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Full Cycle Game Academy is the first Unreal Authorized Training Center in Northern Europe!

Operating as usual

Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 09/05/2024

On May 7th, We hosted a workshop led by Gamecan 's Head of HR, Tuuli Veetamm, and Recruiter, Eerik Hannus

They talked about HR & Recruitment in the game industry, giving tips on how to stand out when applying for jobs.💼

We wish all Full Cycle students good luck in finding jobs, and we're here to help them start their careers in game development! 🎮✨️

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🎮 Join us at Full Cycle Game Academy and unlock your potential in the game industry! 🎮

Our programs offer hands-on experience, industry-standard skills, and valuable networking opportunities.🚀

🔗Apply now:

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March 2024 Demo Day 10/04/2024

🎮 Check out the March 2024 Demo Day video from 🕹

Watch as our awesome students show off their very first game projects. You'll see cool puzzles and exciting adventures that they created using hands-on learning.

It's a sneak peek into the future of gaming!🤖

Interested in joining us? Admissions for Autumn 2024 are now open!🚀

🔗 Get more info here:

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March 2024 Demo Day 🎮 Full Cycle Game Academy's March 2024 Demo Day video is here! Witness the creativity and skills of our talented students as they showcase their first-ever ...


🎮Join Us at the Full Cycle Game Academy Meetup! 🕹

📆 Date and time: April 11, 2024; 6PM

📍Venue: Pärnu HUUB

We are thrilled to welcome Michael Sehgal, Partner Programs Developer and Channel Partner Manager at Epic Games, to discuss the "State of the Industry."

Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table and will share his perspective on navigating the job market in the dynamic and ever-evolving game industry.

Don't miss this chance to network, learn, and share your passion for games with fellow enthusiasts and professionals.

See you there!

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Become a Specialist in the Game Industry! 🎮🚀

At Full Cycle Game Academy, you will:

● Learn through emulation of real industry experience
● Acquire top-tier skills using Unreal Engine, the industry standard
● Unlock your potential to enter the game industry post-graduation
● Build valuable connections and network with industry professionals

Study at the first Unreal Authorized Training Centre in Northern Europe!
Choose from a range of specialized curriculums:

● Game Programming 💻
● Game Design ✏️
● 3D Art 🎨
● VFX (Visual Effects) for Games 🎥

Prepare for an exciting career in gaming! 👾

🔗Apply here:

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Photos from GameDev Estonia's post 22/03/2024
Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 15/03/2024

Exciting times at TalTech - Tallinna Tehnikaülikool 🎮

Our Education Team and Gamecan were thrilled to be part of the career festival, Võti Tulevikku

We showcased our students' game prototypes, along with Gamecan's project, Contenders: Arena, sparking interest from hundreds of aspiring game 🌟

Huge thanks to everyone for the heartfelt conversations, and looking forward to reconnecting soon! 🥰

GameDev Estonia


5. märtsil toimus TalTechis Eesti suurim tudengitele suunatud karjääriüritus Võti Tulevikku, kus osaleb umbkaudu 100 ettevõtet üle Eesti. 💥

Pärnumaal töötamise võimalusi tutvustasid kuue kohaliku ettevõtte esindajad. Eesmärk on tudengitele näidata, et lisaks Tallinnale saab enda õpitut rakendada ka mujal Eestis (loe Pärnumaal 😊).
Eriti oluline on see just Pärnumaalt pärit noortele, kes tihtipeale ei teagi, et kodukohas on sellised võimalused olemas.

Paralleelselt Võti Tulevikku üritusega käib meil veel hetkel ka digikampaania, kus töö- ja praktikavõimalusi pakuvad mitmed teisedki kohalikud ettevõtted. Vaata rohkem: https://parnumaa.ee/too-parnus/

Messil käisid kohapeal Ruukki ehitustooted, Metsä Wood Eesti, Gamecan, Scanfil OÜ, Gren Eestis, AQ Lasertool.

Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 13/03/2024

Last week, we welcomed 8th-grade students from Pärnu Vabakool, along with their career choice teacher. 📚

They were eager to learn about our school and also about our Gamecan studio, especially since many of them are passionate gamers! 🎮

Our teacher, Patricio, shared his inspiring journey and explored the exciting possibilities with Unreal Engine

We can't wait to potentially welcome some of them as our future students! 👨‍🎓

GameDev Estonia

Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 06/03/2024

🎮 Demo Day Playtesting 🎮

Last Saturday, we held our Demo Day with 14 game projects presented.
After a full day of presentations, we gathered in our classroom for everyone to try out the games, share their thoughts, and have lots of fun! ✨

We are very proud of our talented students! 💜

GameDev Estonia


A really big event for Estonian GameDev. This year we got into focus of EASi ja KredExi ühendasutus. With tangible monetary support we are bringing fourteen companies to different USA events this March. Most of the companies will be present at GDC.

Please ping me if you are interesten in any cooperation with our studios in Estonia, I will be able to help with most of the requests. Estonian companies are reliable partners with a strong track record of codev and acclaimed video game releases.

