BRICO - The Nordic Steel Bridge Competition

Europe's biggest steel bridge competition

BRICO 2021 will take place 10.05 - 14.05.2021 in Tallinn, Estonia.


We want to congratulate these 7 teams on getting through level 2 pre-evaluation and thank you for sending your applications on time.

You have 3 months to keep working on your bridges and we'll see you in May! 🥰


We want to thank all teams that sent their applications for level 1 pre-evaluation on time!
We also want to congratulate these seven teams on getting through level 1 pre-evaluation and remind them that deadline for sending the application for level 2 pre-evaluation is 31.01.2021 before 21.00 CET ☀️


Now that holiday celebrations are over (we hope they were wonderful), we would like to remind you that the deadline for application is in exactly 10 days!! 🤩
So mark your calendars because 17.01.2021 is the last day you can apply for BRICO 2021 competition if you haven’t done that already!!


BRICO 2020: ViDe - The Steel Bridge Virtual Design Competition deadline has been moved again. The new due date for the submissions is 31.12.2020 at 23.59!

The reason for the current postponement is that some contestants have reached out to us and asked for extra time for designing the bridge. We have taken your concerns in account and extended the deadline.

The closing ceremony has been moved accordingly. The new date is 14.01.2021.

Send the finished work to [email protected]
Rules and more information on our site


BRICO - The Nordic Steel Bridge Competition


Time to polish up your bridge knowledge, because BRICO 2021 is coming!

We are delighted to announce that BRICO 2021 will be taking place during 10-14th May in Tallinn, Estonia. Although BRICO 2020 had to be cancelled we strongly believe that all of us have been tempered by the experience and are hopefully able to better plan for the conditions of the coming spring. On our part, the organizing team is doing everything in our power to make the coming BRICO a legendary event that will be talked about for years!

The rules for BRICO 2021 are identical to those of BRICO 2020 as to give a deserved chance for last year's competitors to field-test their designs, some of which have already been manufactured. As before, optimisation and out-of-the-box thinking will be richly rewarded! So gather a team, design a bridge, and you’re halfway to Tallinn!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected]. Also check out our home page for the rules and freshest information.

P.S. All participants of the final competition shall receive a certificate with 6 ECTS credits from Tallinn University of Technology.


BRICO 2020: ViDe - The Virtual Bridge Design Competition deadline has been moved to 02.11.2020!

The reasons for that are:

*better compatibility with school cycle
*more even distribution between the BRICO events as the main competition was canceled
*to give more students a chance to participate by time extension

However, if you are already done with the work, you can of course send it to [email protected]!

Information at will be renewed shortly.


We are sad to announce that we are canceling BRICO 2020. Due to the lingering effects of the coronavirus most of the teams would not have been able to make it to Tallinn in September.

All the teams that were going to participate in September are qualified to participate in the finals of BRICO 2021 in May 2021. As such, the design rules for BRICO 2021 will be the same as for BRICO 2020.

We want to thank everybody that supports and follows BRICO for their understanding! We want to give special thanks to all the would-be participants who worked with the organizing team until the last moment to make BRICO 2020 happen.

We hope to see you all in Tallinn this coming spring! Meanwhile stay safe and healthy!

PS: BRICO 2020: ViDe is still taking place and you are very welcome to participate (more info at


We are thoroughly thrilled to bring you the first ever BRICO 2020: ViDe - The Virtual Bridge Design Competition!

BRICO: ViDe is purely virtual - no real life problems such as lack of funding, problems with manufacturing or even global pandemic can’t stop anyone from taking part. It also gives a spectacular opportunity to compose exotic on-the-edge designs that wouldn’t be practical to produce 😉 Let your fantasy fly free!

Like BRICO itself, ViDe has something for both architecture and engineering students - the best bridge model and best bridge poster will be awarded! We also have a special prize for a team of newcomers. 😀

So, all that’s left to do, is for you to find a teammate! Or you can take the journey alone! Send the model and poster to [email protected] before 24.08.2020 12.00 CET and compete in a friendly atmosphere with students all over the world!

More information:

*BRICO: ViDe has no participation fee


Hi BRICO fans,

Here are the good old questions again! Meet our social media team - Eliisbeth, Heleene, Michell!

1. Who would construct the worst bridge in our BRICO2020 team? Why?

Heleene and Michell are very enthusiastic… “I would pick me, because I have no clue anything about construction.”
Eliisbeth thought that Eke will probably fail really bad, as he is not good at focusing on one thing.

2. How do you cross the river without a bridge?

Heleene “I would tie a rope around a nearby tree and swing across the river.”

Eliisbeth “I probably wait for a co-victim, because teamwork makes the dream work.”

Michell “the smart one of the group” would test the flow of the river. “If I can, I would easily swim over.”

