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WBC is a unique specialized ballet educational platform where you can see the lessons and master classes, feel the breeze of ballet feelings from ballet professionals – famous teachers, best dancers, prima-ballerinas, principle dancers, ballet dancers.

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Piccoli Salti. Italian Version.
Esercizio di piccoli salti per minimizzare il lavoro delle gambe e dei piedi nel salto nell’esempio si ottiene una migliore prestazione qualita’ sforzo utilizzando la parte superiore del corpo che cadendo in avanti facilita la preparazione ai piccoli salti. Le gambe lavorano in modo da bilanciare il corpo e la contrazione muscolare e’ una conseguenza dello scarico a terra del peso. Si ottiene piu velocita’ e minimo sforzo Es. for beginners and intermediary Teachers contemporary dancers

Today, Vaganova’s method is the most famous approach for classical ballet teachers. It is a unique choreography approach allowing systematically identifying physical qualities, maintaining proper fitness and developing amazing abilities of ballet dancers.

Many teachers whose lessons you can find on are world-famous masters, who’s had their training rooted in Vaganova’s method and had had many years of successfully applying those principles in teaching the classical dance.

Mr. Andrey Klemm
Teacher at Opera National de Paris with Russian background. Graduated Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow with Professor Alexander Bondarenko in 1985.
Don’t miss your chance to learn from in ternationally renowned Ballet Master!

Victor Litvinov
You have a rare opportunity to learn from Mr. Victor Litvinov! Unique ballet class from a teacher who works with professional ballet dancers and ballet stars since 1978

Nadja Saidakova
Studied at State Ballet Academy in Perm. In 1991 joined the Deutschen Oper am Rhein as a soloist. In 1995 joined the Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin (now Staatsballett Berlin) as a principal. Guest Artist in various Opera Houses such as St.Petersburg, Moscow, New York, Tokyo, London, Mailand, Rom, Vienna
She danced almost all the principle roles of the classical and contemporary repertoire.
Since 2017 ballet Mistress Staatsballett Berlin

Michael Shannon.
He was the first American to graduate the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Moreover, he’s been the principal dancer of the Bolshoi theater.
Michael Shannon was a Principal Dancer for the Bolshoi Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Vienna State Opera Ballet, Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, Hungarian State Opera Ballet, and Kremlin Palace Ballet Theatre.
These days – he’s a famous pedagogue, creating development programs for professional dancers and students all over the world. It’s almost impossible to find a free moment from Michael Shannon.
He’s constantly giving classes to American, Japanese, Chinese and Korean students. Every minute of every day is spoken for. But he’s found time to record his unique video lesson – for you !

Emi Hariyama
She was the first foreigner to graduate the Bolshoi Ballet Academy (The Moscow State Academy of Choreograph) in Moscow!
Winner of many world ballet competitions, principal dancer at many world well known ballet companies, at present time – world famous ball erina and teacher, jury members of many international ballet competitions, director of Japan International Ballet Company. Сегодня Mrs. Emi Hariyama преподает в разных странах, She’s also been teaching in many contries.

Stanislav Belyaevsky
A well-known all over the world dancer and ballet teacher, having a huge number of students and master classes in many countries. Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg). He was principal dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, a Soloist at the Staatsoper in Berlin. For many years he has been teaching classical ballet according to the Vaganova method in different countries of the world.

Anastasia Dunets
Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg) in 1988. Mrs. Anastasia Dunets was a ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre Ballet Company ( Sankt Petersburg, Russia), at the Staatsoper in Berlin and at the Finnish National Ballet in Helsinki, Finland. Mrs. For many years Anastasia Dunetshas been teaching classical ballet according to the Vaganova method in different countries of the world.
Many students of Anastasia are laureates of ballet competitions, many students now work in prestigious ballet companies around the world.

Vera Arbuzova
Famous Russian ballerina, prima ballerina of the world known Boris Eifman ballet company, soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), a teacher of classical and modern ballet for all levels.

Vladimir Djouloukhadze
He’s learned his craft from the legends of ballet. He’s been a star. He’s groomed many of todays’ stars. He’s one and only and unique. This year marks 50th anniversary of his artistic career.

Victoria Omelnitskaya
Russian Ballerina and Ballet teacher. Graduated from the world-famous Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg) in 1999. (class of A.A. of Russia E.V. Evteeva).
In 2018, Mrs. Victoria Omelnitskaya graduated with honors from the master’s program of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg), in the direction of ballet pedagogy. (course of I. A. Trofimova).

