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TLÜs asuvas King Sejong Instituudis saab õppida korea keelt ning tutvuda korea kultuuriga

It is the first time ever TKSI holds a Korean Writing contest, which means that you have an excellent opportunity to show your skill in Korean and get rewarded!
This time, the contest will be held on-line and participate can not only current students of TKSI but also those who graduate one of our courses before. If you are interested in participating, please, check the information below.

CONTEST TIME: June 16, 18:00-19:20
WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: June 18, 17:00 at Tallinn University (A222 Euroopa Saal) during the Speech Contest Award ceremony
QUALIFICATION OF APPLICANTS: Current and former students of King Sejong Institute

• Selecting 1 of 2 given topics, you can register by the link below.

1. After registration, you will receive an email with the particular form for 400 characters that you have to print out on A4 sheet of paper and use it during the contest for writing your essay. It is not allowed to use blanc, ruled, or any other type of paper.

2. If you have no opportunity to print out the form for writing, you can come to the TKSI office and get printed form there. Make sure that you will have that printed form for writing by the time of the contest!

3. On the 15th of June, you will receive an email with the link invitation for the Zoom conference.

4. It is better if you will check that link in advance and install the Zoom application on your computer. It is also could be used without installation through web-browser, but with the installed version, you have fewer chances for some error appears.
5. You also should have a web-camera turned on and capture not only your face but also the part of the desk, where you will write an essay.
6. The contest will start on the 16th of June at 18:00. Before beginning writing, you will be asked to show your desk in order to avoid any possibility of cheating.

7. You will have 1 hour to write your essay from 18:10 till 19:10.

8. The essay should be written manually on the prepared piece of paper with a printed form for 400 characters. It is not allowed to type your writing on the computer.

9. You can use one additional sheet of paper as a draft for your writing, but the draft could not be submitted as a final work. So, make sure that you will have enough time to rewrite the full script on the prepared blanc.

10. After finishing, you will have 10 minutes to take a photo of your manuscript and submit it by this email: [email protected]

Scripts sent after 19:20 will not participate in the contest.

11. It is not allowed to use a dictionary, textbook, smartphone, or any other device during the contest.

• The essay should correspond to the chosen topic.
• The length of the writing should be 350-400 characters long.
• The content and structure of the essay, diversity and correctness of grammar, spelling accuracy and handwriting clarity will be considered during the evaluation.

1st place. Certificate of top excellence award. The opportunity to study 1 semester for free at the King Sejong Institute. Prize gift.
2nd place. Certificate of Excellence award, prize gift.
3rd place. Certificate of honor award. Prize gift.
* All applicants will receive a participation gift.

Korean Speech Contest is the annual and the most expected event held by Tallinn King Sejong Institute for encouraging all Korean learners to study hard and allowing them to demonstrate their skills. The best-performing student will get the opportunity to go to Seoul for 8-days training. If you are interested in this great opportunity, please, check the information below.

DATE OF SPEECH CONTEST: June 18 (Thursday), 17:00
VENUE: Tallinn University, A222 (Euroopa saal)
QUALIFICATION OF APPLICANTS: Current students of King Sejong Institute

1. Selecting 1 of 2 given topics, you can register by the link below. The topic could also be changed after registration.

2. You can write the script for your speech till the 11th of July and then send your draft to your Korean teacher. In the period between the 11th and 15 of June, you will receive feedback from your teacher and can revise your script.

3. The final version of the manuscript has to be submitted by the 15th of June 18:00. Please send it here: [email protected]

After submitting, the script cannot be changed.

4. This time, the Speech Contest will be held off-line as usual. So, you will need to be ready to give a speech personally in front of the jury. We will let you know about the schedule and the exact order of your performance.

5. The winner of the contest will be announced on the same day at the end of the event.

• The speech should correspond to the chosen topic (you can check topics on the link of registration)
• The length of the speech is less than 3 minutes per participants
• Participants need to deliver their speeches by heart
• Evaluation Criteria:
1. Contents and organization of the speech
2. Diversity and correctness of grammar and vocabulary used
3. Pronunciation, speed, and fluency
4. The manner of presentation and attracting interest from audiences
5. The current level and attitude as a KSI student will be considered in making the final decision.

• 1st place. Certificate of top excellence award. Prize gift. Seoul visit for 8-days Korean culture study training and participation in the next stage of the Contest in October 2020 (only 18 years or older students)
• 2nd place. Certificate of Excellence award, prize gift.
• 3rd place. Certificate of honor award. Prize gift.
* All applicants will receive a participation gift.

