e-Governance Technologies and Services Master's Curriculum of Tallinn University of Technology APLLY HERE!

Estonia’s e-government and the country’s other innovative e-solutions have grown into one of Europe’s success stories of the last decade. Various theories and approaches have been created on the state level to develop and link together different technologies to implement e-governance practices on a state, local and individual level. The Master’s programme e-Governance Innovation: Technology and Services gives students broad knowledge about the makings of a modern state – the transition into e-governance, its management and development. Studies include a wider overview of administrative and legal aspects of e-governance Key features: - Focuses on designing, developing and improving governmental systems and implementing e-government components on every level of the state - Specialization on IT technologies, innovation/services in public and private sector or adoption and marketing of e-government - User-oriented services offered by government that are based on information and communication technologies - Offers experience in the industry, practical research and project work already during studies

eGovernTech ladies educating delegates from Turkmenistan in digital transformation! Good hints towards digitalization of Turkmenistan were given by Ingrid Pappel, Anastasiia enlightened the delegates about our eGov study program and Anna-Maria shared how to raise digital mentality. Turkmenistan we're coming! 👍😄

eGovernTech is receiving delegations from all around the world on a regular basis who state interest especially in our eGov curriculum. Therefore we always try to engage our eGov students and this time our alumni as well 👍

eGovernTech met with the delegation of Nagaland and discussed importance of educating future leaders of digital transformation at our eGov curriculum.

EGovernTech is in Kyiv with a great mission to make knowledge tranfer and share our eGov expertise with National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine and Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University with a view to creating eGov curricula.

We had an amazing get together meeting with 1st, 2nd year students and even some alumni! 👍👌😉 Egov students rock 🤘

Our eGov second year student Nazir Hassan Waziri has been selected as a Campus Director for the 2020 Hult Prize On Campus Program at the Tallinn University of Technology 🙂👏

And he is looking for students to train, educate and inspire by building an impact community around On Campus activities.

Are you a TalTech Student? (BSc, MSc, PhD)
 Are you passionate about entrepreneurship (most importantly youth entrepreneurship)?
 Are you energetic, a go-getter?
 Are you someone that doesn’t stop after hearing a NO?
 Are you able to put in at least 6+ hours of your time in a week?

Come and join our team as the following:
I. Teams Coordinator: To support with team’s communications and make sure they have the greatest experience)
II. Logistics Coordinator: To support with different operations like venue selections and preparations, food and beverages, set up, printing, IT, Etc.)
III. Marketing Coordinator: To promote the program through social media(experience of building audience through platforms like Facebook, snapchat, twitter, Instagram), public relations and branding efforts) Under marketing we would love to have a dedicated photographer, videographer with good editing skills. (Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)
IV. Committee Members: To help brainstorm ideas, assist in the above activities, and build a great team focused on bringing a great program to the TalTech Campus

Benefits of joining the organizing committee:
 A fun, fair and fast working committee
 Be part of the team to bring Hult Prize to TalTech for the FIRST TIME!
 An appreciation certificate from the Hult Prize
 An opportunity to be the next Campus Director
 A team that welcomes your ideas and suggestions, regardless of their size.
 An opportunity to have a real life experience planning, strategizing and organizing an event
 Flexibility
 We are looking for ten or more committee members in total
 And most importantly have Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!

Note: This is a volunteering position, there is no monetary compensation for any of the above listed positions.

Application deadline is 25th of September.

If you are interested on knowing more about the Hult Prize below are some useful links:
On Campus Program:
Hult Prize Campus director:
Hult Prize winner experience:

Цифровой Казахстан | Цифровизация по-эстонски

Digitalization of Kazakhstan, Estonian experience.
Sorry guys it's in Russian :) Цифровой Казахстан | Цифровизация по-эстонски

eGovernTech team gladly welcomed the colleagues from Khon Kaen University of Thailand and had a fruitful meeting with discussions regarding eGov and future cooperation opportunities.

Yesterday we were pleased to host our 1st year students during the kick off of our Info Society Principles course at EGA. This year our 35 eGov students were joined by students from other TalTech study programs. We are glad to share our knowledge in order to meet the ever growing demand for eGov!

Today joined our vibrant eGov program 35 bright students from diverse countries like: Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Iran, Peru, Mexico, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Bulgaria, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. We held a kick off meeting and finally got acquainted face to face. It's promising to be an exciting academic year full of adventures and challenges 🤓👍😉

And here are the winners of the Summer school 2019 with their great project on e-Voting in Japan! Congratulations, well done in such a short period! 👍🙂👏🥳!

Today our summers school concluded with bright projects ideas and pitching by our students! Keep up great work and definitely develop further your projects in order to be implemented in real life👍👌😉!