Mayumi Sakamoto
Mayumi Sakamoto fue alumna de la bailarina y maestra Anastasya Bazhnatkina, estudiante de la bailarina del Teatro Kirov Elena Shiripina, estudiante de Agrippina Vaganova. También fue entrenada por el legendario y primer bailarin del Teatro Kirov , el gran maître Boris Bregvadze, Liudmila Sereshnikova y Bella Ozhegova, entre otros. Mayumi. Sakamoto posee una Maestría en Artes Coreograficas y enseñanza de Ballet de la prestigiosa Academia Rusa Agrippina Vaganova en donde sus maestros fueron: Pyotr Silkin, Vadim Sirótin, Natalya Yanánis, Margarita Alfímova, e Irina Trofímova. En 2018 diplomada en el estudio de posgrado de “Teoría e historia del arte” en la Academia de Ballet Agrippina Vaganova.

You now have a unique opportunity to use detailed lesson from Ballet Masters who a deeply rooted in the techniques and methods of the great Agrippina Vaganova.

Watch, learn and improve every day !

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Don't miss the chance to learn the lesson of a Professeur du ballet at Opera National de Paris Mr. Andrey Klemm! MASTER CLASS "Andrey Klemm & Little Ballerina". BARRE, CENTER, JUMPS, POINTES.
10 days access! SPECIAL OFFER!

Video tutorial available

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How to improve your performance or technique by visualizing the dance movements you are learning during the study process. This approach facilitates assimilation and helps to correct errors.

Video lesson for Professional, Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, For teachers, Modern and contemporary

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You have a rare opportunity to learn from Mr. Victor Litvinov! Unique ballet class from a teacher who works with professional ballet dancers and ballet stars since 1978

Link to Victor Litvinov's classes

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Teacher is a key figure in ballet training. Learn from the best! Get better every day! You have a rare opportunity to learn from Mr. Victor Litvinov

Link to Victor Litvinov classes

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We are proud to present you a great ballet master Mr. Victor Litvinov and new video lessons on the WorldBalletClass educational platform.
You have a rare opportunity to learn Unique masterclass from a teacher who works with professional ballet dancers and ballet stars since 1978

A few words only from Carla Fracci ( World famous ballerina, she danced with partners such as Rudolf Nureyev, Vladimir Vasiliev, Henning Kronstam, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alexander Godunov, Gheorghe Iancu, Giuseppe Picone, Roberto Bolle, and Erik Bruhn from 1996 to 1997 she directed Verona Arena Ballet Company. From November 2000 she directed the Teatro Dell’Opera di Roma Ballet Company, where she continued until 2010):
“ I recommend Victor Litvinov espessialy as an excellent ballet master and teacher of classical ballet. His great professionalism, reliability, discipline, and above all, his enthusiasm, allowed a great improvement of the ballet technique”

Learn from the best!

Link to Victor Litvinov's unique video lessons

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A unique video lesson for you focusing on dynamism on pointes shoes and cleanest in between steps or movements.
This lesson will help you understand and feel more the dynamic pointes shoes work, in the same time working on the cleanest of each steps.
Be the best that YOU can be!

Video Lesson available

Adeline Pastor.
Principal at Aalto Ballett Theater Essen, Germany . Winner of many international ballet competitions. She is internationally invited to dance in galas in Russia, Europe, Latin America, the United States, Norway, among others.
Certified ballet teacher and certified dance therapist.

You can read information about the unique ballerina and teacher on her personal page

Link in Bio @WorldBalletClass

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The video is very easy to understand because you can see what was shot from the front and from the side on one screen.
The full bar lesson .
Included Warm up, Plié, Tendu, Jeté, Rond de jambe à terre , Fondu, Frappé, Adagio, Grand battement, Relevé.
It’s a simple exercise you can do every day.

Emi Hariyama's classes to do at home, on vacation, in hotels! Lessons to prepare for the ballet season!
Available in English and Japanese. Welcome!

Short link to Emi Hariyama's classes

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What is the biggest advantage of doing «Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre»?
“Boris Kniaseff Floor Barre” works very well for the eversion of the foot, for strengthening the feet, works out the inner, lower and upper legs. Works with precise back positioning in ballet. The lesson improves posture, works with all the muscles of the body. Involves the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, shows the exact positioning of the hips, gives the correct ballet classical sensation of the shoulders.

“Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre” lessons gives correct and accurate sensations in the process of performing each exercise, which cannot always be felt at the barre, standing in an upright position.
The lessons also instills elasticity and mobility in the hip joint, gives general strengthening of the torso.

