Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused

Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused


Sel nädalal sidus äriturismi Team Estonia oranžid põlled ette ning andis eetrisse otsesaate "What's Cooking in Estonia?" Stuudios käis rahvusvaheliste assotsiatsioonide ja sündmuste tähelepanu võitmiseks ja hoidmiseks loominguline tulevärk, vaatajaid oli tervitama tulnud minister Andres Sutt isiklikult. Kogu publik oli oodatud esitama küsimusi ning osalema ka küsitlustes ja auhinnaloosis. Kogu ülekanne läks sihtrühmale sedavõrd korda, et kõigest paar päeva pärast ülekannet on esimesed konverentsipäringud juba postkastis. Kes otsib inspiratsiooni Eesti esitlemiseks välisklientidele, on teretulnud kogu esitlust järele vaatama siin: https://www.visitestonia.com/en/whats-cooking-in-estonia-2021 Kokkamise idee taga olid Estonian Convention Bureau ägedad naised Kadri Karu ja Riine Tiigi ning Visit Estonia äriturismi projektijuht Liisa Eller. Toimumispaik Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused, kokad Tim Bramich ja Karol Pawlik. Fotod: Marek Metslaid Photography.
Mulle meeldib kui uusi roogasid välja mõeldes on nendes ka tükike ajalugu. Seetõttu ammutan inspiratsiooni oma lapsepõlvest. Just nende maitsete ja lugudega saate tutvuda Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused
Koka Koolitus Privaat Restoran Köögis!

Valmistasime nelja käigulise menüü, kus kõik said koos kokata ja uue põneva kogemuse. Päeva lõpuks oli kõigil kõht täis ja tuju imeline.

Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused

Santa Rita Wines
Tulge meile külla!
Jagame hea sõbra Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused teadet:
Nami-Nami soovitab ka võimaluse korral oma sünnipäeva Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused ruumides korraldada. See on niiii tore koht! 😍
Köök got to be a part of this spectacular Dom Perignon Experience!

Köök - Tallinna Vanalinna peidetud aare seiklushimulistele gurmaanidele. www.kokakool.eu Kokanduskursused ja privaatsed üritused Tallinna vanalinnas!

Korraldame ettetellimisel lõunaid ja õhtusööke, põnevaid joogikoolitusi ja muidugi kokkamisõhtuid! Köögi ruumid sobivad hästi seminaride, pressiürituste, tooteesitluste korraldamiseks. Võimalik ruume rentida ka pildistamiseks ja filmimiseks. ENG
Köök is a cooking school and private dining venue. We offer breakfasts, lunches, dinners, all day room hire for seminars and more informal buffet style fo

Operating as usual

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 30/12/2022

We are so glad to have Ellery back in our kitchen and showing guests his tricks and tips! These are one of many dishes that he is offering with his winter menus 😄


We at Köök wish you all a Merry Christmas! Our team are wishing you nothing but the best this holiday season 🎄🥂

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 22/12/2022

Thumbs up from Master sommelier Rein Kasela! We are always delighted to see Rien at Köök. Last week we had Rein doing a wine dinner for our clients. And what a dinner it was 🥂


Pork that was fed with acorns is one of the tastiest porks you will ever have! Our chef Andrei paired it with a pumpkin, garlic and parmesan mash, grilled cabbage, pickled apple and a red wine sauce. Come to Köök to learn how to cook this dish and enjoy the evening with us 🥂

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 11/12/2022

We are in Christmas festive spirits at Köök and are really looking forward to greet you with our welcome snacks and bubbles 🥂

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 01/12/2022

Last week we had our Chef Andrei back in the kitchen doing a cooking class with our wonderful guests and cooking his new winter menu including Rotolo and Beef Tartare!

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 29/11/2022

At Köök we are always excited to prepare buffets for our guests celebrations! There is always plenty of food, giving you the chance to choose your favourite dishes. Here are some pictures from a recent buffet we were honored to prepare for a wonderful birthday party 🥂

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 17/11/2022

At Köök our chefs are excited to cook their new winter menus with you!

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 11/11/2022

Chefs table, a memorable experience at our private restaurant! 🥂Four course dinner with great wine pairings, and wonderful staff that are going to look after you the entire evening 😃

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 06/11/2022

This years autumn gifts us with its wonderful golden colors longer than usual! 🍂🍁

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 28/10/2022

Yesterday was a fantastic Cooking Class! 🤩 So much laughter and positivity in the kitchen. And our chef Andrei presented his new winter menu!


Look how gorgeous this duck dish looks! If you would like to taste it, and the rest of the menu, then you can book a cooking class with our chef Karol and order his Asian fusion menu!

