MTÜ Õigus

MTÜ Õigus Juuratudengid is Tallinn Law School's student association.

Õigus is Tallinn University of Technology Faculty of Law's student association established in the academic year 2013-2014. The Association acts as trustee for its members and provides them with educational, social and cultural services. Every Tallinn Law School's degree student can join as a member. Õigus collaborates with the University, student unions and other student organizations, as well as with our business partners. Outside Estonia, the Nordic cooperation is carried out with other law student associations. Õigus on Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli õigusteaduskonna üliõpilastele 2013/2014 õppeaastal asutatav aineorganisatsioon. Ühing tegutseb oma liikmeskonna huvides ning pakub oma liikmetele õppe-, sotsiaal- ja kultuuriteenuseid. Ühing liikmeks võib astuda iga Tallinn Law School õppiv üliõpilane. Õigus teeb koostööd ülikooli, üliõpilasesinduste ning muude üliõpilasorganisatsioonidega. Lisaks tehakse koostööd ettevõtetest koostööpartneritega. Väljaspool kodumaad tehakse koostööd Skandinaavia õigusteaduse üliõpilaste teaduskonnaorganisatsioonidega Õigus on Tallinnan Teknillisen Yliopiston oikeustieteellisen tiedekunnan opiskelijoille lukuvuonna 2013-2014 perustettu ainejärjestö. Yhdistys toimii jäsenistönsä edunvalvojana sekä tarjoaa jäsenilleen opinto-, sosiaali- ja kulttuuripalveluja. Yhdistyksen jäseneksi voi liittyä jokainen Tallinn Law School:ssa tutkintoa suorittava opiskelija. Õigus harjoittaa yhteistoimintaa yliopiston, ylioppilaskuntien, sekä muiden opiskelijajärjestöjen, kuin myös yritysyhteistyökumppaneiden kanssa. Kotimaan ulkopuolella yhteistyötä tehdään Pohjoismaisten oikeustieteen opiskelijoiden tiedekuntajärjestöjen kanssa.

Interested in learning about new cultures, getting new friends and gaining new academic experiences?

Apply now for Youth Istanbul Project!

YIP is arranged for the third time in Turkey in 11th-19th April by the members of the Marmara Law Association. This organization gives the chance to get to know about social and academical life in Istanbul to the participants. With the prepared workshops, events and discussion sessions, participants will have a chance to make their voice heard on determined subjects. In order to find more about our project (covered expences, content of the workshops etc.) and to learn how to apply, visit website

Feedback form Autumn Semester 2019

Here's the link for the feedback form of the Autumn Semester 2019 for Law & International students at Tallinn University of Technology.

Please note that all feedback will be delivered anonymously to the University management.

Thank you for your time! Please give us feedback on your previous semester. There are ten columns that you can fill, so give separate feedback on each course. On the next page, you can freely share your thoughts and wishes concerning the upcoming courses. Lastly, you're also able to give feedback for Õigus as an associatio...

What a memorable night!
Once again, members of Õigus’ current and new Board of Directors were privileged to represent the International law students of Tallinn University of Technology at the Tsoj Annual Ball.

Happy 14th anniversary to TSOJ - Tallinnan Suomalaiset Opiskelijat ry and thank you for the long-continued co-operation!

Christmas came early to all ”good” little students of Tallinn! 🎅

Õigus wants to thank you for your continued support throughout 2019 and we hope to see you all again next year.

🌟 MTÜ Õigus & ILG Pre-Christmas Sits Party 🌟

Our friends at TSOJ - Tallinnan Suomalaiset Opiskelijat ry are hosting their Annual Ball this Saturday and all Õigus members are entitled to wear our association’s own academic ribbon to such academic evening events.

If you are interested in getting one of your own, we will sell them at the sits party tonight. If you are not able to come tonight, please contact us directly or any of our Board Members.

Price: ribbon for bow 5€/ribbon across the body 10€

On Wednesday 27.11, at 19.00, we are providing you a chance to order an Õigus sweater! The Hang Out event will be held at Nimeta bar.

The colour will be dark grey this year and the price is approximately 32€ for the members. We will have testing samples to get your size right.

If you aren’t able to attend, but wish to have one, feel free to send us a message via email [email protected] to get your order in!

See you on Wednesday!

