Learn Russian in Tallinn Estonia

Russian language courses in total immersion in Tallinn, Estonia. Accommodation, excursions and social activities proposed.

Russian language courses in the city center of Tallinn. The teachers are native speakers of the Russian language. Accommodation in hotels, residential flats or host families. Excursions to Russian heritage sites of Estonia and to neighbouring countries. Russian cultural program proposed to our students.

Mission: Our mission is to propose Russian total immersion language courses within EU and to introduce our beautiful country of Estonia to people from all over the world.

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn you can easily make a day-trip to Tartu. At the moment you can see at Gallery Noorus an exhibition by the British documentary photographer Martin Parr - Back then. 1990´s: The Baltics and Russia in Transition.
By watching these photos you can travel back in time and understand how life was here it the times of the fall of the Soviet Union.

On the 5th of October Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum / Estonian Open Air Museum is taking place the Festival of Onion and Fish. Famous Peipus lake onion and fish are honored. Full day program with fair, work-shops, cooking classes, quiz, samovar tea tasting and concerts. At noon Sacha Beresta and Konstantin Sedov sing Russian folk songs in the barn of Seto Farm. Come and join us. Another nice and useful tip how to immerse yourself in the Russian culture whilst learning Russian in Tallinn.

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn, no need to travel to Russia to enjoy world-class performances.
On October the 3rd enjoy St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the violinist Sergei Dogadin here in Tallinn Concert Hall.
More details and tickets Eesti Kontsert

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn we recommend you to visit Patarei Vangla, Tallinn Prison
Here you can see and walk in an authentic prison interior. The visit introduces you communist crimes and ideology, also tells you stories of victims of totalitarianism.

From 6.09-08.09.2019 Nostalgiapäevad Nostalgia Days are taking place in Haapsalu, 100km to the west from Tallinn.
The days of waiving communist flags are gone but for one week-end it is all brought back to life again. Great opportunity to enter a time capsule and travel back in times and memories.

1 week of intensive course is too much? And what about 4 months?
Radim from Czech Republic came to our school for 4 months!
320 lessons of individual tuition in total!
He improved his level of Russian a lot!
Thank you teacher Lukasz!
Keep on studying and teaching Russian!
Bye bye Radim! До свидания!

The idea of total immersion language study is that the learning is taken outside from the classroom. Radim from Czeck Republic is learning Russian in Tallinn for 5 months and during his stay will take 320 lessons of individual tuition with Multilingua's teacher Lukasz Marek Chwistek. Whilst cycling in Tallinn and its surroundings it is also possible to learn Russian - lots of speaking and listening exercises in real-life situations. A key to success to take your level of foreign language to the next level.


Learn Russian in Tallinn and learn about the Russian heritage here and in the immediate vicinity, Estonia

Learn Russian in Tallinn weekly study travel packages (including courses of Russian, hotel accommodation and 2 excursions to Russian heritage sites) are now visible for public on Visitestonia.com

visitestonia.com Tallinn is a great place for learning Russian both, in theory and in practice. We teach Russian outside of classrooms! The lessons are taught by Russian-speaking teachers. We welcome those who have never...

This summer in the central train station of Tallinn (Balti Jaam) there is an exhibition Back in Time - Life in Soviet Estonia. Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn go and make a ride in this time capsule.

Restoran MOON Russian cold beetroot soup “Okroška” with spring potatoes, horseradish and guail eggs😋😋😋 in the menu means that summer has finally arrived👌🏻☀️.

