How can I get access to some courses for the eGovernance courses?
I can see tremendous value and great potential on this community, that leads me to ask this question: in which way can egivenance graduates of this master impact the world? In other words, what are the possibilities/opportunities that e-governance masters can open for students? Hope to read a detailed answer with real examples. All LOVE 😍
Would like to apply in the upcoming session for masters program in 2018. Please provide me the checklist of documents which I have to provide ... thanks

e-Governance Technologies and Services Master's Curriculum of Tallinn University of Technology
More info:


Estonia’s e-government and the country’s other innovative e-solutions have grown into one of Europe’s success stories of the last decade. Various theories and approaches have been created on the state level to develop and link together different technologies to implement e-governance practices on a state, local and individual level. The Master’s programme e-Governance Innovation: Technology and Se

Operating as usual

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Second day of #egov2022 is over and we are happy to have met so many great guests as well as heard brilliant keynote speeches. On the first photo we are together with Charles J. Wekwete who is the head of e-Goverment Technology Unit in Zimbabwe. And on the third photo we had opportunity to meet with delegation from from Mozambique and Kedi Välba from @aktorsestonia who is our amazing master’s program alumna 👩‍🎓🌞. #egoverntech #mastersprogram #taltech #taltechuniversity #highereducation

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#egov2022 took off with welcoming words by Eva-Maria Liimets and Andres Sutt. 👏👏👏 We are very glad to be part of this event and to have our own booth at the Expo Area! Today the conference focus was on Ukraine, Poland, Tonga and Mongolia take on digital resilience. As well as there was a deep dive into cybersecurity and interesting case studies were shared. 🤩 We have two days of conference ahead so come and say hi, let’s meet and discuss burning topics of e-governance! 👋🙏 #egoverntech #egov2022 #digitaltransformation #taltech #nextgendigitalstate #Ngds #mastersprogram

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We are ready! Come and find us at the #egov2022 conference!
👀 From today until Thursday we will be on spot at the e-Governance Conference Expo Area with our Next Generation Digital State Research group booth.
👉🏻This year, the conference focuses on enabling a resilient digital ecosystem that responds to crises; ensuring digital data security and interoperability; engaging partners, citizens, and cross-border collaboration. Another focus is on the seamless government - its implementation, risks, citizens' role, and how to create world-class digital service?
👋 Come meet us and let's share ideas, as well as discuss the future of next-generation digital services as well as e-governance technologies!👾#digitaltransformation #egovernment #egovernance #nextgendigitalstate #ngds #egovernancetechnologiesandservices #mastersprogram #taltech #university #highereducation

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This is a small inspiration post for our dear second-year students who are busy writing their thesis! 👏
One final push until 9.05.2022 and you just need to prepare for your master’s thesis defense! 🌞
you got this! 🤘🏻

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What an interesting second #AI4Gov open event it was! 😻
We had such amazing industry keynote speeches with #bedisruptive and Intellera Consulting and a panel discussion about the future in the AI Age with Nele Leosk who is ambassador-at-large for digital affairs at Estonian Ministry of Foreign affairs 🇪🇪, Luca Gastaldi from Government of Italy 🇮🇹, Jana Novohradská who is a Member of Ethics and Regulation of AI at Slovak Republic Ministry of Investments 🇸🇰, and George A. Tilesch who is president of the PHI institute in USA 🇺🇸. The third day of event was dedicated to #ai4govstartupcontest finalists presentations and best ideas were selected and rewarded by jury. 👏👏Congratulations to all and follow the Master on Artificial Intelligence for public services (AI4GOV) developments and see more about admission and curriculum 👉🏻 ——————
The event was organized within the framework of the Master on Artificial Intelligence for public services (AI4GOV), which is the first master of this kind funded by the @europeancommission under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and implemented by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid @somosupm and the Politecnico di Milano @polimi , in collaboration with the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität @uni_fau and the Tallinn University of Technology @taltechuniversity @itteaduskond

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Part of our Next gen digital state research group with Data Science group is in Milan 🇮🇹 this week to take part of three-days event on "AI Enabled Innovation for Digital Government Transformation" 📍 Politecnico di Milano.

