Course 1. Electronics and Semiconductor Engineering. Course 2. Power Electronics Electronics and Semiconductor Engineering

1. Introduction (About the course.

Historical introduction. Electronic components, devices, and systems. Mathematical description and laws. Classification)
2. Semiconductors (current in conductors and semiconductors, intrinsic semiconductors, recombination, doping, pn junction, depletion layer, biasing, avalanche and Zener effects)
3. Diodes (output characteristic, biasing, power diode, varactor, Zener, Schottky, tunnel diodes, opt

Operating as usual

[05/08/20]   Q:
I'd prefer to enhance my SC grade using the link TRY. Does it mean that my rounding-up best result will be considered as my grade?

Please, read carefully before TRY: "Grading method: Last attempt". Once you finish, I'll read your last attempt only.

[03/31/20]   Q:
I have problems with circuit drawing at my home computer. Can I draw the circuits manually?

Yes, of course. Many students draw their circuit diagrams using a paper, pencil and ruler. Follow the standards published in Moodle. The lines must be straight. Do not confuse resistors and fuses, diodes and thyristors, bulbs and buttons. You may omit all measuring devices, fuses, and switches. However, do not miss supply transformers and device designations.

[03/25/20]   Q:
Where can I train?

Use the link TRY in AAV0060 quizzes. It doesn't affect your current grade. However, I may revise all your attempts there.

[03/25/20]   Q:
I am not satisfied with my current grade. Can I take an exam in SC via Internet?

Try to reach maximal grades in shortest times taken for each attempt. I'll follow your progress mining a number of attempts, days, weeks, etc. In case of failure, you are welcome to an in-person exam in June.

Good luck ;)

[03/13/20]   Dear ATV0080 participants,

Due to the closure of the University, the classes scheduled for 16-20th of March are postponed to later dates, but your Moodle reports are still welcome. Find your current score in Grades of AVV0060, add there your bonus from ATV0080, round up this sum, and, after finalising the labs, enjoy the grade for the SC part of ATV0080. However, if you are not satisfied with that, design up to five additional exercises from the Multisim manual (0.2 bonus scores each) and demonstrate them in class once the lessons will resume. Instead, in-person exam is possible later also, as well as the re-examination in June.


[03/09/20]   Q:
I failed some reports. Can I take bonus practices and exam?

No. At least 6 practices have to be passed and reported successfully for admission to the bonus practices and exam.



What are the examination rules?

Supply Converters (SC) is a first part of the ATV0080 course. The grade for this part counts 50% of the final grade for ATV0080. From the 1st of September, exam rules for SC are published in the slides of Lecture 1 (https://moodle.taltech.ee/course/view.php?id=10782#section-5) on the AAV0060 Moodle page. The full list of exam questions is published as “SC Exam questions” in https://moodle.taltech.ee/course/view.php?id=30053 on the ATV0080 Moodle page

This exam is produced in the form of a Moodle quiz: 10 questions across the full SC course part, without any complementary sources, in NRG-431 from March 16 to March 19 or in the re-examination date in June.

Before examination, you can take unlimited number of attempts with immediate feedback in the 5-score grading system using the link TRY (https://moodle.taltech.ee/mod/quiz/view.php?id=102149) on the AAV0060 Moodle page. These attempts do not affect your grade.

However, if you have a bonus from weekly quizzing and additional practice works, you can consider this bonus as your exam grade without exam attendance.


[02/22/20]   Q:
How many circuit diagrams should I plot in the Lab report?

Only one circuit diagram is requested, where an input of your converter is connected to the supply transformer and its output - to the load (see the Sample report). Commonly, it looks like the diagram in your Multisim report. Use any available toolkit for plotting: Multisim, Simulink, Cads, Paint, Word, etc. Do not copy either the manual or your classmates please, since the plagiarism checker is active in Moodle.

[02/21/20]   Q:
Can I do my lab in some other day instead of the one indicated in the Lab Distribution file?

You shouldn't. Follow your schedule please, since the number of students in teams is limited to 3 in terms of safety.

[02/02/20]   Q:
I've got FAIL for my report. What should I do now?

Read my feedback please. Correct your report. And re-upload it again.

[01/27/20]   Q:
Unfortunately I'll be able to attend the course only starting from the third week. Of course I can ask classmates for materials, however, are there any special activities during the first two weeks (labs, group works etc.)? If so, how should I treat them?

Please, self-enroll to ATV0080_en using the key 'drives2020s' and find 'Action plan' there to familiarize with the course schedule.

[04/24/19]   Q:
A would like to try examination questions. What is an enrolment key to AAV0060?

Enrolment key is AAV0060. After self-enrolment, wait please for the teacher to approve your entrance, and then launch TRY.

[03/14/19]   Q:
It’d be nice if the slides could also serve as a study form.

I guess the final assessment has to open your real knowledge and understanding. It might not be based on the lecture slides only – the list of textbooks is published on the Moodle page and in the first lecture presentation. The slides recall only what is telling about in your lecture notes.

There won’t be an exam? The only way to get a grade in your half (Supply Converters) is by doing the quiz?

Different forms of exams exist. It does not necessary involve writing or oral explanations of studied topics. In the present case, you are invited to answer 10 questions. The full list of questions is published in Moodle from the beginning of the semester and clarified at lectures. The consultations continue until the semester end of course.

The final course grade will be an average of your half (Supply Converters) and the half (Control of Machines), which is independent from yours?

The final grade will depend on the results from both parts. It may be fifty-fifty or forty-sixty, we did not decide jet. As well, we look forward to hearing your views. The second part of the course is not separated from the first one. It is based on the first part, because supply converters are required to control machines.

How many times can I take the quiz? I really want a 5 from your class.

You may take this exam every 10 days, until the semester end. Therefore, you can achieve your goal if you really want.

During the quiz/exam, will we be able to use our materials? Or will it be without any materials (computer, notes, etc)?

Without any materials (copies, notes, computer, phone, internet, etc.). The grade depends on your knowledge only (memory, numeracy, thinking ability).


[03/13/19]   Q:
What is my grade in Supply Converters?

1. Please, summarise the scores of all your quizzes and bonuses and round up this sum.
2. If you are not satisfied, learn more from textbooks and lecture slides and try your knowledge in Moodle (AAV0060 Quizzes/TRY).
3. Once you will feel your readiness, write me to decide the date of your demonstration on the laboratory PC. The new value will replace your current grade. If you are not satisfied again, return to item 2.

All the best ;)

[03/13/19]   Q:

Boost converter. Uout ?

Thank you. Corrected for everybody who has the same error!

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