1993. aastal asutatud Lilleoru on üks Eesti vanematest ja suurematest teadlikult asutatud kogukondadest. Lilleoru keskusele pani aluse kriya jooga õpetaja Ingvar Villido koos oma toonaste õpilastega. 2001. aastal loodud ja täna 108 liikmega MTÜ Lilleoru tegevuste aluseks on teadlik tegutsemine ja koostöö, eesmärgiga toetada kõigi inimeste terviklikku arengut. MTÜ peamisteks tegevusteks on inimese andeid avavate, soovitud muutusi ning eluviisi jätkusuutlikkust toetavate koolituste korraldamine ja Harjumaal asuva Lilleoru õppe- ja elukeskkonna haldamine. 2018. aastal avatakse siin ka uus Teadlikkuse Rakendamise Kool: Lilleoru on rahvusvahelise kriya jooga võrgustiku ja Euroopa ökokogukondade võrgustiku liige. 2018. aastal juulis toimub Lilleorus rahvusvaheline GEN2018 konverents “Teadlike kogukondade tarkus” 500 osalejale kogu maailmast:

Nature with its plants is our closest and most loyal assistant. Our health also depends on how well we are able to keep balance with Nature's doing. Medicinal plants are our invisible companions and can aid and heal us in difficult moments. Let them use their power to help us.

🍃Lilleoru’s herbalist Maret Makko guides us to the mysterious world of herbs in the next Garden Academy and teaches how to establish personal contact with them.🍃

Register by July 19 at the latest: [email protected]

Foto // Photo: Jüri Joost

Certified yoga therapist and yoga teacher, master of Veda-chanting Radha Sundararajan, will conduct a master class in Lilleoru to introduce you to the use of sounds or seed mantras with asanas, pranayama, and meditation to organize and balance the human body.

Chakras, or energy centres, have a special place in yoga therapy. In the master class, we learn the location of chakras in the spine, their qualities and seed mantras. Radha instructs us how to recognize when chakras have shifted, causing problems at both the vital and physical levels, and how to balance energy centres with the help of asanas, pranayama, meditation and mantras, and to bring the spine to perfect health.

Early bird price until July 31!

It just got a little easier to get to Lilleoru. You can find the signposts already on Arvalla-Jägala road.

Our exact location:

NEWS FROM THE CONFERENCE. Last week, founder of Lilleoru Ingvar Villido, our CEO Ave Oit and Dr Kaidi Tamm were attending in Switzerland the oldest scientific conference dedicated to consciousness research in the world, "The Science of Consciousness".

Ingvar introduced the seven super-qualities of consciousness: becoming aware, differentiation, detailisation, understanding, insight, intuition, inspiration. Prof. David Chalmers, a leading consciousness researcher in the world, also listened to Ingvar's poster presentation.

Dr Kaidi Tamm, a sustainability researcher and a member of Lilleoru learning community, presented the approach to consciousness as the key leverage point personal and societal sustainability transition.

Ave Oit: "It was clear from the conference presentations and discussions that there are still many unanswered questions in the field of consciousness, and at the same time there is openness that the current research methods of science are not sufficient and the approaches of practitioners are also listened to with interest."

By the way, in 2018, Routledge published a collection co-edited by Kaidi, "Personal Sustainability. Exploring the Far Side of Sustainable Development". The collection also includes Ingvar's article "Awareness as the New Paradigm for Personal Sustainability: A Practictioner's Perspective on the Sustainability Transition."

Here you can browse excerpts from the book:
More about the conference:

“Inspiration comes in different ways. Sometimes it springs from a simple find in nature, such as a seed or fruit which I have depicted often. I am also inspired by inner experiences or insights that seem important to share with others. Creativity is born from this inner wish, maybe this can be called a passion to create, and definitely from inspiration.”

A talented graphic artist Kaija Kasa is sharing, how to find inspiration from nature. Already this Saturday in Lilleoru.

Write [email protected] for more information.

Jaanituli Lilleorus.

In his master class yesterday, Ingvar Villido taught that for establishing a good relationship with natural forces, we need only two things: understanding that they, too, have consciousness like all that is, and respect.

