Tallinn Summer School

Tallinn Summer School


Our Tallinn Summer School is starting with their winter program - almost 70 participants from more than 30 countries! 🥳
How is it possible to extend your knowledge, find new friends and fall in love with Estonia during just a 3-week period? 🧐
Anna Karpych from Ukraine, shares her experience of this year’s Tallinn Summer School.
Õpilasakadeemiast saavad alguse tähelennud! 🌟Karmen Lusikas on mitmekordne Õpilasakadeemia vilistlane ja omal ajal ÕA Aktiivikas, samuti aidanud korraldada Tallinn Summer School´i. Nüüd on Karmenil uued väljakutsed, kui ta asub juhtima TLÜ üliõpilasnõukogu Civitas / Student Council´i. Palju kordaminekuid Sulle, Karmen! 🌞
Day 3 starts already in hour and 30 minutes❗️Tune in for important information on admissions, fun challenges and a really eye-opening Kahoot about Estonia organized by our Tallinn Summer School❗️You should definitely participate because the winner gets a free course❗️

Join via:
Zoom: zoom.us/j/99689077127
Youtube: youtu.be/pD58OZNBh8o
or Facebook Live❗️

27.01 schedule:

12.00 Campus Chronicles with Rando
12.05 Baltic Film, Media and Arts School master's programmes' info session
13.00 Life in Tallinn - practical information (living cost, finding an apartment, internships, cultural specifics, etc.)
13.40 Challenge time!
14.00 Kahoot challenge: TLU Summer School presents - How well do you know Estonia?
Hea võimalus puhkamise, töötamise või lihtsalt suviste tegemiste vahepeal sotsiaalse ettevôtluse teemal môtteid vahetada. 27. juulil alustab suvekooli online-kursus "Social Enterprises: Using Your Creativity and Sensitivity". Ootame neid, kes tahaksid ka ise panustada ja kursuse oma projektiga lõpetada.
👉🏻 https://summerschool.tlu.ee/social-enterprises-online/
Katri-Liis Lepik Tallinn Summer School Tallinna Ülikool
☀️ Tallinn Summer School is celebrating its 15th birthday this year. Just as this year has been a little different for all of us, so too will the summer school diverge from the norm, presenting itself in a new format. The courses are held virtually and so far 120 participants from 30 countries have signed up.

Registration is still open for four programmes: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/register/
Some things seem so impossible at first, but are they really? Listen to one of the Tallinn Summer School teachers talking about her experience with suddenly having to teach robotics online!
Thinking about studying in Estonia in the future?
Although the borders are closed at the moment, you can still have a trip to Estonia with Christoph Niemann from NY Times Magazine :

Tallinn Summer School The New York Times
❄️ Meie kursusel said talvekooli õppurid põhjaliku sisevaate digiühiskonna ja innovatsiooni kohta. 📲 COMODULE, Guaana ja Citizen OS võtsid meid muuhulgas lahkelt vastu ning andsid aimu, kuidas organisatsioonid digiriigis toimetavad. Võimalusi riigi poolt näitasid meile Statistikaamet, E-Governance Academy ja e-Eesti esitluskeskus🖱
Loe blogist pikemalt 👇

Summer School
Viking Village

Tallinn Summer School is a part of Tallinn University and offers a 3- week summer programme for inte

Tallinn Summer School is a 3-week programme in July, which includes several courses in various fields and provides a fascinating cultural programme full of recreational trips. Participants have a chance to visit museums, historical sights and attend a wide range social events. Tallinn Summer School has a casual and relaxing atmosphere, yet still maintains a scholastic approach, as well as acceptan

Operating as usual

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 07/08/2023

Last Friday, we had the Closing Event of TSS-2023.
We thank all our participants, teachers and team members for making Tallinn Summer School so memorable, warm and productive!
It’s not a Goodbye, it’s See you all soon again!

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 29/07/2023

Yesterday we had one of the brightest, and definitely the tastiest, days at Tallinn Summer School😋 Many participants represented their native (and not only) country with the help of national cuisine and costumes. It was an unforgettable international evening!