Yesterday Õigus members visited the legal department of Metso in Helsinki. Two Õigus alumni members, Severi Keränen and Niko Tuononen, currently employed by Metso gave us some useful tips on studies and career opportunities after Tallinn. We would like to thank our contacts at Metso for arranging the visit! @ Helsinki

In English | Eurooppaoikeuden yhdistys

"I warmly recommend this opportunity to you," Aarne Puisto - an Õigus alumni

"During the 3 years of my membership I have been able to deepen my own expertise and connect with other professionals from my field of practice."

FIDE Finland is an organisation promoting European Union Law in Finland, through which, as a member, you may participate in discussion events focused around topics which we are currently/have studied in Tallinn! In English Welcome to FIDE Finland! FIDE Finland is an association registered in 1983 for the promotion of knowledge of European law in Finland. The association is a member society of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. FIDE Finland gathers together Finnish lawyers with an interest in Europ...

✨We would like to congratulate our Board of Directors for the new year! ✨
Õigus Board of Directors 2020:
Chairperson: Moona Pekkanen
Treasurer: Emilie Earl
Event Directors: Sonja Kojo & Lauri Nykänen
Director of Foreign Affairs: Niina Häkkinen
Director of Study Matters: Sanna Toivoniemi
Directors of Business Relations: Aleksi Takala & Iida Saarela
General Directors: Kia Honkaharju & Wilma Salmenjaakko

Unfortunately Iida and Emilie were unable to stay until the portrait was taken but you are already familiar with them from the current Board.

Today members of Õigus were privileged to attend a private presentation at the Finnish Ministry of Justice. Our students learned about the daily work at the Ministry from lawyers in the departments of Democracy and Elections, Criminal Policy and International Judicial Assistance and Legislative Editing.
We wish to thank our Ministry contacts for arranging an introductory visit!

One of the best times was had by all those in Italy. We hope that the Italy excursion is one of many for the law students of Tallinn to get experiences of law implementation, culture and life in other countries. This learning has allowed us to return to our uni work with a stronger passion to develop our skills further.
Grazie e arrivederci Italia!

Õigus x Lex Gaudius Italy Excursion

But, it wasn't all work work work, we also had a chance to visit some of the simply amazing scenery of Southern Italy in Marina di Camerota. Here is a rare photo of us all without a slice of pizza or bowl of pasta! Trips away like this are part of the experience to help our student colleagues to bond, develop lasting friendships and experience life beyond Tallinn - Thank you to all of you who came out and made it such an unforgettable experience.

Italy really is a stunning country! Nearly as stunning as the group, pictured here with Miro, the founder of Lex Gaudius, who ventured out to Naples. We want to extend a massive thank you to Lex Gaudius for allowing our law students with special experiences to help aid our learning. We had a wonderful time and hope to continue working closely with you in the future!
Õigus x Italy Excursion 4-11.9.2019

Legge è uguale per tutti! = The law is equal for everyone!
Members of Õigus took part in the Italy excursion trip at the beginning of September. On the visit to Italy, our law students were provided with a wonderful educational opportunity to visit the Criminal Court and witness court proceedings in Naples. Luckily none of our students were found guilty!
We wish to thank our co-operating partner Lex Gaudius for taking us to the court house and organising a private tour.

Wow, what a toga-lly amazing evening we had at the Toga Sits! Thank you to all of you who came, saw and conquered the event and made it so very special. It was wonderful to see all the effort you had put into making your togas and it really felt like the Roman's had made it to Tallinn.

Thank you to the wonderful venue for hosting the event, we are sure you agree it made a pretty awesome location!

Dear students and Õigus alumni,

Viking Line as one of the sponsors of Õigus for the academic year of 2019/2020 is offering a reduction e-coupon for their routes between Tallinn and Helsinki. Please note that with these codes you may receive a discount on both the day cruises and one-way tickets. Find the e-coupon behind this link below;

More information about Viking Line here:

Our beloved freshmen!

If you haven't ordered overalls yet but wish to do so please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]. You can try on the overall sizes tomorrow in Nimeta at 19:00.

As you might have guessed we are going to order student overalls for you! You will want to wear them in all future student events so you can look super-cool.

