BRICO - The Nordic Steel Bridge Competition

BRICO 2020 is the 5th Nordic steel bridge competition, taking place on 11-15 May 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia. Read more at

Mission: Our mission is to give students studying civil engineering, mechanical engineering or architecture a great opportunity to test their designing skills in competitive and fun atmosphere. But BRICO is not only about competition. During the five days in Estonia a lot of different social and cultural events are planned as well.

We hope you guys had great women’s day celebration past weekend🌷
Today we bring to you Naano last 5 tips to become champions of BRICO

6. Choose colour scheme wisely, be innovative, clever colour combination is simplest way to make your structure stand out even better.

7. Enjoy your journey and time at the competition, be cheerful and make new contacts. Be curious and discuss structures of others, learn something from everyone.

8. Competition is not over till podium, thus prepare great aesthetics presentation, practice construction speed and focus on making a clean run. Remember, pulling others down to look better yourself is not a solution, make the most out of your own structure! Practice, practice, practice!

9. Take the most of the rest of your time in Estonia, after competition, the days include various activities and additional events, mingle and establish international connections with fellow engineers.

10. After returning, spark Brico madness in your home University, pass know-how on and share gained experience. Cultivate the potential of innovation for upcoming Years representing your legacy, University and Country!

Hey BRICO fanatics! It’s time for Stewen aka Naano's 10 useful tips to make it to the top.

1. Analyze scoring system and choose categories where to focus on best performance, it will be a trade-off, e.g. more elements=longer construction time or higher mass=lower deflection. By understanding mentioned relationships, proceed to creation of...

2. Think through design! Don't go with just classical structure, add something new/unexpected to stand out, aesthetics play a great role, must be considered!

3. As well while in design phase, already make sure the materials/profiles You have chosen are in stock at Your suppliers. Catalogue might not correlate to actual availability, especially with smaller and more exotic profiles.

4. Put special attention on designing connections between elements, see galleries for examples. Include mechanical engineer in your team or at least weld a bolt or nut per connection, construction timewise this will pay off greatly.

5. Build the bridge Yourself, after ordering materials, all You need is a tiny TIG welder, anglecutter and a room/garage. If not now, You will realize true value of such empirical Xp in near future. Definitely inform aesthetics jury, self making gives + points😉

Stay tuned for another 5 great tips!🌞

Hope You had a lovely start to the new week!

Finally we can bring You our last interview with Robert. He was a member of the jury and remembers vividly the excitement about the new competition, in addition to the the main event interesting meetings, relaxing cultural program took place as well.

Robert said that BRICO itself as a competition will provide a small introduction to the everyday life of bridge constructors, giving participants an idea of what lies ahead in the future.

BRICO has provided him with the experience he wouldn’t believe he could do. Namely, he was asked to review a student’s master thesis which included creating a bridge model for BRICO2019. It was exciting and interesting to see current students preparing for the competition which they started. This opportunity gave Robert inspiration and motivation to develop further in this field and take on new challenges.

We hope that our contestants are as excited as we are and we hope that this experience will open many new doors for You as well!

Long time no see Our friends!

Before we can bring You the last interview which has delayed due to the busy schedule that our four heroes have, we do have another BRICO “big brain” Stewen aka Naano to introduce. 🤓 He will give our competitors valuable tips throughout the new few posts.

Naano has been part of BRICO for a long time now. For a start, he has built two bridges representing TTK UAS (Estonia). Later, built one and was mentoring another one while representing KTU (Lithuania).

Thanks to previous BRICO experience, he is now officially part of organisational team, continuously assisting and helping to improve technical side of the competition.

Stewen is currently working as a product development engineer. Parts of BRICO experience gets applied daily, starting from strength calculations, FEM and CAD to knowledge of available production technologies and their peculiarities.

Stay tuned!

