Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy

Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy


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We are delighted to announce that admission to the 10th Transparency School is open! ☺️ Apply today and celebrate 10 years of change-making with anti-corruption enthusiasts from all over the world! More information below and @
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I would like to express my heartfelt grief over this sad news. Professor Vahur Made was one of the outstanding people who had an extraordinary ability to inspire and give courage to everyone he came in contact with. His enthusiasm to teach us and learn from us at the same time enabled us to communicate as peers and share insights on matters of mutual interest as equals. I must admit he was one of the few people who made the learning process a great joy for me/us. Hereby I want to extend condolences to his family and loves ones, as well as his colleagues at Estonian School of Diplomacy and its students.

Kõrgkoolijärgne täiendõpe "Rahvusvahelised suhted ja Euroopa integratsioon". Post-graduate 9 month training program "International Relations and European Integration".

Eesti Diplomaatide Kool (EDK) asutati 1990. aastal eesmärgiga koolitada personali uueneva välisministeeriumi tarbeks. Kümnendi keskel õppekava laiendati ning õppima võisid asuda rahvusvaheliste suhete huvilised ka väljaspoolt ministeeriumi. Tänaseks on EDK-l üle 500 vilistlase, kellest paljud on siirdunud Eesti välisteenistusse, pidanud/peavad suursaadiku ametit ning olnud edukad muudeski kõrgetes riigiametites. Teiste hulgas endine välisminister (2002-2005) ja praegune Europarlamendi liige Kristiina Ojuland. Lisaks riigiametitele on EDK lõpetajad olnud edukad ka uurimisasutustes, erasektoris ja mittetulundusühingutes. *** The Estonian School of Diplomacy (ESD) was established in 1990 with the aim to provide education that would ensure future competent personnel for the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today the ESD has more than 500 graduates working in various fields of which most notable is the ministry of foreign affairs. Many graduates have been holding or are currently holding ambassadors post. In addition to Estonian foreign service, our graduates have been successful in other institutions both in public as well as private sector.

Yesterday our students had the pleasure of taking part in the Conference of Human Rights 2019 “Parallel World Values and Interests”, in memoriam Mart Nutt. This year’s conference focused on the possibility of universal human rights in different cultures, human rights in the era of climate change, technology and rising populism. Thank you Inimõiguste Instituut / Estonian Institute of Human Rights for a day full of important yet challenging debates.

What a privilege to receive British Amb @TBubbearFCO for a challenging foreign policy discussion shortly before the busy election period in UK. Thank you for your kind cooperation 🇪🇪🇬🇧 British Embassy Tallinn

Another year, another student group at the Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy, time sure does fly. An interesting international group with some really challenging foreign policy questions. Once again thank you for hosting.

Yesterday, on December 5, 2019, we had the honor to visit the Embassy of Sweden to Estonia. Our 2019/2020 study group met with Amb. Mikael Eriksson who gave a comprehensive presentation on Swedish foreign policy and Amb also introduced the long history between Estonia and Sweden.

During the Q&A session, the questions on neutrality, Swedish feminist foreign policy, Swedish defense capability and the issue of refugees becoming a foreign policy were addressed to Amb. Eriksson.

Thank you so much, Amb. Mikael Eriksson, for having us!


Today, on Dec 2,2019 we had the utmost pleasure to host Tunisian Amb H.E.Mrs Sarra C. Abidi who met with the staff of ESD to discuss the future cooperation between the diplomatic academies and gave a lecture on Tunisian foreign policy priorities to ESD’s study group. This year ESD is happy to have the first Tunisian young diplomat studying in our 9-month program.

During his visit to Tallinn, Estonia the president of Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky briefly met the scholarship students of ESD/young diplomats from Ukraine Olga Rusova Bohdan Mazur

Read more about the visit -

Ekke Nõmm: protestid Gruusia valitsust tagasi astuma ei pane Gruusia võimupartei otsus taganeda lubatud valimisreformist tõi inimesed Thbilisi tänavatele protestima. Eesti diplomaatide kooli direktor Ekke Nõmme hinnangul ei mõjuta aga protestid valitsust tagasi astuma ega ka nende toetust järgmistel valimistel.

[11/25/19]   Täna õhtuses saates "Välisilm" (kell 21.40, ETV) kommenteerib EDK direktor Ekke Nõmm hetkearenguid Gruusia poliitikas ja ühiskonnas.

This evening`s Välisilm (ERR; 21.40 PM) will include comments by Ekke Nõmm, director of ESD, about ongoing developments in Georgian politics and society.