Today our eGovernTech team was mentoring our summer school students on their great project ideas!

Summer school on Secure e-Governance kick off!!! We have been running successfully summer schools since 2014. 25 amazing students from diverse countries joined us this time for our anniversary! Next 2 weeks are promising to be very informative and inspiring 👍😉

This year we have even more brilliant eGov alumni! 👌 On behalf of our eGovernTech team congratulations to our new 22 alumni of 2019! You worked hard, did a great job and now it's time to celebtate 🎉 🍾 🎊👏👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Congratulations 🎉 to all who defended yesterday! You're our new eGov alumni 🍾👏 Great job is done 👌

Greet our new alumni of spring 2019! Each of you did a great job 👍👏👌

On June 4-6, in ICT-A1 we have eGov masters theses defense. Come along and cheer up your peers! 😉

Survey on the Impact of Digital Initiatives

Hey there! Could you help us and join our survey on the impact of digital initiatives?

We are a group of researchers from Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Tokio and we are deeply interested in your opinion: how does digital transformation impact our societies, governments, economies, our daily lives and work?

If you join the survey (takes 10-12min): we would be grateful!

Please find all details about the survey (why? what? how?) under the above link and share it with your friends and colleagues! Thanks a lot!🙂 Thanks a lot for joining our survey! We are a team of researchers from Tallinn University of Technology (Taltech); Capgemini Germany, Business & Technology Solutions Public Sector; ITMO University St. Petersburg; and Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting. We are interested in the perceived impact of....

Greetings from the annual e-Governance and Digitalisation Conference organised by EGA! Our eGov study program is becoming trendy more and more. Different Ministries from diverse countries acknowledge necessity to educate future leaders of Digi transformation by TalTech 🙂 We are ready to rock and backup EGA's activities from academic perspective! 😉

We are extremely happy to congratulate our eGov and Health Care Technologies students that were supervised by our lecturer Regina Erlenheim and received the grant prize of the business idea development program STARTERtallinn Spring 2019! Keep it up, we're very proud of you! ✌️👏🤩

Winners of the business idea development program STARTERtallinn Spring 2019 are identified!

We are very proud to announce:
GRAND PRIX – team Recovery Companion
Inspiration prize - team Ohhsanugis
Inspiration prize – team ÄngFree
Grand Prix of 1000 eur and inspiration prizes of 500 eur both were presented by Tallinna Ettevõtlusamet/Tallinn Enterprise Department (Toomas Türk).

Special prizes from our supporters and cooperation partners:
from sTARTUp Day 2020 - team Treff,
from Spring Hub – team TripTime,
from ERGO Insurace (Annika Loigu) – team Verum Solutions,
from (Bramanis Tõnis) – team Ohhsanugis and team Smart Vending Machines,
from Tieto Tallinn, Estonia (Heiti Mering) – team Smart Vending Machines,
from Fundwise (Jelena Žovnikova) - team Ohhsanugis,
from Elisa Eesti (Kertu Kriisk) – team QQ,
from Cleantech ForEst (Erki Ani) – team ÄngFree,
from Ajujaht (Harri Tallinn) – team ÄngFree,
from TalTech MEKTORY (Kaisa Hansen) – team Recovery Companion,
from Estonian Business Angels Network Estban (Anu Oks) – team Verum Solutions,
from Avokaado (Mariana Hagström) – team Ohhsanugis,
from Deloitte Eesti (Marko Pikani) – team Ohhsanugis,
from SEB Eesti (Ragnar Toomla) - team Ohhsanugis,
from Tallinna Loomeinkubaator/ Tallinn Creative Incubator (Mariko Kolk) – team Ohhsanugis,
from Prototron (Jana Pavlenkova) – team Recovery Companion,
from Tehnopol, Tehnopol Startup Incubator (Martin Gorosko) – Verum Solutions.

Congratulations to all teams and keep on going - everything is possible if you really want!
Big thanks to members of our distinguished jury, representatives of our wonderful supporters and cooperation partners – your contribution is very valuable!
Special gratitude goes to Maarja Pehk and Latitude59 for hosting us during their conference!

STARTERtallinn Spring 2019 is a history! STARTERtallinn Autumn 2019 starts in September. Enjoy the summer!

Photos by Marit Kuusk (more photos will follow next week)

6月12日開催 日本・エストニアデジタルガバメントフォーラム | 日経イベント&セミナー

Prof. Dr. Dirk Draheim will be panelist on the topic "How to introduce nation-wide e-government"! 政府は2019年3月15日の閣議で、行政手続きを原則オンライン化する「デジタル手続き法案」を決定しました。地方・民間にまで広める「デジタルガバメント」の実現には、政府/自治体/企業/大学/国民の間で、データ、技術、....

eGovernTech team had a fruitful meeting at Toulouse university with representatives of IT faculty in order to promote our eGov master's program and establish bilateral cooperation.

