Kaospilot is a world-renowned school for creative leadership & meaningful entrepreneurship based in A

The school was founded in 1991 and has already been named as one of the world’s 10 best schools for innovation and entrepreneurship by FastCompany.com. KAOSPILOT envisions a school that empowers its students to consider what kind of society they want to be part of, teaches them how to utilize their abilities to help create the change they wish to see, and gives them the skills to act on their dreams.

Åben som sædvanlig


Dear all,

KAOSPILOT invites you to join us in welcoming our new principal, Ulla Grøn.

We would be delighted to see you at the reception where you can meet Ulla and spend time with the Kaospilot network.

There will be drinks and snacks to accompany the speeches, music and entertainment.

We hope to see you for a pleasant afternoon.

Location: Filmbyen 11

Time: May 31st, from 13:00 to 15:00.


Ulla does not expect any welcome gifts but donation to Red Barnet would be appreciated.

🙏Please donate here:

Photos from Kaospilot's post 18/03/2024

As we speak all of our teams are in the middle of project periods, working hard creating, ideating, researching, testing and learning a ton! 🧠

The deadline for applications has passed, spring is coming and we are starting to look forward to gathering across teams in Aarhus soon. In late April we'll be meeting some of this year's applicants for the application workshop and we are more than excited to welcome them!

The months all of the teams are gathered together in Aarhus tend to be very social months in the school community. These photos are from different events in May and June last spring. Moments of mere magic.✨

Indsigtspilot 13/03/2024

🚀 Discover InsightPilot: Tailored Solutions for Complex Challenges 🚀

InsightPilot, an innovative collaboration between Kaospilot and Analysis & Numbers, offers in-depth analyses and process facilitation to help your organization overcome complex challenges. Through our unique combination of expertise, we facilitate a process that identifies and addresses core challenges through targeted analysis and strategic implementation.

✅ How It Works: We start by sharpening the focus on the problem and involving key informants. With Analysis & Numbers' in-depth analyses and Kaospilot's facilitator-led workshops, we develop and implement effective strategies tailored to your organization's specific needs.

✨ Benefits for Your Organization Include:
- Unique insights and action plans based on thorough analyses.
- Upskilling of employees with increased ownership and understanding of their work area.
- New skills to drive positive change processes.

📦 Choose Your Package:
1. Deep Understanding of the Problem - with targeted analyses and action-oriented suggestions.
2. Implementation and Change - focusing on effective ex*****on and organizational upskilling.

🌟 Case Example: An association increased its participation and diversity after using InsightPilot to identify and implement innovative solutions.

💡 Take the Next Step: Let InsightPilot open doors to new perspectives and tailored solutions for your organization. Contact us to explore how we can customize our services to meet your needs.

InsightPilot is not off-the-shelf but a tailored solution that takes into account your organization's unique challenges and goals. Let's collaborate to create a brighter future for your organization. 🌈

Read more (danish text on website)


Indsigtspilot Læs mere på www.kaospilot.dkHvis du for alvor vil løse et problem, er du nødt til først at forstå det til bunds. Dét tager vi helt alvorligt med Indsigtspilo...



Have we come far on gender equality? Yes, we have. Are there still challenges? Yes, there are. Should we continue working to change that? Yes, we should.

This year’s theme is . Let’s do that and inspire and contribute to a world that values and celebrates everyone’s contribution, everywhere in the world.

Together, we can make inclusion and belonging a reality.
- Ulla Grøn, principal Kaospilot


We have available desks in our amazing co-working space Kaospilot HIVE 💛
You are welcome


The new principal has arrived! Today, we welcomed Ulla Grøn. Picked up by Magne among others and taken on a tour through the history of the Kaospilots. Welcome, Ulla, we can't wait to learn, develop, and dance with you ❤️

Photos from Kaospilot's post 01/03/2024

We need your help!🤞⭐️

Season 1 of The Pilot Podcast has come to an end.. thanks so much to everyone involved, listening, watching and supporting our podcast!

Now.. we’re on the lookout now for new guests for season 2. We’d like open up and give our platform to people both inside and outside the Kaospilot network. We’re calling for change-makers, entrepreneurs, leaders or just anyone that is creating positive change on this planet.

📩 If you’re interested or if you know someone that could be a great fit for our podcast, please reach out!

We’re looking forward to produce the next season, thank you all.


Experience what we learn at Kaospilot! Lenka Chobotová is lecturer and a faculty member of Kaospilot. She is a system change foresight practitioner, team lead and transformative coach, helping decision-makers, individuals, and organizations navigate complex challenges and design innovative solutions for a better tomorrow 🪐🚀

How can you make informed, future-oriented decisions regarding your education? Drawing from her extensive experience in foresight and strategic insights advisory roles, Lenka will share practical strategies and tools to help you choose your education path like a futurist!

Lenka is a Principal at School of International Futures, global non-profit transforming futures for current and next generations.
She spent the last 8 years of her corporate career at the LEGO Group in strategic insights advisory roles influencing decisions on all management levels while steering through complex challenges of education systems and sustainability transformation.

