Dare To Light

Everyone can and should be able to see the beauty of light around them and use awesome and functiona

Everyone should understand why some lighting is good and some is not.

Operating as usual


Color Scientist Explains the Problem with RGB Lights

Ted and Quasar color scientist Tim Kang compare common LED lights in the filmmaking market and take a look at the subtle differences between them. We also si...



Foto: Marje Eelma Tuumik | Graphic Design


Nädalajagu öid muuseumis, sai kõik kenasti mõnusaks-hämaraks keeratud. Harjuge nüüd ära, et igal pool parkett ei sära!
One week worth of nights at the museum, now everything is nice and dim. Now get used to no light on the floor boards!

Estonian History Museum: exhibition "My free country"

Ajaloomuuseum: "Minu vaba riik" 16/02/2018

Estonian History Museum: exhibition "My free country"


Osalesime koos WhiteNight lighting põhjanaabritega Tallinna linnamüüri valgustuse ideekonkursil. Võidupärga kaela ei pandud, aga tööprotsess kinkis meile palju tarkust nii disaini kui rahvusvahelise meeskonnatöö vallas. Siin ka teile vaatamiseks kahe kuu jooksul valminud ja vormistatud mõtted, kuidas meie kalli vanalinna monumentaalbarjääri uhkeks valgustada võiks.
We participated in the idea competition for lighting up Tallinn old town walls. We did not bring home the first prize, but learned a lot about lighting design and international teamwork during the process. Here's our ideas about how to illuminate the historic landmark aroun Tallinn.


The Lighting Channel

Season Two: 10 Ways to Light Yourself! Skype Interview, Profile Picture, Christmas Card, Youtube Channel, Selfies for selfies sake, these days there are lots of reasons to photograph yourself. And with the right lighting you can look awesome!

In the upcoming weeks we will release "behind the scenes" tutorials for each of these looks, stay tuned!


Ingverietüüdid. Scenes with ginger.

v1.std3.ru 13/04/2016


Light brings things to life.


boredpanda.com 04/02/2016

I’ve Spent 5 Years Hunting For The Perfect Lights To Show The Real Beauty Of Budapest

boredpanda.com I took these photos through the last five years when I was searching for the perfect moment and the perfect lights over Budapest, Hungary. For me, the most beautiful moment is when the sun comes up the horizont and the day begins with a couple of colourful minutes. Also the last lights of the day fo…


Joana Vasconcelos, Giardino dell'Eden, 2015

Swatch Pavilion at Giardini | 56th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia 09.05.2015 - 22.11.2015 Swatch Pavilion at Giardini | 56th Internati...


Miguel CHEVALIER Magic Carpets 2014, Castel Del Monte, Italy (short version)

Un film de Claude Mossessian © Claude Mossessian Miguel CHEVALIER Magic Carpets 2014
 Festival Internazionale di Andria Castel dei Mondi, Castel del Monte,…


The House of Gods

Un piccolo corto realizzato a Palazzo Te per il contest video "La casa degli dei " Iniziativa di Santagnese10 , Palazzo Te, Il comune di Mantova e il noto Ar...


Bwindi Light Masks by Richi Ferrero

Bwindi Light Masks by Richi Ferrero, light art installation, which premiered in Frankfurt as part of the LUMINALE 2010 festival, and in Turin on the occasion...

estonianworld.com 14/12/2015

PICTURES: Rakvere surprises with a Christmas tree, again…

estonianworld.com The Estonian town of Rakvere stands out by erecting one of the most distinctive Christmas trees in the world.


HOMmega (Official)

Now this is something you don't see every day

petapixel.com 02/01/2015

Projector Brought Into the Forest Turns Nature Into a Glowing Wonderland

Now let's all forget about projector screens and other flat surfaces, OK?

petapixel.com 3D projections are often used nowadays to create eye-popping visuals on flat surfaces such as the sides of buildings or on basketball courts, but could the

huffingtonpost.com 25/04/2014

WATCH: This Morphing Face Is Mesmerizing

Mind your lighting angles. Nicely noted, Huffingtonpost.

huffingtonpost.com Sometimes it's all about the lighting. In a teaser for French electronic group OPALE's upcoming "Sparkles and Wine" release, London-based filmmaker Nacho Guzmán created a mesmerizing video that shows just how much the appearance of one face can change under various lighting conditions.


Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube!

Dimensional sound to fire visuals. Yes. We need one of these.

Standing waves of fire! Check out Audible: http://bit.ly/AudibleVe Fysikshow: http://bit.ly/Fysikshow - I'm hosting Michio Kaku in Brisbane and Melbourne: ht...

daretolight.com 31/03/2014

Lighting workshop in Rutgers, New Jersey. | Dare To Light – lighting for non-technical professionals

Good times!

daretolight.com In March 2014, Dare to Light spent two days workshopping at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Acting and design students got a taste of “european” style theatre cooperation. We robbed them of their so far well-taught professional roles, and made them figure out lighting design as group wo...