An exciting lecture with 132 participants put a worthy ending for the master classes' season. We continue with new topics already in August. Stay tuned.

In 2007, we started with the construction of a small pond in Lilleoru. The plan was to create an eye-shaped pond with an island for Native Indian ceremonies. The locals are calling this Amrita Lake.

Nature had designed here a moist and marshy clearing. With the excavations, two small ponds and a ditch for outflow were created. People go swimming in one of the little ponds and also bathe there after sweat lodge ceremonies. We have not realised or goal yet, but during these 12 years, there have been changes in nature as a result of the ground works.

The pond has begun to spawn grass and cultivated toads. The place has become a favourite place for dragonflies. Last Summer, a small wren was able to make a nest between the cattails. Four years a small pike also lived in the pond, then disappeared. It is also interesting that the soil work has been very good for several species. Bird's-eye primroses got new breathing in our neighbourhood. Also some orchids, such as common spotted orchid, marsh helleborine, and common twayblade. As a macro photographer, I've spent endless hours here at the pond.

Whenever there is a Native Indian ceremony in Lilleoru, Rupert also says a prayer for the completion of the pond area and the Centre for Native Indian ceremonies.

Story of Amrita was shared by nature photographer Aimar Säärits

"The Wisdom of Conscious Communities" continues this summer with extraordinary instructors and exciting courses that were inspired by the meetings and conversations at the GEN Europe ecovillage conference last year in Lilleoru.

Draakoniunistamise intensiivkursus/Dragon Dreaming intensive course with John Croft, creator of the method.
July 1–5, Hundiallika Retreat and Training Centre in Estonia

Joanna Macy Taasühendamise töö/The Work that Reconnects
July 25–28, Hundiallika Retreat and Training Centre in Estonia

EDE Estonia - The Basics of Holistic Lifestyle
August 30–September 27 at Small Footprint community in Estonia
The monthly training programme will focus on learning the knowledge and practice necessary for the implementation of community projects on the basis of

Last but not least
ELU5 Festival
August 2–4 at Small Footprint community in Estonia

Excellent tools for supporting and raising strong communities.
See you!

"Gratitude is one of the most powerful relations between you and the rest of nature." –– Ingvar Villido

In kriya yoga, different formulas are used to consciously address various natural forces in order to bring the desired changes to one's life. Who or what are these natural forces? How do they manifest in our lives? How to establish a proper relationship with these forces?

Ingvar Villido's master class already tomorrow in Lilleoruõud

The Next Garden Academy in Lilleoru will give you the opportunity to draw inspiration directly from nature and learn how to transfer this to paper. The motifs and colour patterns can be used individually or in a pattern on the wall, wallpaper or textile printing. Garden Academy teachers this time are Kaie Kal and Kaija Kesa, wonderful artists from Lilleoru.

June 29, 11–15 in Lilleoru
Contact [email protected] for more information

We invite you to celebrate the International Day of Yoga in Tallinn
on June 20, 16.30, in Kalevi Sports Hall

Lilleoru's experienced yoga teacher Anne-ly Naukas will guide you through yoga positions (asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and instructs how to find internal silence in meditation.

The event is free! To Participate, it is necessary to register

In 2014, the United Nations recognised June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. Since then, the Government of India and Indian embassies all over the world have organised different events in the third week of June for the introduction of the Indian roots of Yoga.

International Day of Yoga in Tallinn is organised by India in Estonia in collaboration with Lilleoru educational centre.

"The life of yogis is led by reality. The phenomena they realize and know." –– Ingvar Villido

60 people from Estonia, Europe and Russia attended Babaji kriya yoga first level initiation in Lilleoru at the beginning of June. This is the largest group in Estonia and among the biggest even in Europe so far. Kriya yoga is becoming popular.

The teachings were given by Acharya Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda. Ingvar received the spiritual name Ishwarananda and the right to teach from Marshall Govindan, keeper of the Babaji kriya yoga line, in 2007.

During the kriya yoga initiations, there is often a special atmosphere all over Lilleoru and it is easiest to recognize this in nature. This time especially so.

