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TalTech Raw Materials Station founded by the TalTech Department of Geology. Its mission is to enable

We are building a community and enhancing innovation in the raw materials sector by sharing knowledge, facilitating matchmaking activities, connecting partners from leading businesses, universities, research and technology organisations.

Operating as usual


One month until the Research and Innovation Days!

The event by EU Science & Innovation will take place online on 28 and 29 September 2022, allowing everyone to get involved from anywhere.

This is your chance to discuss the new European Innovation Agenda, the European Year of Youth, the richness of European cultural creativity, the EU Missions and many more topics.

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Don't forget to save the date! ⚠

The conference “Innovative Materials, Structures and Technologies” (IMST 2022) will be held in Riga on September 28-30, 2022. The conference is organized by EIT RawMaterials Baltic HUB in collaboration with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, RTU.

This conference will discuss:
✔The latest results of industrial and academic research on the analysis and design of advanced structures and buildings.
✔Innovative, ecological, and energy-efficient building materials.
✔Development of maintenance, inspection, and monitoring methods and structural management.
✔Sustainable and safe transport infrastructure.

More information and registration: https://imst.rtu.lv


This week, Rutt Hints and Karin Käär represented the TalTech Geoloogia Instituut at the EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum.

Bernd Schäfer, CEO and Managing Director at EIT RawMaterials opened the session by stressing the need for game-changing innovations:
"It is the highest sustainable value chains that will achieve great success – that will secure supply, create jobs, reduce carbon emission, maximise circularity and minimise harm to our environment," he stated.


A few weeks ago Alla Šogenova and Kazbulat Šogenov participated in the EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers conference in Madrid, Spain.

As one of the world's largest associations of specialists, EAGE plays a key role in organizing activities in the fields of education, research and business to promote sustainable extraction, transformation and storage.


is the fastest growing waste stream in the EU, but less than 40% is recycled, which presents an immense opportunity for a secondary source market. New projects across the value chain to secure sustainable access to from primary and secondary sources will be vital for the state-of-the-art ecosystem in Europe.

During the Electronics discussion on Tuesday, 28 June, from 14:30-16:15, you will hear from ugo miretti from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA), Kris Broos from VITO, and Luca Campadello from Erion, who will discuss the untapped potential for transparency and traceability of value chains for the benefit of the and EU citizens.

Save your seat to get the latest insights and pitch your new project idea in the EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum 👉 eitrm.eu/ExpertForum2022


As the holiday weekend begins, we hope you celebrate with your loved ones and enjoy the outdoors. 🌞😎⛱

Head Jaanipäeva!🔥

Suvepäevad 2022 — Eesti geoloog 22/06/2022


Don't miss your chance to join us at the Summer Days organized by the Estonian Geology Society.

Enjoy the weather, have a beer and discuss sustainable mining!

Full agenda:


Suvepäevad 2022 — Eesti geoloog 18:00 – 19:00 Diskussioon: „Maavarade nõudlus, rohepööre ja vastuvõetav kaevandamine“. Paneeldiskussioon maavaradest, nende kaevandamisest ja varustuskindlusest Sander Loite modereerimisel. Panelistid: Grete-Sabine Sarap, Rutt Hints, Erki Niitlaan, Mihkel Kangur ja Ando Leppiman.

Joint Workshop at EIT Expert Forum - Passenger 21/06/2022

Whether -based or rare-earth-free, permanent magnets are crucial components to achieve the in the EU.

This workshop will address the following issues:
- Advances in technological permanent magnets (PMs): rare earth-based and rare earth-free PMs.
- Perspectives to improve rare-earth-based PM materials and innovation in rare-earth-free PMs.
- EU initiatives addressing criticality in PMs.
- An industrial perspective – Integration in products: present and future of the PM sector in Europe.
- Circular economy of magnets: recycling, design of materials and products.
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Joint Workshop at EIT Expert Forum - Passenger PASSENGER is hosting a workshop on permanent magnets at the EIT Expert Forum, 28 June 2022 in Berlin, with key players


10 days until the EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum!

This year's Expert Forum provides the ultimate matchmaking platform while hosting significant discussions.

On Tuesday, 28 June, from 16:45-18:30, Irene Benito Rodríguez from , Monique Le Guen from Eramet, and Gert Nilson from will discuss Future Exploration, Mining & Processing.

Registration is open! 👉 eitrm.eu/ExpertForum2022

Photos from TalTech Raw Materials Station's post 17/06/2022

Our 2021-2022 academic year in numbers:
🌟 Average age of TalTech Geoloogia Instituut members: 4️⃣7️⃣
🌟New teaching staff members: 4️⃣
🌟Cum Laude distinctions: 1️⃣
🌟Graduates in the 2021-2022 period: 3️⃣
🌟Applicants to our new bachelor curriculum: 2️⃣0️⃣❗

Yesterday we celebrated our achievements in a meeting leaded by director Olle Hints.