👉🏻The event is organized within the framework of the Master on Artificial Intelligence for public services (AI4GOV), which is the first 💡master of this kind funded by the @europeancommission under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and implemented by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid @somosupm and the Politecnico di Milano @polimi , in collaboration with the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität @uni_fau and the Tallinn University of Technology @taltechuniversity @itteaduskond
📣We will be sharing some interesting highlights from events and share some of the finalists research projects as well as start-ups.
#digitaltransformation #taltechuniversity #itteaduskond #nextgenerationdigitalstateresearch #ngds #artificialintelligence #nextgenerationgovernment #publicservice #digitalgovernment #digitalstate #egovernance #egov #mastersprogramme


💐 Few weeks back we held a master’s program information session with our current students and alumni for our new students. However, we have prepared useful info graphic and brochures as-well can share the session recording and slides with you if you are interested to join our program! 🙏 Kindly let us know by writing to our DM and we will share additional information with you ♥️


🚀 #StartupContest
Have you come up with an innovative project ready to revolutionize the Public Administration sector?
#AI4GOVstartupcontest rewards the best #startup solutions and research projects that use Artificial Intelligence to develop increasingly competitive public services.
✔️ Deadline April 10th, application on
➡️ The challenge is organized by the partner universities of @AI4Gov master @Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, @Politecnico di Milano, @FAU and @TalTech
🤝 In collaboration with @BeDisruptive, @Intellera Consulting and @EY
🦾 With the support of @PoliHub

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✨Oskused ja teadmised digiriigi tehnoloogiatest ja teenustest, innovatsioonist ja e-valitsemisest ning selle õiguslikust keskkonnast võimaldavad teha karjääri nii avalikus kui erasektoris, samuti rahvusvahelistes organisatsioonides. E-riigi tehnoloogiate ja teenuste magistriõppekava annab teadmisi kui ka kogemusi, mis on vajalikud tehnoloogiliste muudatuste elluviimiseks nii teoorias kui praktikas. Olete oodatud kuulama meie praeguste ja endiste magistrantide sissejuhatust ja eriala tutvustust.

📣 Virtuaalne infotund toimub neljapäeval, 10. märtsil kell 17:00.
👉Registreeri end infotundi:
👉Vaata kogu infonädala programmi Facebookis:
✅️‍Tutvu õppekavaga:
👉Virtuaalseks osalemiseks: (see viib E-riigi tehnoloogiad ja teenused magistriõppe infotundi Teamsi)

✨ Skills and knowledge of digital technologies and services, innovation and e-government, and its legal environment allow for careers in both the public and private sectors, as well as in international organizations. The master's degree program in e-governance technologies and services provides the knowledge as well as the experience necessary to implement digital transformation both in theory and in practice. You are welcome to listen to the introduction made by our current and former graduates and receive an overview of our curriculum.

📣E-Governance Technologies and Services MSc programme info session 2022 take place on Thursday, March 10 at 17:00.
👉Register to the event:

Info and Schedule Master's Studies Info Week 2022:

✅️‍E-Governance Technologies and Services MSc program:
👉For virtual participation in Teams:

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Today, the School of IT gave the year 2021 recognitions to our amazing researchers and dear colleagues.
We have so much to celebrate! 👏✨
From our own research group, Ingrid Pappel got an award for being the researcher of the year and for being the first author for the research article of the year. Last year she was the author or co-author for more than 12 articles and supervised 5 master's theses. 🤩
Regina Erlenheim, who is warmly loved by our students for her constructive criticism, always positive and open-minded approach, was recognized as the lecturer of the year! 🥰 Her course "Public service design and implementation" is one of the best courses in our program and good for master thesis preparation in a sense to start thinking outside of the box. 🌪🎁

We are beyond happy to have such amazing women in our NextGen research group and hopefully we will continue on the same brilliant level in the upcoming years!