3. What made you join the team?

Heleene joined the team thanks to Marianne and never looked back since then. Eliisbeth’s decision was made after seeing Elise’s enthusiastic presentation. And Michell said that BRICO’s senior team members seemed nice, so she wanted to be a part of it. BRICO team all together is supportive and hardworking.

Make sure to stay tuned, we have an exciting news coming!


Hello BRICO followers,

Meet our most important and beloved- Marianne and Remi!
Also, notice how they even got our project manager to stand with them on the picture😎

1.Who would construct the worst bridge in our BRICO2020 team? Why?

Marianne’s answer was very sweet. She said “Everyone in our team could construct a bridge that could carry at least one person.”

Remi on the other hand treated us with an old saying “The ones who know how to to smth do it, the ones who don’t become the bosses.”

2.How do you cross the river without a bridge?

Marianne said that she would jump over using a pole that is used in pole vaulting.

Remi responded that he wouldn’t notice that there was no bridge, not until he was on the other side and after that just head to the store to buy dry clothes.

3.You’re a mad scientist, what scientific experiment would you run if money and ethics weren’t an issue?

Remi said “I would catapult Estonia to join space states building a city called “New Rakvere” on the north pole of the Moon.”

4.What isn’t real but you desperately wish it was?

Remi responded confidently “30 hour workday.”

5.What made you join the team?

Marianne jokingly said that she was forced to join by Karl.

Remi answered that he joined the team because “yolo” and haven’t regretted the decision because collective is so diligent.

6.Share a life hack that other students should know.

Marianne shared a very vital information- the bread is free in the diner.

Remi answered very wisely “If you are facing a task or a problem you can’t get your head around, you should just start from the things you know and after a while the problem will solve itself.”


Hello dear BRICO followers✨

Today we introduce you our team Finance Handlers, so read below to see what they had to say!

1. Who would construct the worst bridge in our BRICO 2020 team? Why?

Kirke and Hanna have the same opinion that they both would need more knowledge for bridge construction.
Marleen thinks more positively that every one on the team are able to construct bridge.

2. How do you cross the river without a bridge?

Marleen and Kirke have very creative methods, for example Kirke would row kayak over the river and Marleen would pole-vault.

3. What made you to join the team?

Hanna: At the beginning of the school year BRICO team did good promotion and BRICO seemed to be that kind of event what would be fun to organize.

4. Share a life hack that other students should know.

Eke: From local "Tipi" store you can buy cookies for a price of 1.30€ , they have enough calories to keep your thermodynamic balance for a day. A good cheap trick for month's last days.
Kirke: Program called Notion is very good to organize your life.
Hanna: You need to write all the school dates and obligations down , so that you wouldn’t forget them.
Marleen: You don’t have to understand everything all the time.



Glad to introduce our Technical Team. To get to know a little more about them continue reading!

1. Who would construct the worst bridge in our BRICO 2020 team? Why?

Märt maybe is a little naive but says “I don’t think that our team would go wrong with that task and all the bridges would be kind of creative in a way.”

Tanel thinks this could be too much to our fresh members including him.

2. How do You cross the river without a bridge?

Victoria “ The most probabilistic outcome is assembling an airplane even made of hand materials or taking in consideration the environment - a seaplane.”

Märt would come up with some much more utopian and difficult solution, for example, a big dam in front of the river and a foot path under it that he would not be able to fill and the river would not be crossed.. *dramatic*

4. What made You join the team?
Victoria: Thanks to inspiring Adeele’s and Karl’s inspiring speech I got involved with this amazing project. It’s worth waiting the months - seeing the team efforts become vivid from being abstract and meeting all those people.. You only get the warm glow of happiness

Märt: It was difficult to resist Karl’s powerful speech and Elise’s enthusiasm for BRICO.

Tanel: Someone mentioned the words “bend” and “bridges” - that was enough.

5. Share a life hack that other students should know.

Victoria recommends taking advantage of the privilege of using expensive software.

Tanel says “Consistency is the key!”

Hope that the quarantine has not taken away the motivation and you have followed Tanel’s advice and you can enjoy the summer break soon!


It’s our pleasure to announce that the new dates have been decided and BRICO 2020 will be taking place on 31.08.2020 - 04.09.2020!

As BRICO shifted four months to the future from the original dates, we are also reopening the registration. If for some reason you couldn’t make it for the deadlines in January, here is your chance!
Just fill the registration form at and submit both the model and the joint designs before 31.05.2020 23.59 ECT. More information and the rules can be found, as always, on our website

We will still be keeping a close eye on the global situation and will make changes if needed. Excited to see you in September!


