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The joint International programme of Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Academy of Arts founded upon the synergies and benefits gained through the integration of Art, Design and Science.

Operating as usual


Our study year has started with two day bootcamp in nice Estonian scenery. We are gearing up to tackle this semester topic — "transition in healtcare"

Design and Technology Futures (MSc) | TalTech 03/07/2023

Until tomorrow at 12.00 >> apply to join us at Design and Technology Futures >>

Design and Technology Futures (MSc) | TalTech Design and Technology Future (D&TF) is built on the notion that a deep understanding of modern technology, an appreciation of cultural diversity, and a creative mind-set are the main driving forces of any successful innovation. It is a transdisciplinary programme merging the competencies and skills....


Huge congrats to our new graduates (also to those who are not on the pic) – master of science is well deserved!

Photos from Design & Technology Futures's post 09/06/2023

This semester project was to help Tallinn Prison trough service design. Three teams worked with improving the resocialisation of prisoners after the scentence is carried out. It turns out the preparations for the time after prison should start during the sentence:

-A skill learing platform for and between prisoners.

-A better contact person system to manage the transition from prison to society better than it is done currently.

-A communication system that helps prisoners keep their family ties during prison sentence and proposal of easier infotechnology management system.


Service design for a Prison.

Spring semester Design Studio cooperation project started with a research trip to Tallinn Prison.

Photos from Design & Technology Futures's post 01/07/2022

Join us to design systems, services & new futures.

Our fresh graduate Regina Tagger thesis project TEEL creates better support for heart transplant patients on their difficult journey.

The admissions are open until 6th of July. More info @

The work focuses on heart transplant patients and co-designing better care services with them. The thesis looks through the ecosystem view of the connected actors and implements social- and service design into the hospital environment.
The concept is based on the main themes of transparency, accessibility, community, the need for a specialised support network, and patient empowerment, to improve the heart transplant patient journey.

Teel is a multidisciplinary patient support system, consisting of physical and digital touchpoints, aiming to increase patient empowerment through education, community, individual approach, inclusivity, specialist network, and shared experience. Teel is an addition to include in the daily life of a patient, diagnosed with a heart condition that results in needing a donor heart. As a result, the patients are feeling empowered on their health journey.

Photos from Design & Technology Futures's post 30/06/2022

Join us to design systems, services & new futures.

Our fresh graduate Aire Aasmäe thesis project MOMENTA helps us rethink gift-giving by choosing time over things.

The admissions are open until 6th of July. More info @

Momenta is a digital platform that encourages people to spend intentional time with the people they care for by creating personal traditions.
It enables collaboration for the creation and capture of shared experiences and meaningful moments by initiating and mediating conversation around personal needs and preferences in social settings.
Momenta aims to strengthen relationships and create connections, helping us re-evaluate our priorities when it comes to sharing our time and reconsider how we show appreciation to each other.
Instead of concentrating on the short-lived moment of the gift-exchange, the longevity and durability of a strong personal tradition can be leveraged to develop long-lasting connections.

Photos from Design & Technology Futures's post 21/06/2022

A successful end also for our first year students. Our design studio service design course was part of an Euroteq Collider initiative "Leave No Waste Behind", where student teams from six European universities gathered for the final hackathon in Copenhagen.
Photos by: Rasmus Kooskora


The thesis defence is once again done and we have eight new graduates! This brings the total D&tf alumni to a round number of 80.

Photos from Design & Technology Futures's post 13/06/2021

The thesis defence is done! What an effort but so insightful accomplishment!

TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology Eesti Kunstiakadeemia

New Study Culture 10/06/2021

Exhibition opening and TalTech's New Study Culture's introductions are online! So rewatch and enjoy the show!
Distributed Design

New Study Culture Design & Technology Futures students have discussed the impact and limits of the ongoing cultural change in academic life and propose their visions for the N...


Congartulations, Masato Kagiwada!
His and Matin Moieny Asl's startup project ‘Stylush’ was selected Prototron Top 12 and they will attend Latitude 59 as a startup member on 18th June.
Stylush is a fashion-tech startup which is working on automated 3D modelling platform and online AR shop plugin for fashion retailers.

