Toastmasters Tallinn

Toastmasters Tallinn is the first Toastmasters club in Estonia which was founded in 2001.

Our club’s mission is to practice public speaking, effective listening, and other valuable skills in a safe and open-minded environment. Toastmasters gives you the skills and confidence to express yourself in different situations. Whether you’re a leader, a student, or a specialist, Toastmasters offers you the most effective and enjoyable process to improve your communication skills. You'll discover a new world of exciting opportunities by learning to formulate and express your thoughts clearly.

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Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 12/04/2024

[RECAP] Permission to laugh 11.04.2024

Yesterday we had a good laugh training in Toastmasters Tallinn 😃 Thanks to the host Sara and Table Topics master Jürgen we heard funny and some serious stories from members and guests.

Also we had three prepared speeches by Patricia, Matus and Ondrej. Congratulations to Matus for winning the Best Speaker title of the evening 🥳

Huge Thanks to all the guests who came and participated in the Table topics session called "Debate Championship". Both participants of the final got the Best Table Topics ribbons 🤩 Congratulations!

We are looking forward to seeing you on our next meeting 25.04. Save the date!

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 11/04/2024

🔥🔥🔥 Huge congratulations to our member Jürgen for winning the 1st place in the Area B1 International speech contest 🥳 and for the 3rd place in the Evaluation speech contest.🥳

The Area B1&B3 contests took place last saturday 06.04.2024 in Riga. Thank you Riga Toastmasters for welcoming our club memebers and for hosting such an amazing event 😊

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 29/03/2024

[RECAP] Open House, 28.03.24

The host, Jürgen, explained the structure of Toastmasters and what Toastmasters can offer to our guests. Two speakers of the meeting, Dagnija and Thai, demonstrated two variations of a Toastmasters project. It can be a 5-7-minute speech or a long 20-minute speech.
To encourage guests to participate in the Table Topics, the topics were revealed in advance and participants can choose the topic by themselves.

Best Table Topics: Farusil

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 15/03/2024

[RECAP] Creativity 14.03.24

As the theme of the meeting reveals - it was a creative evening in Toastmasters Tallinn :-D
Thanks to our host, Pauline, all the participants were challenged to think and to express themselves creatively.
Pauline prepared one surprise: a creative game for 4 volunteers and they mastered it exceptionally.
As well the Table Topics made the speakers to be very creative :-D

Congratulations to Patricia for giving her ice-breaker speech! And thanks to Hang for sharing her story behind poem writing.

Ice-breaker: Patricia
Best Table Topics: Fiyin (guest)

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 02/03/2024

[RECAP] International Speech & Evaluation Contest, 29.02.24

"What motivates you to participate in the contests?", I asked the contestants.
Contestant 1: What is a better way to improve public speaking than actually doing it? Contestant 2: It's a challenge for you to step out of your comfort zone.
Contestant 3: The contests are for you if you are competitive, and I'm competitive.

International Speech Contest
🥇 Jürgen Soom
🥈 Hang Thu Nguyen
🥉 Ondrej Kokoska

Evaluation Contest
🥇 Jürgen Soom
🥈Ondrej Kokoska

See you in the Area Contest in Riga on 06.04.2024!


Just two days left until the Toastmasters Tallinn Speech Contest! 🤩
Here's the preliminary agenda for the event. Looking forward to seeing you all there! 🥳

🪶 Please note that the agenda is subject to change.


Get ready for an exciting new season of speech contests at Toastmasters Tallinn!

Kicking off the year, we present the International Speech & Evaluation Contest.
Date and time: 29.02.2024, 18:00-20:00
Location: Maakri 19 (Maakri Kvartal, WIP Maakri, building A, 2nd floor), 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

Join us for an evening of exceptional speeches and insightful evaluations. While the contest format differs from our regular meetings, we'll provide all the details to our audience on the contest day.

Come witness the audacity of our members as they conquer the stage and inspire with their words! Don't miss out on celebrating the triumphs of our winners!


Happy Lunar New Year! 🎉🌸✨
May this Year of the Dragon bring abundance, good fortune, and opportunities for success to all who celebrate 🐉. Here's to embracing growth, fostering connections, and achieving greatness together with Toastmasters Tallinn!


Our guests and members had a fantastic time learning about the Lunar New Year in Vietnam while honing their public speaking skills. 🎉 It was such a rewarding and enjoyable activity that allowed everyone to delve into new cultural experiences while enhancing their communication abilities.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 03/02/2024

[RECAP] Lunar New Year, 01.02.24

Our host, Thai, conducted a warm-up session where guests and members practiced public speaking by introducing the Lunar New Year. The Table Topics mimicked the customs of asking for calligraphic words (Thư pháp) in Vietnam. Participants brought home the word that they chose as a reminder of what to expect in the upcoming year.

