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Köök - Tallinna Vanalinna peidetud aare seiklushimulistele gurmaanidele. www.kokakool.eu Kokanduskursused ja privaatsed üritused Tallinna vanalinnas!

Korraldame ettetellimisel lõunaid ja õhtusööke, põnevaid joogikoolitusi ja muidugi kokkamisõhtuid! Köögi ruumid sobivad hästi seminaride, pressiürituste, tooteesitluste korraldamiseks. Võimalik ruume rentida ka pildistamiseks ja filmimiseks. ENG Köök is a cooking school and private dining venue. We offer breakfasts, lunches, dinners, all day room hire for seminars and more informal buffet style food for larger groups. We also offer side courses such as tea drinking, wine & beer tasting, chocolate truffle making.

Operating as usual

Many vegetarians eat eggs and other dairy products, even if they exclude meat and fish from their diet.
And today we would like to share a Cheese Souffle recipe made by our Chef Tim Bramich.
If you would like to make this Souffle with Tim at Köök, then please dont hesitate and contact us at [email protected]
#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass #vegetarian

All our chefs love to cook Vegetarian dishes, and over the next two weeks, we are going to share some of their tips on how to make vegetables more interesting.
The first tip comes from our Chef Andrei Babõnin, “I love to cover my root vegetables with salt dough and bake them in the oven. This will make your vegetables juicy and season them at the same time. After the vegetable is soft in the middle, you can portion it and fry it in a pan, which will add more texture and flavor. For the salt dough I mix together 500g of Salt, 500g of Flour and 150g of water “
Photographer: Kate Prihodko
#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass #vegetarian

With Valentines day around the corner, our Head Chef Tim Bramich would like to share his Chocolate Truffles recipe with you, so you can treat your loved ones with some chocolate.

We also offer 10% discount for Valentine’s Day 14th February, so do not hesitate and contact us [email protected]

#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and what better way to spend it than with your loved ones at a private restaurant, which will be reserved especially for you!
Book a cooking class or Chefs table 4 course dinner with one of our amazing Chefs.
We offer 10% discount for Valentine’s Day 14th February, so do not hesitate and contact us.

#Tallinn #Estonia #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass

To ensure that our menu stays interesting and fresh, our Chef Andrei Babõnin is making some changes to his dishes, and creating new ones.

Photographer: Kate Prihodko

#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass

What is the difference between Olive oil and Extra virgin olive oil?

Our Chef Karol Pawlik is being asked this question quite often.

„Extra-virgin olive oil is made from pure, cold-pressed olives. While regular olive oil is a blend of cold-pressed and processed oils. If a cold-pressed oil, that doesn't meet the standards of extra-virgin olive oil, is found, it is then refined to get rid of all the impurities, which gives the oil a more neutral flavor and lighter color”

#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass

One more wonderful moment from 2020 that we would like to share.
Head Chefs Ranno Paukson and Martin Meikas shared restaurant dishes that you can easily cook at home.


#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass

We are looking back at 2020, and it had some wonderful moments that we must share with you.
One of such moments was when Head Chef Angelica Udekülli shared her wonderful family recipes.

#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass

Here is one more very often asked question at at Köök.

„Can I use gluten free flour instead of all purpose flour for the Brownie recipe?“

We want our chef Andrei Babõnin to answer this question, as he is the one who gets it asked quite often.

„Yes you can use gluten free flour instead, but it’s harder to work with. Very important thing to know when baking, is that its gluten that gives cakes its fluffiness and lightness. A very good gluten free flour would be Coconut flour; it has a good flavor and is low on calories.
However, in order to achieve that fluffiness and lightness, I suggest adding a tee spoon of xanthan gum to every 200g of gluten free flour. Xanthan adds elastic qualities that the gluten free flour lacks, which will make your brownie less likely to crumble. Xanthan can be purchased in any health food stores. „

#Tallinn #Estonia #Recipe #Privatekitchen #Cookingclass

@Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused during cooking classes, our chefs are asked many questions. It would be great to hear more questions from you, and we will help answer cooking questions and kitchen tips.

To start things of, we will answer one of the most commonly asked question by our guests at Köök.

„Why do you use lemons so often in your recepies and while cooking?”

Our owner and Chef Tim jumped right in to answering this wonderful question.

„The answer is simple really. Acidity helps to elevate the taste of the product you are cooking with. Classically fish is served with lemons, but the acidity goes brilliantly well with greens, such as broccoli, peas, beans and so on. And not many people know this, but lemon juice goes brilliantly well with meat, as it infuses the meat with bold flavors and tenderizes it at the same time.“

Photograph: Marju Randmer-Nellis

Christmas is upon us.
We’d like to thank all our guests for supporting Köök, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. If you were unable to come to Köök this December we are ready to welcome you in the New Year. Our rooms are private and therefore perfect for small intimate gatherings where your group would be the only one using the rooms.

