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Toastmasters Tallinn


Hello, hello!
Good news: we have winners for Pathways Award.
26 clubs, who`s all members (100%) are enrolled & completed an ice-breaker by 31st december 2021.
Certificates & awards are comming to you!
🎉🎉Congratulations🎉🎉 for:
1. A01 ASBIRO Toastmasters
2. A01 Olsztyn Toastmasters
3. A02 Toastmasters Centrum
4. A03 Toastmasters Business Leaders
5. A03 Speakers In-Spire by BNP Paribas
6. A04 Vistula Toastmasters Leaders
7. B01 Toastmasters Tallinn
8. B01 Toastmasters Kaunas English
9. B02 Tampere Toastmasters
10. B03 U-Rock Toastmasters
11. B04 Keilaniemi Toastmasters
12. B04 Finlandia Toastmasters
13. C02 ProMova Toastmasters: клуб ораторського мистецтва
14. C04 Klub Zaawansowany Toastmasters Wrocław
15. C04 Credit Suisse Toastmasters Wroclaw Club
16. C04 Spott WrocLove
17. D02 Toastmasters Kraków Public Speaking Club
18. D04 University of Rzeszów Toastmasters Club
19. E01 Bydgoszcz Toastmasters Professionals
20. E02 Tricity Toastmasters
21. E02 Toastmasters Sopot Leaders
22. E02 State Street Gdańsk Toastmasters
23. E03 The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
24. F02 Zlatoust Masters - Russian Speaking Toastmasters club
25. F03 Saint Petersburg Toastmasters Club
26. F04 Nazarbayev University Toastmasters Club - NUTC

Thank you for keeping quality of education in your clubs!

Best wishes,
Monika Szlachta
District 108 Program Quality Director
Hallo Toastmasters!
Confident Voices Vilnius with Ana Sia in front as well as her dedicated team is organizing this event below.

Pls., read all information below and show up yourself or tell that friend to participate :)

Regards from Lithuania!

Hello !
Attention please! We need attention to non - TM people to our TM clubs!
I would like to share this event with you and ask to show that to your friends or communities of people who may benefit from what we do in the toastmasters clubs.
I’ve been organising the event, team, teamwork, agenda and the visuals myself.
On the screen there will be bright speakers from different clubs of our district and even evaluator from Prague, who also can be called a real TM Evangelist) Lukas Liebich.

It is free, interactive and must be fun to participate as a guest.
Let’s show that to other people! Show them what you do here in the club))

It is 90 minutes - for them to find out how Toastmasters conquer stage fright and develop their public speaking capabilities by practicing speeches in a friendly environment.
Together we will speak, improvise, evaluate, share, learn, motivate, smile & enjoy our time!

Please tell you non -TM friends and others, who may be interested in this experience, that the tickets are free, but the registration in advance mandatory:

Let’s have a good time together!
Ana ♥️
See selgub juba täna :)
We're a team and we're Strong Together!
Fellow Toastmasters!
Wonderful opportunity to use your PR skills or learn some new.

Toastmasters Tallinn is the first Toastmasters club in Estonia which was founded in 2001.

Our club’s mission is to practice public speaking, effective listening, and other valuable skills in a safe and open-minded environment. Toastmasters gives you the skills and confidence to express yourself in different situations. Whether you’re a leader, a student, or a specialist, Toastmasters offers you the most effective and enjoyable process to improve your communication skills. You'll discover a new world of exciting opportunities by learning to formulate and express your thoughts clearly.

Operating as usual


New day. New challenge. New accomplishment.
We are thrilled to welcome new members to our club, Toastmasters Tallinn. Together we help each other grow and develop.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 14/01/2023

[RECAP] Restart, 12.01.2023

It was a fresh start of the New Year. If improving public speaking happens to be one of your New Year’s resolutions, Toastmasters is the right place to be.


In Toastmasters we have a Word of the Day in each meeting. It is usually related to the theme of the meeting. It helps our participants increase their vocabulary. Each speaker is encouraged to use the Word of the Day.