We are also giving you a chance to get those overalls for free of charge. If you get someone to sponsor the overalls you will have yours for free. Sponsors will have their logo printed on the overalls ordered this fall and the price for that is 150€.

You still have two weeks to find sponsors. The deal is simple: for 150€ the sponsor will have their logo printed on all student overalls. We would also like to include their logo on our official website. Once you find a sponsor, you will have your overalls free!

In case you have any questions concerning the sponsorship please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]

For those of you who are considering applying to Tallinn University of Technology❗️ We have a few tips for you regarding the study programme and the degree:
- You will graduate as a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences in Law
- This means that your degree will match the degrees acquired in other European universities
- This means that you can apply to Master's programmes in all European universities
- The study programme consists of multiple courses which are concentrated in European Union law and international law
- These courses will give a great base for you to continue your studies and specialize in any field of law you prefer to

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook at MTÜ Õigus or via email at [email protected]

#taltech #tallinnuniversityoftechnology #law #lawstudents #lawstudentlife #eu #lawdegree #apply #university #estonia

Feedback form section I

Feedback form for Law & International students at Tallinn University of Technology.

Please note that all feedback will be delivered anonymously to the University management. Please give us a feedback on your previous semester. There are places for feedback on ten courses and on the next page there is a possibility to give other feedback or wishes for courses. Feedbacks will be read through with the University and lecturers. All your answers will be confidential and anon...

MTÜ Õigus representatives at the Castle Party 2019 would like to thank all participants from yesterday!

Now we are ready to finish the spring semester - Put your best effort on the exams and you will surely be crowned with success! ⚖️📚

Today we were greatly honoured to have our sponsor, Espoon Pesis coach us for the annual Õigus’ Finnish baseball match!
Thank you to all participants ☀️

Our Director of Foreign Affairs Wilma is representing MTÜ Õigus in the Youth Istanbul Project in Turkey! The project has kick-started this morning by exploring the Marmara Law School. @youthistanbul @ Istanbul, Turkey

For our Finnish-speaking members!

Töitä tarjolla lakiopiskelijoille!

Tallinkin laivoille haetaan "shopping hosteja" sekä lasten leikittäjiä. Õigus suosittelee lämpimästi laivatyötä opintojen ohelle!
Jos sinulle heräsi tarkempia kysymyksiä työn luonteesta, voit kysyä lisää hallituksemme varapuheenjohtajalta Alwar Holmberg ilta täällä Facebookissa tai p. +35850 330 6687.

Hakemukset osoitettava osoitteeseen [email protected].

Now that we have finally recovered from all the liqueur on Saturday night, we would like to extend a big thank you to @jagermeister and all our other sponsors for making the Annuall Ball happen!
Also thank you @eerikami and @noraeys for these lovely photos!
#mtuoigus #oigusweek #annualball #oigusannualball #jägermeister

The maroon team of MTÜ Õigus photographed today at the Tallinn 2019 Academic Student Olympic Games.
Thank you NESU Tallinn for our co-operation and most importantly for a hard-fought sporting game!

Only two days until our Annual Ball and the after party!
The amazing professional DJ Sasha Mirson who plays in FLEX at Club Hollywood will make us dance the whole night!
If you don`t have a ticket to our Annual Ball but you would like to attend the after party/Academic Herring Breakfast you can buy the ticket separately at the price of 5€
Send WhatsApp message to
Alwar +358503306687
Moona +358400221098

See you at the after party!

Õigus Week: Helsinki day

For our Finnish-speaking members!

Õigus järjestää vierailun Suomen Sisäministeriöön maanantaina 1.4. Tule mukaan tutustumaan ministeriön työtehtäviin sekä solmimaan arvokkaita kontakteja! Rekisteröityminen oheisen linkin kautta. 11:30-12:30 Visit to Ministry of the Interior (Sisäministeriö) of Finland (P.S! visit is held in Finnish) (Kirkkokatu 12, 00170 Helsinki, Finland) 12:30-16:30 Lunch & free time 16:30 Visit to Lex Gaudius and after work drinks (Hämeentie 19, 00500 Helsinki, Finland) (P.S! It is one's own responsib...


The Õigus' sixth Annual Ball this spring will take place on April 6th.

The Ball consists of a three-course dinner with drinks combined with academic drinking songs, speeches and performances.