It's Proto o'clock! ⏱ Time to announce the TOP 1️⃣2️⃣

Check below if your made it through to Prototron TOP12 👇🚀

🚀 Envelope
🚀 Meal Plan
🚀 ePharmafy
🚀 Adventum Tech "Liveload"
🚀 pickitWise
🚀 "Hedda"
🚀 Simplex
🚀 Stylush
🚀 Fairmus
🚀 Spacedrip
🚀 MultiPhaser
🚀 REuse

Congratulations to all! 🥳
See you in the finals @ Latitude59

Photos from Design & Technology Futures's post 29/05/2021

FoodPass is a digital platform that opens the conversation around dietary preferences. It lets you create a detailed profile of the things you like to eat, which can then be connected to events and services. FoodPass helps to create inclusiveness for all diets in parties, office lunches and events, and personalizes online services.

Author: Harm Jan Grinwis
Supervisor: Martin Pärn

presentation of this thesis 31. May 16:30 at


Root is a co-managing service system for urban communities that aims to transform organic waste into local resources for shared gardening. It provides city dwellers with purpose, control and support to take collective action. Root helps create local and more transparent resource loops inclusively and sustainably, resulting in more engaged, connected and social communities.

Author: Carolina Maia Groisman
Supervisor: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

presentation of this thesis 31. May 15:50 at


Craft Experience Design – Tandoo, which promotes Craft through Makers' education: a case study of Wenzhou Colored Stone Inlay. It lowers the experience threshold for kids playing traditional craft. With Tandoo and Tangram stones, kids can experience craft at home or join a workshop in local Maker Space.

Author: Shujun Wang
Supervisor: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

presentation of this thesis 31. May 14:50 at


Agon is a mixed reality-based application that enhances player's performance (especially offensive team in American Football) by facilitating the adoption of core tactical elements in an early period of skill acquisition. The application bridges the gap by interpreting memorization of tactical details into the action on the field in real-time through consolidating visual and audio feedback.

Student: Thomas Bomjan Tamang
Supervisor: Janno Nõu

presentation of this thesis 31. May 14:10 at


Nebula is a digital platform that supports families to strengthen their emotional abilities by encouraging everyday communication through play. It lets users track their
achievements and it provides customized support for parents about their children’s
emotional development after analyzing games’ answers. With Nebula, families
have a dedicated and safe space for releasing their feelings while empowering
them with the skills to have a better relationship with their own emotions.

Author: Nataly Romero
Supervisor: Martin Pärn

presentation of this thesis 31. May 13:30 at


Tunne Dementia is a neurological and progressive disease that badly affects people’s well-being.

Tunne helps people with dementia gain emotional happiness with playful interactions, caregivers to conduct or join therapy easily, medical experts to detect the emotional status of patients, and society to be more dementia-friendly.

Author: Masato Kagiwada
Supervisor: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

presentation of this thesis 31. May 12:10 at


Kaze Zai is a space that connects women's competencies with possibilities by encouraging sustainable economic activities. It allows its members to Share Resources and Finds work opportunities. They can also gain new skills, Sell handmade products as well as form workgroups. With Kaze Zai, women will have the chance to grow valuable networks and be empowered as a community.

Author: Jannatun Tazri
Supervisor: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

presentation of this thesis 31. May 11:30 at


A green last-mile solution to a better faster, environmental and safe delivery of your items.

Last-mile deliveries in India are highly dominating as well as a busy sector due to the huge population and constant demand for eCommerce products. The system design depicts the green idea to tackle current problems through a novel way to collaborative deliveries for an economical and environment-friendly and safer mode of mobility with the help of

Automated loading Vehicle,
Autonomous dispensing unit
Automated Locker Vehicle

Author: Ankur Rana, 2021
Supervisor: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

presentation of this thesis 31. May 10:30 at


WAVE - flexible and resilient lattice structure for Formula Student car
Flexible lattice structure gives new opportunities in body form logic enabling to change the body rounder and more streamlined.
WAVE helps to improve the manufacturing process of formula car body by simplifying the building process of internal structures. The solution offers more convenient and faster manufacturing for the FS team enabling them to conduct the car tests sooner and be more competitive.

Author: Karolin Madsen
Supervisor: Ruth-Helene Melioranski

presentation of this thesis 31. May 09:50 at

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