All this together – gives the dancer strength in the body and legs.
There is also work with the muscles of the neck – as a result, sensation of lengthening of the neck, which is important for ballet.
We pull calmly and carefully, we work with everything that is important, these exercises are useful for any dancer, including a beginner, on the floor, since there is no load on the backbone.

Lessons on “Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre” does not load the whole body weight on the legs and spine (this is important for the joints, for the spine), as it does in an upright position.
Moreover, this lessons and the Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre gives a lot of necessary ballet practice, which will lead everyone to the best results.

“Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre” is a unique technique that has been successfully used by ballet professionals, students, and beginners all over the world since the beginning of the 20th century.
It helps you to dance better and reach your maximum potential!

If you want to stay in shape, despite all the difficulties associated with the pandemic and even improve your shape, then the unique Boris Knyaseff Floor Barre lessons from the famous ballet teacher Mrs. Nadja Saidakova are for you

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¡Nueva lección para principiantes en español! ¡Mayumi Sakamoto única y una nueva lección sobre la técnica Vaganova!

A video gives detailed instructions about adagio. A combination includes relevé lent, développé , demi-rond, grand rond, and soutenu with in-depth explanation. Adagio helps to develop power of your leg in order to represent the beauty of your poses.

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ПОЛЬЗА И ОГРОМНОЕ УДОВОЛЬСТВИЕ. Это прекрасные уроки для всех уровней.
С Верой Арбузовой занимаются дети, занимаются взрослые - от начинающих до профессионалов, уроки очень продуманны, полезны и красивы!

Уникальные уроки доступны
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For beginners and intermediary, for professionals and Teachers contemporary dancers.

Improvisation exercise trying not to use coded or already assimilated movements. It starts from the principle of annulment of the mind without reproducing aesthetic movements. The body moves through impulse and instinct to obtain natural and truthful movements. This approach helps to find new solutions by obtaining deeper and more impactful gestures.

Create, learn, dance and be happy every moment of your life!

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For beginners and intermediate ballet and contemporary dancers.
Exercise at the plie bar, the exercise must be performed together with the breath to ensure that the dancer finds a fluidity of natural movement. Go through the various dance positions without creating excessive contractions but letting the body adjust with small movements, the head moves in relation to the hand that guides the port de bras. very useful for obtaining a quality of fluidity and softness.

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Class on the center that focused on Pas de bourree Movement, that is very important for ballet dancers.

Exact execution, exercises, short pieces, explanations. With music and without music. Different versions. This lesson will help you to learn how to control your movements, perform accurately, improve your technique.

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We are proud to present you a new famous ballet master Nadja Saidakova and her video lessons on the WorldBalletClass video platform. Read about the famous ballerina and ballet master on Nadja Saidakova personal page.

Learn, love ballet, dance and be happy!

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Adeline Pastor. Video Lesson “Strengthen ankles and toes pointes shoes workout”

Adeline Pastor. Video Lesson “Strengthen ankles and toes pointes shoes workout” for advanced students and professional (15-16 years old and over) +Present
Classical ballet technique is not only about how much Pirouettes you do or how hight is your jump. It also has to be the between steps and the cleaness of the movement. The passage through the demi-pointe in classical ballet or neo-classical is very important. I designed for you this special pointes shoes workout to strengthen your ankles and toes.

Additionally, a gift lesson: “Adeline Pastor answering questions about pirouettes”

Due to the influence of the COVID-19 , the lesson contents made for “stay-home”. The recording is also taken at home during pandemic time ,thank you for your understanding.

Video Lesson available

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Videos (show all)

Adeline Pastor. Video Lesson “Strengthen ankles and toes pointes shoes workout”
Mr. Andrea Palombi. "Accent and release in contemporary dance"
Unique ballet master class of Andrey Klemm “Andrey Klemm & Little Ballerina”.
Enjoy a unique video lesson! Michael Shannon. "Special Strength Ballet Class for Advanced Pre-professional dancers"
Виктория Омельницкая. Видео урок "All kind of Port De Bras"
Great Video Lesson “Find and improve your balance”!
Unique video - Andrey Klemm's class for Staatsballet Berlin
Emi Hariyama online class! Great opportunity!
Adeline Pastor. Video lesson "Class of pirouettes for 14 years old and over".
ВЕРА АРБУЗОВА. Уникальный видео урок
Adeline Pastor Video lesson




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