Nobody Beats the Drum - Poisson Vert

Forest disco. We approve.

Director: Rogier van der Zwaag D.O.P: Ezra Reverda Gaffer: Nicholas Burrough Art department: Jeroen van Sluis Producer: Roel Oude Nijhuis Production company:...


We had a really heartwarming workshop with the Rutgers University theatre students yesterday. Really ambitious works, great discussions, inspiring feedback! Thank you everybody!


A fun project from our follower Zak Macro in the Clf art cafe in London:
"I used some UV reactive PVC pipe to make the heart and then hit it with a UV cannon to make it glow! (Director got a quote for a real neon sign and it was £2000, I made one for £15!)"
We approve.

gizmodo.com 04/02/2014

How LED Streetlights Will Change Cinema (And Make Cities Look Awesome)

gizmodo.com The announcement last year that Los Angeles would be replacing its high-pressure sodium streetlights—known for their distinctive yellow hue—with new, blue-tinted LEDs might have a profound effect on at least one local industry. All of those LEDs, with their new urban color scheme, will dramatically…


Star Wars Memes

Yoda light.


usvsth3m.com 27/01/2014

Amazing arty light-looping GIFs

So simple, so awesome.

usvsth3m.com Amazing arty light-looping GIFs This is a GIF project by Turkish artist Erdal Inci, who films himself swinging a lamp, in various locations Then he composites all this footage together (this is all...

fastcodesign.com 22/01/2014

Why Creativity Thrives In The Dark

"...suggests a flexible lighting situation for all the tasks one might perform during the day: dim areas for creative brainstorming sessions and bright ones for administrative chores."

fastcodesign.com Imaginative minds have long appreciated the power of dim lighting. New research confirms that when the lights switch off something in the brain...


Dare to Light presentation at Showlight 2013

How not to brief a production to a lighting designer. Projections, dragons, levitating moose and a flaming keytar. Our comedy insert at the international Showlight 2013 conference.

Dare to Light performs two scenes from the educational comedy "Light up your life", with a brief introduction in the end.

abelardomorell.net 13/01/2014


A fun way to create abstract images with light sensitive materials.

abelardomorell.net A photogram is a photographic image made without a camera. It involves placing things on the surface of a light sensitive material and then exposing them to light. Traditionally this process has been done using photographic paper...[popup url="../../...

twistedsifter.com 20/12/2013

Light Painting with Roombas and LEDs

Who knew Roombas were such talented light painters!

twistedsifter.com Introduced in 2002, Roomba is a series of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot. Under normal house conditions, the Roomba is able to autonomously vacuum the floor while navigati...

twistedsifter.com 18/12/2013

The Coolest Photos of Traffic Lights You Will See Today

twistedsifter.com I love projects where artists find creative ways to capture seemingly mundane, everyday things. Take the humble set of traffic lights below. Located somewhere near Weimar, Germany, photograp...

www.messynessychic.com 11/12/2013

The Subculture of Japanese Trucker Art

Tons of crazy lighting - literally, and on wheels.

www.messynessychic.com ‘Lit up like a Christmas tree’ doesn’t quite cover it. Moving pieces of art, embellished with massive neon lights and bling-tastic chrome; something between a science fiction robot and a Las Vegas arcade. “Decotora” trucks (translation: trucks decorated with illuminations), are the emblems of an unl...

ocw.mit.edu 11/12/2013

Lecture 31: Rainbows | Video Lectures | Electricity and Magnetism | Physics | MIT OpenCourseWare

How wide is a rainbow? Is there more light in- or outside the bow? How to make one in your back yard? An eye-opening lecture on the details of the art of rainbow-making.

ocw.mit.edu RainbowsA modest rainbow will appear in the lecture hall!Fog BowsSupernumerary BowsPolarization of the BowsHalos around the Sun and the MoonMock Suns

microfilmmaker.com 10/12/2013

Microfilmmaker Magazine - Tips & Tricks - The World's Best Lighting Technique, Pg. 1 of 2

The World's Best Lighting Technique: "I was astounded! This was no Roger Corman film, this was no student film, this was a Big Studio, Warner Brothers, Stanley Kubrick production that had been nominated for four (4) Academy Awards… And there were: NO MOVIE LIGHTS!!!"

microfilmmaker.com Starting out as a guerrilla filmmaker in Hollywood in the 1970’s my only filmmaking mentors were the ones that I found up on the big screen. I wasn’t born into Tinsel Town Royalty nor did I have any connection in The Film Biz… instead I simply went to the movies. Any and all movies and eventually I...




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