Kallid sõbrad!
Köök on avatud broneeringuteks ja detsembris leidub veel vabasid kuupäevi. Suhtume äärmise tõsidusega Covid-19 viiruse levikusse ja meie külaliste ning töötajate tervis on meile esmatähtis. Jälgmine olukorda ning peame kinni kehtestatud soovitustest. Meie töötajad kannavad maske, muudame laudade asetust ruumis ning pakume maske ka külalistele. Meie ruumid on privaatsed ja sobivad suurepäraselt väikesteks intiimseteks koosviibimisteks st. olete broneeringu ajal meie juures ainsad külalised.

Dear friends!
Köök is open for bookings and have available dates in December.
We are taking Covid-19 and the safety of guests and staff very seriously. We are monitoring the situation and following all the guidelines. Our staff are wearing masks, we are changing the layout of our tables and provide masks for our guests as well. Our rooms are private and therefore perfect for small intimate gatherings where your group would be the only one using the rooms.

We had the honor to host a Bordeaux wine dinner at Köök with some amazing wines from Rein Kasela's Bordeaux journeys.🍷🇫🇷
#veinituba #lovebordeaux #winedinner #köök #reinkasela


Andrei's Duck


We would like to share one of Andrei's recipe with you.
Open the link and click on the name to open the recipe.
Cook at home and enjoy!🤤

canva.com An awesome Pinterest graphic designed in Canva by Kokakool Kokakool.

Juba mõnda aega on Köögis usinasti toimetanud meie kokk Andrei. Kes veel temaga koos kokanud pole siis, Andrei menüüd leiate siit:
ja tema kulinaarsest teest ja vaadetest saate lugeda:

Rimi Eesti

Rimi peakokk kokkas Köögis imemaitsva mereanniroa. Proovige kodus järele🍤

Tule avasta Aasia toitude mitmekesist maailma meie peakoka Demoga. Esimesena lennutavad Sind hetkeks Aasiasse Demo sinimerekarbid ja krevetid kookosleemes ✈️

🍽️Retsepti leiad siit: http://bit.ly/Sinimerekarbid-Kookosleemes

👉Retsepti koostisosad leiad Rimi kauplustest või meie e-poest: www.rimi.ee/epood/ee/aasia-maitsed

Meil on suur rõõm teada anda, et pakume nüüd teile paremaid hindu nii kokkamistele kui ka peakoka õhtusöökidele. Üritused Köögis on endiselt privaatsed ja nii saame tagada teile parima turvalisuse.
Tule ja tutvu meie uute hindadega siin:

We are very happy to say that you can now book cooking class or Chef's Table dinner with new and good price. Our events are still private to make sure to offer a safest environment possible.

You can find our new prices here:

Kostitame teid suve lõpus veel ühe toreda retseptiga, et pea algavaks sügiseks vitamiine juurde koguda :)
Sel korral siis mõnusalt hapukas ja siidine sidruni-tart.

NB! Kui ise kodus ei viitsi proovida, broneeri kokakool Köögis ja teeme koos valmis!

Summer flavours from Chef Andrei - Local Goats Cheese with Apple and Lime Granita, Oat and Coconut Crumble, and slightly dressed Sorrel Salad.

Köögi uksed on valla ja ootame kõiki kooskokkamistele ja peakoka õhtusöökidele, sest ka augustis kehtivad -15% soodsamad hinnad. Teie tervis on meile esmatähtis! Meie üritused on privaatsed, mis tähendab, et olete enda seltskonnaga ainukesed külalised.

Köögi hubased, privaatsed ruumid sobivad suurepäraselt kokandusalaste projektide filmimiseks ja pildistamiseks. Meie juures saab läbi viia toote-esitlusi, pressiüritusi, seminare ning koosolekuid. Peame oluliseks personaalset lähenemist igale projektile, oleme loovad ja paindlikud. Võta meiega ühendust ja tule koha peale tutvuma.
+372 5266528 / [email protected]

Kallid sõbrad!

Köögi pere soovib imelist Jaanipäeva!
Kohtume juba peagi, et koos kokata, sest juuli lõpuni on Chef's table ja kokakooli hinnad -15% soodsamad!

Sõprade ja perega koos kokkamine on väärtus omaette!


