English College Open

English College Open is an international World Schools debating tournament for high schools students. English College Open is an international World Schools debating tournament for high school students.

Operating as usual

Thank you for an amazing tournament and a special thank you to all participants.

We hope to see you again at English College Open 2021!

The organising team of ECO 2020

The winner of English College Open 2020 was decided in a tense Grand Final between teams Per Aspera (Lukas Eigelis, Ditė Elzbergaitė, Radvilas Pelanis) of Lithuania and Hugo Tix (Elisabeth Eerme, Markus Laanoja, Ellinor Sutt) of Estonia over the motion THP a techoncracy to a democracy

The win went to team Hugo Tix

Best speaker prize was awarded to Viktor Říha for an average of 72.25 points.

Congratulations to all the winners!

📸Kertu Tammjõe

[01/27/20]   We couldn't have done this tournament without our amazing sponsors! They are the ones who made ECO 2020 as good as possible.

Thank you to:
British Council
Eesti Väitlusselts
Reval Kondiiter
Decoration & Fleur

ECO final!

[01/25/20]   The social is happening at Roosikrantsi 3!
Break will be announced at 22:00 but doors are already open!

[01/24/20]   Those of you who are spending the night in the school: please come to the great hall! There will be an organiser who will tell you the room you will be staying in. Some changes have been made.

Our next workshop will be lead by Anna Karolin.

Anna Karolin works as an advisor in employment affairs for the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and as a argumentation trainer and consultant for Speaksmart. She has research fallacious reasoning in politics.

She is one of Estonia's most successful debaters, having reached to EUDC ESL semifinal and final in 2007 and 2012, been a national and a Baltic champion and top speaker in 2009-2010.

We are happy to announce Luke Churchyard!

Luke’s adjudication CV highlights: DCA for WSDC in 2018 (Croatia) and 2020 (Mexico). Broke as a judge at WSDC 2019 and judged the semi finals. CAed a number of other tournaments including ECO in 2018 and other tournaments In South Africa.

We are really happy that Luke will join CAP during ECO 2020.

The official schedule of English College Open 2020

Our next IA is Josh Ashworth!

A WUDC, EUDC and Oxford IV breaking speaker, who has won tournaments in Malaysia, Poland and The UK. Judged the ESL finals of the Asian BP Championships, the outrounds of two LSE Opens and CAd tournaments all over the UK and in Japan.

Q: If you could only speak one word a day, what would it be?
A: Yeet.

Q: What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?
A: Being prepared to sneeze and not being able to.

Q: What is your ideal WiFi name?
A: Keep it on the download.

Workshop on Motion 1 will be lead by Andreas Kaju!

Andreas Kaju is a founding Partner of Estonia's leading public affairs firm, which also has strong teams in Latvia and Lithuania.

Andreas has recently worked for clients in Financial Services, ICT, Food & Beverages Energy, Healthcare and Media as well as the public sector, counselling the government in international arbitration cases, climate change policy, labour benefits reform and large infrastructure projects.

Andreas began his career working in the Estonian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, one of the largest business organisations in Estonia. In public service, Andreas served as an Adviser to the Prime Minister, Adviser to the Minister of Defence, head of the centre-right conservative party’s parliamentary group staff and as Political Secretary of the party.

Our first workshop will be lead by Madis Vasser!

Madis is a technologist turned environmentalist, with a background in psychology. In the short talk he will explore the many "worlds" of environmentalism - the statistical, the economical, the political, the philosophical and the physical. These ideas come from years of working in the environmental movement, many great books, countless conferences, long policy documents and invaluable 1-to-1 conversations with key individuals. Which world are you saving?

Our next IA is Milla Huuskonen!

Athens EUDC 2019 Open Finalist, Thailand WUDC 2020 Open Octofinalist, Cambridge IV 2019 ESL Champion & Cambridge Women's Open 2019 Champion

Several dozens of judge breaks, including judging the finals of English College Open twice before

* What is in your fridge right now?
Fresh lemon grass, inspired by our recent visit Thailand!

* If you could only speak one word a day, what would it be?
Probably "(please) wait", to ask for people's patience while I look for something to write with.

* What is your favourite way to eat a potato?
In large quantities.