Photos from BFM KOOLITUSED's post 26/07/2023

Look at our Short Film course pictures

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 21/07/2023

This week, our 17th Tallinn Summer School has just opened❤️ Next time, don’t forget to join us to meet the team members in person.

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 06/07/2023

Great news for our Finno-Ugric community!
School for Finno-Ugric Bloggers is open for applications!

Taking place on August 21-24 and followed by the Finno-Ugric Film Festival, the school includes theoretical aspects which promote a better understanding of social media and its impact, as well as the experiences and practical skills of other blogs acquisition through workshops.

You will learn tools to make attractive content, acquire editing skills on social media, and learn the basics of theory and practice of media representation as well as create videos and pictures on your own.

🔸Participation is free of charge
🔸Registration is open on our website: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/register/
🔸Accommodation costs compensation


Here we are! The first students of TSS (aka Tallinn Summer School) are already here in Tallinn.

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 05/06/2023

Are you looking for a morning coffee, a quick snack or a decent lunch? All these possibilities are available on the campus of Tallinn University, with our cafes.

Astra building cafe
Open: Mon–Fri 9.00–17.00, Sat 9.30–16.00
Astra building, I floor (Narva mnt 29, Tallinn)

Cafe Oaas
Open: Mon–Fri 8.00–16.00, Sat 10.00–16.00
Terra building, I floor (Narva mnt.25, Tallinn)

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 30/05/2023

Our cultural program also includes visit to Vabamu - Museum of Occupations and Freedom.

The museum educates and encourages to think about the recent past, to sense the fragility of freedom, and to stand for freedom and justice.

This is the home for personal narratives about crimes against humanity. Stories like these help us better appreciate justice and freedom.
The permanent exhibition - Freedom Without Borders - is about occupation, resistance, freedom, and recovery.

Pictures from Vabamu and VisitTallinn


Having to stand in front of an audience and make a presentation, pitch a new idea, promote a product or defend your thesis can be challenging and scary. IMPACT is a workshop for adults who want to improve their presentation, performance, public speaking and self-confidence in front of an audience. The short course will increase your poise, fluency and spontaneity in the English language through improvisational theatre techniques and active group work.

The workshop is led by Dan Renwick. Dan is an Australian born circus and theatre trainer. With an extensive improvisational theatre background and being awarded ‘Most exciting circus talent 2001’, he has loads of experience to draw from. He has performed and held workshops all over the world.

Check our website for more info and registration.


Yesterday’s visit to Narva Gymnasium to talk about opportunities for students 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓

Täna olid meil külalised Tallinna Ülikooli Avatud Akadeemiast. 👏

Arutasime, kuidas toetada õpilaste teadlikke õpivalikuid ning luua koostöös juurde põnevaid õpivõimalusi.💡

Uuest õppeaastast saavad meie õpilased osaleda Tallinna Ülikooli Õpilasakadeemia kursustel ülikooli juures või suvekoolis ning kindlasti kaasame ägedaid külalislektoreid ja tudengeid õpilaste karjääriplaneerimise toetamiseks. 🎓

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 23/05/2023

Together with our participants, we’ll visit the Estonian Maritime Museum - Fat Margaret.

You are about to embark on a journey in a UNESCO World Heritage complex which includes a medieval shipwreck, an impressive exhibition of ship models, and exciting interactive solutions, in a word: Towering Tales of the Sea!

Do you know what is “Fat Margaret”? Write your answers in comments⬇️

Pictures from VisitTallinn and Meremuuseum


Travel to Tallinn, Transport in Tallinn

Travel by plane to Tallinn? The closest international airports are in the following cities: Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Riga, Stockholm. You will be welcomed in the capital city of Estonia by one of the coziest airports in the world, Tallinn Airport (Lennujaam in Estonian). Once you step out from there, you can take a tram or taxi to reach the center. The airport is located just 4 km away from the city center. Visit Tallinn Airport’s website to see the direct flights.

Travel by sea? There are ferry connections (Tallink, Viking Line, Eckerö Line) from Helsinki and Stockholm to Tallinn.