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✨ The three-days long training has ended and we have only positive emotions from the last couple of days! We are stunned that so many public authorities, media, R&D, and business representatives participated in the seminars here at Strathmore University and had such big interest in e-governance. 💥 This project definitely plays a part in a wider cooperation that enables the possibility to launch activities for increasing awareness about e-governance and digital skills in Kenya. This project has already set preconditions for further effective cooperation between the two countries to exchange students, lecturers, and researchers regarding the digital state’s development issues. #egoverntech #taltech

Photos from Egoverntech's post 15/02/2022

Here you can see most of our team on spot in Kenya, consisting of current master student and alumni who are on a mission to share our expertise and initiating discussions on how we could have a great academic collaboration in the field of digital transformation. Happy that Honorary Consul of Estonia in Kenya, Kadri Huma Ayal as well as executive dean of Strathmore University, dr George Njenga were both present in the opening day. From TalTech, Ingrid Pappel gave the opening keynote speech. Hopefully we can share more interesting insights about coming seminar days from Nairobi 📣👏. #egoverntech #strathmoreschoolofbusiness #taltech #university #collaboration #estdev #digitaltransformation #egovernance

Photos from Egoverntech's post 15/02/2022

The Government of Estonia 🇪🇪 through Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Strathmore Business School 🇰🇪 , whose overarching objective is to promote new international partnership on digital transformation in Africa.
🔎 With a focus on the development of digital competences to increase Kenya's e-government development potential the Strathmore University and TalTech University are hosting a 3-Days course starting today, February 15th-17th 2022 on Practical educational workshop on e-Governance and Digital Transformation.
Experts and researchers from Tallinn University of Technology and Estonia will share the best practices of the digital society in Estonia. Along with the Strathmore University different cases of e- Governance will be addressed.
Expected to attend the session are
representatives from the government, private sector, media, academia, and policymakers.
📣 The seminar will cover the principles and building blocks of e-governance and digital transformation as well as cultivate an innovative mindset for generating new and effective solutions. ✨ Topics covered will look at the status quo of digitization in Kenya, automation, proactive services, e-Governance at a glance, digital society foundations, public private partnerships, interoperability, data exchange, digital skills, change management, proactive services, public service transformation.
#estdev #taltechuniversity #strathmorebusinessschool #estoniangovernment #egoverntech

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Luukas Ilves who freshly started as Estonian Government Chief Information Officer started with the opening speech for NGGS2022 conference, mentioning the important and possible ways that we could collaborate now and that he is looking forward in the future to have Next Generation Academia and Government cooperation. #NGGS2022 #nextgenerationgovernmentsymposium


Let us introduce you to our next Symposium keynote speaker:
📣Kelli Turmann. Founder and board member of Biotoopia. ✨She said herself: “Art is like ICT - it is everywhere. Art is often used as a decorative element and lately, it is being used increasingly in science to visualize new inventions or specific processes. New trends have included art also to information technology to create value to the code which is collectively referred to as the NFT.
All of this, of course, is a great opportunity for the art field to develop and grow. But there is something more, and much deeper in art. Art, music and poetry use different modes of thinking and neural pathways that can be used to make other connections than ordinary logic or scientific thinking allow.
The 2021 international conference on the Biotope Art, Science and Biosphere highlighted good examples of how scientists have approached art, gone beyond quantitative analysis and started to interpret more broadly. The theme of the 2022 conference will be Biosphere Data and the Beauty of Metamorphoses, where we want to find similar contact points between technology and the arts. At the NGGS Symposium I can highlight the current challenges and initiatives that could take this direction forward.”
💥NGSS2022 event is funded by the European Social Fund
#NGGS2022 #taltech #biotope #biotoopia


Next Generation Government Symposium 2022 keynote speaker:
📣 Arne Ansper earned his MSc in System Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology in 2001. He joined Cybernetica (Institute of Cybernetics of Estonian Academy of Sciences back then) in 1994 and has designed and built many security-critical distributed systems, specializing in e-government systems. 🙌 Arne designed the architecture of the X-Road.
NGSS2022 event is funded by the European Social Fund
#xroad #cybernetica #digitaltransformation #NGGS2022 #taltech



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