päevast täiesti vaimustuses ja nautisid iga hetke! 🤩

📣Aita ka sina meil lastele selliseid rõõmsaid päevi korraldada📣
900 0505 – kingid 5 eurot
900 0510 – kingid 10 eurot
900 0525 – kingid 25 eurot

Liilia unistuste päev sai teoks tänu meie võrratutele toetajatele: Women'secret Eesti, Swissôtel Tallinn, Tesla Rent, Magnus Heinmets Multimedia, Gotsu, Kyuho's Kitchen, Holika Holika Baltics, Sushi Plaza, King Sejong Institute, Tallinn, Balbiino, Chemi-Pharm, Tulbi Fotostuudio 👍👍👍

Kiitus tublidele vabatahtlikele: Janika Roosimäe, Cathry- Lisette Kaevand, Grete-Liis Lepp 😘
Hello dear friends, I'm currently looking for community managers from Korean native speakers or good level Korean speaker. If you know someone who lives in Tallinn and is interested, plz recommend to me.
Full-time are preferred, but part-time is also okay (if you are student).
PM. me for more info ;)
Thanks in advance.

TLÜs asuvas King Sejong Instituudis saab õppida korea keelt ning tutvuda korea kultuuriga

Operating as usual


2023년 탈린 세종학당 운영 요원  한국어 교원 겸직 모집

1. 모집분야 및 강의 기간
분야 인원 계약 기간
탈린 세종학당 운영 요원.교원 겸직 1 명 2023.02 -2023.12
2. 지원자격
가. 한국인 또는 한국어 능통자
나. 행정 업무 가능자
다. 한국어 교원 자격증 또는 한국어 교원 양성 과정 이수자
라. 영어 또는 에스토니아어가 가능한 자
마. 에스토니아 거주권 소지자
*우대 사항
-한국어 교육 경력 3년 이상
3. 근무 조건
• 업무 내용 : 학당 운영 및 행정 업무, 한국어 수업
• 급여: 학당 급여 기준에 의함
• 보험 및 복지: 에스토니아 근로기준법에 의함

4. 제출서류
• 이력서
• 경력증명서(한국어 교육 경력)
• 자기 소개서 1부
• 최종학력 증명서 1부
• 한국어 교원 자격증 사본 또는 교원 양성과정 수료증 사본 1부
※ 이력서, 경력증명서, 자기소개서는 자유 양식으로 작성하면 됩니다.

5. 공고 전형 및 일정
• 모집 기간 : 2023.01.20 ~ 2023.01.22. (에스토니아 시간 기준)
• 접수 방법:이메일 접수 [email protected]
• 선발 절차
- 1차 서류심사
- 2차 면접
• 합격자 발표: 심사 후 개별 통보
6. 기타
• 제출 서류는 반환하지 않습니다.
• 교원 양성과정의 경우 국립국어원에서 승인한 교육기관에서 발급한 수료증 만을 인정합니다.
• 심사와 관련된 평가 내용 등 관련 모든 자료는 비공개 합니다.

7. 문의 Tallinn KSI [email protected]


2023 Spring Semester Korean Class Registration
Register now!

*Class period: 06.02.2023~26.05.2023
*The courses are in English.
*You should be 14 year old or older to take the course. If you will be 14 during the semester, you can take the course.
*Tuition fee: 99 euros + 15 euros (textbook)
*If you have not studied in the King Sejong Institute before and wants to take a course which is higher than Practical 1, you can take a placement test and take a higher course (26.01.2023)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
[email protected]


I told you that the Korean team can win only with our support! :D

Let's make a miracle again together!
Anyone can join!

This Monday at 21:00!
A-325, Tallinn University

See you soon!

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 01/12/2022


Don't forget that we will watch football together to support the Korean team tomorrow (2nd of December)!

Place: Tallinn university A-325 (Astra building)
Time: 16:30~18:45

Dress Code: Red (But it is winter so we understand even if you don't have red clothes. :D)

Before the match starts(17:00), we will learn Korean chanting songs and have a presentation about the football history between Korea and Portugal.

You can bring your friends and light snacks as well!

See you tomorrow! ⚽️

If you cannot find the place please call us.

세종학당 드림

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 28/11/2022

vs Uruguay 0:0 / vs Ghana 2:3
Korean team cannot win without your support!
Let's suport the Korean team together this Friday (from16:30)! :D
Please register thorugh the link below!

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 27/11/2022

Another great literature event! Thank you everyone for coming, sharing your thoughts and participating in the Q&A with our lovely special guest Kim Eugene!

See you on the 9th for the last cultural event of the semester (and of 2022)!

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 25/11/2022

여름/가을에 문화아카데미를 했어요?
Have you taken Sejong Culture Academy in summer/autumn?

You can participate in this event then! :D


2022 월드컵 한국의 첫 경기! (First 2022 World Cup game for Korean team!)
한국 vs 우루과이 (Korea vs Uruguay)
오늘(11월 24일) 오후 3시! (Today (24.11) 3pm!)