Read more and sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/3850815321869544?ref=newsfeed


Curious to learn what impact the Kaospilots has had 10 years after graduation? Join this conversation with 3 people that have been friends since their time at the Kaospilots to hear about how the school changed them, their way of working, relating and playing.

The Kaospilot’s is an education. But it is also a culture. In this intimate conversation, you will learn a bit more about the types of experiences that create that culture, and the ripples of learning that have spread out in these 3 friends' lives.

The three guests are:
🪐Yannick Porter: Project Manager for Planet One, Fryshuset and Kaospilot alumni
🌱Fredrik Sahlin: Regenerative Farmer and Kaospilot alumni
🎓Andy Sontag: Learning Experience Designer, educator and alumni

Read more and sign up for the event here 👇👇👇

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Are you ready to join our first Kaospilot course? 
This course has been developed in collaboration with specifically for those of you who work daily with young people at the age of 15-25.
At Ungdomsbureauet and Kaospilot, we believe that the most sustainable change in society occurs when we support each other across different disciplines and sectors. 
Currently, we have participants enrolled in the course from associations and boarding schools, but we also want to welcome participants from folk high schools, youth centers, municipalities and vocational schools. 
So, if you are.. 
1.  Working with young people on a daily basis on any of the above mentioned areas (or any other we might have overlooked)
2. Are in need of inspiration and support for your future line of work
3. Would like to become part of a learning community with people from different professions 

Sign up for the course today!
Course dates: 
Wednesday, March 6th, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM 
Wednesday, April 3rd, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM 
Wednesday, May 8th, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
(The course will be held in Danish)


Are you between 20-30 years old, eager to make a change socially and environmentally in the city of Aarhus? Then you should join our Green Community Lab! A free opportunity for you funded by Tuborgfondet

Apply for the upcoming lab right here:

The dates are:
Workshop 1 and 2: 4th and 5th of March 2024
Workshop 3 and 4: 11th and 12th of March 2024
Event day 22nd of March 2024

Facilitators: Emil Winther & Kaare Wullf

Photos from Kaospilot's post 12/02/2024

Applications for the next Kaospilot team are open, and the application deadline is March 17th. Here's an overview of the full process. Read more about the application here https://www.kaospilot.dk/application/ 🌿


We are thrilled to introduce Ulla Grøn as the new principal of Kaospilot.

"The world needs leaders who can dream, believe in, and create sustainable changes where people, society, and business are in good balance. Kaospilot can do this - and I look forward to being part of the next chapter of the journey," says Ulla Grøn.

Ulla comes with a broad experience and a large global network from 11 years at Grundfos, where she was first responsible for leadership development, then for Culture & Leadership, and for the past three years she has been Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). Ulla has also previously worked with innovation and organizational development at the Central Jutland Region, and served as the principal of what is today known as the Kalø Folk High School.

The new principal is not entirely new to Kaospilot. For a period of five years, Ulla Grøn served as an examiner at the school, and therefore she knows about unique culture and teaching philosophy that Kaospilot is known for.

"To me, Kaospilot is a living school that educates and provides further education for leaders and change agents, and strengthens entrepreneurship. I have been an examiner at the school for a number of years and have met many skilled and visionary students – and it has been a great pleasure over the years to see several of their projects come to fruition, and also to meet them later as leaders or consultants in both public and private organisations," says Ulla Grøn.

We are convinced that Ulla Grøn is the right person to take on this responsibility

Ulla will assume the position on March 1, 2024.


Save the dates for our Open House events. See you online or in Aarhus 🌿

Photos from Kaospilot's post 15/01/2024


Join Team 31 and make a positive difference on the world as a Kaospilot! The application process for the 3-year education is now open, beginning today. Team 31 starts in August 2024.

Sign up for our application events here: https://lu.ma/u/usr-dfOATGQUNtNB0N4/events

🚨 The application deadline is the 17th of March 2024.

❓ Have questions? Reach out to us via DM or email. We’re here to help!


Dear Good Friends.

We hereby invite you to the farewell reception of our former principal Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius at Kaospilot, on February 2nd from 15-17.

Come by and send off our dear Christer with love and good vibes 💚

Please let us know if you can join:

(so there is food and drinks for everyone)


Fingers crossed 🤞 Happy New Year and Gud bevare jer allesammen ✨🍾


Happy Holidays ✨

To all of you, from all of us – Wishing you and your families peace, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year.

We are back at our glowing school on January 2nd 2024.

Art installation on our building: https://thegardeninthemachine.dk

Photos from Kaospilot's post 13/12/2023

New Professional Program / In Danish
by Kaospilot Youth in collaboration with Ungdomsbureauet

Kaospilot Youth er nu gået sammen med Ungdombureauet om at lave et kursus:
Forandringsledelse for Ungeaktører
I løbet af de seneste to år har Kaospilot Youth haft fornøjelsen af at samarbejde med engagerede fagfolk, der udover deres daglige arbejde med unge mennesker også dedikerer sig til at drive forandringsprocesser med henblik på at skabe en bæredygtig fremtid for og med unge.
Nogle eksempler på vores projekter inkluderer et projektbaseret 10. klasseforløb på en efterskole samt et EU-projekt, der tilbyder nye læringsoplevelser for både elever og undervisere.