Travel by bus? You can do that from Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Riga, Vilnius, Ljubljana, Budapest and many other European cities. International buses (Lux Express, Ecolines, Flixbus) arrive at Tallinn Central Bus Station. It is right next tk the city center.

Check whether you need a visa and other entry requirements to Estonia while planning the trip.

If you plan to use Tallinn’s public transport a lot, then you will need to know that the same ticket-system is used in buses, trams and trolley-buses. You can buy for €2 deposit a green, plastic Smartcard (Ühiskaart) for electronic tickets at the airport, bus and train stations, R-kiosk shops, Tourist Information Center, ferry terminals, Selver and Prisma supermarket info-desks. You can load a Smartcard there with enough credit and validate your e-ticket upon entering the transport by touching the orange card reader. You don’t need to show your card to the driver. You can also buy 1-hr QR(€1.50) ticket with tallinn.pilet.ee app or use your contactless bank card onboard to purchase a 1-hr ticket at the validator at the front of the vehicle.

You can use trams #1 and #3 to move around from the university to the city center, Freedom Square (Vabaduse väljak). Routes and schedules are listed in English at https://tallinn.pilet.ee/buy, detailed route maps are posted at stops, stations and in trams.

Alternatively, to get around in the city you can use taxis from the lined-up stands or order via taxi-ordering apps, such as Bolt, Forus and Uber.


Did you know that Estonians have language brothers and sisters in quite many places around the world?
Estonian is one of 25 Finno-Ugric languages together with Finnish, Hungarian, Sami and many others. And Estonia is definitely a great place to get to know Finno-Ugric cultures!

A 6-days workshop on Finno-Ugric Studies provides an overview of the Finno-Ugric nations’ history, culture, and modern developments.

During the workshop, we will study how the Hungarians, Finns, Estonians, Sami, Komi, Mansi and many other Finno-Ugric nations are related to each other, how they settled so far from each other, what are the roots of their origin.

The topics covered by the course include not only the history of the Uralic peoples, but also contemporary politics, modern forms of cooperation, and cultural trends. We will have a chance to meet the basics of some Finno-Ugric languages and talk to representatives of some organizations working with Finno-Ugric issues (for example, Fenno-Ugria, NGO Komi Cultural Society).

Read more about the course and register on our website: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/finno-ugric-cultures-ws/

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 04/05/2023

In order to understand the current world order better, we suggest to join our course The Formation of Global Norms in a Changing World Order.

This course helps the students to understand the factors contributing to the changing world order and the impact the changing world order will have on the stability of current global norms as well as the formation of new global norms.

The course is multidisciplinary in nature, being based on the disciplines of Law and International Relations (IR). The approach of the course is to take several complementary frameworks into account when explaining the changing world order and the formation of global norms.

The course is beneficial for students with a variety of educational backgrounds, including IR, law, economics, sociology, history, human geography, political science, and more.

More info and registration:


Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 03/05/2023

Come and get a small insight into Estonian food culture!

During this workshop, you will learn a little about the origin and nature of common Estonian dishes. During the hands-on workshop, you make and taste some easy-to-cook food and get tips on what products to choose from the market for a more authentic experience. The dishes are prepared from Estonian raw materials and give a brief overview of the dishes on the Estonians' table.

The workshop is led by home economics lecturers who have experience in conducting student practicums and introducing Estonian food culture to various target groups.

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 29/04/2023

Innovation and collaboration give power to education, they build premises for its successful present & future and impact the schools, families, communities.

During the first day of the course, we will illustrate the Estonian educational system, the strategies at the state level and towards the future. In group work, participants will introduce the educational profiles of their countries. We will discuss what is the purpose for them to take the course and what benefits they may receive. We will draw comparisons between educational systems and focus, what has been changing so far there.

During the second day we will discuss the concepts and main theories of educational innovation and change management.

The third day is dedicated to digital tools such as Avastusrada, and STEAM. On the fourth day we will visit Estonian schools and meet principals & teachers there. A reflection workshop will be held about the visits. On the fifth day students have the opportunity to create and present the solution for the specific educational problem they would like to work on.