New Program of cultural events will be held in summer and autumn 2020

Because of the current situation with coronavirus, we could not have many of our cultural events. Most of them will be postponed and held during the next semester in fall 2020. Unfortunately, our traditional completion ceremony that we have at the end of each semester is canceled this time ㅠㅠ

But we also have some good news for you! This summer, there will be a Korean speaking and writing contest, as well as our summer school, which starts in July.

Those, who have finished Korean class 세종한국어 1 or 2 will be able to apply for 세종한국어 회화 1. Those, who have finished Korean class 세종한국어 3 or 4 will be able to apply for 세종한국어 회화 2.

You can check the updated schedule below. And of course, we will provide additional information about the exact time and terms of participation in advance before each event.

2020 KSIF Study Abroad Scholarship Program Survey

안녕하세요 여러분! 잘 지내고 있었죠?
We hope that all of you are healthy and doing great!
We know that many of our students are dreaming not only to just go to Korea for a holiday but also would like to study at some Korean university. There is excellent news for those people: King Sejong Foundation is developing a scholarship program for foreign students who want to study in Korea. In order to make that program better, your help is needed! So, if you like Korea same much as we do, spend a couple of minutes and answer the survey on the link below, please!

The survey in English is here:

Advanced level students can try to answer in Korean and practice a bit 😉 Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are conducting this survey of King Sejong Institute (KSI) learners in relation to the KSI Study Abroad Scholarship Program, which has been created to offer learners the opportunity to study in Korea. Your opinions are very important to us. We...

Teade: viiruse leviku tõkestamine/Notice: preventing the spread of the virus


According to the measures to prevent the spread of corona virus by Tallinn University, the King Sejong Institute decided to start e-learning from the 16th of March.
Your teachers will let you know how to do it soon through an e-mail.

To prevent the virus,
1. 손을 자주 잘 씻으세요. (Wash your hands well often.)
2. 얼굴을 만지지 마세요. (Do not touch your face.)
3. 집에서 혼자 한국 드라마를 더 많이 보세요. (Watch more Korean dramas at home alone.)

If you have any questions, feel free to write a comment here or send an email to your teachers.

그럼 건강하세요! (Olge terved!)

Link: Tallinn University's measures to prevent the spread of the virus,/

Fan Decoration Class (21.03.2020) cancellation

Because of circulating coronavirus large crowds are not welcomed and it is hard to hold all the events we planned for this semester. We still hope that the situation with coronavirus will be improved soon, but now we have to cancel the nearest of our events which is the Fan Decoration Class. We will delay it and hold in the next semester.

Other events (making of traditional Korean decoration for hanbok - 4.04, cooking class - 25.04, and speech contest - 5.05) will be held without any changes in the schedule if nothing even worse will happen.
We will open the registration for the events next week.

We hope, that all of you are healthy and doing well!
여러분들의 건강을 잘 지키시기 바랍니다!

This semester, we will have a lot of cultural classes and activities that will help you to understand Korean culture more deeply, get interesting experience and make new friends who will share the love for Korea with you 🥰

You can check the timetable of our events below

The 70th TEST OF PROFICIENCY IN KOREAN (TOPIK) 상세보기|News / NoticeEmbassy of the Republic of Korea in Finland

Do you want to take TOPIK in Helsinki?

Deadline for the registration is 03.03.2020!
Test date: May 23, 2020 (Saturday)

You can register through an email. Check the link below for more information! 핀란드 지역 정보, 재외국민 영사서비스, 공관 소식, 기타 생활정보 안내.

From today everyone can apply for the 70th TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) that will be held 23.05.2020 in Riga. If you are about to take TOPIK this spring, please check the information below.

1. Date & time: 23.05.2020 (SAT) 09:10~16:20
TOPIK I: in the morning / TOPIK II: in the afternoon
You have to arrive at the class 30 min before the exam starts.

2. Exam place: the University of Latvia, Faculty of Humanities

3. Examination Authority
Hosted by: National Institute for International Education
Organizer: Embassy of Latvia
Implementation: University of Latvia, Korean Studies Institute
Test Operator: Prof. Huntae Kim (+371 261 286 82 / [email protected])

4. Application period: February 10 to February 23, 2020

5. How to Apply
Receptionist: Anna Navenicka
You can apply
* by e-mail: [email protected]
* online:

6. Examination Fee

7. Candidate preparations
You have to have a valid form of identification (Passport or ID-card)

8. Grade Verification and Receipt of Report Card
The test results will be announced through TOPIK website( at 15:00 on the day of the announcement. For 70th TOPIK it is June 30 (TUE).
The results can be printed for free on the TOPIK website ( from the time of publication (after July 2).

If you need more information, please send an e-mail to
[email protected]

여러분~ 행복한 새해 되세요! Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

안녕하세요! Tere!
Do you want to learn Korean traditional dance??
15 weeks course, every Saturday in the morning. (10:30~12:00)
Jevgenija Selezneva from Arirang Ansanble will teach!
Please register through the link.

