EGU Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology Division

EGU Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology Division


The newest issue of the journal called Stratigraphy has come out. This issue contains new exciting science from all around the world!!
This journal is part of the Micropaleontology Press Inc.
The newest issue of the journal called Stratigraphy has come out. This issue contains new exciting science from all around the world!!
The National Environmental Isotope Facility (NEIF) and BSOCORF are running a competition to create videos explaining one aspect of climate change to a general audience.

Winning videos will be on display on the UKRI stand in the COP26 Green Zone, the highest rated video receives a prize of two fully funded days of analytical time at either NEIF or BOSCORF (core scanning, Argon dates, Radiocarbon dates, Cosmogenic Nuclide dates, stable isotope analysis), for a project of your choice. Put your science at COP26 in video form.

The closing deadline is the 10th October.

Open to any researcher, any institute, any country.
Full details are on the competition website:
Follow us on Twitter:
Dear all,
I am happy to offer you this editorial initiative.
kind regards
Francesco Sciuto
University of Catania

POSTDOC OPPORTUNITY to work in Cambridge on a 3-year project exploring late Ediacaran sedimentary geology and palaeobiology: Please get in touch if you have any questions!!
Abstract deadline for vEGU2021 approaching in January. Time to pick a session. If you work in Polar research, maybe this is the session for you:
Hello Dear Members.
Kindly spare some time to tell what could be the Environment of Deposition of this particular Sandstone texture.
Its Triassic in age, Salr Range, Pakistan.

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Here's a workshop you dont want to miss!
The Bystander Intervention Workshop, by EGU EDI Committee and ADVANCEGeo covers topics on handling inappropriate workspace behaviour and building confidence in handling bullying and harrassment.
Apply soon!
Date - 5th October 2023, 14:00CEST onwards; online
Register here -


Apply soon!
EGU invites ECR's to apply for the Union - level Early Career Scientist Representative Position.

The deadline is in a few days!! - 27 September 2023.

For more info -


New Postings!!📢
Call for EGU SSP Division Officers Open..
Don't miss this golden opportunity.. interested people can send a motivation letter along with your CV to the EGU SSP Division President - Cinzia Bottini - [email protected]

Apply soon - Deadline - 1st December 2023


In loving memory of Judith Ann McKenzie, the pioneering professor at ETH Zurich's Earth Sciences Department. An EGU_SSP member, she was the first Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Medal recipient.
Cherishing her everlasting legacy..


Don't forget to check out or contact our editor, Mathias Vinnepand to publish articles related to Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleontology.
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👉 Don't forget to nominate excellent Early Career researchers who you think should be celebrated for their work! The call for the Outstanding Early Career Scientists Award 2024 is still open!
Deadline 15 June 2023!!!


EGUs abstract submission deadline is close (tomorrow) - Interested in integrated sratigraphy? The session 'Integrated Stratigraphy - Recent advances in stratigraphic systems and geochronology' may be your choice?
For relations between chronology and orbital climate forcing the session 'Climate response to orbital forcing' may be interesting.


Interested in discussing cyclostratigraphy? Feel free to join the next open cycloCafe


HAPPY NEW YEAR and.... all the best for the submission of your EGU's abstract!
Can't decide which exciting session to submit your abstract to in SSP? How about SSP1.3 on Mass Extinctions and Palaeoenvironmental Changes? Check:


Interested in Cyclostratigraphy? Consider discussing with interested colleagues at the next CycloCafe


Did you know that a new species of Allogromia has a bright orange cytoplasm, a variable number of apertures, and can assume a wide range of shapes? Look at those forams sporting beautiful orange cocktail gowns!

Allogromia arnoldi n. sp is described from Long Key, Florida, USA. The test has a complex fine structure that varies in thickness and consists of a thick inner layer with a “herringbone” fine structure, and a thinner, outer electron-opaque mesh-like layer that occurs in patches.

Article: Allogromia arnoldi n. sp.: distribution, phylogenetic placement, culture methods, and fine structure of a new monothalamid foraminiferan. Susan Goldstein, Deniz Altin Ballero, Elizabeth A. Richardson, and Samuel S. Bowser . Journal of Foraminiferal Research. V. 52, N. 3 (JULY 2022)

Figure. Living Allogromia arnoldi. 1, 2 Individual living on a mat of the cyanobacterium Spirulina major. Foraminifera (arrows) clear an area in the mat around the cell body using their extensive reticulopodial nets. Scale on the left is in whole and half mm. 3–6 Bright orange individuals of A. arnoldi on a cyanobacterial mat, each with two or more apertures. Largest individuals ~1 mm. 7 Side view of an apertural opening (Ap) through which reticulopodia (Rp) are extruded. This individual is ingesting strands of S. major (note the characteristic corkscrew-shaped photosynthetic lamellae; arrows).

GA22 ECS Networking Reception Registration 16/05/2022

The sign-up form for the next ECS networking reception (onsite only, Tue, 24 May, 19:00–20:30 CEST) is currently open!

The reception has a limited number of places available! The registration form will close once this limit has been reached.
Do not miss the opportunity to meet all divisions ECS and Representatives!

The form can be accessed here:

GA22 ECS Networking Reception Registration EGU, the European Geosciences Union, is Europe’s premier geosciences union, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences for the benefit of humanity, worldwide.

Timeline photos 21/04/2022

Are you a session convener for and are wondering what you need to do to make sure your session runs smoothly? If you have questions about convening why not join our special on Wednesday 27 April at 16.00CEST to learn more!

Register now:

CO Meeting Organizer EGU22 28/03/2022

The programme is now LIVE!
Head over to to take a look and start planning your week!