Details and registration is on our website: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/innovate-and-educate/

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 27/04/2023

In summer, we are going to have a great experience on one of the Estonian islands - Kihnu.

The seventh-largest island in Estonia, Kihnu is an ancient island of seafarers and fishermen. The cultural heritage of Kihnu – the clothing, language music, and handcrafts are all on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

The island of Kihnu is home to a close-knit community of about 700 inhabitants, who value old traditions along with their local language and songs. Singing and dancing are integral parts of life for the locals.

Throughout centuries, the men of Kihnu have spent most of their time at sea, while the women have become keepers and carriers of cultural heritage, which includes handicrafts, dances, games and music of the island. To this day, you can see the women of Kihnu riding motorbikes wearing Kihnu homespun striped skirts (called a kört in Estonian).

During the trip, we will have a tour around the island, visit local museum, see the local lighthouse, have a delicious lunch made of local fish, participate in the workshop on local crafts.

Information about cultural program: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/cultural-programme/

Picture from VisitKihnu

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 25/04/2023

Ukrainian culture is not only embroidered shirts, “bread and salt” tradition, borscht, salo, soulful music and a few more folk traditions known all over the world. It is something much deeper. Let’s meet on our course - Ukrainian Language and Culture for Beginners - and we will prove it to you!

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 24/04/2023

Are you interested in theory and practice of social enterprises? If so, you’re welcome to join our online summer course!

The course Social Enterprises: Using Your Creativity and Sensitivity (Online edition) aims to provide a unique educational experience and opportunity to understand some of the latest developments in social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

In lectures and interactive seminars, we will explore together how to create social impact, entrepreneurial and creative thinking.

Registration is open on our website.
More info: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/social-enterprises-online/

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 20/04/2023

For participants of the Russian Language Course, we offer a unique possibility to combine studying Russian with visiting the most Russian-speaking city of the European Union – Narva, located at the Estonian-Russian border where 95% of the population speak Russian. The program is designed for those who study Russian and want to practice it in everyday situations to improve their language skills. All activities of the program are in Russian, additionally you can practice language with local people!

More info and registration: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/language-immersion-weekend-in-narva/

Picture from VisitNarva.

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 18/04/2023

If you’re interested in learning about the basic principles of Creative Psychotherapies, exploring your own inner world and gain a further understanding of human nature, pay attention to our Creative Psychotherapy summer course.

No prior coursework or experience is required for enrollment. Rather than receiving instructions directed towards specific competences, participants will engage in guided exploration and experience. The course method draws on the students willingness to actively participate and look at their inner landscape rather than passively learn about theoretical models of psychotherapy.

Follow our website for more information and registration: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/creative-psychotherapy/

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 15/04/2023

Meet the instructor of the Creative Writing course - a novelist Margie Orford.

Margie Orford’s most recent novel is The Eye of the Beholder (Canongate, 2022) and is busy with a sequel . She has published non-fiction and memoir in Granta Magazine and Aeon. Her memoir, Undefended, will be published in 2024. She is the author of the literary crime fiction series the Clare Hart novels, which have been translated into more than 10 languages. She is an award-winning journalist who writes for newspapers in the United Kingdom and South Africa. She is an honorary fellow of St Hugh’s College, Oxford, the president emerita of PEN South Africa, and she has a PhD in creative writing from the University of East Anglia. She lives in London.

Margie Orford will conduct the Creative Writing course in the summer of 2023. This will give the participants the tools needed for writing narrative non-fiction, reportage, memoir, and fiction. The workshop will take you through the steps needed to conceptualise and outline a project, create characters with depth and integrity, write convincing dialogue, create setting – both time and place. The programme will allow for plenty of time for your own writing, for useful ways of assessing your own material and learning from the work of other participants. In addition, you will have guided reading and hands-on teaching so that at the end of the course you will have the outline of a way forward, plenty of material written, and a writer’s toolkit as a guide and companion for your writing project.