Suvekuulutaja☀️ meie menüüs - külm peedisupp “Okroška” värske kartuli, mädarõika ja vutimunadega 😋😋😋. See on see, mida palaval päeval vajad👌🏻!
Russian cold beetroot soup “Okroška” with spring potatoes, horseradish and guail eggs😋😋😋 in the menu means that summer has finally arrived👌🏻☀️.
#newmenu #coldsoup #uusmenüü #okroška #yummie #musttry #restoranmoon #restaurantmoon #whiteguide #flavoursofestonia #eestimaitsed #wheretoeat #tallinneats

For Mr. Einar Manki (US) today is the last day of the Russian language intensive individual tuition. In just 5 days he took 40 lessons to give a boost to his Russian. We wish him luck on Monday at the exam. He was tutored by our teacher Irina Kolodinskaja. You can read about her:


At the moment in the Art Museum of Estonia Kumu in Tallinn there are two Russian themed exhibitions:
- Sots Art and Fashion: Conceptual Clothes from Eastern Europe
- Gustav Klucis: Russian Avant-Garde art in the 1920s-1930s.
Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn go and admire!

Just around the corner from Multilingua Learn Russian in Tallinn language center is located Russian Theater. Follow them Vene Teater. Here their performances in May 2019:

Афиша на май❤️

Вкусно в Эстонии

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn, it is also important to eat well. Try to give a boost to your reading skills by following this tasty blog in Russian Вкусно в Эстонии

Любишь вкусно поесть, но не знаешь куда сходить? Подпишись и ты узнаешь новые и интересные места!

Tallinn's medieval old town is UNESCO listed. Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn we recommend to explore more and visit the sites where our Soviet past can be seen. For walking recommendations, read the following:


Moscow State Academic Theater of Dance "Gzhel" is giving a performance in Tallinn on February the 20th. This show is an exciting musical trip to various corners of Russia through lyrical circle dances and images of traditional folk crafts. This tremendous choreographic production showcases the richness and diversity of traditional cultures of various peoples living in Russia.

On Shrove Tuesday, also known as ‘sledging day’, Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum / Estonian Open Air Museum will be saying good-bye to the winter and having a blast at the winter celebration which marks the beginning of the Lenten period. This means enjoying hearty and fatty food, taking part in winter amusements, making a bone spinner and partying! Do join us and have a good long slide down the slope to make sure that the new year brings health and luck!

Information: https://evm.ee/eng/events/events.e/shrovetide/1340

@kohvikmoon located in Kalamaja district in Tallinn is serving divine modern Russian food. Worth enjoying! Their Pavlova dessert makes people mumble of pleasure...

Majority of the Slavs and Orthodox Setos celebrate Christmas according to the Old (Julian) Calendar on January 6 and 7. The whole Christmas season – svjatki – lasts until January 19, the Epiphany. During this time people don’t work but rejoice at the birth of the Christ and go announcing this important event to their neighbours as well. Come and join us @Eesti Vabaõhumuuseum / Estonian Open Air Museum for the celebrations.
Read more:

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn, go to the brand new Pelm Restaurant. As the name suggests, house-made pelmeni are the food hit. They also have some of the best treats from Uzbek kitchen, as well as Slavic specialties like Pozharsky cutlets and chicken Kiev, or borscht and ukha with centuries-old recipes. Restoran Pelm

During pre Christmas time the ensemble Orthodox Singers is giving a few concerts in Estonia. Find the inner light in you by attending. More details @orthodoxsingers

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn visit KGB prison cells in the old town at Pagari street 1. Here below the photo of the door of the closet. Visit the museum to find out what it was used for.

Seisukapp oli üks levinumaid mõjutusvahendeid ülestunnistuse kätte saamiseks. Süüalune pandi mitmeteks tundideks käed raudus pimedasse kappi, kus ei olnud võimalik sirgelt seista ega istuda ning õhupuudus tekitas tihti hallutsinatsioone. // The closet was one of the most effective ways of securing a confession. The prisoner was put into the dark closet with their hands bound for multiple hours where it was impossible to either stand or sit upright. The lack of oxygen in the closet often caused hallucinations. #kgbvangikongid #kgbprisoncells #sovietmuseum #historylesson #historymuseum

At the moment in Estonia it is the darkest time of the year. To all our Learn Russian in Tallinn students we give a reflector and a carry bag (with a reflector) as a present. It is to make them visible whilst moving around.