With me at GDC you can meet Siim Leedmaa Business Development Specialist at Invest in Estonia (Enterprise Estonia) and Jelizaveta Lazonen intellectual property strategy consultant at the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency.

Here are our companies coming with the trade mission: The League of Fantastic Vagabonds OÜ, Fxfx Studios, Nerd Monkeys, NeatCapital OÜ, WebAndMan OÜ, SQA Partners OÜ, Full Cycle Game Academy, Gamecan, Mishura Games, Kalevia OÜ.

This project is made with the awesome help from Kadi Haljand, Topic Manager (Creative industries) at Enterprise Estonia.


(EE below)
Explore the Top Gaming Trends Shaping 2024

Innovation drives the gaming industry, and Clever Cities Group is proud to contribute to its exciting future. Our first talent hub in Pärnu is poised to become a game-changer, fostering collaboration and growth. With anchor tenants like Gamecan and Full Cycle Game Academy, District 1 promises to become a vibrant hub for innovation and talent development.

Technological advancements and groundbreaking ideas are enhancing gaming experiences like never before. Let’s explore the top trends shaping the industry in 2024:

* AI integration creates immersive experiences with compelling narratives, lifelike characters and expansive virtual worlds.
* Cloud gaming services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud * Gaming revolutionize gaming accessibility.
* Esports industry explode, offering skilled gamers significant financial prospects, and reaching its projected valuation of $6.75 billion by 2030.
* Virtual reality gaming is on the rise, driven by advancements in headset technology.
* Collaborative platforms like Roblox redefine gaming, fostering shared virtual experiences.
* Hardware and game engine advancements, like Unreal 5, are redefining visual excellence with stunning, immersive experiences.
* Portable gaming is evolving with new handheld devices, like the Nintendo Switch new console.
* Subscriptions gain popularity, offering high-quality games for a fixed fee.

Did you know? Industry leaders will gather at GDC 2024 from March 18-22, fostering discussions and collaborations that will shape the future of gaming. ️

Curious to know more about how Clever Cities Group aligns with the gaming industry? Follow us, connect, and let's shape the future together!
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Avasta 2024. aasta põnevamaid trende mängutööstuses

Meie eesmärk on luua Pärnusse ökosüsteem, mis toetab innovatsiooni ja talentide arengut. Meie esimene Pärnusse rajatav talentide keskus saab olema mängutööstuse jaoks edasiviivaks jõuks. Koos meie ankurrentnike, Gamecan ja Full Cycle Game Academy’ga, saab sellest elav innovatsiooni- ja talendikeskus.

Tehnoloogia areng ja uuenduslikud ideed on viinud mängukogemuse enneolematu tasemeni. Heidame pilgu 2024. aasta põnevaimatele trendidele:

* Tehisintellekti rakendamine avardab mängukogemuse piire, pakkudes kaasahaaravaid stsenaariume, realistlikke tegelaskujusid ja laiaulatuslikke virtuaalmaailmu.
* Pilvemänguteenused nagu GeForce Now ja Xbox Cloud Gaming muudavad mängud kõigile kättesaadavamaks.
* Espordi maailmas toimub meeletu kasv, pakkudes mängijatele mitmekülgset teenimisvõimalust, ja saavutades hinnanguliselt $6.75 miljardi suuruse väärtuse aastaks 2030.
* Virtuaalreaalsusmängud on tõusuteel tänu peakomplektide tehnoloogia arengule.
* Koostööpõhised platvormid nagu Roblox, muudavad mängutööstust oluliselt, pakkudes mängijatele uusi võimalusi ühiste virtuaalsete seikluste loomiseks.
* Riistvara ja mängumootorite uuendused nagu Unreal Engine 5 loovad mängudesse tõepärase visuaalse pildi, pakkudes enneolematut kogemust.
* Kaasaskantavate mängude valik laieneb tänu uutele seadmetele nagu Nintendo Switchi uus konsool.
* Mängude püsitellimused koguvad populaarsust, pakkudes tipptasemel mänge fikseeritud kuutasu eest.

Kas teadsid, et 18.-22. märtsini toimub GDC 2024 konverents, mis toob kokku mängutööstuse tipptegijad, et jagada ideid ja kogemusi ning arutada tulevikusuundi?

Kas soovid rohkem teavet selle kohta, kuidas Clever Cities Group on mängutööstusega seotud? Jälgi meid, võta ühendust ja jätkame koos tuleviku kujundamist!

Global Game Jam Pärnu 2024 19/02/2024

It was truly an epic edition! 🚀⚡️

Global Game Jam Pärnu 2024 🎮 Global Game Jam Pärnu 2024! 🎮 We had a blast at the 3rd consecutive in Pärnu!Teamed up with game enthusiasts worldwide at Hestia Hotel Strand for a ...