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 17/10/2022

During a busy last week, Karol shared his passion and knowledge of Italian cuisine with our wonderful guests 🤩


We are excited to tell you that all our chefs have new winter menus for you to try. Give us a call and book a cooking class or a dinner, be it wine dinner or blind dinner! 😁

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 03/10/2022

Fantastic cooking class with our chef Karol that was delighting our guests with his seafood dishes 😄🥂

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 24/09/2022

Yesterday we had a fantastic blind dinner event for returning customers. It is always a pleasure to see familiar faces in our restaurant and be able to surprise them with new flavorful dishes 🤩


You can be certain that at Köök you will get the most sincere and wholesome dining experience in Tallinn, full of positive emotions and fun 😄

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 08/09/2022

Last weekend we had a cooking class with chef Karol where he shared his love for Italian cuisine with our guests, what an amazing evening that was! 🤩


Next up for introduction is Andrei!
“Growing up very closely with my family I inherited their passion for food. For me food is something you need to enjoy with your family and close friends, even more so when you are cooking together.
When creating dishes, I use the inspirations I got from my childhood, and travels around the world. Very often I can get inspired by the color of leaves on trees, or the smell of fresh bread coming out of my grandmother’s oven. For me, cooking is a journey, a journey that only I have experienced, and now I am able to share that journey with you, in the dishes that we will cook together, as every dish has its unique story.
Let us cook together, and allow me to take you to a journey, and share my culinary philosophy with you.”


We would like to take a moment, and give you an insight, of who are our wonderful chefs! Let us start with Karol!

„I started cooking when I was 10 years old. Since then, my passion was growing year by year.
Over 12 years I was cooking, managing, developing young chefs for an Italian celebrity chef Antonio Carluccios across UK. I was working several years in London as development chef for Paramount group (Caffe uno, Bertorelli, Chez Gerard, Brasserie Gerard) and also Loch Fyne (seafood restaurants) in Covent Garden & Liverpool street.
I am very passionate about Italian, French and European cuisine. For me every food product can be converted into an amazing dish and that's what I love about cooking and what I wish to teach you.”


Chanterelles are in season! One of the best way to eat them are with gnocchi, a Italian potato pasta 🤩


One of the pleasures attending our cooking classes is that everyone gets involved in the fun! After all, cooking in a kitchen is a team effort, and thus much more fun 🥳


Our table is all set for todays Cooking Class/Private dinner 🤩 We are really exited for todays event.


At Köök we love bread! With us you can learn how to do different varieties of bread, from Italian Focaccia, French Brioche to Asian Steamed Buns 🤤


We use only fresh ingredients, and in summer there are many varieties of forest flowers and greens to not only decorate the dishes, but also give it another level of taste 😃


Last weekend we served Fillet of duck with Duck Croquette, Mango, Fennel, Asparagus and Duck sauce, one of our chefs Andrei's summer favorites.


Cooking classes, private dinners, wine class, and blind dinners. Here at Köök we offer you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy all of the above, in a private, cozy and relaxed environment, where our staff are going to make sure that you will never forget this amazing evening with us.


Currently on our chef Andreis menu is one of his well-known desserts, Chocolate Brownie with Cherries, Vanilla Ice Cream and more Chocolate! So give us a call, and book a cooking class or a private dinner with Andrei in order to enjoy this amazing dessert 🤩


Working side by side with our professional chefs is not only give you knowledge on how to improve your cooking skills, but also it is going to give you an inside on what it is really like to work in a professional kitchen, and how much it takes to bring out a plate of tasty food to your table 🥂


After wintertime, we love to use Asparagus in our spring and summer menu, as it contains lots of Vitamin C and E, which our bodies need in order to recover from winter.

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 27/05/2022

Halibut with Potato Gnocchi, Mushrooms, Citrus Sauce and Chocolate brownie with Chocolate Mousse, Cherries, Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Chips are the two dishes that our chef Andrei prepared for our wonderful Norwegian guests last week 🤩🤩🤩


Apple Tart Tatin, named after the Tatin sisters who invented it and served it in their hotel as its signature dish, is a pastry in which the fruit is caramelized in butter and sugar before the tart is baked. The dessert that everyone has to try at least once in their life, but at Kook, you will not only have the pleasure of eating it, but also preparing it!


S:O:S. Köök private restaurant is looking for a host or hostess to take care of our guests. We need someone already 18.05, so if you are available let us know. It's a part time job with flexible hours. If you have positive attitude, smile on your face and you like to communicate with people, contact us for more details [email protected] or +372 5266528.
Previous experience in customer service would be an advantage.


Outside the window, it is getting warmer and livelier, and here at Kook we are ready to offer you cooking classes and private dinners based on fresh and seasonal produce that will make you want more ☀️


Dessert is the last dish of the meal you eat, so one can argue that it is the most important dish as it closes the evening. Our chef Andrei loves to prepare desserts as much as he loves to eat them, so they are always amazingly tasty.


At Köök, our cooking classes are always full of smiles, because we do them with love and passion.

Want to book a cooking class at Köök? Dont hesitate and contact us at [email protected]

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 23/04/2022

We are saying goodbye to the old, and hello to the new. Yesterday our chef Andrei cooked his Italy inspired spring menu with our guests 🥂


Pasta dishes can be so versatile, ranging from ravioli, fettuccine, linguine to gnocchi and so many more. At Köök we know how to do pasta, and are eager to teach you. Each of our chefs has their own favorite methods and recipes, so book a cooking class with us, and enjoy your private evening with you guests and our professional team.


Blind dinners are a fantastic way to experience great food and wine. We eat 80% with our eyes, so when we are blind folded, we have to rely on other senses to distinguish what we are eating and drinking.
At Köök we offer blind dinners, where you are going to be guided by our sommelier true out the dinner, and at the end you will have the chance to guess the wines and food you had. How good is you pallet?

Photos from Köök privaatrestoran ja kokanduskursused's post 30/03/2022

Great cooking class and dinner with our German guests. Talking about Estonia, its food culture and and history 🍻

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