22.12 - Новое Ледовое Шоу Ильи Авербуха "Вместе и Навсегда!" в Таллинне

Ilja Averbuhh is bringing his brand new ice show "Together and Forever" to Tallinn just before Christmas on December the 22nd. More olympic winners to be seen on the stage. Contact us to get the tickets!

В Ледовом Холле "Тондираба" выступят самые известные и любимые чемпионы мира, Европы и Олимпийских игр по фигурному катанию! Алексей Ягудин, Татьяна Тотьмяни...

The Russian Patriarchate Choir is giving a concert in Tallinn on November the 25th.

❗❗❗ РОЗЫГРЫШ ❗❗❗
Регент Иеромонах Амвросий (Носов)

24 ноября Таллиннская церковь Яани в 18.00
25 ноября Тартуская церковь Святого Павла в 18.00

Исполнительская манера хора — уникальное сочетание аутентичности интерпретации, технического и художественного мастерства. Пение хора за богослужением вызывает молитвенный настрой и снискало большую любовь прихожан, на концертах — пользуется неизменным успехом у слушателей.

Условия розыгрыша:
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2. Напиши, какой город тебе больше подходит
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Телеканал ETV+ | ERR /Новости Эстонии и мира, аналитика, кино, сериалы

Whilst you stay in Tallinn and learn Russian here, we recommend you to follow the ETV+ - Estonian Public Broadcast's TV channel in Russian.



In Tallinn Russian Museum #tallinnavenemuuseum you can see an exhibition "Russian education in Tallinn 1715-1944".

KONKURSS! Tallinna Vene Muuseumi näitusel „KOOLITUND, VAHETUND: vene haridus Tallinnas 1715-1944“ tunneb igaüks end kui vanaaegses koolis ning süüvib mälestustesse. Millised hüüdnimed olid teie kooliõpetajatel? Kas tuli meelde? Siis tulge meile külla ja jagage hüüdnimesid ka kommentaaridesse! Kõige aktiivsemate osalejate vahel loosime välja muuseumipileteid!


According to the International Student Barometer Estonia offers to its international students a very high living standard. Come and experience it whilst learning Russian in Tallinn.

We are happy that our international students are satisfied with studies in Estonia! #iGraduatesurvey #resultsarein


Estonians and their neighbours

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn, it is good to know how the Estonians thinks about their neighbours including the Russians. Estonia's easternmost town Narva borders with Russia.

visitestonia.com Estonians – who they are and what do they think of their neighbours? Are they envious or look down upon them? Or is there a third option?

A cult folk band "Dobranotch" from St. Petersburg is giving a concert today here in Tallinn and tomorrow in Tartu. Whilst learning Russian, come and enjoy the Russian spirt, the Balkan tempo and the Jewish sensibility.

"20 years of Dobranotch" CD release tour:

Sept 9 / Folkklubs Ala / Riga, Latvia
Sept 21 / DOM Cultural Center / Moscow, Russia
Sept 22 / YESOD concert hall / St. Petersburg, Russia
Sept 23 / Dialog Cultural Center / Novgorod, Russia
Sept 28 / Rock House Kulma / Kajaani, Finland
Sept 29 / Tirra / Lahti, Finland
Oct 3 / Musta Täku Tall / Jäneda, Estonia
Oct 4 / Vene Kultuurikeskus / Tallinn, Estonia
Oct 5 / Eesti Rahva Muuseum / Tartu, Estonia
Oct 7 / Maxim GoЯki Theater (Studio Я) / Berlin, Germany
Oct 8 / Offene Arbeit / Erfurt, Germany
Oct 9 / Kulturapotheke / Leipzig, Germany
Oct 10 / Kulturbar / Greifswald, Germany
Oct 11 / Victoriateatern / Malmö, Sweden
Oct 12 / Das Goldbekhaus / Hamburg, Germany
Oct 13 / Kulturpunkt West / Braunschweig, Germany
Oct 14 / Jüdische Kulturtage (concert) / Halle, Germany
Oct 15 / Waldorfschule / Eisenach, Germany
Oct 16 / Altes Spital / Viechtach, Germany
Oct 17 / Jüdische Kulturtage (dance party) / Halle, Germany
Oct 18 / Leitstelle / Heidelberg, Germany
Oct 19 / Heitere Fahne / Bern, Switzerland
Oct 20 / Seuratalo / Kokemaki, Finland
Nov 17 / Vimma / Turku, Finland
Dec 1 / Kulttuuritila Nuijamies / Lappeenranta, Finland