It’s time to announce our IAs!

Joona Suhonen

Debate achievements

Athens EUDC 2019 Open Grand Finalist, Thailand WUDC 2019 Open Octofinalist and Cambridge IV 2019 ESL Champion

Over 30 judge breaks including the English College Open in 2017 and 2019

Q: What should we do with people who wear socks with sandals?

A: Force them to defend their choice in a debate

Q: What is your ideal WiFi name?

A: Anything that stands out and is easy to notice. Long German words are ideal

Q: If you could un-invent something, what would it be?

A: It’s got to be one of the strange debate formats out there. Maybe one of the American ones.

[01/08/20]   SCHEDULE FOR ECO 2020

10.30-11.00 Registration @ Lobby
11.00-11.30 Opening @ Assembly Hall
11.45-12.45 Workshop 1 – TBA
13.00-13.45 Workshop 2 – TBA
13.45-14.45 Lunch @ Floor 0
14.45-15.45 Judges’ briefing @ Assembly Hall
14.45-15.35 Debaters’ prep time
15.35 👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
15.45-17.15 Round 1 (M1)
17.15-18.15 Dinner
18.15 👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
18.30-20.00 Round 2 (M2)
20.00-21.00 Free time / Showers
21.00 Social – TBA

8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9.40-10.00👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
10.00-11.00 Debaters’ prep time
11.00-12.30 Round 3 (Impro)
12.30-13.20 Lunch @ Floor 0
13.20-13.30 👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
13.30-15.00 Round 4 (M1)
15.00-15.50 Coffee Break @ front of announce hall
15.50-16.00 👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
16.00-17.30 Round 5 (M2)
17.30-18.20 Dinner
18.20-18.30 👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
18.30-19.30 Debaters’ prep time
19.30-20.45 Round 6 (Impro)
21.00-... Social TBA
22.00- Break announce followed by DJ

8:00-8:45 Breakfast
8.50-9.00👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
9.00-10.00 Debaters’ prep time
10.00-11.00 Quarter Finals
11.00-12.00 Packing
11.50-12.00 👉 Roll call / Announce @ Announce Room
12.00-13.00 Lunch / Debaters’ prep time
13.00-14.00 Semi Finals
14.00-14.30 Coffee Break
14.30-16.00 Finals
16.30-... Closing ceremony


ECO 2020 volunteers

New year, new ECO!

This is the 9th annual English College Open tournament! ECO is a World Schools debating tournament for middle and high school students.
Just like last year we need volunteers to make this massive tournament happen. To be a volunteer, you can be both from RÕK and IB.
Why you should consider being a volunteer at ECO? There are 5 simple answers:
1) for IB students - you can use this for your CAS (creativity, activity, service)!
2) will look good on your CV
3) you can practise your English - many people from aboard will take part in the tournament + the whole tournament is in English!
4) a classic reason: it will be a fun day with cool people! + a good experience
5) you do not really have to do any hard work 🙂

Your tasks as a volunteer will depend on where you will be assigned - from directing debaters to the right classroom to running around the school trying to find the right people 🙂
ALSO you can participate in the educational workshops!!
If you have any additional questions you can put them in the Google Form down below or message me Michelle Kiik directly via messenger or stuudium

Hope to see you soon!!
Organisers of ECO


docs.google.com Hey! Thanks for considering being a volunteer in our 9th annual English College Open tournament! Reasons why you should do it: 1) for IB students - you can use this for your CAS (creativity, activity, service)! 2) will look good on your CV 3) you can practise your English - many people from aboard w...

The motions for English College Open 2020 are here!




“But why should I register?” we hear you asking

Thank you for asking, ECO is a debate tournament in the same format as the World Championships and after competing in ECO you will have the perfect skill set to apply to the World Championships team! And in addition to debates, there will be workshops to perfect your debating skills.

AND! ECO is an international event! So not only will you get amazing debating experience, you will also make new friends and meet great people from ALL around the world and see how debate is done there!

PS: For early birds the fee is smaller 😉 So don’t wait!


docs.google.com English College Open is an international World Schools debating tournament for high schools students taking place on the 24th to 26th of January 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia. The event is organised by Tallinn English College Debating Club. Info: [email protected] FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/767...