All Program managers of TalTech's School of IT gathered together to follow an enlightening workshop in Eindhoven University of Technology and discussed the prosperous future of engineering programs.

Our eGov students did a great job! Congrats to all of our finalists! 🥳👏✌️

And the finalists are - see the photo below.

Congratulations to all teams and big thanks to the honorary jury (Caroline Aruoja, Kaisa Hansen, Kristjan Kolbre, Simon Renno) for the hard work!
See you at the finals on the 17th of May Latitude59!
Long live STARTERtallinn!

Dear TalTech students,

Please join us for a seminar on leadership facilitated by TalTech Student, Richard Dreyling.
This seminar will take place April 26, 2019 in the Mektory Business Model lab, from 1100 to 1300.
This will allow time for discussion. The seminar is intended for anyone who has been in a position of leadership, studied leadership, or is curious about the topic of leadership.

Richard Dreyling is a student at TalTech. As a young child, he joined Cub Scouts and began his leadership journey. Since that time, he has earned the prestigious Eagle Scout award, served in the United States Marine Corps, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley. Between finishing college and coming to Estonia, he worked as a technical sales professional in the IT industry, bringing what he has learned about leadership to his everyday interactions with coworkers and customers. His spare time, he spends as a writer, comedian, and podcast host. Richard believes that the best leaders are made, not born, and he hopes to entertain seminar attendees while lighting a fire inside them to become students of leadership.

Due to the size of the room, please register for the event at the following link:

Ticket Link:

Facebook Event:

Today eGoverntech team gladly welcomed Delegation from Utrecht University. Potential cooperation topics were discussed focusing on research and exchange of expertise in eGov.

Banknote and ID Excellence Recognised at Prestigious Awards in Malta - Reconnaissance Banknote and ID Excellence Recognised at Prestigious Awards in Malta 27 March 2019 View all articles Reconnaissance, the organisers of High Security Printing EMEA, revealed the 2019 winners of the Regional ID Documents and Banknotes of the Year awards at a special ceremony during the conference in M...

Last night during the StarterTallinn event (Speed Dating Night 2019) our students who represented eGov Taltech won the Best Hustler Crown award with their project: WashAbit (e-Laundry): A solution for all your laundry problems.

Our guys were chosen among the 50 Best Start-up ideas in Tallinn. They managed to discuss their business idea with more than dozen of investors and gathered acknowledgement in the form of €15 Million tickets.

Great job, we are very proud to have such bright students as you guys! 👏👍🙂

Today our team conducted an inspiring workshop with students to collect direct feedback. As our aim is to be the leading eGovernance study program, who are educating future leaders and experts of digi transformation in our society and organisations, we must constantly pay attention to the quality of the curriculum 😊

TalTech and eGovernTech at Digitalization Forum: Estonian experience

Today eGovernTech team hosted a delegation from the government of Sudan. We discussed diverse eGovernance related issues as well as academic approach to the eGovernment solutions and establishment of bilateral academic cooperation.

Admission to eGov master's program kicked off 👍
All interested go here:

Congratulations 🎉 to our new alumni 2019!

We have master's theses defense tomorrow. Join us in ICT-507AB at 10 am!

Dear all, Merry Christmas and Happy New 2019 Year from eGovernTech team! 🥳

The final seminar on Info Management and Digi Archiving course terminated today with loads of interesting presentations by our 2nd year students. Now we all know for sure how to preserve everything online, since such inspiring lecturers as Ingrid Pappel and Koit Saarevet brought enlightenment 😉

This is a perfect proof how our eGov study programme is super international! From Brazil to Sri Lanka 👏
Idea and photo by our 1st year students!

Today eGovernTech team hosted the delegation from the Dutch government and discussed developments in the field of e-governance and digital communication, especially how the relationship between citizens and government is evolving through ICT. Moreover potential cooperation between the parties in conducting joint research was set up.

Yesterday eGovernTech team taught the elderly how to act in eState and consume different e-services. We rock! 👍

Today Koit Saarevet, Project Manager at National Archive of Estonia during an informative lecture, introduced to our 2nd year students the main principles of digi preservation and the archive.

An early stage researcher and our alumna Valentyna Tsap together with Ingrid Pappel organized an inspiring round table discussion on Maturity of National eIDs that has ventured interesting suggestions and ideas of a future view of electronic identity at the 18th European Conference on Digital Government in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. During the conference was also presented a poster on Application of e-Governance Solutions in Industry 4.0: The case of e-Invoicing, which was prepared by our student Oleksandr Kosenkov.

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