🇬🇧 We wish you all a Happy New Year! Let this new year bring new aspirations, friendships, and peace!
🇪🇪 Head uut aastat!
🇪🇪 Vaimule valgust, kehale kergust, hingele rõõmu!
🇪🇪 Soovin, et uus aasta tuleks edukam ja produktiivsem!
🇪🇪 Loodan, et uus aasta tuleb ilus ja täis rõõmu.
🇪🇪 Soovin palju kordaminekuid uuel aastal!
🇱🇻 Lai laime un mīlestība ir jaunā 2023. gada pavadoņi!
🇧🇦 Sretna Nova Godina!
🇺🇦 З Новим роком та Різдвом! Всім добра,світла , посмішок, тепла! Нехай в новому році всі мрії здійснюються
🇻🇳 Chúc mừng năm mới! Năm mới chúc bạn thực hiện được những dự định còn dang dở, quen thêm những người bạn mới, đến những vùng đất mới.

From Toastmasters Tallinn with love 💕

See you all next year! The first meeting is on 12.01.2023. 🎉🎉🎉

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 26/12/2022

As a tradition, the club president, Aleix, handed out the Certificate of Appreciation to our club members to acknowledge their achievements in 2022.

In Toastmasters Tallinn, you can not only hone your public speaking skills but also develop your leadership and teamwork skills. In that process, you are maximizing your potential and enjoying unlimited personal growth.

We wish you all a more successful journey next year!


The Claus-some Christmas party could not happen without our Christmas elves. As one member joked that we had more helpers than participants. Thank you all for elevating the spirit of the party.

On this occasion, Toastmasters Tallinn also would like to express our gratitude to Draper Startup House Estonia for always being on our side. We love your ultimate support for our club.

To our guests and future members, we wish you all Happy Holidays!

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 21/12/2022

[RECAP] Ugly sweater and Beauty Pageant, 15.12.2022
Part 2

It was not an ordinary meeting also because we had an Ugly Sweater Beauty Pageant Contest instead of a speech contest. Our contests had brought their best ugliest handmade and store-bought sweaters to the contest. Every contest needs a winner. And the winners were:
🥉Ayokunle & Marc

Our host, Kris, realized something on that day. "There cannot be such a thing as an ugly sweater when it is worn by beautiful people".

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 19/12/2022

[RECAP] Ugly sweater and Beauty Pageant, 15.12.2022
Part 1

Our club had the last meeting of the year, which was also a Christmas party. It was not an ordinary usual meeting. First, it was hosted by two energetic hosts: Kris and Tiina. Second, there were no prepared speeches but it was filled with games instead. We had four game masters:
- Joosep: Spider!
- Mihkel: Master mind
- Everiin: Dream
- Reiner: Three things

... to be continued ...

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 12/12/2022

New day. New challenge. New accomplishment.
We are thrilled to welcome new members to our club, Toastmasters Tallinn. Together we help each other grow and develop.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 09/12/2022

[RECAP] Your skills in spotlight, 08.12.2022

Thank our lovely member, Joosep, we had a beautiful setup like a stage with spotlights. Unfortunately, he was sick; therefore, our member, Thai, stepped in to host the meeting instead. Despite the cold weather, we had a fun and cozy meeting. Our member, Sara, who was the Table Topics Master, really entertained the audience with her challenges.

Best Speaker: Dagnija
Best Evaluator: Kris
Best Table Topics Speaker: Kris


In Toastmasters we have a Word of the Day in each meeting. It is usually related to the theme of the meeting. It helps our participants increase their vocabulary. Each speaker is encouraged to use the Word of the Day.


Make the best New Year´s pledge for yourself and start your New Year with Toastmasters Tallinn!

🗣️ Improve your public speaking skills in a supportive environment
* give prepared speeches
* receive evaluations
* practice giving evaluations
* and practice impromptu speeches

🤝 Build your leadership skills by taking leadership roles in the club
* be the host of the evening
* take the role of general evaluator
* take the roles of the timer, ah-counter, and other
* become a board member

💫 Enjoy unlimited personal growth within and outside of the community
* magnify your network
* connect with like-minded people
* use your improved skills at work or in your private life
* Improve your English skills
* train your brain in speech writing in English
* overcome your insecurities speaking in English
* become more confident speaking English

👍 And remember: when it gets better, it gets better!