Last week we had the pleasure to host yet another UA delegation in Tallinn. The week was intense - Ukrainians had the possibility to hear about Estonia´s foreign policy priorities, cyber diplomacy and cyber security, digital government and ICT, Estonia´s decentralisation reform, current challenges of Europe, digital and public diplomacy, Estonia´s way towards EU and nation building, EU neighbourhood policy, and small states in IR. The week ended with a panel discussion on "Geopolitics in Europe - Future of Ukraine?". Thank you very much Riigikogu, Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Välisministeerium, Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium, Rahandusministeerium, Kaitseministeerium, e-Estonia, Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership, Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Estonia, Euroopa Komisjoni esindus Eestis, and Mr Taavi Toom for cooperating with us for the success of this study visit. A huge thank you to all the panel discussants (Amb Grzegorz Kozłowski from Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tallinn, Director of Diplomatic Academy of UA Amb Sergiy Korsunsky, Mr Raivo Vare, Mrs Nataliia Nykyforak (Міністерство закордонних справ України / MFA of Ukraine) and Mr Javad Keypour (Researcher/PhD Student TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology), and to Mr Johannes Tralla (ERR uudised) for an excellent work as the moderator of the panel discussion.

This study visit was organised in the frame of an on-going partnership with Дипломатична академія України імені Геннадія Удовенка при МЗС financed by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Välisministeerium for the purpose of strengthening UA administrations.

Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership

ECEAP Senior Researchers Raul Mälk and Aap Neljas are discussing the Eastern Partnership and giving an overview of our Center and activities to a delegation of diplomats and civil servants from Ukraine. 🇺🇦 #EasternPartnership #StrongerTogether Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy

Today we took our group of young diplomats out of Tallinn to meet our friends and cooperation partners in Tartu.

First, we paid a visit to TÜ J. Skytte poliitikauuringute instituut where we were received by the Deputy Head for Academic Affairs, Mrs.Olga Bogdanova who introduced the programs and international outreach of the Institute.

Further, we had an opportunity to participate in the MEP Talk Series, an open lecture by Mr. Andrus Ansip, former Vice-President of the European Commission on the Digital Single Market, former prime minister of Estonia. In his speech, Mr. Ansip discussed the development of Europe's digital single market, the challenges related to equal access to e-services, the transition to 5G, and the free movement of data. We are thankful for our good cooperation partner dr Stefano Braghiroli, Programme Director for EU-Russia Studies TÜ J. Skytte poliitikauuringute instituut for facilitating this meeting.

The last meeting of the day took place at the Baltic Defence College where we were received by our good cooperation partner dr Kevin Blachford. In addition to Kevin, we met COL (ret.) dr Zdzisław Śliwa, Dean of the BDC and Chief of Staff COL Jean Trudel for interesting presentations. During our meeting, we learned how the "three big D-s": diplomacy, development, and defense have been enhanced on the Baltic example.

Today we had the pleasure to visit the Baltic Defence College. Thank you for having us!

Students and staff from the Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy are visiting BALTDEFCOL today to learn more about the role of military education. The experience shows the importance of collaboration and cooperation between security and diplomacy, and heralds a new chapter in closer cooperation on education within Estonia.

Yesteday, on October 17, ESD study group had a rare possibility of meeting Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Välisministeerium and hearing first hand comments on the most imminent foreign policy topics and Estonia`s foreign policy priorities. Thank you so much for having us!

Our foreign students from 11 nationalities study at the 9 month program on International Relations and European Integration with the scholarships of development co-operation.

Photo credit Leen Lindam

Ekspert kurdidest: karm reaalsus on, et uus riik saab sündida vaid olemasolevate arvelt

Yesterday Mr Rene Värk gave comments on Välisilm on Kurds attempts to establish their own state from an International Law point of view.

This week Mr Värk, who we often co-operate with, is delivering a course on International Law also to our this year's study group. Kõik maailma territooriumid on ära jagatud ja karm reaalsus on see, et uus riik saab sündida ainult olemasolevate riikide arvelt, tõdes rahvusvahelise õiguse ekspert Rene Värk "Välisilmas" kurdide püüdlustest rääkides.

Flashback: On September 18-21, ESD Director Mr Ekke Nõmm participated at the 46th Meeting of Deans and Directors of Diplomatic Academies and Institutes of International Relations (IFDT) at Geneva, Switzerland.

This annual event is an informal gathering of deans and directors devoted to discussions of issues of modern diplomacy and trends in diplomatic education.

It is no news that diplomacy is also about connecting people.

Today our this year foreign students had a unique possibility of touring around Tallinn with our last year's alumni Eero. Eero introduced the history of Estonia and Tallinn to the brave ones who were eager to go out with today's weather.

Thank you very much Eero for your passion and time taken to do this tour. We hope it will be a nice initiative that will turn into a tradition.

ESD currently runs a development cooperation project that aims to train the diplomats from MENA countries, from Mauritius and from the member-countries of the Indian Ocean Commission.


On September 29 - October 4, 2019, ESD hosted a delegation of 7 diplomats representing Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, and Tunisia as the last study visit in the framework of this project.

