Õpi inglise keelt Eestis

Learn to Speak English in Estonia
Our focus is to help you to start speaking English, quickly, properly and with confidence. Learn to Speak English in Estonia

Our focus is to help you to start speaking English, quickly, properly and with confidence.

The emphasis is on verbal communication with support on gramatical rules and foundations. We can do invividual sessions for school age children, individual focussed tutoring, business classes for companies, and high level education for business managers. We put fun and interest into the learning experience. The teaching will be tailored to your level of understanding. We do speak Estonian. Meie ee

Operating as usual

[06/30/16]   Hyphenated....Non-Hyphenated....the irony!!!!


Pronouncing ESTONIAN - Language lesson with Boris

A little primer on Estonian.

A language as easy as trying to capture brown bear with butterfly net. Support Boris life on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lifeofboris Buy merch here: htt...

[06/07/16]   Here is a quiz - the first person that gets it right wins one free English lesson - Larry’s father has five sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty…Guess what would be the name of the fifth?

[06/07/16]   Do you want to try our intermediate or advanced business English classes? First private lesson is free!!!

[04/16/16]   Group or individual Business English conversational classes are starting again soon. Please sign up ASAP! Very reasonable rates.

[11/24/15]   We now offer private one-on-one custom tailored business English sessions at good rates!

[09/10/15]   New business English classes will begin soon. The focus will be conversational and the topics will be interesting! Sign up today!

[01/03/14]   Classes begin next week! Sign up!!!

[11/19/13]   Todays tip for learning English...

Use a dictionary to learn new words or to find out the meaning of a word you may have heard. Make a list and use these words as often as you can and use them, or you lose them.

[11/15/13]   Don't say: irregardless | Do say: regardless

Comment: "-Less" already says ''without'' so there is no need to repeat the same sentiment with "ir-




Our services include/Meie pakume
Learn to speak English/ Õpi rääkima Inglise keelt – group or individual at all levels
Student tutoring/Pakume abi koolilastele Inglise keele õpetamist – Tallinn area/Tallinna ja selle ümbruses
Translation services/ tõlkimine
English language web site tune up, development and corrections/Teie Inglis keelse võrgu lehe tune-up.



Viru Väljak 6-9

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 20:00
Thursday 08:00 - 20:00
Friday 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday 08:00 - 20:00
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Huvikool Optimum Semper Huvikool Optimum Semper
Narva Mnt 38 (3.trepikoda, Fonolukk 39)
Tallinn, 10152

Мы поможем заложить прочный фундамент для развития творческих способностей, языковых навыков и интеллектуальных умений.

Exceptional English Exceptional English
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Exceptional English Language Center Narva mnt. 38 10152, Tallinn 3. korrus Tel.: 551 29 32

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Tallinna Keeltekool Tallinna Keeltekool
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Kui kehakeel ei aita... aitab Tallinna Keeltekool Registreeru kursustele meie kodulehel www.tallinnakeeltekool.ee ! Info tel 52 64 918 (kl 8.30-18.00) või [email protected]

City Keeltekool City Keeltekool
Tartu Mnt 14-5
Tallinn, 10117

City Keeltekool www.citykeeltekool.ee

ImmiSoft - ImmiSchool ImmiSoft - ImmiSchool
Ahtri 12 (Jõe 9), Tallinn
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Estonian language learning materials and courses for New Immigrants in Estonia.

Learn Russian in Tallinn Estonia Learn Russian in Tallinn Estonia
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Russian language courses in total immersion in Tallinn, Estonia. Accommodation, excursions and social activities proposed.

Centro Picasso Tallinn Centro Picasso Tallinn
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Hispaania keele ja kultuuri keskus. Centro Picasso korraldab hispaania keele kursuseid nii gruppidena kui eratundidena, samuti korraldatakse suvekursuseid

Hiina Keel Hiina Keel
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Learn to speak and write chinese

Akubens Koolitus OÜ Akubens Koolitus OÜ
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Akubens Koolitus OÜ организует языковые курсы в Таллине, а так же являемся партнером Эстонской кассы по безработице

King Sejong Institute, Tallinn King Sejong Institute, Tallinn
Narva Mnt 29
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TLÜs asuvas King Sejong Instituudis saab õppida korea keelt ning tutvuda korea kultuuriga

Britanica Britanica
Kalevipoja 10
Tallinn, 13625

Britanica is committed to provide safe and enjoyable learning experience. We want our students to communicate confidently in English and German.