Best Table Topics: Ayokunle

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 19/01/2024

[RECAP] Keep it simple, stupid, 18.01.24

The phrase “Keep it simple, stupid” (or KISS as an acronym) was coined in 1960 by an aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson in the US Navy. The KISS principle suggests that simplicity is crucial for optimal system functioning, emphasizing the importance of keeping designs simple and avoiding unnecessary complexity.

Best Table Topics Speaker: Milo

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 08/01/2024

[RECAP] Toastmasters Tallinn & Confident Voices Vilnius Toastmasters Club

The very first joint meeting brought nervousness and excitement. Although we faced challenges with technical problems, the meeting was a success. We had 2 speakers and 2 evaluators from each club. It's always exciting to receive refreshing ideas and new perspectives.


May the coming year bring you the courage to speak with eloquence, the confidence to lead with grace, and the wisdom to inspire others. May each Toastmasters meeting be a platform for growth, learning, and building lasting connections.

Happy holidays!

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 23/12/2023

[RECAP] Christmas party, 21.12.23

There's something truly miraculous that our life trajectories have woven together, leading us to an incredible place: Toastmasters Tallinn. With each meeting, you have shared a piece of your story with us, creating our collective experience. Those moments are more than just anecdotes; they're threads binding us together.

Christmas, a perfect occasion to express gratitude for the year's shared moments, was elevated by our hosts, Jürgen and Pauline. They curated additional memorable moments: a round of 2 facts and 1 lie, debates on enjoying blood sausage and gingerbread in summer, or pineapple on pizza.

Now, let's shine a spotlight on the Snowman-themed sweater competition. Dagnija clinched victory with her creative masterpiece. To cap off an extraordinary year, we proudly crowned Dagnija and Thai as the Toastmasters of the Year, recognizing their exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication.

As we reflect on this magical evening, our hearts overflow with gratitude for the shared laughter, the warmth of friendships, and the collective growth we've experienced together.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 08/12/2023

[RECAP] Panel discussion: Communication in digital era, 07.12.23

Communicating on online platforms has gained popularity since the pandemic. We still keep this form of communication after the lockdown due to its convenience. However, communicating in person is not the same as virtually.

Our panelists have suggested using the platform that is most comfortable for you and your audience. For example, most of our panelists chose Zoom because of its popularity and record-saving function. If you want to create online content, try different platforms as they target different groups of audiences. TikTok has a better algorithm than YouTube; however, YouTube has a better chance of monetizing your content.

When speaking to the online audience, play with your voice and physical space more to engage the audience as well as create a personal connection. Interact with the audience, ask questions, and give them tasks to work on; that's how you keep them with you.

After the panel discussion, our audience also had a chance to experience being a panelist by participating in a Table Topics session. The winner of the Table Topics is Milo. Congrats!


Today's meeting agenda is here! Please be on time to catch all the witty moments and productive discussions of the meeting!



Continuing our Panelist Spotlight: "Communication in the Digital Era". The last on our panel is Manan Anwar!

🔧 Manan Anwar: Bridging Design and Engineering with Digital Creativity

Manan is a designer and mechanical engineer by profession. His journey extends beyond the technical realm, as he has seamlessly embraced the digital landscape as a YouTuber and content creator for LinkedIn. Manan's ability to bridge the worlds of design and engineering while leveraging digital platforms for content creation makes him a standout in today's dynamic communication landscape.

Originally from Pakistan, Manan has made Estonia his home for the past 9 years. His unique perspective, shaped by diverse cultural influences, adds a rich layer to his insights on digital communication.

Get ready to gain valuable insights from Manan Anwar on navigating the digital realm in our upcoming panel discussion!



Continuing our Panelist Spotlight: "Communication in the Digital Era". Next up on our panel is Anu Tähemaa.

🎭 Anu Tähemaa: Mastering Leadership through the Art of Performance

Anu Tähemaa is a seasoned expert with over 30 years in management, culture, education, and performing arts. Her journey, deeply rooted in the stage, led to the creation of the Corporate Maestro system, blending the best practices from the arts to enhance team performance and motivation.

Anu's vision emphasizes the proven benefits of art in business, from stress reduction to improved communication and productivity. Her extensive experience includes roles at prestigious institutions and international festivals, showcasing her expertise in leadership and team development.

Join us for Anu's transformative insights in our upcoming panel on "Communication in the Digital Era"!



We're thrilled to introduce our amazing panelists for the upcoming discussion on "Communication in the Digital Era." (07.12.2023). First up, let's meet Harri Parker!

🌿 Harri Parker: A Catalyst for Transformation

Harri's journey is nothing short of inspiring, as he triumphed over personal struggles with depression and discovered a whole new perspective on life through a dedicated focus on nutrition and health.

Not only did he graduate with Cum Laude honors in engineering, showcasing his exceptional analytical skills, but he also seamlessly combined those talents with a passion for public speaking. This dynamic fusion propelled him to excel as a project leader and an inspiring coach.

