SSZ Summer School at TUM

Summer and Winter Schools offered by TUM Student Service Center for international and national students

The Summer and Winter Schools at Technical University of Munich (TUM) offered by the Student Service Center (SSZ) are aimed at highly motivated Bachelor students who are interested in a Master`s degree at TUM. Different programs with a duration of 3 to 6 weeks offer insights into research and teaching at TUM, e.g. in the field of nanotechnology, engineering, or information technology.

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Photos from SSZ Summer School at TUM's post 25/07/2017

Farewell Lunch at the Biergarten with our Finding Nano 2017 students...
Thank you guys for being part of our programme! You were a great group! Safe travels and hope to see you again somewhere in the world!

Photos from SSZ Summer School at TUM's post 22/06/2017

A warm summer evening in Munich is best spent at the river Isar!
Yesterday we enjoyed a barbecue with our “Finding Nano” students, that arrived last week!🍗🍖


Interested in an academic challenge at TUM?
Visit for further information!


Well, this happens when men construct robots for female purposes :-)
We definitely need more female engineers! 03/04/2017

Have a good Monday and a great week, everybody!

And for the engineers among us: Always remember that every week is a good week to build a robot :) ! Have you ever tried to build one?


Participants of our Summer School "Finding Nano" will have the chance to visit Infineon Technologies, one of the world´s leading semiconductor players.
If you want to gain knowledge on state of the art in nanotechnology then apply for Finding Nano 2017!

Find more details on:

Application is open until March 26th:

Photos from SSZ Summer School at TUM's post 06/02/2017

On-site visits to Fraunhofer IGCV and KUKA Robotics in Augsburg

Pictures: Fraunhofer IGCV

Timeline photos 26/01/2017

Happy Australia Day to all former and current participants from Oz :-)

Timeline photos 25/01/2017

Official Welcome at TUM Science and Study Center Raitenhaslach in the morning, snowball fight in the afternoon :-)

Photos from SSZ Summer School at TUM's post 05/01/2017

Happy New Year to everyone! It´s been snowing in Munich.
The transition from tropical summer to the European winter might be hard if you aren´t prepared.
So please make sure to bring proper winterclothing

Images: Andreas Heddergott/TUM

Timeline photos 22/12/2016

Have you booked the flights yet or been already in touch with other participants? Ready for snowy winter in Munich?
The Summer and Winter School Office at TUM wishes you Merry Christmas and a happy new year! We are now on Christmas holidays and look forward to being back here in January :-)

Image: Andreas Heddergott/ TUM

The World's 12 Best Universities For Employment In 2016 21/12/2016

Not only excellent research and teaching but also TUM's strong links to reputable companies offer graduates a very good chance of securing a job. TUM is listed among the world's 12 best universities for employment in 2016.
You want to know where we are ranked at?

The World's 12 Best Universities For Employment In 2016 It’s great to attend university to delve deeply into a field of study that you’re passionate about. But, at the end of the day, it’s also helpful to know that when you finish your years of higher education at a reputable institution, you will emerge with a degree that will give you a good chance of

Timeline photos 14/12/2016

Impressions of winterly Munich:
Right now, you can find christmas markets and beautiful christmas lights all over the city.

Feierabend! Es darf es auch gerne mal Glühwein statt Bierchen sein! 🔥🍷
📸 by Studio LionMan089


Winter in Germany can be quite chilly. What do you think, what is the average temperature (in degree Celsius, °C) here in Munich during January/ February? Is it
a) 0°C to 4°C
b) minus 3°C to 1°C
c) 4°C to 7°C
What is your guess?

Timeline photos 08/12/2016

It is quite a while ago that we last offered a Winter School. We are all the more happy that we will have a program this winter again! This picture shows the Winter School group of 2012.
Image: TUM

Timeline photos 22/11/2016

Our Summer and Winter Schools traditionally begin with getting to know some Bavarian food. Who can guess where this picture was taken?
Photo: by Kiban (own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Leibniz-Preis für TUM-Informatiker Daniel Cremers 14/11/2016

Outstanding scientists are part of our Winter School in 2017: Prof. Daniel Cremers, winner of the renowned German Leibniz Prize, will give participants an insight into his research area of mathematical image processing and pattern recognition.

Leibniz-Preis für TUM-Informatiker Daniel Cremers Computer scientist Prof. Daniel Cremers (44) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), already honored many times for his work, now has also been awarded the Leibniz Prize of the German Research Foundation (DFG), the most important German science prize. Cremers, who has taught at the TUM Departme...

Timeline photos 08/11/2016

Summer School memories: this year's Engineering team at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).
We are glad that our Winter School participants will also be able to visit this important research center in the upcoming program. #/DLR/Start/About

Image: TUM

Erstmals 40.000 Studierende an der TUM 18/10/2016

Welcome to all new TUM students!
More than 13,000 freshmen started their Bachelor or Master studies this week at our university. This marks another record in our student numbers. An increasing number of students comes from abroad.

Erstmals 40.000 Studierende an der TUM Enrollment at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has reached the 40,000 mark for the first time ever. That makes TUM the second-largest university in Bavaria, according to initial figures. This winter semester saw more than 13,000 new enrollments, breaking yet another record. 40 percent of the...

Timeline photos 14/10/2016

Looking for a 1 week study abroad experience?
TUM is a member of the European network that enables students from 15 technical universities to participate in a short-term study exchange. We look forward to our next ATHENS week in November!

Image: Vera Korchevnyuk (ATHENS group March 2016)

Department of Informatics  - Fakultät für Informatik der Technischen Universität München 30/09/2016

According to „THE World University Ranking“ TUM is ranked number 9 worldwide in Computer Science! Also in many other fields like „Engineering and Technology" it's the highest ranked German technical university. So one more reason to apply for our Winter School

Department of Informatics - Fakultät für Informatik der Technischen Universität München Are you looking for new challenges and opportunities to match your capabilities? We will show you the possibilities. more

DLR - Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics - About RMC 22/09/2016

TUM scientists are highly involved in many breakthrough projects cooperating with other research institutes such as the National Aeronautics and Space Research Centre of the Federal Republic of Germany (DLR).
Our Winter School offers to high potential students the golden opportunity to visit the Robotics and Mechatronics Center of the DLR. If you're keen to take part then apply for our upcoming Winter School! /27642

DLR - Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics - About RMC


Get a glimpse of what our Summer and Winter School Programs are all about!

SSZ Summer & Winter Schools 13/09/2016

We are happy to show you our new Summer School video! Thanks to everyone who participated in the video. Take a look!

SSZ Summer & Winter Schools The Summer and Winter School Programs offered by TUM Student Service Center (SSZ) provide a short-term study experience at Technical University of Munich. Th...

Timeline photos 01/09/2016

This summer, we made a video for our Summer School programs in which former and current partcipants talk about their Summer School experiences. We are excited to show you the result soon!

Photos from SSZ Summer School at TUM's post 26/08/2016

Farewell for our Summer School Engineering and Geodesy 2016 at the beergarden. We had some great four weeks with you, and we hope you have enjoyed your time here in Munich!

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