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Cook An Instant Rice Ball With COLD Water? 🤔🍙

Business Insider Today

One biotech company uses mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to make biodegradable packing material, protein-rich meat substitutes, and vegan leather.

Entheogenesis Productions

AMAZING!! This buddhist monk (Yogetsu Akasaka) uses a looper and his beatboxing skills to create meditation music


Do you feel no purpose in studying? Feeling trapped inside a classroom? But what else to do if you are not educated? Confused - to study or not to study? Watch this video where Sadhguru answers all these questions from a student who looks for purpose in education.

The Dodo

Couple spends a year trying to rescue a stray dog — watch him walk into their house for the first time 💗

John Layfield

Just penguins walking.

The Power of Mindfulness: What You Practice Grows Stronger | Shauna Shapiro | TEDxWashingtonSquare

How do we change? In this pioneering talk, Dr. Shauna Shapiro draws on modern neuroscience and ancient wisdom to demonstrate how mindfulness can help us make...


Rice flour, egg, and coconut sugar - "FLOWER WAFFLES"! You'll love the spongy texture and the fresh shredded coconut on top!

📍 Find this at Centrepoint Night Market, Trang, Thailand


EP#16 Arst, kes kõnnib omapead - doktor Riina Raudsik

aareteseiklused.podbean.com Selles episoodis on külas tuntud arst Riina Raudsik, kes kõnnib julgelt omapead. Esimeses episoodis räägime vee joomise teadusest, biokeemia seosest ainevahetusega, Riina jagab ka nelja sammu immuunsuse tõstmiseks, räägib ka immuunsuse seosest põletikega, ...

Kerwin Rae

If you are feeling stressed & burnt out at work - please watch this 🙏

Business Insider

Lotus silk is one of the rarest fabrics in the world. Produced only in small scale across Cambodia, Myanmar, and more recently Vietnam, this natural fibre is only extracted by a few skilled craftspeople across the world.


This woman trained her cat to talk...😱😱

TT & IG: billispeaks

Classic FM

A former prima ballerina with Alzheimer's listens to Swan Lake, and it all returns. ❤️🦢

(📹 www.musicaparadespertar.com)


Gardner was shot six times and paralysed, his cameraman, killed. He's now exposing the things about disability we never talk about.

Shopping Online - Clothes

5 ways to instantly stop a crying baby 😍😂
🎥[email protected] & Sass

Mystics of India

Truely Inspirational - What Happens When Sadhguru Gets Sick?

The Dodo

Girl drops off her foster dog to be adopted and ... 😍

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Nothing beats nature's ASMR! (watch with Sound)


Rose and I are making gluten free cornbread for Thanksgiving!

RECIPE: https://www.flavcity.com/gluten-free-cornbread/


During this time, when the entire world is reeling in the darkness of the
pandemic, let each of us light the #lamp of #hope, #compassion, and #unity together.
~ Amma

Happy #Diwali

#HappyDiwali #Amma #Amritanandamayi #Amrita #Deepavali

Masaru Emoto

We did water crystal experiment by showing words “COVID-19”, “COVID-19 and Love and Gratitude” and “COVID-19 and Fear” to each bottle of distilled water and these are the results of the experiment. As you can see, Love and Gratitude conquered COVID-19 while fear tuned into negative energy of it.

The water crystal of “COVID-19” seems to be a half illusional and the reason probably might be that virus is a living and non living thing. Dr. Emoto said in the past about virus that virus is living in both 3rd and 4th dimension so that is why vibrational approach including our consciousness is important rather than only material approach.

Let the power of love and gratitude shine through!

Urban Street Art

“Born of Nature” 👶🏻 by David Popa Arts
Instagra: @david_popa_art


เหนือกว่าการสอนยืดกล้ามเนื้อ คือคุณหมอแอ็คติ้งดีมากค่ะ 555555 #TikTokUni

Hinge Valgus

Grace Ann
4 p tagasi ·
Mehhiko ravitseja ja luuletaja Mar ía Sabina nõuanne - ′′ Tervenda ennast päikesevalguse ja kuukiirtega. Jõe ja kose häälega. Mere kõikumise ja lindude lehvimisega. Tervenda ennast piparmündi, neemi ja eukalüptiga. Magusa lavendli, rosmariini ja kummeliga. Kallista ennast kakaooa ja vihje kaneeliga. Pane suhkru asemel tee sisse armastus ja joo seda tähti vaadates. Tervenda end suudlustega, mida tuul sulle annab ja vihma kallistused. Seisa tugevalt paljaste jalgadega maas ja kõigega, mis sellest tuleb. Ole iga päev targem, kuulates oma intuitsiooni, vaadates maailma otsaesisega. Hüppa, tantsi, laula, et elaksid õnnelikumana. Tervenda ennast, ilusa armastusega ja pea alati meeles... sina oled ravim. ′′ ′′

World Food Programme

If we fail to act now, the consequences will be devastating. Help save lives in Yemen today.

The Daily Goalcast

Millions of people suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts in silence. Mental health has been increasingly difficult manage amidst a global pandemic but Kevin Hines, suicide prevention activist, is on a mission to spread hope.
In 2000, Kevin planned to end his life. He jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, fell 220 feet and was crushed by the water beneath him. The second he let go of the rails he was overcome with instant regret and begged not to die. His powerful message serves as a reminder that we are not alone and things do get better if you can commit to #BeHereTomorrow.

Kevin Hines Story #KevinHines #Goalcast

La France a un incroyable talent

"Qu’est-ce qu’elle est divine !"
Sensualité et émotion, la prestation de Duo Maintenant laisse le jury sans voix 😍🙌
#LFAUIT La Bataille du Jury, finale ce soir à 21:05

Wolf Conservation Center

Happiness begins with a howl. #standforwolves

Cristina Mittermeier

Have you ever heard a rain wolf howl? After a day of sitting with these wolf pups, waiting for the rest of the pack to return from their foraging, we were surprised when a lone howl came from right behind us. Instantly, all five pups burst into what was probably their first howl. Out of tune, but with lots of enthusiasm, these baby rain wolves gave us the show of a lifetime. Please take action with Raincoast Education Society and Sea Legacy to save these wolves: http://bit.ly/SaveVargasWolves BC Parks #savevargaswolves

Paolo from Tokyo

Day in the Life of a Japanese Mom and Baby in Tokyo


Breakfast With Giraffes In Kenya!

60 Second Docs Presents

Our world shrunk 25x.

Tracy Verdugo's Art

In a time of uncertainty and division it’s good to know that there is still laughter in the world, still frivolity, still play, still humans working together to create good vibes and loving community. Sending huge hugs out to all of my friends and family in the US tonight. Hoping with all my heart for a better way forward. 💙💙

Taste Life

This lady use buttercream decorations to make a beautiful cake!

The Feed SBS

"He looks at sadness and tries to turn it upside down".

12 year old Campbell spends his time making hundreds of teddy bears for sick children. Get out the tissues.

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Brasiilia võitluskunsti Capoeira trennid Tallinnas. Nii suurtele, kui väikestele. Trenne juhendab professionaalne treener Portugalist. Tule ja proovi!

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