We are glad to announce that the following teams have qualified for the final competition at Tallinn! Since level 1 pre-evaluation, in true last-minute student fashion, Heroes from Kazakhstan have been added to the list! Good luck to all the teams and we are looking forward to seeing you in May! ☀️

BRICO2020 organising team sincerely thanks all teams that have sent their applications for the level 1 pre-evaluation on time!☀️

We are also happy to announce that all teams that have already sent their level 1 pre-evaluation applications on time and who will provide the necessary files for the level 2 pre-evaluation by 26th of January 21:00 CET, will have automatically qualified for the final competition at Tallinn❗️

❗️Deadline for application is today❗️

We hope that the new year has been nothing else but pure joy this far! 🥳

Today is the last day to fill in the registration form, so little to go until the competition. Do not hesitate to take new challenges, You probably made a new year resolution for that, didn’t you??

BRICO team is wishing all of You an amazing holiday!

Sending lots of Christmas love ✨

We hope that last week before Christmas is going well for You. Before getting fully festive, get together with Your team and make sure to fill the registration form. You still have time!

New week means that it’s time to introduce You Kaarel. He told that the initial financial support from the Faculity of Civil Engineering made it possible to even start organizing BRICO2016. We are so glad to have so many amazing sponsors now. After that, time after announcing the event to the first deadline was a surreal time - trying to get sponsors’ attention and money to even make everything happen while not even knowing if there will be any applications. And if there are, will they be able to pull that off that well? But BRICO2016 was a success so following years were even more vivid. Kaarel still remembers the team from Australia who brought their bridge in a sports bag with them or a Croatian who managed to break the bolt in half with raw strenght. So, BRICO gives You irreplaceable experience but also You will meet the most amazing people all around the world.

To make the teamwork go smoothly, Kaarel advises to see the bigger picture and the main goal. Try to think about every aspect which needs attention and have a schedule. This way the process is less stressful. BRICO gives the possibility to see the testing of steel structures in real life and get a better understanding all around.

We hope to meet You all very soon.

We all hope that You have had a great start to the week. BRICO 2020 preparations are going well and we can´t wait to share all of this with You. At least the waiting time is not very long anymore. Until then, we have another person to introduce.

Martin managed not just to organize BRICO2016 without any previous experience, but also go to work at the same time and write his dissertation as well. So really, if you dare to dream, You will achieve anything.

After a year of basically selling air, the event got a very warm feedback which made the team feel great. Martin told that BRICO is not just about building a bridge - it also gives an opportunity to connect with potential sponsors, organize team work, get new friends. Or if You are lucky like Martin, You may find Yourself a future wife. Who knows?

Martin’s advice to successful teamwork is to understand the characteristics of each individual, to know their strong and weak points and to consider these things when sharing tasks. This way You may find many hidden talents within Your team.
See You Soon!

To celebrate BRICO’s fifth birthday, we decided to introduce You our four heroes, who started this big event and managed to pull it off with 13 months after getting the idea with only F O U R people. Insane, right? To celebrate it, BRICO2020 will be greater than ever. Make sure to follow our Instagram page as well, because exciting things are coming.

We made our first interview with Madis. He told us that his expectations were exceeded in 2016 just because the event took place. He was unsure about the competition for a long time, because he didn’t think that teams really would come. He remembers when the first team from Bialystok University arrived and how shocked they were when they found out that only four people are managing BRICO2016. To his mind, the key to successful teamwork is to find great organizers as well, not people who just are good engineers. It is important to have great communication and peaceful environment to succeed with anything.

We encourage you to participate and fill the register form. And just like Madis told “BRICO gives you a unique experience in bridge building in safe environment. There is nothing to lose.” Moreover, BRICO gives You a possibility to meet so many other engineers all over the world. Soon the full interview with Madis will be available on our website.

See You in May!

Today we introduce to you Parable Team - 3rd place holder of BRICO2019 from the Bialystok University of Technology in Poland🇵🇱 If you like to challenge yourself and compete against the best then we shall see you at BRICO2020, where you and your team have that chance 💪
Link to registration:

Next up, our Estonian bridge and 2nd place title-holder to lighten up your day✨. The bridge was made by the members of Team Lovers from TalTech🇪🇪.They were very motivated to win by making their own work progress video to show us how their bridge rose.Also they won “Mapri Ehitus OÜ“ construction economy award, which is pretty awsome 😎 .