We are happy to announce that our DCA (Deputy Chief Adjudicator) is Carl-Martin Keerberg!

Carl is the Estonian Champion on secondary school, high school and university level. He has represented Estonia at the WSDC 3 times as a debater, once as a coach and once as a judge. At the last WUDC in Cape Town, he broke in EFL and ESL categories. He also broke into ESL and Open outrounds at the last EUDC in Athens. Noteworthy finals breaks include LSE Open, SSE Riga IV, Helsinki Open and Liverpool IV. Carl has won the Estonian Open and topped the tab at English College Open.

It’s finally time to introduce our CA Lucía Arce Cubas!

Lucía Arce Cubas is the 2018 double best speaker in Europe, a DCA for the upcoming Thailand WUDC, and a CA for Madrid EUDC 2021. She has reached the open finals of the LSE Open, the open and ESL semifinals of the Oxford IV, and been a top ten speaker at both tournaments, as well as the 4th best speaker at the European Round Robin. In addition, Lucía is the 2018 World Masters champion, as well as the winner and/or best speaker of over 20 other competitions - including Glasgow Ancients, Belgrade Open, and the KCL Open.

English College Open

English College Open's cover photo

Grand Final motion for English College Open 2019 is –> This House Would break up megacities

Invitation to the 8th English College Open in Tallinn, Estonia! - https://mailchi.mp/88d6c32b504f/invitation-to-the-7th-english-college-open-377427

English College Open's cover photo

English College Open

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ITÜK - IT-teaduskonna üliõpilaskogu ITÜK - IT-teaduskonna üliõpilaskogu
Akadeemia Tee 15a, ICT-314

ITÜK on olemas selleks, et IT tudengitel oleks ülikoolis veelgi parem ja lõbusam õppida, palju huvitavat ette võtta ning erinevaid võimalusi end harida!

EKA Uusmeedia EKA Uusmeedia
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TalTech majandusanalüüsi ja rahanduse instituut TalTech majandusanalüüsi ja rahanduse instituut
Akadeemia Tee 3
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Tallinna Ülikooli Spordiklubi Tallinna Ülikooli Spordiklubi
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Kõikide Tallinna Ülikooli spordisõprade kogunemiskoht! Värskeim info spordiüritustest ning Spordiklubi uudistest! Jõusaal avatud : E-R 07:30-21:00 A page, where all the TU sport friends gather together! Gym opened Monday to Friday 07:30-21:00

The HCI group at Tallinn University The HCI group at Tallinn University
Narva Mnt 29
Tallinn, 10120

From understanding people, their needs and their expectations, to designing, developing and evaluating interactive technologies.

EKA graafika EKA graafika
Põhja Puiestee 7
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Graafika õppetool / Chair of Graphic Art

TLÜ Üliõpilaskonna Kultuuriklubi TLÜ Üliõpilaskonna Kultuuriklubi
Narva Mnt 25
Tallinn, 10120

Saa kiire ülevaade tulevatest ja minevatest tudengiüritustest! LIITU MEIEGA - [email protected]

TalTech Majandusteaduskonna Üliõpilaskogu TalTech Majandusteaduskonna Üliõpilaskogu
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Astu julgelt meie liikmeks! Liikmeks astumise ankeet: https://forms.gle/jug1MGeMux1gySrb9 Lisainfo: www.ttu.ee/mtyn Jälgi meid ka Instagramis: @taltech_mtuk

Power Electronics Group of TalTech Power Electronics Group of TalTech
Ehitajate Tee 5
Tallinn, 19086

Research in the Power Electronics Group is focused on the development and experimental validation of new state of the art power electronic converters for such demanding applications as rolling stock, automotive, telecom and renewable energy systems.

Sotsiaal-Humanitaar Infokool Sotsiaal-Humanitaar Infokool
Peterburi Tee 47
Tallinn, 11415

FORTIS KOOLITUS OÜ Meie põhitegevuseks on täiskasvanute koolitamine, täiend- ja ümberõpe. http://www.shi.ee

Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / Estonian Academy of Arts Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / Estonian Academy of Arts
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If you'd like to post your event or any other news on Estonian Academy of Art's wall, please use the open group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1146782863

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