12월 2일 오후 4시 30분에는 한국 vs 포르투갈 경기를 같이 봐요!
For the game with Portugal, we will watch together! (02.12 4:30pm)
지금 등록하세요!
Please register now!

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 18/11/2022

King Sejong Institute Foundation Scholarship application (For Spring 2023)

Please check "Bachelor's degree scholarship" & "Language course scholarship" from the tables.

Students who have taken the course in Tallinn King Sejong Institue can apply.

If you are interested in, please let us know which university do you want to apply for.
[email protected]

Application deadline: 01.12.2022.
You have to contact us ASAP so we can prepare documents together.

Please find the application format in the attachments. You have to fill them in Korean.

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 13/11/2022

Are you sad that Estonia is not in the World Cup? You can support Korean team then! ⚽

We invite you to join us on Friday December, 2nd to cheer on the Korean football team as they face Portugal in the Qatar World Cup 🏆

From 16:30 to 17:00 we will tell you some information about the Korean football team, and also teach you some Korean cheering songs! 🎵 👏🏻

Then onto the big event, we will watch the 🇰🇷 Korea vs 🇵🇹 Portugal (Group H, Final round) from 17.00 to 18.45.

The event will take place in room A-325 at Tallinn University and you can register here:

We hope to see you there, and don't forget to bring friends (including Portuguese who are ready to betray their country for that day) to join the Red devil cheering squad! 📣

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 07/11/2022

Hello everyone ~

We are very excited to invite you to our second literature event, this time with a guest speaker: Kim Eugene, the editor-in-chief of Nabillera!

Like last time, reading at least one story is mandatory and you can find the links to both stories in the registration form. A novelty this time will be the Q&A session with our guest speaker, who will be able to tell us about her work as a translator and her role in Nabillera.

The link to the registration form is in our bio, if you have any questions you can email us or reach us via Instagram or Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


Hello everyone!

For the second movie night of November, we invite you to watch a comedy from the 2010s. So come along with some snacks to M-213 at 19h on Friday 25th to have a good laugh with "Miss Granny" during our #5 Korean film night.

See you then ~


Hello everyone!

To liven up your weekend, we invite you to a K-Pop appreciation event in M-213 (Tallinn University) on Sunday 20th at 15h ~
All you need to participate is to enjoy music! New fans, old fans, hesitant to start fans, everyone is welcome to get to know more artists during a fun afternoon of music videos watching.

Registration is mandatory to participate, so don’t forget to check the link to sign up.

We hope to see you there ♪



For our fourth movie night on Friday 11th November, we invite you to watch a Park Chan-wook film from 2009: Thirst

You will likely recognize the main actor Song Kang-ho from “Parasite”, “The Host” or “Snowpiercer” (among his many films). This time he plays Sang-hyeon, a priest who suffers… strange consequences after an act of selflessness.

Like usual, the screening will take place in M-213 at 19h.

Everyone is welcome (yes, even snacks), and since the 2000s was an era of so many classics of Korean cinema, the post-film discussion will be a good way to find more movies to watch ~


Hello everyone!
To get your November started right, we are happy to invite you to a K-drama recommendation event in M-225 (Tallinn University) on Sunday 6th at 15h.

First time watchers or seasoned experts in K-drama, you’re welcome to join! The goal of the event is to both find new interesting dramas to watch, and chat about ones you’ve already seen, so whether you’re looking for something to watch or eager to share your favorite one, don’t hesitate to join ~

Registration to the event is mandatory to participate, you can find the link below!


Hello everyone!
November is around the corner, and we are happy to reveal the schedule of events for this upcoming month! Between dramas, music and literature, we have a lot in store for you ~

More information about each event will soon be posted on our profile, so keep an eye out for them.

Hope to see you at some of the events in November, but in the meantime happy Halloween week-end everyone 🎃


Hello everyone! 🥀
Since Halloween is coming, this time we invite you to watch the horror movie "Whispering Corridors" by Park Ki-hyung from 1998. 🕯 🕷

So grab a friend and some snacks to keep you company, and join us for a chilling screening in M-213 on Friday 28th October at 19h! 🎃🕸️

See you then! 👻

여러분 안녕하세요! 🥀

다가오는 할로윈을 맞이하여 이번 영화는 박기형 감독의 1998년도 공포 영화 '속삭이는 복도'로 여러분을 초대합니다! 🕯 🕷

친구와 함께 간식을 구매해서 10월 28일 금요일 밤 19시에 M-213에서 열리는 오싹한 상영회에 참여해주세요! 🎃🕸️

그때 만나요! 👻

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 15/10/2022

14th of October! At 19:00!


Do you know TOPIK? TOPIK is a Korean language proficiency test.
At the moment, there is no speaking part in the test.
However, the speaking part will be added from December.
To grade this speaking part, Korean government is about to develop AI program.
To develop AI program, they need to collect foreigners' Korean voice data.
So, Tallinn King Sejong Institute decided to help.