Tere! Do you want to learn Taekwondo? Check here! :)

Uued Taekwondo gruppid Põhja-Tallinnas.
Esimene trenn 3.september!

TOPIK Test 2020 in your country - Locations outside Korea | TOPIK GUIDE - The Complete Guide to TOPIK Test

Hi guys! We have something useful for you 😊
First of all, Happy New 2020!

And useful thing is the information about TOPIK dates in 2020. Many of you already know that it is not possible to take TOPIK in Tallinn, but you can go Helsinki, Saint Petersburg and from this year also Riga.

2020.04.12 (일) - Saint Petersburg
2020.5.23.(토) - Helsinki / Riga
2020.11.15.(일) - Saint Petersburg

Full information about the dates you can find here: TOPIK Test will be held 6 times outside Korea in 2020. You can check the table below to know when TOPIK test will be held in your country or city.

2020 Spring Semester Korean Class Registration

Do you want to study Korean language?
Please join us!
We will start our beginners course on the 10th of February!
Twice a week, for 16 weeks.

Practical Korean 1 (For total beginners. We start from Korean alphabet!)
1-1: Mondays & Wednesdays. 16:15-17:45
1-2: Mondays & Wednesdays. 18:15-19:45

(Tuesdays & Thursdays class has been cancelled.)

Please register through the link.

Also, please share this with your friends who would like to join the course.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask us!
[email protected] 안녕하세요! Tere! 1. Practical Korean 1~5 (Regular courses. 2 times a week) 2. Korean A2 (4 times a week. Equals to Practical Korean 3 + 4) Practical Korean 1 (For total beginners. We start from Korean alphabet!) 1-1: Mondays & Wednesdays. 16:15-17:45 1-2: Mondays & Wednesdays. 18:15-19:45 1-3:...

Now our Completion Ceremony is over. We congratulate our students on the end of the fall semester once more. All of you have done great job!

And now it is right time to think about learning Korean also in the next spring semester. Tomorrow at 10 AM we will open pre-registration, so don't miss your chance to become a TKSI student ;)
Link for pre-registration is here:

2020 Spring Semester Korean Class Registration
(The registration starts at 20.12.2019 at 10 AM!)

안녕하세요! Hello everyone! Tere!
Now, we would like to announce the spring semester class schedule and registration procedure.

Practical Korean Language 1 is for the total beginners. (A1.1-1, A1.1-2, A1.1-3) We will start from the Korean alphabet!

(The registration starts at 20.12.2019 at 10 AM!)

You can check which classes will be open this time and the timetable at the picture below.

If you have not studied in the King Sejong Institute before and wants to take a course which is higher than Practical 1, you can take a placement test and take a higher course.

Tuition fee: 103 euros (Free for TLU students but TLU students still have to pay 13 euros for the textbook)

1. The pre-registration dates: 20.12.2019-25.01.2020
2. Registration in TÕIS system & period for paying tuition fee: 06.01.2020-31.01.2020
3. Placement test: only person concerned will be notified about exact date & time by email
4. Class period: 10.02.2020-29.05.2020

First comes first serve policy.
Don´t miss the start of registration ;)

Some photos from TKSI Opening Ceremony
Photographer: Piret Räni

TKSI Opening Ceremony, 1st of October, 2019

We made our own channel on YouTube so you can enjoy videos from the Opening Ceremony!

King Sejong Institute, Tallinn's cover photo

안녕하세요~ Tere~
K-pop dance festival PLACE has been CHANGED.

on the 31st of 2019 at 5 PM
See you there! :D

Registration for Taekwondo class (Tuesday and Thursday. 18:00~19:30)

The course starts on the 10th of September.
The class is for free.

Class period: 02.09.2019~21.12.2019
Place: Sõle 40a
You can take the course on Saturdays as well if you want!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
[email protected]

Registration link:

안녕하세요~ Tere~

K-pop을 좋아해요? Kas sulle meeldib K-pop?

Then join here! There will be a K-pop Dance Festival on the 31st of August at 5 pm.

Free admission!

It is organised by Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Estonia and Finland

See you there, k-pop lovers! :D

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.






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General information

TLÜ-s alustab 2019. aasta sügisest alates tegevust King Sejong Instituut, mille eesmärgiks on tutvustada ning õpetada korea keelt ja kultuuri. Instituut pakub ühelt poolt keele- ja kultuurialaseid tunde ning ka temaatilisi üritusi. Instituudi kaudu üritame luua silda korea ja eesti kultuuri vahel. Küsimuste korral võib kirjutada meiliaadressile [email protected]
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