Taas on aeg kolleegidega kokku saada, et arutada edasisi plaane? Koosoleku jaoks oleks vaja privaatset, hea auraga ruumi? Köök oma hubase miljööga on suurepäraseks kohaks säravate ideede tärkamiseks ning uue energia ammutamiseks. Sooviga, et Sina sellest osa saaksid oleme loonud seminaripaketi!

NB! Kui soovite jääda ka õhtusöögiks ning enne seda pisut üheskoos kokata, pakume teie seltskonnale nii õhtusöögist kui ka kokakoolist -10%

Broneeri endale sobiv aeg [email protected] või helista +372 52 66 528

Ilusal suvepäeval sooviksime teiega jagada imehead suvist retsepti. Proovige kodus järgi või tulge Kööki koos Timiga kokkama!

On this nice sunny day we would like to share one of Tim's recipes. Try at home or come to Köök for Tim's cooking class!

Hei Sõbrad!

Köögis sumised jälle ja meil on rõõm teile teada anda, et juunis ja juulis on kohe eriti hea aeg koos meiega süüa teha.
Kokakooli ja Chef's table hinnad juuli lõpuni -15%!
Tim koostab sel suvel menüüd personaalselt sobimaks iga grupi soovidele.

Dear Friends!

Köök doors are opened again and we are happy to offer -15% discount to private cooking classes and Chef's tabel dinners until the end of July. Tim will tailor make this summer menus to suit each group.

Näeme Köögis!

Mis võiks olla toredam, kui koos oma kalli perega kokata ja hiljem enda valmistatud hõrgutisi nautida?
Köögis õpetame teile vajalikud trikid ja nipid selgeks, et kodune söögitegemine läheks veelgi ladusamalt.
Broneeri tore perekondlik kooskokkamine [email protected]

Köögi perel on rõõm teada anda, et oleme taas broneeringutele avatud!
We are happy to say Köök is opened and ready to take new bookings!

Kirjutage meile julgelt ja lepime kokku teie jaoks sobiva kuupäeva!
[email protected]

Eesti Maitsed Täna

Kui vajad koduköögis nõuannet healt kokalt, siis Küsi Kokalt. Silver Saa ja teised teadjad vastavad. Kui Silveri restoran ORE uuesti uksed avab, saab see olema teistsugune. Vaata täispikka intervjuud: https://flavoursofestonia.com/2020/04/23/ife-jutud-silver-saa/


15 Chefs Share What They’re Cooking During The Coronavirus Pandemic

What chef's are cooking at home during quarantine?

forbes.com Comfort foods to soothe the soul, one pot meals for easy cleanup, and more.


7 Free Virtual Cooking Classes To Take During Self-Isolation

While staying at home check these virtual cooking classes and master homecooking!
#stayhome #homecooking

huffpost.com Chefs like Massimo Bottura and Christina Tosi have taken their talents to the interwebs, and we're all reaping the delicious benefits.

Kallid Sõbrad!

Jälgime väga vastutustundlikult hetkeolukorda ja toimime vastavalt Terviseameti juhistele.
Hetkel oleme avatud väikesteks privaatseteks broneeringuteks.

Aitäh, et olete koos meiega! Anname endast parima, hoida meid kõiki tervetena!

Dear Friends!

We are making sure to be updated with current situation and are following Health Board instructions.
At the moment we are open for small private bookings.

Thank you for being with us! We do our best to keep everyone safe!


Broneeri oma seltskonnaga Köök privaatrestoranis kokakool või privaatne Chef's tabel õhtusöök, tehes broneeringu enne 10.03 kuupäeva ja saad hinnasoodustust -15%

Kõikide postituse jagajate vahel loosime lisaks välja Köögi põlle ja kokaraamatu👨‍🍳👩‍🍳!
✅pane Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused lehele LIKE
✅JAGA postitust avalikult oma FB seinal
✅TAGI kommentaarides sõber, kellega koos kokkama tuleksid

Võitja loosime välja 11.03!
Ürituse broneerimiseks võta meiega ühendust [email protected]


Make a booking with your group for a private cooking class or Chef's table dinner at Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused before 10.03 and get a discount of -15%

In addition between everyone who shares this post we will give away a Köök apron and cookbook👨‍🍳👩‍🍳!
To participate:
✅LIKE Köök privaatrestran ja kokanduskursused FB page
✅SHARE this post publicly on your FB wall
✅TAG a friend who would like to come cooking with you

Winner to be announced on 11.03!
To book a event contact us [email protected]



10 Food Tips to Help Ease the Winter Blues


healthline.com Want to supplement your seasonal depression treatment? Start with your plate. Learn more in this article.

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