Get ready to be inspired by Harri's unique insights into communication in the digital era! Stay tuned for more introductions to our incredible panelists.

🌈 Harri's remarkable transformation, marked by significant improvements in both physical and mental health, fuels his mission to empower others to reach their fullest potential and discover their paths to happiness and well-being. 💪✨

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 28/11/2023

[RECAP] Division B Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests, 25.11.23

As promised, we brought snow to Tallinn to turn Black Friday into White Saturday to welcome our guests from Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania. Our guests had the most spectacular winter wonder in Tallinn while enjoying the best humorous speeches and Table Topics.

Humorous Speech Contest:
🥇Trang Pham Thuy (Helsinki Toastmasters Club)
🥈Lisa Salonen (Turku Toastmasters)
🥉Rajul Chande (Northern Speech Wizards Toastmasters Club)

Table Topics Contest:
🥇Michaela Kettner (Stadi Talkers)
🥈Dovile Kurpyte Lipnicke (Confident Voices Vilnius)
🥉Olga Ruoho (Helsinki Toastmasters Club, Northern Stars)

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 24/11/2023

[RECAP] Workaholism, 23.11.23

We are sometimes sucked into works. However, it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between work and daily life. Otherwise, is it truly worthwhile to risk burnout by overworking?

Best Table Topics: Sara
Ice Breaker speech: Matus


Grateful to Printify for the fantastic opportunity to collaborate on a public speaking workshop with Toastmasters Tallinn! This partnership was a win-win – our members had the chance to apply their expertise, and attendees gained valuable insights into overcoming public speaking challenges.

The workshop was a success, with an engaged audience, particularly during the insightful Q&A session. The flood of questions demonstrated a genuine thirst for knowledge. We addressed topics ranging from managing public speaking anxiety to handling challenging audiences and effective presentation preparation.

Looking forward to more collaborative ventures that empower individuals through skill development.

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 05/11/2023

On the 4th of November a 5-people delegation from Toastmasters Tallinn went to Riga to participate and to support the club members in the Area B1&B3 | Division B - Humorous speech & Table topics contest 🤩

We are happy to announce that in the Humorous Speech contest Jürgen Soom got the 2nd place and Thai Nguyen got the 3rd place 🥳

Im the Table topics contest Thai Nguyen got the 1st place and Tommaso D'Apuzzo got the 3rd place 🥳

Congratulations! 🤗 The 1st and 2nd place winners move on to the Division level, where they will compete with the best speakers from the Baltics and Finland!

We are extremly proud of our club members and wish them good luck in the Division B Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contests 🤩🔥🤩

Let's support them on 25.11.23 in Tallinn 💪

Photos from Toastmasters Tallinn's post 30/10/2023

[RECAP] Educational meeting, Evaluation Insights, 26.10.23

Two speakers, Ayokunle and Anna, shared their experiences in giving feedback. One was in favor of the sandwich method. The other chose to mix between the sandwich method and the "I saw, I heard, I felt" method. The last speaker, Thai, gave an insight into how he implemented the feedback into his work.

Best Table Topics Speaker: Mete


🌟 Tonight's Meeting Agenda is Here! 🌙

Get ready for an evening of inspiration and learning with our amazing host, Sara, and three seasoned Toastmasters speakers - Ayokunle, Anna, and Thai!

Expect an insightful educational meeting that will spark your curiosity and stimulate your mind. Bring your questions, engage with our speakers, and dive into a fruitful discussion that promises to be both enlightening and enriching.

But that's not all! After a break, get ready for our Table Topics session, where you can test your ability to speak on your feet. It's an exciting and dynamic segment that's always full of surprises on stage. Are you up for the challenge?

And as always, while we aim to stick to the agenda, it's subject to change. See you there!


[Educational Meeting Speaker]

The excitement continues as we introduce our last speaker for our educational meeting - Thai. With years of experience in Toastmasters and a history of participation in multiple speech contests, Thai knows the importance of feedback all too well. However, even for seasoned speakers like him, embracing feedback isn't always easy.

In this engaging presentation, Thai will walk you through the art of accepting feedback with an open heart and open mind. Discover how to transform feedback into a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, all while keeping those defensive walls at bay.

Mark your calendars and come prepared with your questions, as Thai is here to be your guide on the path to constructive self-improvement. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to hone your feedback-handling skills!


[Educational Meeting Speaker]

We are thrilled to introduce our second speaker for the upcoming educational meeting - Anna. She has competed in several evaluation contests in Toastmasters. Anna will share the secrets behind giving effective feedback, so you can level up your communication skills and make a positive impact in your personal and professional life.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to sharpen your communication skills and be involved in a fruitful discussion after the presentation. Mark your calendars, and let's embark on this educational journey together!

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