Here's for our next academic year! 🍾🥂🎉

Paide schoolchildren studied raw materials supervised by TalTech researchers | TalTech 16/06/2022

As the schoolyear comes the end, we look back to our first high school circular economy course with laboratory time. The course was attended by Paide Gymnasium students, who had the chance to experiment with producing their own materials out of scraps.

See you in the next academic year! 🌞

Paide schoolchildren studied raw materials supervised by TalTech researchers | TalTech Paide Gymnasium students had the opportunity to study the principles of the circular economy through elective courses leaded by TalTech researchers and lecturers. In addition to participating in the lectures, the students were able to work in the university laboratories and later present the materia...

EIT Circular Economy Community launches the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Support Call (application deadline extended) - EIT RawMaterials 15/06/2022

The EIT Circular Economy Community launches a call to support companies in obtaining the ETV in three technology areas:
✅Water treatment and monitoring
✅Materials, waste and resources
The call is open to any partner and start-up of participating EIT Circular Economy Community.

Application deadline (extended): 30 June 2022, 23:59 CEST

Learn more ⬇

EIT Circular Economy Community launches the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Support Call (application deadline extended) - EIT RawMaterials The EIT Circular Economy Community launches a call to support companies in obtaining the ETV.The EIT Circular Economy Community launches a call to support companies in obtaining the ETV to help technology providers proposing innovative, green technologies verify solutions and provide a quality stamp...


Last week, Karin Robam from Taltech Raw Materials Station leaded 10th grade students in a "Cookie Mining" workshop at Kiili Gümnaasium in Estonia. In this activity students learned about raw materials while breaking down a biscuit.
Here's for the next generation of experts! 🍪🥛


Last week, Karin Robam leaded 10th grade students in a "Cookie Mining" workshop at Kiili Gümnaasium. In this activity students learned about raw materials while breaking down a biscuit.

Here's for the next generation of experts! 🍪🥛


Here is an exciting opportunity for the next generation of experts in Estonia. This position is offered by Tariston AS

For more information, please contact Kauri Kiiman, 58603731, [email protected].

EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum - EIT RawMaterials 10/06/2022

Join the EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum 27-29 June, participate in topical discussions, connect with leading experts and peers from the industry and form new consortia for projects.

Registration is open! 👉 eitrm.eu/ExpertForum2022

EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum - EIT RawMaterials The Expert Forum is Europe’s leading raw materials’ innovation and education exchange that connects stakeholders from across the value chain.

Photos from TalTech Raw Materials Station's post 09/06/2022

Do you need a summer vacation? 😎

Join us at the Geologists' Summer Days in Käbliku organized by the Estonian Geological Society. You can check a preview of the programme below!

Tent accommodation is 35 EUR while indoor accomodation is 45 EUR. Pensioners have a discounted price of EUR 35 (accommodation indoors or in a tent). Student participation fee is 25 (accommodation in a tent). Children participate free of charge!

⬇⬇Register ⬇⬇


Last week we organized an in-service training for mining engineers about limestone extraction and its technological issues, including equipment upgrading and blasting.

Thank you for your contribution and for sharing your knowledge:
💎Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ
💎Spark & Stone Concept
💎The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority
💎Technical Center of Estonian Roads
💎Estonian Mining Society

Did you know❓
TalTech Geology Institute regularly organizes in-service training courses to provide opportunities to improve the work knowledge of mining technicians and mining engineers.


A powerful quote from the panel at the recent EIT RawMaterials summit by Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-president of the European Commission for interinstitutional relations.

Society’s role in Green Transition 06/06/2022

Tomorrow Tuesday 7 June at 10:00, TalTech will host a discussion titled "Society’s role in Green Transition".

Speakers of the event are:

🍀Minister of State for Europe and Climate at the Federal Foreign Office, Dr. Anna Lührmann.
🍀Vice-Rector for Green Transformation, Tallinn University of Technology, Prof. Helen

We will discuss the best options and analyze widespread myths and misconceptions about the society’s role in green transition.

Watch (LIVE!) in the link below

Society’s role in Green Transition


Eramet, an international player in Mining & Metals activities, launches its 2022 edition of the Eramet Open Challenge to find innovative solutions for in the and Metals .

Compete for a chance to win a collaboration contract with Eramet (up to EUR 50k).

Details and sign-up ➡ https://bit.ly/ERAMENT22Call (link in bio!)


This week we welcomed mining industry professionals at the Baltic regional workshop of the SUMEX project. We discussed how we can promote the permission process and the health and safety of the extraction industry in Eastern Europe.

Thank you to all of our participants and panelists. 🙏🏻

Hope to see you soon in Tallinn!


During the discussion, we will discuss how the Green Transition could be possible in the context of the current national security and economy.

