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Why the pandemic may pave the way for online voting 31/03/2020

Elections postponed and controversial extensions of mandates, risky decisions on opening electoral colleges. How to manage elections during a pandemic? Can Covid-19 trigger internet voting? Here some thoughts by David Dueñas Cid, Julia Krivonosova and Robert Krimmer

Why the pandemic may pave the way for online voting Covid-19 is a democratic time bomb. Is electronic voting the answer?

IFES Europe and Eurasia on Twitter 11/12/2019

DigiGovLab co-organised with Ifes Comms the second Electoral Technology and Cyber Hygiene Event at MEKTORY.

IFES Europe and Eurasia on Twitter “On i-voting in Estonia, shares that vote buying and pressuring a voter’s choice becomes obsolete, due to the open voting period. Voters can change their vote at any time within the period!”

World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government 2019 09/10/2019

DigiGovLab's head, Prof. Robert Krimmer, was included in Apolitical's list of World's 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government 2019. Also included from Estonia: Siim Sikkut and Arvo Ott.

World’s 100 Most Influential People in Digital Government 2019 This list celebrates pioneering politicians, civil servants, academics, and activists generating positive change all around the world and driving digital government into the future.

Interview: How e-voting works in Estonia 19/07/2019

Robert Krimmer was interviewed by Estonia's Public Broadcaster, ERR News, on the topic of internet voting in Estonia. The full interview in English is available here: https://news.err.ee/963141/interview-how-e-voting-works-in-estonia

Interview: How e-voting works in Estonia Estonia held two elections in 2019, with the general election on March 3, and the European elections following on May 26. In both cases, voters had a range of options on how and when to vote. The most celebrated of these is undoubtedly e-voting, which is open in advance of polling day itself (in the...

Photos from Pioneer Master Program's post 04/07/2019

Congrats to the recent Pioneer Erasmus Mundus Master Program students who all sucessfuly defended their theses! Five students were supervised by staff of the DigiGovLab, their names and topics are below:

Jason Ryan Thompson -
E-Government-In-Exile: Non-Territorial State Continuity Using Digital Embassies

Radu Serano -
Observing e-Vote Costs (within the overarching perspective of the Cost of Democratic Elections project)

Luiza Schuch de Azambuja -
Roles and Competencies of Enterprise Data Management and Governance in the Smart City context

Diana Shysh -
Open Data Ecosystem: case study of Estonia and Ukraine

Nino Chinchaladze -
The State vs Cybercrime: Comparing the Regulatory Approaches of USA and Russia

Ambitious dreams come true at TalTech - The Japan Times 02/07/2019

DigiGovLab was mentioned in The Japan Times as part of their special report on Estonia. Recognized as a leader when it comes to digitalization in Estonia and helping build a bridge between industry and academia.


Ambitious dreams come true at TalTech - The Japan Times Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) has become a global leader in e-governance because it nurtures an ecosystem that encourages and inspires researchers and students to collaborate on developing solutions to important issues related to cybersecurity, digital governance and smart environments....


Next week, in partnership with IFES, we will host a specialised course on Electoral Technology and Cyber Hygiene. Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone, and now more than ever, electoral management bodies should engage in best practices for credible & fair elections.

Photos from DigiGovLab's post 21/06/2019

Today Robert Krimmer and Keegan McBride presented DigiGovLab and our research to a high level political delegation from the Canton of Zurich as part of their "E-Government in Estland: Strategie und Umsetzung in der Praxis" study visit to Estonia. Janek Rozov from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Välisministeerium also discussed the current status and future of e-Estonia.

Photos from Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium's post 15/06/2019

Yesterday, DigiGovlab supported the Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium in organising an event discussing the opportunity and pitfalls of Real-time economy. DigiGovLab presented initial results from a literature study and a series of interviews with 30+ experts from inside and outside Estonia. The main contribution was a World Café where four tables focusing on Pains and Gains, Regulatory Aspects, Barriers and Drivers and Technological Aspects took place. We will write up the research over the summer and present our study in early fall! Watch this place for more!


Today, the government of Aland Islands officially approved the use of Internet Voting for expat citizens. DigiGovLab's David Dueñas Cid and Radu Antonio Serrano had the privilege to attend the government meeting where it was approved and, later, to discuss with Wille Valve, Minister of Social and Health Affairs of Aland Islands, about the origins and political dimension of Internet Voting. Thanks go to Casper Wrede for the great collaboration.