Toastmasters Tallinn is waiting for you!

You are welcome to visit our meeting as a guest on 08.12.22 and our Christmas Party on 15.12.22
See you!

❗️Special offer 105 € is valid until 05.01.2023

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 25/11/2022

[RECAP] Advancement, 24.11.2022

Our first meeting in a new venue. It’s spacious and bright yet still cozy enough. Our host, Ayokunle, set a professional tone for the meeting. Specially, the Table Topics section was dedicated to our guests. Most of our guests had the chance to express themselves on the stage.

Best Speaker: Kris
Best Evaluator: Sara
Best Table Topics Speaker: Anna


In Toastmasters we have a Word of the Day in each meeting. It is usually related to the theme of the meeting. It helps our participants increase their vocabulary. Each speaker is encouraged to use the Word of the Day.


Dear Toastmasters Tallinn members and guests!
We're moving!!! We are still in Tallinn, still on the same street, but 300 meters away from the previous location.
Our NEW club meeting location is Uus 12, Tallinn. The entrance is from the gate (red location mark on the photo). There will be signs to guide you.
See you all on this Thursday at 18:00 at our brand-new venue!

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 14/11/2022

Happy monday dear fellow Toastmasters and dear friends🤩

What a blast we had last saturday! Our club had the honour to be the host for the Division B Humorous Speech and Table Topics contest. Weeks and weeks of preparation in a team work with areas and the division members for the common goal - to create the most welcoming atmosphere and the smoothest flow of the contest for all participants from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland! How it went? Pictures speak more than 1000 words! 😄

Furthermore we are truly proud of our club members Joosep Sõnajalg and Thai Nguyen who represented our club in the Humorous Speech contest! Congratulation to you for your outstanding performances! 💙🖤🤍

Congratulations to Thai Nguyen for winning the second place in the contest! 🥳

Massive thanks to all the members who participated and supported this event! ❤

And thank you Raido Huberg for capturing the emotions in the photos! 😀

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 11/11/2022

[RECAP] Language, 10.11.2022

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” (Charlemagne)

Best Speaker: Tiina
Best Evaluator: Joosep
Best Table Topics: David


In Toastmasters we have a Word of the Day in each meeting. It is usually related to the theme of the meeting. It helps our participants increase their vocabulary. Each speaker is encouraged to use the Word of the Day.


Metamorphosis of an ugly voice

Toastmasters is not only for novice speakers but also for intermediate/advanced speakers. As an experienced speaker, Toastmasters is a playground where you can freely and safely experiment your speech. That's what Anu did. She gave us her work-in-progress speech. She wanted to test out how the audience reacts to her speech. She accomplished her mission excellently.


Preparing a speech is just as easy as building IKEA furniture

Jürgen shared with us step-by-step for preparing a speech.


The biggest Toastmasters event in Tallinn is about to take place on next Saturday (12.11.2022)—the Division B District 108 Speech Contest.
We have two contestants from our club, Joosep Sõnajalg and Thai Nguyen, are competing at the Humorous speech contest.
Can’t wait to see you all at the contest!


We’ve got a birthday card from our district 108. Happy birthday to Toastmasters Tallinn! 🎉🎉🎉


In Toastmasters we have a Word of the Day in each meeting. It is usually related to the theme of the meeting. It helps our participants increase their vocabulary. Each speaker is encouraged to use the Word of the Day.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 28/10/2022

[RECAP] Public speaking: From theory to practice, 27.10.2022

Everyone has a story to tell. Jürgen Soom helped us to build the speech as if building a piece of IKEA furniture. Reiner Jõgi gave us tips how to add some humors to your speech to lighten it up. Anu Tähemaa told us why you should not waste your time and others if you aren’t prepared. Sara Sinha told us why feedback is so important to help us improve.

In the Table Topics section, our host Thai Nguyen, has selected some common situations where you need to speak spontaneously. Joosep Sõnajalg nailed it successfully with his speech on a bachelor party.

