TUM Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management

The Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management was readopted in the summer semester 2013 by the guidance of Professor Disse.

The chair belongs to the faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering of the TU Munich.

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Did you know that phamaceuticals and personal care products could affect the water supply? Within the Interreg Project boDEREC-CE we are looking for innovative water management strategies to improve the drinking water quality. Here some pictures of our sampling campaign in Neufahrn bei Freising.
Want to learn more? Visit: https://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/boDEREC-CE.html


The Interreg project Proline-CE successfully held its final project conference in June 2019. Here is an article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung by Birgit Grundner about a local pilot area of the project in Germany. For more info on the project's results, please visit https://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/PROLINE-CE.html

Introducing the Chair of Hydrology and RIver Basin Management 10/08/2020
Flyer of the Chair of Hydrology and River Basin Management 06/08/2020

The EU-funded Interreg Project Danube Floodplain has the aim of reducing the flood risk through floodplain restoration along the Danube River and tributaries. The main objective of the project is improving transnational water management and flood risk prevention while maximizing benefits for biodiversity conservation. The expected change is improved knowledge, among the countries located within Danube River Basin, related to integrative water management through restoration of floodplains, combination of classical and green infrastructure, natural retention measures, involving all related stakeholders.
More infos on www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/danube-floodplain

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