Ungdomsbureauet har samarbejdet med dedikerede fagfolk med lignende mål og værdier, men inden for andre områder såsom konsulenter inden for ungdomskultur i kommuner, ledere af ungdomskulturcentre og aktører inden for civilsamfundet.

Disse dedikerede fagfolk, der arbejder med unge, er ikke nødvendigvis ledere på papiret, men gennem deres nuancerede arbejdsopgaver og dediktation, der går ud over deres officielle titler, opfatter vi dem som forandringsledere. Vi har valgt at betegne jer som "ungeaktører".

Vi ser jer på følgende måde:
- I erkender og forstår værdien af at arbejde med unge og stræber efter at inddrage deres ønsker og perspektiver i jeres arbejde.
- I arbejder dagligt med unge, samtidig med at I har ansvaret for at lede forandringsprocesser på et langsigtet plan.
- I formidler og motiverer nødvendigheden af denne forandringskabelse til kollegaer, unge og eksterne interessenter.

Nu ønsker vi at invitere jer til at samles og blive en del af et læringsfællesskab.
Her kan I dele jeres udfordringer og erfaringer med hinanden, arbejde med konkrete værktøjer, eksperimentere, reflektere og støtte hinanden på tværs.

Lær mere om Forandringsledelse for Ungeaktører:

Lær mere om Ungdomsbureauet:

Hvis ikke du har tid eller råd til at deltage i et kursus lige nu, men stadigvæk identificerer dig som værende en Ungeaktør, så har vi udviklet denne online værktøjskasse med kreative aktiviteter som måske kunne være interessante for dig at tjekke ud:

Vil du plassere din skole på toppen av Skole-listen i Aarhus?

Klik her for at gøre krav på din sponsorerede post.

Videoer (vis alle)

Are you between 20-30 years old, eager to make a change socially and environmentally in the city of Aarhus? Then you sho...
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Are you between 20-30 years old, eager to make a change socially and environmentally in the city of Aarhus? Then you sho...
On Sunday, December 17th, 1st-year Kaospilot students @hannah_._cook and @sarasolbrille, orchestrated a meaningful event...
A clip of Ian Prinsloo hosting his lecture around Systemic Innovation at Kaospilot.. 🎥
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Internet side

http://www.twitter.com/kaospilots, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KaosPilots


Filmbyen 11A
Andre Skole i Aarhus (vis alle)
AU Engineering AU Engineering
Inge Lehmanns Gade 10
Aarhus, 8000

Vi uddanner fremtidens kreative ingeniører til at udvikle innovative og bæredygtige løsninger på de mange store udfordringer, menneskeheden står overfor.

Byskolen Gnist Byskolen Gnist
Studsgade 33
Aarhus, 8000

Byskolen Gnist er en ny skole i Studsgade i Aarhus. Vi åbner august 2023.

Læreruddannelsen i Aarhus Læreruddannelsen i Aarhus
Ceresbyen 24
Aarhus, DK8000

Læreruddannelsen i Aarhus holder til på Campus Ceres sammen med flere andre uddannelser. Vi har et

Ud af Røret - Aarhus N. Ud af Røret - Aarhus N.
Abildgade 9
Aarhus, 8200

På denne side kan du finde informationer om den undervisning, som tilbydes af underviserne Kasper L

Dansk NLP Institut Dansk NLP Institut
Mindegade 10
Aarhus, 8000

MasterClass i Zoneterapi MasterClass i Zoneterapi
århus C
Aarhus, 8000

MasterClass i Zonterapi, er en uddannelse som skal give dig som zoneterapeut nogle nye redskaber sam

Skolen for Holistisk Kropsterapi Skolen for Holistisk Kropsterapi
Grimhøjvej 6
Aarhus, 8000

Skolen for holistisk Kropsterapi tilbyder uddannelser, hvor det hele menneske er fokus.

ACCA Aarhus Chinese Language School ACCA Aarhus Chinese Language School
N. J. Fjords Gade 2b
Aarhus, 8000

ACCA Chinese Language School for kids, Aarhus, Denmark

AtU - Across the Universe AtU - Across the Universe
Bartholins Allé 8
Aarhus, 8000

Across the Universe (AtU) er Statskundskabs Kultur- og Naturforening.

LMH 100 år, Østjylland LMH 100 år, Østjylland
Oktobervej 61A
Aarhus, 8210

FGU Aarhus Vest Sports- og Kulturcampus FGU Aarhus Vest Sports- og Kulturcampus
Karen Blixens Boulevard 27
Aarhus, 8200

FGU Aarhus Vest er en videreførelse af FGU Midtby og Gøglerskolen

Saxofonister i Aarhus Musikskole Saxofonister i Aarhus Musikskole

Denne side er for nuværende og tidligere saxofon-elever og andre interesserede (forældre!) i Aarhus Musikskole. Siden vedligeholdes af musikskolens 3 saxofon-lærere: Michael H. Lund, Florian Navarro og Jakob Elvstrøm