How do you imagine the future city?💡

(EE below)
Exciting times ahead for Clever Cities Group in Estonia! 🚀

Our journey towards transforming 'District 1' into a city district that is a 'Talent hub' for high tech companies is in full swing. From in-depth community mapping to forging meaningful partnerships, we're laying the groundwork for a future where technology meets urban living at its best.

2024 is all about connecting closer with the community to truly understand and cater to its needs.💡 What's your vision for the future of urban living? Share your thoughts below!

👀 Stay tuned for more updates and join us in shaping a smarter, sustainable future. hashtag
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Põnevad ajad on tulekul! 🚀

Meie teekond 'Linnaosa 1' muutmisel kõrgetehnoloogiliste ettevõtete "Talendikeskuseks" on täies hoos. Alates kogukonna kaardistamisest tähendusrikaste partnerlussuhete loomiseni paneme aluse tulevikule, kus tehnoloogia kohtub parimal viisil linnalise eluga.

2024. aastal keskendume suhte loomisele kogukonnaga, et tõeliselt mõista ja täita kogukonna vajadusi. 💡 Milline on sinu visioon tuleviku linnakeskkonnast? Jaga oma mõtteid allpool!

👀 Püsi lainel ja liitu meiega, et kujundada nutikamat ja jätkusuutlikumat tulevikku.

Photos from Gamecan's post 02/02/2024

🌟 Delighted to welcome Mayor Romek Kosenkranius of Pärnu to our office! 🎉

His visit was inspiring and insightful as we discussed the vibrant future of our city. 🏙️
Together with our Full Cycle Game Academy school, we are genuinely making a positive impact.

A heartfelt thank you to Mayor Romek for dedicating time and effort to enhance Pärnu for all of us. 🙌

Welcome To Gamecan! 24/01/2024

Welcome To Gamecan! 🎮 Join the Gamecan Revolution! 🎮Dive into the heart of Gamecan, where passion meets innovation. Our multicultural team, hailing from diverse backgrounds, s...

Photos from Gamecan's post 16/01/2024

Join us for a gathering of passionate minds and enjoy a great time together! 🕹🎮

Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 04/01/2024

You wished, we delivered! 💜

Say hello to Full Cycle Wear - your new favorite spot for the coolest and comfiest school outfits! 📚👕

Come check out our official store and get ready for a fashionable school year! ✨️


Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 01/12/2023

Exciting News! 🎉

We're thrilled to announce that our Game Design student, Patricio Miranda, is now an Unreal Authorized Instructor. 🤩

We're also excited to have him as a lecturer for the "Game Development Basic Course" designed for high school students at our academy. 🎮

Congratulations, Patricio! We're delighted to be part of your journey! 🚀

Unreal Engine
GameDev Estonia

Welcome to Full Cycle Academy! 28/11/2023

Welcome to Full Cycle Academy! Welcome to Full Cycle Game Academy!Step into the future of game development with Full Cycle Game Academy, Northern Europe's first Unreal Engine Authorized Tr...

Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 14/11/2023

LAN Party time! 🎮

Last weekend, our students and Gamecan came together for an epic gaming session organized by Eerik Hannus

Everyone had a blast, enjoying snacks, meeting new people, playing games, and diving into the world of Contenders: Arena 🦾

Stay tuned for more gaming adventures!

Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 10/11/2023

🎮 Exciting news! 🎮

This January, we'll start a new game development course in collaboration with the talented students of 🌟

We had an amazing experience visiting Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium, where we introduced our academy, , and gave a sneak peek of our upcoming game, Contenders Arena.

Thank you Koidula Gymnasium for inviting us and recognizing the potential in and .
We're thrilled to begin this journey together! 🙌


Welcome to Full Cycle Game Academy! 🚀

We're thrilled to unveil our fresh-out-the-oven video. Dive in, and let us know your thoughts! 💬✨

Müller Media
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Epic Games

Photos from Full Cycle Game Academy's post 20/10/2023

Thrilling Unreal Fest Highlights! 🎉

Unreal Fest was absolutely fantastic!

We met NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration engineers and had an inspiring chat with James Butcher from Epic Games

We also had the privilege of meeting Bill Clifford the VP of Epic Games, who was impressed with our projects at Full Cycle and Gamecan

A special thankful to Tracey and Michael for introducing us to so many great people!

Exciting projects with Epic Games ahead! 🎮🚀

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Pärnu?

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Welcome to Full Cycle Game Academy! 🚀We're thrilled to unveil our fresh-out-the-oven video. Dive in, and let us know you...
A sneak peek of our new place📍
Admissions are open for Autumn 2023!🚀Apply now to become a game industry specialist in only 9 months!https://fullcycle.g...
Hands up who took part in Global Game Jam Pärnu!Check out the after-movie! 👇Global Game JamGameDev EstoniaRed BullArvuti...




Malmö 23-41
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Pärnu Vabakool Pärnu Vabakool
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TANTSULINE LAVAKUNST on stuudio vormi täitev etenduskunstide ( eelkõige tantsukunsti ) praktiseerimise ja õpetamise/õppimise kooslus. Õpivad lapsed ja noored alates 3. eluaastast.