Photos: Siim Villido, Aigi Vahing, Helena Lass

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA. We are very glad that we can collaborate with the Indian Embassy in Helsinki to organice the International Day of Yoga in Tallinn.

We invite you to celebrate with us on June 20, 16.30-18.00 in Kalevi Sports Hall in Tallinn

Lilleoru's kriya hatha yoga teacher Anne-Ly Naukas will guide you through the practice, a wonderful Krista Citra Joonas will play Indian bansuri flute.

The event is free! To Participate, it is necessary to pre-register:

In 2014, the United Nations recognised June 21st as the International Yoga Day. Since then the Government of India and the Indian Embassies abroad have been celebrating Yoga Day in the third week of June, globally and in India. The event aims to celebrate the Indian roots of Yoga.

UUS RAAMAT! Just äsja tuli trükist välja Lilleoru kirjastuse uus raamat "JOOGATERAAPIA PÕHIMÕTTED", mille autoriks on Laurier-Pierre Desjardins, tunnustatud osteopaat ja joogateraapia meister ning kriya jooga praktik.

"Kõik praktiseerijad teavad, et joogal on märkimisväärne tervendav ja transformatiivne toime. Selles raamatus uurin ma neid hüvesid lähemalt. Ma väidan ülima kindlusega, et kirjeldatud põhimõtete täpsel rakendamisel on võimalik saavutada täiuslik tervis olemasolu igal tasandil. Need väited ei põhine mitte usul ja lootusel, vaid kogemusel. Rakendades neid lihtsaid juhiseid, saavutad soovitud tulemused."

JA. Kohe-kohe on Eestisse jõudmas ka Pierre ise. Reedest pühapäevani juhendab ta Lilleorus meistriklassi "Kriya jooga tervendav vägi"ägi

Muidugi saab temalt siis ka autogrammi küsida.
Ja juba saab raamatut ka veebist tellida:õhimõtted

A unique moment of two yogis and masters meeting in Lilleoru.

A Buddhist yogi (Aghori) and teacher Kulavadhuta Satpurananda, also called Khyapababa, whom many lamas of Tibetan Buddhism consider a Siddha, came to visit Lilleoru. He came to visit the founder of Lilleoru, Ingvar Villido –– already in India, he had heard of a practising yogi in the West, Ishwarananda. Giving lectures on Tibetan Buddhism at the University of Tartu in Estonia, he heard that this yogi is living and teaching in Estonia and came to see him in person.

What do these masters remind us?

"Get lost in the bliss in yourself. It's very simple. Only complexities will stop it. And once that simplicity has got stable in your heart, you discover things you never knew you had even lost." –– Khyapababa

"If you are searching for something especially high and mighty, that is close to God, experience your Self. There is nothing higher. Being your Self is always one and the same. You don't have to create it, it already exists naturally." –– Ishwarananda

ORGANIC FOOD IN FOCUS! We're going to hold a seminar in Lilleoru this Friday on organic food. Food safety in Estonia became a hot topic just this morning when the report by the National Audit Office of Estonia revealed agrochemicals in food are not monitored carefully enough by institutions responsible for food safety. Topics for the day:

– Organic Food in kindergartens pilot project in Tallinn
– Overview of the food safety audit will be presented by Sigrid Rajangu from National Audit Office Estonia
– Charms and pains of the organic restaurant
– On label for organic catering
– The cultivation of organic food in Lilleoru permaculture garden

This event is a follow up to European Ecovillage Conference 2018. Seminar is held in Estonian.äev

Toitu valmistamas / Preparing a meal

Üks tegus päev Lilleoru köögis. Lilleoru Põhikooli lastega käis koos kokkamas toitumisnõustaja, joogaõpetaja ja TMK koolitaja Terje Mander.
A busy day in Lillleoru kitchen: children of Lilleoru Basic school preparing a meal with Terje Mander, a nutrinionist, kriya hatha yoga teacher and Art of Conscious Change trainer.