Early bird on-site registration fee rates are available until 31st March at 1300 CET. Registration for on-site attendance at EGU22 will close 13.00 CET 14 April 2022. Virtual registration is available until 27 May 2022 (the last day of the General Assembly).

CO Meeting Organizer EGU22 Please select at the top a programme group and afterwards your session of interest. You can also use the search box to search for words within session titles and descriptions. Please note that the abstract submission deadline expired. The meeting programme will be available on 18 March 2022.

EGU22: registration is open! 08/02/2022

Registration for is open!
The General Assembly will now take place 23-27 May. All presentations will be short orals that can be delivered and viewed both virtually or on-site.
Registration is also available for on-site or virtual participation, on-site registration is open until 13.00 CET 14 April 2022 due to Austrian event restrictions.
Early-bird prices for both on-site and virtual participation are available until 13.00 CET 31 March 2022.
For more information about the meeting and to seek assistance please visit:

EGU22: registration is open! Registration for EGU22 is now open! Participant's can choose to attend as an on-site participant and register until *13.00 CET 14 April* or as a virtual participant and register until *27 May*. Early-bird rates for both formats are available until *13.00 CET 31 March*.


The EGU2022 abstract deadline approaches! If you work on mass extinctions and past environmental changes why not submit an abstract to session SSP1.3/GMPV10.6 organized by Alicia, Thierry and others?


Who's attending next April? How about submitting your abstract to session SSP2.4/CL1.1 organized by Madeleine and Kasia? Only 5 days left!

Psychology in outcrop studies: heuristic biases – our ‘best’ enemies? 03/01/2022

Check out our latest blog on psychology in outcrop studies by Ramon Lopez!

Psychology in outcrop studies: heuristic biases – our ‘best’ enemies? There are not many scientific publications that tackle the issue of subjectivity in geological studies and its impact. In one of them, Baddeley et al. (2004), they state it clearly in some sentences: “the judgements of experts can be biased by their use of heuristics to guide the formation of thei...

Timeline photos 24/11/2021

Only 1 WEEK left to submit your abstract if you plan to apply for Roland Schlich Travel Support for ! Apply by 13.00CET 1 December 2021 for the chance to be awarded a registration fee waiver and APC refund.

Find out more and submit your abstract:

PhD-position: Clues from Ancient Heat 17/11/2021

New PhD opportunity at NIOZ/UU in the Netherlands, to work on paleoclimate reconstructions from the new, exquisitely well preserved North Atlantic Margin core. Deadline for applications 15th December.

PhD-position: Clues from Ancient Heat This vacancy is the result of the collaboration between Utrecht University and NIOZ. We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate holding a master degree related to (aspects of) paleoecology (marine palynology), (organic) biogeochemistry, and/or marine geology in general.

Call for abstracts to the EGU General Assembly 2022 now open! 09/11/2021

EGU is delighted to announce that the call for abstracts is open, for the General Assembly being held 3-8 April 2022!

We are also excited to confirm that we are planning to hold this meeting as a hybrid event with opportunities for both in-person and online interaction.

For more information about abstract submission, the planned meeting format and deadlines for travel grant support and fee-waivers visit:

Call for abstracts to the EGU General Assembly 2022 now open! The EGU General Assembly 2022 (3-8 April) will bring together geoscientists from all over the world for an hybrid format meeting, combing both in-person and online elements, that will cover all disciplines in the Earth, planetary and space sciences.

Photos from Fossil Butte National Monument's post 22/10/2021
Sediment in the deep ocean. Part 2: thermohaline currents that shape the seafloor 02/09/2021

Latest blog by Ramon Lopez! Read about deep sea currents part 2 🤓

Sediment in the deep ocean. Part 2: thermohaline currents that shape the seafloor In Part 1 we differentiated between (1) shallow-marine tide-related currents from (2) purely gravitational sediment-laden currents. We could add that the former are periodic, as they are controlled by the effect of the Moon and Sun gravitational fields on the oceanic water as the Earth revolves, whi...

Photos from Geology is the way's post 30/08/2021

A great opportunity for MSc and PhD Students to apply and present their research:

Deadline: 1st September – an online learning platform for cyclostratigraphy 02/08/2021

Get to know the newly established platform! - a blog by Christian Zeeden, David De Vleeschouwer and Matthias Sinnesael – an online learning platform for cyclostratigraphy Cyclostratigraphers aim to read and understand the effect of climate-driven orbital changes in the geological record through time. In doing so, they start from an important prerequisite: An imprint of insolation variations caused by Earth’s orbital eccentricity, obliquity and/or precession (Milank...

Possible poriferan body fossils in early Neoproterozoic microbial reefs - Nature 30/07/2021

The microstructure, identified in Neoproterozoic sediments in northeast Canada, could represent the oldest body-fossil evidence of animals known to date.

Possible poriferan body fossils in early Neoproterozoic microbial reefs - Nature Vermiform microstructure in microbial reefs dating to approximately 890 million years ago resembles the body fossils of Phanerozoic demosponges, and may represent the earliest known physical evidence of animals.

Sedimentology – towards a disciplinary crisis? 05/07/2021

Latest blog by our former SSP Division president Helmut Weissert on the historic and modern role of :

Sedimentology – towards a disciplinary crisis? This contribution adds to earlier articles on impact of global change on sedimentology and on the changing role of sedimentologists in a society moving towards a carbon-free energy future (e.g. Simmons and Davies, 2020, SSP BLOG). Sedimentology is a child of the Age of Petroleum. And, the success st...

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