PS: On 12.11.2022 we are expecting you all at the Division B, District 108 Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest in Tallinn.


Having beliefs has made my life easy

Harri shared his core beliefs and how having beliefs in general has made his life easy. One was about how outside world is reflection of the inner and the other was about the hindsight window and how to close it as soon as possible.


The path to extraordinary

We often think of challenges as hardships that we have to endure. This talk is about starting to see challenges as tools that work for us, not against us. The more we challenge ourselves, the faster we grow and the easier it becomes for us to live an extraordinary life.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 17/10/2022

May I have your attention please?
We’ve a major announcement to make. Our club attended the B1 Area Contest last week. Both of our members, Joosep Sõnajalg and Thai Nguyen, proceeded to the next level contest, Division Contest which is held in Tallinn in November. 🎉🎉🎉

Table Topics Contest
🥉 Thai Nguyen

Humorous Speech Contest
🥇 Joosep Sõnajalg
🥈 Thai Nguyen

In November, at the Division Contest, we’re expecting Toastmasters clubs from Latvia 🇱🇻, Lithuania 🇱🇹, Finland 🇫🇮, and Estonia 🇪🇪 to participate in the contest. For information related to the Division contest will come later.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 15/10/2022

Our contestants (Joosep and Thai), and delegates (Kris, Ayokunle, and Sara) are rocking the Area Speech Contest in Vilnius. Stay tuned!

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 14/10/2022

[RECAP] Staying hungry, 13.10.2022

What we learned today can be outdated by tomorrow, that’s why we need to keep learning.

Best speakers: Kris Konsap and Reiner Jõgi
Best evaluator: Everiin Silas
Best Table Topics Speaker: Thai Nguyen

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 03/10/2022

New day. New challenge. New accomplishment.
We are thrilled to welcome three new members to our club, Toastmasters Tallinn. They are Harri, Tiina, and Karl. Together we help each other grow and develop.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 30/09/2022

[RECAP] Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest, 29.09.2022

Dear Toastmasters members and guests!
We had the Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest. And we have chosen the winners who are representing Toastmasters Tallinn (and Estonia at large) at the Area Contest in Vilnius on 15.10.2022.

The winners are …
… for the Humorous Contest
🥇 Thai
🥈 Joosep
🥉 Mihkel

… for the Table Topics Contest
🥇 Thai
🥈 Rajul
🥉 Anees

Vilnius, here we come!


As Toastmasters Tallinn is the only Toastmasters community club in Estonia, we are super excited to know that people are eager to build a new club elsewhere in Estonia. If you are one of them, this post is for you.

First, visit at least one club to see how Toastmasters club functions. Each club has its own personality. Check out a few clubs to see what kind of club environment you want to build.
At the meeting, have a chat with experienced Toastmasters members to understand the process. In fact, Toastmasters International is structured into geographical areas called Districts and each District has a team of Toastmasters leaders whose central role is to support starting a new club. Contact the New Clubs team for assistance in locating the District leader in your area.

Second, to start a new club, you must have at least 20 members (17 of whom cannot belong to another Toastmasters club, except in the case of advanced clubs, where dual membership is a prerequisite) and a physical or online meeting location.
There are two main types of Toastmasters clubs—corporate and community-based. Decide what kind of club you want to form.

Third, if you’re ready to charter a club, please email [email protected].

For detailed information, please go through the following article.


No Victor, No Vanquished

Our member, Ayokunle, gave a speech on a difficult subject, depression. Depression might be in us or someone around us. What should we do?


In Toastmasters we have a Word of the Day in each meeting. It is usually related to the theme of the meeting. It helps our participants increase their vocabulary. Each speaker is encouraged to use the Word of the Day.

Videos (show all)

No Victor, No Vanquished
Kris celebrated his birthday by hosting a Toastmasters meeting where we all could celebrate life. Happy birthday 🎉
A Stylish Perfectionist
But what if
The only constant is change
Head taasiseseisvumispäeva!
MOROCCAN TEAPOT Joosep told a story from his trip to Morocco which brought him many small misfortunes. It was a reminder...
How to fast track your public speaking skills?
My fairytale
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