tickets & info

released by CPL-Music

#dobranotch #добраночь


The 10 Most Spoken Languages in Europe by Andrew Cutting - Infogram

Russian is the most spoken language in Europe. Join the community of 120 million speakers of Russian by learning this language in total immersion in Tallinn, Estonia within the borders of the EU.



Country in the spotlight: Estonia - Education and training - European Commission

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn, experience Estonia - the digital wonderland.

ec.europa.eu Country in the spotlight: Estonia - Supporting education and training in Europe and beyond


20 reasons why Tallinn, Estonia is the prettiest place on earth

Here are some superb photos to inspire you to come and learn Russian in Tallinn.

theredheadedtraveler.com Based on pictures I had seen, I knew that I would fall in love with Tallinn, the Estonian capital, I just didn't know how much I would. Guidebooks describe the city's Old Town as "the most impressive in all of the Baltic states," and it was that, just magnified by a million.

NRCSA student Timothy Leue has very successfully completed a 3-week Russian one-to-one tuition of 90 academical hours in Tallinn, Estonia. We wish him plenty of opportunities to be able to keep on practicing Russian.


A memorial to the victims of communism opens in Estonia

Another place to visit whilst learning Russian in Tallinn.

estonianworld.com A memorial to the victims of communism has been opened in the Estonian capital, Tallinn; the memorial is dedicated to all the people of Estonia who suffered under the terror inflicted by the Soviet Union.

Raamatupood Puänt

Francisco Martinez has written a book "Remains of the Soviet past in Estonia". On September the 5th this book will be launched in Puänt bookstore in Tallinn. Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn, go and participate!

Raamatud, kirjatarbed, vinüülid

Books, stationery, records


Settle In Estonia (subtitles)

Whilst learning Russian in Tallinn you might be interested in Estonia's free welcoming programme.

Welcoming programme is a free training programme for foreigners to help them to settle in Estonia and get used to the local ways of life. The programme consi...

On November the 12th The Opera of St Petersburg will be performing in Estonia Opera Theater of Tallinn an opera-comique The Chimes of Normandy or The Bells of Corneville. Come and enjoy the performance whilst learning Russian in Tallinn.

Корневильские колокола
12 Ноября 2018 в 19:00ТЕАТР ЭСТОНИЯ

Оперетта в романтическом стиле — это музыкальная сказка для взрослых. Легкая, волшебная, праздничная музыка композитора Робера Планкетта, приключения, любовный сюжет, благополучный финал не просто развлекают. Эти составляющие дарят столь нужную надежду на то, что все будет хорошо. Кроме того, данная оперетта как одно из лучших средств «арт-терапии» давно проверена: впервые поставленная в 1877 году, она уже через десять лет была сыграна в тысячный раз.

Сюжет классический. Молодая Жермен живет во власти злого и расчетливого дяди Гаспара, который хочет выгодно выдать ее замуж. Жермен не нравится выбранный жених, у нее есть свой парень на примете. Тогда она, в надежде избавиться от власти дяди, бежит на рынок, чтобы устроиться на службу и обрести в хозяине защитника и покровителя. Ее властелином становится загадочный приезжий. Оказывается, это маркиз, только что объявившийся владелец заброшенного замка, о котором ходит много слухов. В итоге, Жермен влюбляется в маркиза и становится новой хозяйкой замка. Молодая чета поселяется в нем, развенчивая все слухи и домыслы. В их честь впервые на башне звучат колокола.

А купить билет можно на нашем сайте:

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