The program of the study visit introduced Estonian best practices from several fields including ICT and e-governance, public and digital diplomacy, state protocol, and legal affairs. Also, the visits to the Parliament of Estonia and to the MFA Estonia took place. Study visit also accommodated open lectures of H.E. Ilir Meta, President of Albania and by Mrs. Katya Vogt (IREX) on dis-information. Valuable training session on intercultural communication was conducted by Mr. Paul Hendrix from Clingendael.

The study visit was financed by MFA Estonia, from the development cooperation framework.


Desk officer at the information analysis desk,
General Directorate of Communication, Information, and Documentation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria

Mr. Mohammad Mahmoud Mofleh
AL SARHEED First Secretary,
Director assistant for consular affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Secretary of Foreign Affairs,
Desk Officer, Directorate of the Greater Maghreb and the Arab Maghreb Union and the African Union Affairs; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Ms. Masa Raghebabu BAKER
Desk officer, Arab affairs department, Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates

Mr. Sami BOUGHANMI Head of division,
General Directorate of Legal Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia

ESD 2019/20120 scholarship student, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, the State of Palestine

ESD 2019/20120 scholarship student,
Secretary of Foreign Affairs at the Directorate of Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia

Pleased to welcome bright students from TÜ J. Skytte poliitikauuringute instituut #EURUS program for a fruitful discussion on 🇪🇪 foreign policy.

Our first year #EURUS students just started their 2-day trip 🚂 to Tallinn! We are currently at the Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy 🇪🇪 Thanks to Director Ekke Nõmm for sharing so much with us! 🧠

This week was very busy for us but we are extremely happy about all the possibilities given to us :)

Yesterday, on October 3, we had the oppotunity of co-organising the public talk of Ms Katya Vogt on disinformation with our good co-operation partner U.S. Embassy Tallinn, Estonia. Pictures talk for themselves how well the lecturer managed to capture the attention of her audience.

Meie külalisesineja Katya Vogt viis sel nädalal läbi mitmeid kaasahaaravaid arutelusid meedia kirjaoskuse teemal kuidas võidelda #väärinfo vastu. Arutelud leidsid aset Narvas, Kohtla-Järvel ja Tallinnas. Mida teed SINA, et veenduda oma infovoo allikate audentsuses? 📱🛡

Our guest speaker Katya Vogt led engaging discussions on countering #disinformation #medialiteracy this week in Narva, Kohtla-Järve, and Tallinn. What do YOU do to verify your information sources? 📱🛡

This week we had the pleasure of having Mr Paul Hendrix from our good co-operation partner The Clingendael Institute to deliver a course on Intercultural Communication to our study group at ESD. I have rarely seen all the students so focused. For sure it has been an insightful course for our dynamic group. Thank you Mr Hendrix!

Today, 03.10.2019, we had a pleasure to host an open lecture

“Power of Disinformation in Shaping Opinions?”

by Ms. Katya Vogt (IREX).

This event was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America in Tallinn.

Katya Vogt is an international development professional with over 15 years of experience in program leadership, design, operations, and implementation. She has technical expertise in combatting disinformation through awareness-raising and skill-building through IREX’s Learn to Discern approach (L2D), in education and teacher training, and in developing effective initiatives to strengthen media, civil society, and local governance.

This morning we had the utmost pleasure to welcome His Excellency, President of Albania Mr Ilir Meta and his delegation at Estonian School of Diplomacy. President Meta gave a public lecture on security challenges and Euro-Atlantic integration to many Ambassadors residing in Tallinn and Helsinki, Arab delegation visiting us this week and ESD 2019/2020 study group.

Photo credit: Annika Haas

📌📣📢On 25 September a 3-day seminar on ’’Secessionist Conflicts and Their Management“ was completed at the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, delivered by Eiki Berg, Professor of International Relations, University of Tartu.

🇬🇪🇪🇪The course was organized by the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute in cooperation with the Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy and it was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Parliament of Georgia, Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

📌📣📢27 სექტემბერს, ლევან მიქელაძის სახელობის დიპლომატიურ სასწავლო და კვლევით ინსტიტუტში, დასრულდა სამდღიანი სემინარი თემაზე ,,სეპარატისტული კონფლიქტები და მათი მართვა“, რომელსაც უძღვებოდა ეიკი ბერგი, საერთაშორისო ურთიერთობების პროფესორი ტარტუს უნივერსიტეტში.

🇬🇪🇪🇪კურსი განხორციელდა ესტონეთის დიპლომატიურ სკოლასთან თანაშრომლობით და მასში მონაწილეობა მიიღეს საქართველოს საგარეო საქმეთა სამინისტროს, პარლამენტის, იუსტიციის სამინისტროს და თავდაცვის სამინისტროს თანამშრომლებმა.

📌📣📢On 25 September a 3-day seminar on ’’Secessionist Conflicts and Their Management“ was completed at the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, delivered by Eiki Berg, Professor of International Relations, University of Tartu.

🇬🇪🇪🇪The course was organized by the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute in cooperation with the Eesti Diplomaatide Kool/ Estonian School of Diplomacy and it was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Parliament of Georgia, Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

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