More information coming soon!

Feedback Form

Hello everyone!
Since the new semester has started we are asking you to give us feedback of your previous semester and courses. There is a link to the feedback form and the result will be seen by the University. All the answers are sent anonymously.
If you could have time to fill in this form it would be great.
Thank you! Please give us feedback on your previous semester. There are places for feedback on ten courses and on the next page there is a possibility to give other feedback or wishes for courses. Feedbacks will be read through with the University and lecturers. All your answers will be confidential and anonym...

The board of Õigus wishes you a very Happy Christmas and a successful New Year! ❤️🎇

Thank you for a very interesting lecture yesterday! International Law Guild &NJORD Advokaadibüroo

Thank you, Niko Demchuk, from NJORD Advokaadibüroo for the extremely informative anti-money laundering presentation!

We hope you also enjoyed giving us the presentation and we welcome you back anytime!

All Õigus members have the opportunity to order one of these cool shirts, this year they will be burgundy! If you are interested, please come, try on and order yours at the Hang Out Evening tomorrow. Price of the shirt is approximately 35€.

If you are not interested in the shirts, we want you to come anyway and have a great night getting to know the new Board of Directors. This is the time for you to ask some questions or give suggestions what you would like to see during the upcoming year 2019.

Õigus is paying for some tables from 19 till 22 o'clock.

Kuulsaal is having their happy hour until 19 o'clock, so please come a bit early to grab two drinks for the price of one!

Dear Õigus members, we have exciting news for you! By showing our member card in Vunk bar you get a 20% discount on all drinks! 🍸 You can also get shisha and food at Vunk 🎉

We are proud to represent Õigus this weekend at the SAKKE Lawyer Event! Today’s conference was held in Viru hotel Grande hall. 🥂

We want to congratulate our Board of Directors for the next year!
Õigus Board of Directors 2019:
Chairwoman: Essi Lumiaho
Treasurer: Emilie Earl
Event Directors: Marco Morelli & Moona Pekkanen
Director of Foreign Affairs: Wilma Makkonen
Director of Study Matters: Iida Saarela
Directors of Business Relations: Alwar Holmberg & Kia Honkaharju
General Directors: Oskar Fogde & Sander Sagar

On the second picture you can see on the back row the retiring members of the board. In the middle are the continuing members of the board. Last but not least you will see fresh blood of the board of directors in the front row!


We are tired of writing cool captions on social media so we decided to let the video do the talking.
Õigus Virgin Sitsi 28.9.2018
Registration on Friday 14.9 at 18.00
Check out the details from our Facebook
#oigus #sitsi


Töitä tarjolla laivalla! Mahtava, nopeatempoinen ja vaihteleva työympäristö, sekä mukavat työkaverit.
Edellytyksenä: suomen kielen taito pakollinen, muista kielistä plussaa. Alkoholituotteiden tuntemuksesta myös lisäpisteitä, mutta tärkeintä, että on hyvä ja rento tyyppi, valmis oppimaan uutta ja myyntihenkinen.

Vapaamuotoiset hakemukset/CVt osoitteeseen: [email protected]

Howdy our lovely members!
We just wanted to remind you that our organization is not only about overalls and parties. We also provide some good benefits for our members.
By showing our member card in Fafa’s Solaris you will get French fries and homemade lemonade for free when buying any normal prized pita or meze-salad!
And if that made you thirsty you can have some drinks in Paar Veini where you will get -15% discount with our member card!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tallinn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Videos (show all)

Rebaste Ristimine 2014 - Freshman Dance




Akadeemia Tee 3

General information

With any questions regarding organization, studies or any other issues in mind, you can contact us by private message, phone or send us an e-mail. [email protected] Chairperson of the Board: Moona Pekkanen e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 40 0221098 Director of Study Matters: Sonja Kojo e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 44 3070498 Director of Foreign Affairs: Niina Häkkinen e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 40 7166666 Treasurer: Emilie Earl e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 50 4350341 Director of Business Relations: Iida Saarela & Aleksi Takala e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 44 3070498 e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 44 3500216 Event Director: Lauri Nykänen e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 44 3388033 General Directors: Kia Honkaharju & Wilma Salmenjaakko e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 40 0357424 e-mail: [email protected] phone: +358 40 8485123
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