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On 22 April, the RE-WORK partners met online to catch up on the latest developments of the project. 💼🌍 💻

We started working on the project! The first activities of result 1 are already underway and soon you will be able to find out much more about the world of coworking, business and its usefulness.

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Yesterday Minecrop hit a major milestone with our first in-person meeting in Kracow! Here's a glimpse of what went down:

🚀 We set the stage by outlining project goals and rules.
📘 We crafted the Guidebook's content and task assignments for WP2.
🎮 ATERMON got us hyped discussing the development of MINECROP's Minecraft World for WP3, exploring game formulas and proposals.
📣 We shared the project's dissemination strategies and recent activities.
📅 We wrapped up by plotting our next moves, planning future activities for continued success.

📲 Stay tuned for more updates!


🚀 Exciting updates from our latest online meeting with the GARY 5.0 partners!

🌐 This week we gathered virtually this week to discuss our initial project tasks and meticulously plan out the next steps for our journey.

💡 Our collaboration knows no bounds as we continue to push the boundaries of technology and creativity. Stay tuned for what's next!


Today the TALENT ASD project partners gathered for a short online meeting to review the progress of our work. 🎯

These short and frequent meetings are essential to keep the project on track and to achieve the objectives efficiently. They also allow the team to work together, solve problems quickly and adjust their plan if necessary. 💪

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We are excited to introduce you to the new RE-WORK project! 🚀 RE-WORK aims to create an adaptive vocational training program for young people in coworking spaces. The goal is to help them overcome work and personal challenges, and better adapt to the needs of work and family life.

During the kick off of the project, the partners met on March 12 in Athens, Greece 🇬🇷. The consortium discussed what the first steps will be to achieve the results of RE-WORK.

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🌟 Let's get to know GARY 5.0! 🌟

🚀 Did you know that GARY 5.0 is revolutionizing vocational education and training in Europe? Here's what we aim to achieve:

1️⃣ Develop & promote the industry 5.0 education in European VET 🎓🏭
2️⃣ Support up-skilling & re-skilling of VET providers and learners in industry 5.0 📚💡
3️⃣ Raise awareness of the industry 5.0's practical implementations in VET 🌐🧠
4️⃣ Widely disseminate the project results & ensure their practical implementation 🌍🔍

🌟 Join GARY 5.0 in shaping the future of vocational education and training! Together, let's pave the way for a sustainable and human-centric industry! 💼✨


🌱🎮 Explore the future of agriculture with MINECROP! 🌱🎮

Are you passionate about sustainable agriculture and gaming? 🚜💚 Join us at MINECROP, where we're revolutionizing agricultural education through the power of gamification on Minecraft!

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✅ Exclusive content
✅ Engaging discussions
✅ Exciting updates

Let's cultivate a greener future together! 🌱🎮


The TALENT ASD project partners met today for the first progress online meeting of the project.

Mainly the topic of WP2, which we will be starting this month, has been discussed. It concerns a study of the situation and needs of people with ASD, their families and experts in the field. Each partner will have to make this study in their country to know the current situation. 📊📚

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At Talent ASD, we're dedicated to promoting equal access for autistic adults to lifelong learning and employment. Our ultimate goal is to achieve their social inclusion and equal representation in education and the labor market, ensuring that no one is left behind.

We envision a world where every individual, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to reach their full potential and make meaningful contributions to society. Through our work, we aim to break down barriers and create opportunities for autistic adults to thrive in inclusive educational and work environments.

Join us on this exciting mission to create a more inclusive and diverse future for all. Your support is crucial in turning this dream into reality! ✨

Eco-Friendly Farming: 7 Practices of Sustainable Agriculture Explained - Sustainoverse 22/02/2024

🌱🎮 Exciting news alert! Introducing our project MINECROP: "Using Minecraft game in VET to learn about sustainable CROP farming techniques." 🌾🕹️ Dive into the world of sustainable agriculture with us as we harness the power of Minecraft to teach valuable farming techniques.

In MINECROP, we're merging virtual gaming with vocational education to cultivate a deeper understanding of sustainable crop farming practices. 🌱🌍 Join us in exploring innovative ways to educate and empower the next generation of farmers!

Ready to embark on this virtual farming adventure? Learn more about sustainable crop farming practices and let's grow sustainably together! 🚜💡

Eco-Friendly Farming: 7 Practices of Sustainable Agriculture Explained - Sustainoverse Discover the 7 practices of sustainable agriculture: crop rotation, cover crops, reduced tillage, integrated pest management, livestock integration, mulching, and agroforestry. Cultivate a greener future.

Industry 5.0: Towards more sustainable, resilient and human-centric industry 20/02/2024

🌟✨ Do you know our project GARY 5.0 "Greater Aggregation of knowledge and Reinforcements of awareness in the field industrY 5.0 in vocational education"?

🔍 In the era of Industry 5.0, we're witnessing a convergence between advanced automation and human interaction. It involves integrating technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and augmented reality into industrial processes, while also empowering workers with soft skills and adaptability.

💼 With GARY 5.0, we're committed to preparing VET educators and students for this new paradigm. We aim to aggregate cutting-edge knowledge and reinforce awareness of the latest trends and technologies in Industry 5.0.

Find out more about the industry 5.0 and join us on this exciting journey towards the future of vocational education! 🚀🎓

Industry 5.0: Towards more sustainable, resilient and human-centric industry Research and innovation - News alert

Photos from Eesti Edu Hub's post 24/01/2024

Exciting news from Dreieich, Germany!

Yesterday, the consortium of the Talent ASDent ASD project (Tailored Employment Paths for adults with ASD) came together for the first time. 🌐🤝

It was a meeting full of energy and collaboration, where we shared innovative ideas to provide personalized career paths for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 💼💙

We are committed to creating inclusive and sustainable opportunities for each individual to reach their full potential ! 🚀🌈


🚀 Exciting news from GARY 5.0!

🌐 Last week, we gathered virtually for the kick-off meeting of our EU project - Greater Aggregation of knowledge and Reinforcements of awareness in the field industrY 5.0 in vocational education (GARY 5.0) 🤝

🗣️ The kick-off was a fantastic opportunity for all partners to get to know each other and dive into the initial steps of the project. We discussed the project timeline, shared insights, and set the groundwork for the incredible work ahead!

👥 Stay tuned for updates as we work towards revolutionizing vocational education in the field of Industry 5.0! 🌟


🌱 Exciting News: MINECROP Project's First Online Meeting! 🌍✨

Hello, Minecraft enthusiasts and advocates for sustainable agriculture! 🎮🌾 We are thrilled to announce the start of the MINECROP project, where Minecraft meets VET education to cultivate knowledge about sustainable crop farming techniques. 🚀🌱

Spread the word, tag your friends, and let's sow the seeds of knowledge together! 🌱🤝

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