Hello once again,

You probably came to look how out of the box our big brains think.. Taimar, Johanna, Mario, Jane-Ly

1. Who would construct the worst bridge in our BRICO 2020 team? Why?

Taimar and Jane-Ly were nice and said that everyone in our team could do kind of well.. probably carry one person or so.
Johanna thought that Eke (oh.. You will hear about him soon) could probably construct a stable bridge, but then he would put on the engine and it would go downhill from there.

2. How do You cross the river without a bridge?

Mario: Pole-vault could help in this case.
Taimar: I would dig a tunnel under the river.
Johanna: I would wait until this old man from the folklore picture puzzle who has to take a wolf, a rabbit and a cabbage across the river. If he has figured this out, maybe he’ll pick me up too.

3. What would the world be like, if it was filled with male and female copies of You?

Johanna: It would be either the best form of society or the world would end in the third day..

4. What’s the most useless talent You have?

Johanna: I sing all the songs along even when I don’t know the lyrics.

5. Share a life hack that other students should know.

Be at the right place (school) at the right time and You don’t have to spend your own money on pens and notebooks again.


Hello dear BRICO friends,

Over Instagram we shared some facts about Elise, BRICO 2020 project manager. But we came up with some weird questions as well…

1. Who would construct the worst bridge in our BRICO 2020 team? Why?

Probably one of our electrical engineers - Tanel, Eke or Remi. I don't think they could resist using some electricity and we would end up with a bridge that acts like a big electromagnet and catches all vehicles with metal body.

2. How do You cross the river without a bridge?

I would panically call to all previous BRICO head organisers for advice and set up a meeting with a team to find a solution 😀 Actually I would probably search for a wider place with lower water levels to walk to the other shore.

3. What would the world be like, if it was filled with male and female copies of You?

With constant sunburn around the equator, fairly pale elsewhere..

4. You’re a mad scientist, what scientific experiment would you run if money and ethics weren’t an issue?

I would try to genetically modify a sea animal, so they could eat plastic and turn it into a decomposing material.

5. What’s the most useless talent You have?

I can make “a flower” with my tongue.

6. Share a life hack that other students should know.

If the typical student situation happens and you have left something for the last minute, just begin with it. The work will take the same amount of time whether you worry and guilt-trip yourself about it before or not. Also, nuts are much cheaper if you buy them from the big open containers not packages.

Make sure to keep an eye out for future posts, we have some weirdly amazing team members who will share their answers as well ;)


Dearest friends and followers of BRICO

In order to protect the public health in these current conditions, BRICO will be postponed.
The new dates are currently under deliberation, but the competition will most likely be taking place at the end of August or the beginning of September. The dates will be announced as soon as possible.

Until then, we wish you and your loved ones strong health. Also, a gentle reminder that working on a theoretical bridge model is an excellent way to suspend that home-quarantine-boredom.

With love
BRICO team


We hope you guys had great women’s day celebration past weekend🌷
Today we bring to you Naano last 5 tips to become champions of BRICO

6. Choose colour scheme wisely, be innovative, clever colour combination is the simplest way to make your structure stand out even better.

7. Enjoy your journey and time at the competition, be cheerful and make new contacts. Be curious and discuss structures of others, learn something from everyone.

8. Competition is not over till podium, thus prepare great aesthetics presentation, practice construction speed and focus on making a clean run. Remember, pulling others down to look better yourself is not a solution, make the most out of your own structure! Practice, practice, practice!

9. Take the most of the rest of your time in Estonia, after the competition itself, the days include various activities and additional events, mingle and establish international connections with fellow engineers.

10. After returning, spark BRICO madness in your home University, pass know-how on and share gained experience. Cultivate the potential of innovation for upcoming years representing your legacy, university and country!


Hey BRICO fanatics! It’s time for Stewen aka Naano's 10 useful tips to make it to the top.

1. Analyze the scoring system and choose categories where to focus on best performance, it will be a trade-off, e.g. more elements=longer construction time or higher mass=lower deflection. By understanding mentioned relationships, proceed to the creation of...

2. ...thought through design! Don't go with just classical structure, add something new/unexpected to stand out, aesthetics play a great role, must be considered!

3. As well while in the design phase, already make sure the materials/profiles You have chosen are in stock at Your suppliers. The catalogue might not correlate to actual availability, especially with smaller and more exotic profiles.

4. Put special attention on designing connections between elements, see galleries for examples. Include mechanical engineer in your team or at least weld a bolt or nut per connection, construction timewise this will pay off greatly.

5. Build the bridge Yourself, after ordering materials, all You need is a tiny TIG welder, angle cutter and a room/garage. If not now, You will realize the true value of such empirical Xp in near future. Definitely inform aesthetics jury, self-making gives + points😉

Stay tuned for another 5 great tips!🌞

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