Do you have any time to participate in this recording program?
If you can read and speak Korean, you can participate!

It will takes around 2 hours in total and you can do it at home with your computer. You do not have to record all of them at once. You can do it 30 minutes today and 30 minutes tomorrow like that.

If you want to participate in the project, please send an email.
[email protected]

Photos from King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's post 17/09/2022

Register now to attend Korean alphabet day event (08.10 14.00-17.00)

If you want to perform?
[email protected]


Register now! (Through the link in our bio)
Korean Filming Course (K-drama & movie) (Korean langauge ability is needed)
Date & time: 12.09-14.12 (Every Monday and Wednesday) 18:00-20:00.

Register now!

Korean Filming Course (K-drama & movie) (Korean langauge ability is needed)
Date & time: 12.09-14.12 (Every Monday and Wednesday) 18:00-20:00.


Do you want to perform K-pop dance or song?
You can perform on the 8th of October on Korean alphabet day!

You have no one to perform together?
You can take our K-pop dance course and perform together!
Date & time: 13.09-06.10 (Every Every Tuesday and Thursday) 18:00-19:30
Fee: Free of charge. Anyone can join!

For performance, send us your team name, music file and number of performers.

Photos from Korean Traditional Dance Group "Arirang"'s post 06/09/2022

Korean traditional dance team for beginners!
Join now! :)


1. Korean Filming Course (K-drama & movie) (Korean langauge ability is needed)
Date & time: 12.09-14.12 (Every Monday and Wednesday) 18:00-20:00.

2. Korean Filming Course (Level after 세종한국어3)
Date & time: 17.09-17.12 (Every Saturday) 15:00-18:00.

3. K-pop dance (Tuesday and Thursday group)
Date & time: 13.09-06.10 (Every Tuesday and Thursday) 18:00-19:30.

4. K-pop dance (Weekend group)
Date & time: 10.09-02.10 (Every Saturday & Sunday) 12:00-13:30.


Do you know KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)?
KAIST is one of the most prominent universities in Korea.

On the 6th of September at 6pm (Estonian time), there will be an information session about KAIST. Please register through the link below.
During the information session, information about graduate admissions; work, internship & research opportunities; life on campus at KAIST will be shared by Monika Didziulyte

Lnink to online application for the event:


Do you want to act?
Do you want to perform in the play?
Then join our Korean Play/Filming Course!
Register now!

New teacher from Korea, NaYeon Baek (백나연), who is majoring acting will be the instructor!

1. Korean Play Course
Date & time: 12.09-14.12 (Every Monday and Wednesday) 18:00-20:00.
Content: Original plays with your own stories
You will perform at the completion ceremony in the end of December!

2. Korean Filming Course (Intermediate level after 세종한국어4)
Date & time: 17.09-17.12 (Every Saturday) 15:00-18:00.
Content: Monologue filming + Two people filming
Your videos will be uploaded on our Facebook/Instagram/YouTube pages.


2022 Autumn semester registration! (05.09~22.12)
Register now!

*The courses are in English!
*You should be 14 year old or older to take the course. If you will be 14 during the semester, you can take the course.
*Tuition fee: 105 euros (Free for TLU students but TLU students pay only 15 euros for the textbook.)


2022 Autumn Semester Time Schedule

Registration starts from 10am on the 1st of August thorugh our page.

105 euros/semester (including textbook)
Courses are in English and Korean
People who are 14 years old or older can join the course.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tallinn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Videos (show all)

Register now! (Through the link in our bio)Korean Filming Course (K-drama & movie) (Korean langauge ability is needed)Da...
Korean Filming Course Korean Filming Course (K-drama & movie) (Korean langauge ability is needed)Date & ...
6월 18일 말하기 대회 (18th of June Speaking contest)Miia Nurk (미아)Natalia Semjonova (나탈리아)Rüüt Kaljula (루트)
6월 18일 말하기 대회 (18th of June Speaking contest)Irina Zorina (이리나)Alexandra Elisabeth Reznikova (알렉산드라)Elisabeth Jentson (엘...
6월 18일 말하기 대회 (18th of June Speaking contest)Maria Smirnova (마리아)Dilara Guljajeva (딜라라)Elisa Marie Vare (엘리사)
6월 18일 말하기 대회 (18th of June Speaking contest)1등 Jana Pärn (야나)2등 Keitlin Ossis (케이틀린)3등 Sandra Saaliste (산드라)축하합니다! Palj...
Our last Taekwondo group's work.Hope the covid-19 situation get better so we get a chance for the performance!
It is a bit late but... here is the September Taekwondo basic course team video :D
Do you want to try Taekwondo dance?You can try 8-days course! Taekwondo Uniforms will be provided and it is Free of Char...
무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 (Squid game version)
너무 재미있었어요 😍





Narva Mnt 29

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 05:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 05:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 05:00
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