The registration to BRICO2020 has begun so let's look at the last year's winning team the Steel Spiders from Bialystok University of Technology in Poland🇵🇱.
This hardworking team not only won the overall competition but also got the special price for structural efficiency of their bridge from Estonian construction company Maru Ehitus AS. Cool right?😁
If you would like to get the same fame and honour they got last year then all you have to do is register the amazing team you have put together and we will see you at BRICO2020😃

We are thrilled to announce that BRICO will be taking place for the 5th time and is going to be greater than ever!

BRICO 2020 has thoroughly updated rules, which will richly reward every step taken towards the ultimate optimization of your bridge.
Our almost-too-eager organizing team is waiting for your designs, and of course yourself! So assemble your team and come get the monetary prizes!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via [email protected]. Also check out our home page for the rules and freshest information.

See you in Tallinn on 11-15 May 2020!

P.S. All participants of the final competition shall receive a certificate with 6 ECTS credits from Tallinn University of Technology.

BRICO - The Nordic Steel Bridge Competition's cover photo

BRICO - The Nordic Steel Bridge Competition

BRICO 2019

The much anticipated video of BRICO 2019 is here!

For the galleries and more information, you can visit our website

Video by Marko Habicht

[06/10/19]   BRICO team regrets to announce that due to a mistake in the horizontal deflection points formula the final placement of the teams has changed. Parable Team (POL) has fallen to the third place and Team Lovers (EST) has taken the second place. The final placement of the other teams remains the same.Instead of 0.208 a value of 0.04 (coefficient in the lightness cost formula) was mistakenly used when calculating cost of horizontal displacement. You can find the corrected results on our home page

BRICO team apologizes for the situation to all the competitors and supporters. It has been a harsh lesson for us but we’ve already drafted a solution so something like that would never happen again in the coming competitions. The teams have been contacted and the situation with the prize money will be solved in a fair way.

The winners of BRICO 2019 steel bridge competition!
For all of the results visit

Today we present to you all the teams of BRICO 2019.
We'll be uploading more pictures to our webpage soon!

Photos by Heiki Laan

Here are some pictures from today's competition day- official opening ceremony and evaluation of bridges aesthetics and originality

Photos by Martin Pärnak & Raimond Vink

As all who have participated in BRICO know, designing an efficient bridge is really difficult, but manufacturing it is the true challenge. Here’s where our newest sponsor Fractory comes in!
Fractory offers an innovative service aimed to remove the painstaking back and forth communication process from manufacturing. All one has to do, is to upload their drawings to Fractory's online platform, choose some parameters and the platform will give you an instant quote for the price, automatically choosing the best fit from their network of manufacturing partners all over the world. So where ever you are, you can expect your parts to be on your doorstep in 7 days!
This year Fractory will be putting out a special prize for the team whose bridge they deem to be the best! One lucky band of competitors will be going home with a sertificate for 100 kg of laser cutting for steel through Fractory platform, for what ever projects they can dream up (Of course we hope for BRICO 2020)
For all your sheet metal fabrication needs, check out Fractory at