The Discussion will be led by the Minister of State for Europe and Climate at the Federal Foreign Office of Germany Dr. Anna Lührmann and TalTech’s Vice-Rector for Green Transition Prof. Helen Sooväli-Sepping.

Questions are welcome and they can be submitted also beforehand through the registration form.



Nothing like a bit of fresh air! ⛺
The Geologists' Summer Days (organized by Eesti Geoloogia Selts) will take place on July 30-31 in Käbliku.

The participation fee for summer days is 35 EUR (accommodation in a tent). If you want to stay indoors, the registration fee is 45 EUR. There is a registration fee of EUR 35 for pensioners (accommodation indoors or in a tent).

More information ⬇


The hybrid conference will be held on June 16 from 10 am to 3 pm in the field base of the Estonian Geological Survey in Arbavere. Online participants will be sent a link to the broadcast before the event.
Bus transport is provided from our Tallinn office (Tartu mnt 85) to Arbavere and back. Bus leaves from Tallinn at 8:30 am and from Arbavere 3:30 pm.

Register by June 13 ➡➡➡



On June 2, 2022, the TalTech Geoloogia Instituut will host a training for mining engineers in Estonian:
✅ Course Full Program ➡ https://taltech.ee/kursus/32146
✅ When and where? June 2, 2022, TalTech, Economic House, Akadeemia tee 3, 2nd floor, SOC-213.

This course grants engineers 8 TP. The points of in-service training have been approved by the Professional Committee of Technicians and Mining Engineers.

In order to complete the in-service training, it is also necessary to take the assessment online.

Register by 31.05.2022, via [email protected] or the link below ⬇


How can we achieve sustainable extraction?
Discuss solutions in the upcoming SUMEX workshop from May 31 to June 1!

Register today at https://bit.ly/SUMEXJune2022


Many interesting points and reflections were made on , , and at the RawMaterials Summit 2022.

Anu-Mai Levo, Karin Käär, Karin Robam Allan Niidu, Kaisa Hansen and Veiko Karu represented the TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology and TalTech Geoloogia Instituut.

It was a pleasure to meet and network face to face again.

Here's for 2023 🥂!

Call for Projects to start in 2023 - EIT RawMaterials 26/05/2022


EIT Raw Materials new topics include Circular Societies, Sustainable Materials and Responsible Sourcing.

We are looking for new proposals on:
➡Upscaling: the proposal should address at least one of the 10 proposed topics related to the three Lighthouses programmes.
➡Higher Education: the focus shall be on PhD schools addressing selected topics of the three Lighthouses.
➡Lifelong Learning: the focus shall be on demand-driven proposals in four selected thematic areas.

Contact: Veiko Karu, [email protected]


Call for Projects to start in 2023 - EIT RawMaterials We encourage our partners to submit new project proposals that will generate a significant impact on European industrial competitiveness.


On Wednesday May 25 at 14:00, Olle Hints will present a seminar titled: "E-Crust: crust data and e-services in Estonia



➡ Register by May 31 via email [email protected] or directly at https://bit.ly/June2022course

This in-service training for mining engineers focuses on limestone quarrying, processing, production, testing of road construction and aggregation materials, plus material requirements.

The training provides 8 TP, TP is approved by the Professional Committee of Mining Technicians and Mining Engineers.

Don't miss it!


This is what we call hands-on work! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

On May 19, second-year students of the Institute of Geology visited the former Maardu phosphorite mining field.

The bachelor students experimented with different hydrogeological research methods as part of their "Hydrogeology and Mining Environmental Protection" class.


Next week, on May 26 the Estonian Academy of celebrates the 70th anniversary of the publication of the Academy's scientific journals with the conference "Challenges of Open Access".

The conference will be in Estonian.

Register➡ https://bit.ly/26MAYSCIENCECONF

SIGNUP DEADLINE: May 20, 23:59.

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting 18/05/2022

Today May 18 at 14:00, researcher Kaia Tõnsuaadu will present a seminar on Phosphorus.

Stream it live at ⬇

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

Mäeinseneride täiendkoolitus | TalTech 13/05/2022

On June 2, 2022, TalTech Institute of Geology will host an in-service training for mining engineers, this time focusing on limestone. The 1-day course covers quarrying, processing, production, quarrying, testing of road construction and aggregation materials, and material requirements.

This in-service training provides 8 TP, TP is approved by the Professional Committee of Mining Technicians and Mining Engineers.

Register by May 31 via email [email protected] or directly at https://bit.ly/June2022course

Mäeinseneride täiendkoolitus | TalTech


How can sustainable extraction in Eastern Europe be supported? Discuss solutions and connect with other practitioners in the upcoming SUMEX workshop!

This peer-learning event takes place from 31 May - 1 June in Tallinn, Estonia. The focus area are permitting plus health & safety.

Register today at https://bit.ly/SUMEXJune2022

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