Registration is open!
More info: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/creative-writing-in-english/

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 10/04/2023

We continue meeting you with our courses. If you like games, if you wish to make learning process fun for yourself and others, if you wanna use game-design elements and game principles in your life, education, marketing, business etc - join our Game Design courses!➡️

Registration is open, link in bio.

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 07/04/2023

One of our cultural programs events is a day trip to Rakvere and Lahemaa.

The day starts with a hike in Lahemaa National Park and Viru bog to experience the true beauty of natural Estonia, take a short hike through the green park and picturesque Viru bog, and see typical local plants, flowers, trees, mushrooms, berries, birds and perhaps even animals. Afterwards, we go for an adventure in Rakvere Castle to have some medieval activities.

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 05/04/2023

At Tallinn Summer School, we offer courses in IT and Design, too. Look what we have in summer 2023 ➡️

The students feedback is positive: 98% of students are happy with the course they attended. It is said, teachers and teaching methods support learning process, good combination of theory and practice allows to learn the topics more effectively.

Check the details on our website (link in bio) and join us in summer!

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 02/04/2023

Accommodation in Tallinn University student hostel

Tallinn Summer School arranges accommodation for foreign participants for an extra charge.

The hostel is close to Old town and a 5-minute walk from the university campus.

The international student hostel has WiFi, shared kitchens, shared shower and WC, bed-linen, possibility to use a washing machine. Double and triple rooms are available.


Margie Orford, a non-fiction writer and award-winning journalist, will conduct a writing workshop in the summer of 2023. This will give the participants the tools needed for writing narrative non-fiction, reportage, memoir, and fiction. The workshop will take you through the steps needed to conceptualise and outline a project, create characters with depth and integrity, write convincing dialogue, create setting – both time and place.

The programme will allow for plenty of time for your own writing, for useful ways of assessing your own material and learning from the work of other participants. In addition, you will have guided reading and hands-on teaching so that at the end of the course you will have the outline of a way forward, plenty of material written, and a writer’s toolkit as a guide and companion for your writing project.

More information about the course: https://summerschool.tlu.ee/creative-writing-in-english/

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 27/03/2023

Campus of Tallinn University🏡

We are located in the centre of Tallinn, next to Kadriorg Park and the Tallinn bay. A strip of land next to Narva Road contains most of our educational, research and creative activities.

In the pictures, you can look at our comfortable spaces where it is super nice to study, relax, meet university friends and do some projects. We even have our own cinema at the university (pic. 7)!

The university campus has six main buildings in the city center. They all are united by glass halls (pic.9) so no need to go outside to reach another building. We especially appreciate it in winter:)

The Latin names of Tallinn University buildings symbolize their values:
Terra (Latin: the Earth – represents long academic traditions and the setting of standards for oneself)
Mare (Latin: a sea – represents freedom and openness)
Nova (Latin: new – represents revitalisation and progressive development)
Silva (Latin: a forest – represents researchers and scientists – like the forest giants, they are upright pillars of society)
Vita (Latin: life - represents vitality, viability and constant development)
Astra (Latin: a star – represents the relentless pursuit and achievement of goals)

Come and visit us!


Interested in participating in Tallinn Summer School but limited in funds? Check the scholarships options!

For example, the Estonian Education and Youth Board (Haridus- ja Noorteamet) offers two scholarship programs:

* Estonian Governmental Scholarships
The scholarship supports the participation of foreign students in summer and winter schools of the Estonian universities. Scholarships can be applied by the foreign bachelor's, master's and PhD students who, by the time of applying, have studied in their universities for at least one year (including former study levels).
Deadline is 1st of May.

* for Estonian language courses
The scholarship for attending Estonian language and culture summer courses can be applied for by all the international university students interested in the Estonian language and culture who are studying or have previously studied Estonian. The applicant has to be enrolled at a foreign university at the time of applying (BA, MA or PhD student).
This application round has been closed on March 15 but it’ll be open again for winter Estonian courses.


Today, we have Emakeelepäev (Mother Tongue Day) in Estonia which has been celebrated since 1996 on the anniversary of the Estonian poet Kristjan Jaak Peterson's birth, March 14.