Kõik, kes on BRICO’l osalenud, teavad et efektiivse silla disainimine on keerukas protsess. Kuid tõeline probleemide ning väljakutsete müriaad tabab alles tootmisfaasis. Just tootmisega tuleb appi BRICO uusim koostööpartner Fractory.
Fractory pakub innovatiivset teenust sihiga eemaldada ajakulukas pakkumiste võtmise ning läbirääkimise protsess lehtmetalli lõikusest. Kõik, mida peab tegema, on laadida joonised Fractory veebikeskkonda, sisestada mõned parameetrid ning Fractory süsteem leiab oma rahvusvahelisest tootmispartnerite võrgustikust parima hinnaga pakkuja, kes täidab kliendi spetsifitseeritud nõudmised. Hind kuvatakse kohe ning tooted tarnitakse üle maailma maksimaalselt 7 päevaga.Sel aastal paneb Fractory välja auhinna tiimile, kelle sild neile kõige enam muljet avaldab. Üks õnnelik võistkond saab minna koju sertifikaadiga, mis võimaldab neil läbi Fractory platvormi tellida 100 kg terase laserlõikust endale meelepärasel eesmärgil (Loomulikult loodame, et BRICO 2020 tarvis).
Kiireima, mugavaima ning soodsa kõrgekvaliteedilise lehtmetalli laserlõikuse jaoks külastage lehekülge

Today we are introducing one of BRICO’s newest supporters, K-Projekt.

K-Projekt is a consultation company specializing in infrastructure and detail plans. Over the years, their work has left a mark on the development of Estonian capital Tallinn, having designed large roadworks projects and more recently the tram route to the Tallinn International airport.
They value trust, worker-friendly company culture and professional development of their employees in a friendly team. They place great emphasis on self-improvement and they support their employees studying besides working and invest in furtherance of the competencies of their employees by various courses.
To read more about K-projekt, please visit their website


Sel aastal toetab BRICO’t tunnustatud projekteerimisettevõte K-Projekt!

K-Projekt on pikaajalise kogemusega ettevõtte infrastruktuuride ja detailplaneeringute projekteerimise vallas. Aastate jooksul on nad jätnud oma jälje Tallinna linna arengusse, projekteerides nii suuremaid liiklussõlmi kui ka Tallinna lennujaama viiva trammitee.
Nende väärtusteks on usaldusväärsus, töötajasõbralik kultuur ning professionaalne ja toetav meeskond. K-Projekt hindab arengut ja enesetäiendamist, toetades õpinguid töö kõrvalt ning investeerides koolitustesse. Kui olete keegi, keda kõnetavad huvitavad ja vaheldusrikkad projektid ning soovid oma tööga muuta elukeskkonda meie ümber, kutsub K-Projekt liituma nende kokkuhoidva kollektiiviga!
Täpsemaid töö ja praktika võimalusi uuri meie kodulehelt

YIT has had a long history on the Estonian market. For nearly 30 years, they have been developing areas, apartments and office buildings and many challenging infrastructure projects. To ensure the best quality, they design, build and sell their projects as a full service.
YIT Eesti is part of the larger international YIT Group which is active in 11 countries and employing over 10000 people. The YIT team is always looking for new talented and ambitious people to their various countries of operations, including Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.
To read more about the company and it’s career and internship opportunities, visit their website:

YIT Eestil on pikk ajalugu hoonete ja infrarajatiste ehitamise osas. Ligi 30 aastat arendanud ja ehitanud terviklikke piirkondi, kortereid ja ärihooneid, rajanud keerulisi infrastuktuurirajatisi ning teostanud asfalteerimistöid. Parima kvaliteedi tagamiseks projekteerivad, ehitavad ja müüvad korterid ja äripinnad täisteenusena ise. Hoonete ehitamise ja infrastruktuuride rajamise suurettevõttena on nad ühed Eesti turu tugevamad.
YIT Eesti on osa suuremast YIT kontsernist, mis tegutseb 11’s riigis ning annab tööd kümnele tuhandele inimesele. YIT meeskond otsib alati uusi ambitsioonikaid tegijaid oma rahvusvahelise ettevõtte ridadesse.
Ettevõtte ning töö- ja praktikapakkumiste kohta saate täpsemalt lugeda nende kodulehel:

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Tallinn?

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Videos (show all)

BRICO 2019
Mapri Ehitus, patron of BRICO 2019 Construction Economy award
TREV-2 Grupp, patron of BRICO 2019 Display award
BRICO 2018
Media coverage of BRICO 2018! The national news
Media coverage of BRICO 2018! The national news





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