"Joogide peamine eesmärk on alati olnud nende vahendite koondamine, mis võimaldavad vabaneda kiindumustest libaväärtustesse, realiseerida oma potentsiaalid, taastada oma tegelik positsioon kogu loodu suhtes ning saavutada absoluutne täiuslikkus. Kõige väljakutsuvamaks sellel teel selle mittemateriaalse Algse uurimine, mis on kõigi asjade taga. Isikut, kes on võimeline seda ala uurima ja praktilise tulemusena teostama Jooga (skr 'ühinemine', mille puhul kaob piir individuaalse eksistentsi ning kõikjaloleva vahel), kutsutakse siddhaks – pärale jõudnuks." –– Ingvar Villido

Tee tutvust Lilleorus rakendatavate teadmiste kõige sügavamate juurtega!

7. juunil 19.30

Osaleda saab ka interneti teel:

Loe lisaks Ingvari kodulehelt:

Foto: Jüri Joost

Fermentation is thousands of years old and until the fridge was invented, it was often the main method for preserving food. New interest in fermentation in the Western world is related to our recognition how important are bacteria in maintaining our good health. Bacteria are the matrix of life. (Bacteria living in our gut also influence the functioning of the brain and thus our mental wellbeing as well.)

Fermentation is a strategy of food safety, too. American health department has found no case history in the world about the food poisoning or illness cauused by fermenting. –– Master of fermentation Sandor Ellix Katz at the evening seminar in Tallinn.

You can still make it to his master class that will start tonight in Lilleoru. There are a few places left

Jooga ei ole religioon. Ometi kasutatakse kriya joogaski teadlikult vormeleid ja palveid erinevate loodusjõudude poole pöördumiseks, et tuua oma ellu soovitud muutuseid. Kes või on need loodusjõud? Kuidas nad meie elus avalduvad? Kuidas neid ära tunda? Kuidas saab nende poole pöörduda?

Meistriklassis selgitab kriya jooga meister Ingvar Villido ka, mis on erinevate Lilleorus läbi viidavate tseremooniate funktsioon ja eesmärk praktilises joogalikus perspektiivis.

19. juunil Lilleorus, selle hooaja viimaneõud
Osaleda saab ka interneti teel

'Veda' means knowledge. But it is a very deep knowledge that gives answers to the basic questions of human existence, such as:
- What is the purpose of human life?
- What are our duties?
- What should be done and what to avoid?
- What is our ultimate goal?

Vedas are presented in the form of mantras where each syllable has its own height, every sound a specific duration. Altogether this fine-tuned vibration of the holy sounds has a powerful and deep healing effect that helps to overcome anxiety, sorrow and depression.

The singing of the Veda-mantras expands the consciousness, supports focus and depth and gives strength. It helps to get rid of the negative emotions by cleaning and lightening the heart space. The reciting of mantras will also balance the mind by giving it a permanent state of peace.

This effect of holy sounds can only be learned with a very experienced instructor. Radha Sundararajan represents the yoga line of Indian yogi and holy man Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. She's a true master of the Veda singing and for more than 40 years she has shared her knowledge and experience to help people.

"From my own experience and that of many other fellow students, I can say that the singing of Vedas will make the head clear, give a clear and sharp distinction, a good focus, insightfulness and it helps to realize the links between humans and nature, and the causes and consequences of the human deeds, thoughts and emotions." –– Merike Taza is a pujari in Lilleoru and a student of Radha.

Veda song master class on September 28–29 in Lilleoru.
Chakra Mantra Master class on September 27 in Lilleoru.

"Suhelda oskame paremini, enne oli, et "ei taha", nüüd teeme ära." 🐞 “Oskame paremini emotsioone kontrollida, teistega rohkem arvestada ja jagada“. 🐝 "Õppida oskan paremini, tean rohkem, ei teadnud, et nii palju linde ja loomi on.“ 🐢 "Ehitanud oleme väga palju."

Lilleoru Põhikoolis õpetatakse tavapäraste koolitükkide kõrval lastele ka seda, kuidas arendada tähelepanu ja keskendumisvõimet, tulla toime emotsioonidega ja kasvada iseseisvaks inimeseks. Selleks on tunniplaani lisatud iganädalane Teadliku Muutuse Kunsti tund.

Loe, kuidas möödus esimene aasta laste endi pilgu läbi:

#tmk #human20

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Toitu valmistamas / Preparing a meal
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