Peterson's birthday was chosen as Mother Tongue Day because he was one of the first writers writing in Estonian. He paid attention to the Estonian language as a literary language in his ode "Kuu".

Wanna know what it means and read it in the original language? Join our Estonian Language course in summer and get to know the beauty of Estonian language.


Hi, TSS student! We’d like to remind you about early-bird registrations😉

Until March 31, you can get a discount for some courses. Check the info on our website and register asap not to miss the lower price!


Elagu Eesti! Head Eesti Vabariigi aastapäeva!🇪🇪

Today, we celebrate the Independence Day in Estonia, or Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

On February 24, 1918, the Estonian Declaration of Independence was published in Tallinn establishing the Republic of Estonia.

Long live the independent democratic Republic of Estonia!
Long live peace among nations!


Great news! Registration for Tallinn Summer School is now open!

It’s the right time to plan your summer. If you’re ready for the summer of your life, new experiences, new friends, join us!

We offer courses in IT and Design, foreign languages, Humanities, Film Making, Game Development. In addition, you’ll have a chance to explore Estonian culture and nature participating in our rich cultural program.

Some courses offer early-bird fees, make sure to register in advance to have a discount😉

Registration is available on our website:

Photos from Tallinn Summer School's post 01/02/2023

Our Tallinn Winter School was lively, active, productive, and full of fun! Thank you for joining us and making this winter special!

TLÜ talvekooli üliõpilased tutvusid Fenno-Ugria Asutusega - Fenno-Ugria 24/01/2023

About our course "Introduction to Estonia and Finno-Ugric Cultures and Nations" by NGO Fenno-Ugria

TLÜ talvekooli üliõpilased tutvusid Fenno-Ugria Asutusega - Fenno-Ugria 24. jaanuaril külastasid Tallinna Ülikooli talvekooli kursuse "Introduction to Estonia and Finno-Ugric Cultures and Nations" osavõtjad Fenno-Ugria Asutuse kontorit, eesmärgiga saada rohkem teada soome-ugri rahvastest ning soome-ugri koostööst Eestis.


Tallinn University and Tallinn Winter School wish you a Christmas season full of joy, light and happiness. May your Christmas be white and bright!🎄🎊

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tallinn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Robotics Education During and After the Covid-19 Crisis
A Sneak-Peek at TSS EV100 Course in St Petersburg
Our Estonia 100 open
"Whatever you are studying, make the world a better place!"





Narva Mnt 25
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Tallinn, 12618

Study and research law at Tallinn University of Technology --- Õigusõpe ja teadustöö Tallinna Te

Koerus Koerus
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Koeraspordiklubi Koerus http://www.koerus.ee

International Make Up Center Estonia International Make Up Center Estonia
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Uus IMC 10-nädalane Profimeigikool alustab 11.07.22-16.09.22. Õppetöö toimub E-R kell 10.00- 14.

Animakool Animakool
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Meie juures saab osaleda animatsiooni huvikoolis, tellida animatsiooniga seotud töötube või pidada sü

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Lastehoid Merekaru

Преподаватель по технике речи: Роман Максим Преподаватель по технике речи: Роман Максим

Тренинги по технике речи в Таллинне. Занятия в группах,

Tallinna KIISA Lasteaed Tallinna KIISA Lasteaed
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Tallinna Kiisa Lasteaed on eelkooliealistele lastele hoidu ja alushariduse omandamist võimaldav õp

Funidea Funidea
Sõpruse Puiestee 209a
Tallinn, 13419

Школа по интересам.

Väike Päike Huvikool Väike Päike Huvikool
Tuukri 11
Tallinn, 10120

Mitmekülgne ja arendav huvitegevus lastele vanuses 0-7 eluaastat

Room A To Z Room A To Z
Harju Maakond
Tallinn, 11415

Room A To Z is an online “One-on-One” educational platform that is beneficial for students and tutors

Tallinna Kristiine Gümnaasium Tallinna Kristiine Gümnaasium
Nõmme Tee 32
Tallinn, 13426

See on meie kool, kus iga õpilane on hoitud ja väärtustatud!

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