Photos from DigiGovLab's post 13/06/2019

A high-level delegation from Mexico, consisting of members from CITNOVA, came to discuss the work of DigiGovLab and potential cooperation opportunities as part of their project, Public Policy and Digital Government in Hidalgo.

Turning Open Government Data into Public Value: Testing the COPS Framework for the Co-creation of OGD-Driven Public Services 30/05/2019

Researchers of the DigiGovLab have had their work included in the book "Governance Models for Creating Public Value in Open Data Initiatives". Their chapter titled "Turning Open Government Data into Public Value: Testing the COPS Framework for the Co-creation of OGD-Driven Public Services" is available here: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-030-14446-3_1

Turning Open Government Data into Public Value: Testing the COPS Framework for the Co-creation of OGD-Driven Public Services This chapter aims to demonstrate and understand how open government data can generate public value by allowing any actor to co-create an open government data-driven public service. The chapter takes...


Continuing NISPAcee WG2 on electronic government session, Maciej Pisz presents his paper on Internet Voting in Poland.


Today, Robert Krimmer together with Nicolae Urs chairs the working group 2 discussing electronic government at NISPAcee conference in Prague. We have 10 papers, starting with Mitja Decman presenting on an experience with co-governance in Slovenia.

Creating Innovation Capacities in Government 21/05/2019

Today we launch a new course - Creating Innovation Capacities in Government - that explores cutting-edge theories and global and Estonian best-practices as well as key challenges in fostering public sector innovation, that is meaningful improvements in governance, policies and services. Stay tuned for the updates and insight over the next month!

Photos from DigiGovLab's post 30/04/2019

Last Friday, a group of 15 health experts from Austria came to Estonia to learn more about e-Estonia. Prof. Dr. Dr. Robert Krimmer of the DigiGovLab shared and offered insights into Estonia's e-Health and e-Government systems at the residency of the Austrian Ambassador in Tallinn.

E-Vote-ID 29/04/2019

Call for Papers - Fourth International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting E-Vote-ID 2019 - E-Vote-ID

Deadline for Submissions - 15 May

Find more information at www.e-vote-id.org

Summary: One of the leading international events for e-voting experts from all over the world will take place in Bregenz (Austria) on 1-4 October 2019. The conference brings e-voting specialists working in academia, politics, government and industry together, in order to discuss various aspects of all forms of electronic voting (including, but not limited to, polling stations, kiosks, ballot scanners and remote voting by electronic means) divided in four tracks (Security, Usability and Technical Issues; Administrative, Legal, Political and Social Issues; Elections and Practical Experiences; E-Voting System Demo) and a PhD colloquium.

E-Vote-ID The International Conference for Electronic Voting


Research In Estonia put together a short video about the research at DigiGovLab and notes that in a short amount of time our team has been making great progress towards our goal of academic excellence and research that is practical and imapctful for both Estonian Society and the larger international community. To read more about the DigiGovLab, please visit https://digigovlab.ee/

Zsolt Bugarszki: Empowering ordinary people in Estonia 20/04/2019

Writing for ERR four years ago, Zsolt Bugarszki discusses how Estonia should use ICT to empower disadvantaged, rural, and remote communities.

While Estonia has made progress in this regards, it is also clear that there is more to be done. At the DigiGovLab, we too aim to understand better how e-Government and e-Estonia can bring about higher levels of happiness and better the quality of life for all members of Estonian society.

A recent paper written by DigiGovLab members Gerli Aavik, Robert Krimmer, Anna Mayer, and Keegan McBride also touches on the role of e-Government and ICT in improving social welfare in Estonia, available here: https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/59732

Zsolt Bugarszki: Empowering ordinary people in Estonia Zsolt Bugarszki, a Hungarian social worker now based in Tallinn, will give a talk at the Opinion Festival about empowering ordinary people via ICT. Here, he explains his cause.

Could using Open Data be the next big leap for E-estonia? | Research In Estonia 15/04/2019

Research In Estonia covered our Lab's work so far. Read more about our different projects and impact so far here: http://researchinestonia.eu/2019/04/15/could-using-open-data-be-the-next-big-leap-for-e-estonia

Could using Open Data be the next big leap for E-estonia? | Research In Estonia 15 Apr reimo rehkli2019-04-15T12:11:04+03:00 Let the numbers do the talking: established only 4 months ago, more than 10 PhD and 100 master students studying in courses and programs taught by DGL staff, participation in many international projects and 10 million euros in funding. These figures chara...

Photos from Valimised Eestis's post 02/03/2019
Teadlased arvutasid välja, palju maksab e-hääl 26/02/2019

In response to yesterday's article, Professor Robert Krimmer was interviewed by Novaator.

"Valimiste puhul pole muidugi kunagi küsimus selles, kui palju see maksma läheb. Tähtis on demokraatia ja hääletamise kodanikele võimalikult mugavaks muutmine, et nad saaksid realiseerida oma vaba tahet,"... Read more here: https://novaator.err.ee/914506/teadlased-arvutasid-valja-palju-maksab-e-haal

Teadlased arvutasid välja, palju maksab e-hääl E-hääletamine säästab rohkem raha kui ükski teine hääletusviis. Sellega kaasnevad kulud võivad kasvada tulevikus aga koos Eesti tuntuse ja hääletusviisi populaarsusega, leiavad Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli teadlased.

Hinnalipik sai külge: kui palju maksab üks hääl Eesti valimistel 24/02/2019

Last year, researchers led by the head of DigiGovLab, Robert Krimmer, calculated the cost of different forms of voting in Estonia (i-Voting is about half the cost of regular voting).
Read more about the research here!

https://news.err.ee/863027/scientists-calculate-administrative-cost-to-state-of-electronic-votes (in English)
https://tehnika.postimees.ee/6409689/hinnalipik-sai-kulge-kui-palju-maksab-uks-haal-eesti-valimistel (in Estonian)

Hinnalipik sai külge: kui palju maksab üks hääl Eesti valimistel Tallinna Tehnikaülikooli Ragnar Nurkse innovatsiooni ja valitsemise instituudi teadlased arvutasid esimest korda valimiste ajaloos välja, kui palju läheb riigile administratiivkuludena maksma iga hääl, mida Eesti valimistel kas e-hääletades, eelhääletades või valimipäeval antakse.

digigovlab.ee 01/02/2019

Prof. Robert Krimmer of Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance and head of DigiGovLab talked with Audi Magazine about his understanding of society in e-Estonia... "Everything new created here is designed to be digital. and if it can't be digitalized, it simply isn't done."

Read the full article here:https://digigovlab.ee/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/krimmer_e-Estonia_magazine.pdf



Prof. Robert Krimmer of Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance and head of the DigiGovLab gave a talk on his journey and experience with e-Estonia at the 100th anniversary event for TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology, listen and watch here!


TOOP and European Commission Technical Workshop on SDGR takes place in Brussels today! Discussions are in full swing!

Palju Sepp ja Ratas parteikassasse viisid? E-riik Eesti on avaandmete osas teistest maadest palju kehvem | Geenius 14/01/2019

Estonian publication Geenius covered our recent article on Open Data in Estonia: https://geenius.ee/uudis/palju-sepp-ja-ratas-parteikassasse-viisid-e-riik-eesti-on-avaandmete-osas-teistest-maadest-palju-kehvem/

Palju Sepp ja Ratas parteikassasse viisid? E-riik Eesti on avaandmete osas teistest maadest palju kehvem | Geenius Eesti näitab oma e-teenustega maailmas paljudele eeskuju, ent see ei asenda riigi avaandmete avalikustamist, milles oleme värske teadusartikli põhjal teistest maadest palju kehvemad. Kuigi Eestis avati juba seitse aastat tagasi avaandmete portaal, võeti selle täitmine alles paar kuud tagasi tõ...

Leader in e-Government, Laggard in Open Data: Exploring the Case of Estonia 10/01/2019

A new paper by researchers at the DigiGovLab has been published in R***e française d’administration publique that explores why Estonia, being a digitally advanced nation, struggles with its implementation and usage of open government data: https://www.cairn.info/revue-francaise-d-administration-publique-2018-3-page-613.htm

The preprint version is available here: https://zenodo.org/record/2537046 #.XDdqX1wzaUk

Leader in e-Government, Laggard in Open Data: Exploring the Case of Estonia Estonia is often considered as a global leader in digital government. However, when it comes to Open Government Data (OGD), Estonia seems to be far behind many other countries according to international surveys and indices. This paper takes a closer look at the puzzle of Estonia’s low OGD maturity...

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