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Study in Germany for Free. Bachelor of Arts in International Management is a 3.5 years (7 Semester) program, being offered by German public universities. This program can be stduied completely in English without any tuition fee. For requirements, application process and further details, contact Germany4Students via


Study MSc data science in Germany for free. More than 10 German public universities are offering free MSc data science program for international students. Contact Germany4students for application process.


Study in Germany for free. Autonomous vehicle engineering in English language. Contact us for application process.


Great opportunity to learn nursing profession in Germany with monthly salary of up to 1100 Euro per month. After completion of vocational training opportunity to stay and work in Germany as qualified nurse. Contact us for application process.


Lets celebrate the completion of free A2 German course and prepare for the next challenge, which is start of B1 level. Grab your notes of all lessons of A2 level from Amazon.

A2 German Grammar | German for Beginners | German A2 Level Grammar Notes: Sentence Structure, Use, and Examples of 38 lessons 26/07/2023

Some of you might be following my free A2 German language course on YouTube channel germany4students. If not, follow it now and learn German for free. Here is the link of course.
I have made available all notes/slides of complete A2 level in the form of a booklet on Amazon. This will help you focus on the content and you don't need to write notes now. Grab your copy here.

A2 German Grammar | German for Beginners | German A2 Level Grammar Notes: Sentence Structure, Use, and Examples of 38 lessons A2 German Grammar | German for Beginners | German A2 Level Grammar Notes: Sentence Structure, Use, and Examples of 38 lessons


Learn German through small animated exercises. Put your answer in the comment and suggest further topics on which you would like to practice more.


Put your answer in the comments. Watch complete video with 25 Q&A related to adjective endings in German nominative case.


Learn German through our new series of short videos. Put your answer in the comment.


New Series about short Exercises (Questions and Answers) along with Explanation. This eries will help you learn German grammar quickly and effectively.


Have you followed our free A1 and A2 German courses? Are you execited for B1 Course? Share your feedback about A1 and A2 and your expectations for B1 Course. Subscribe Germany4Students youtube channel for getting updates on upcoming lessons.

Nebensätze mit als | Subordinate clause using "als" in German | Lesson 36 | A2 German Course 13/06/2023

What is the meaning of "als" in German language, when it is used and what sentence structure has to be followed when using "als" in German. Learn all this with examples in lesson 36 of free A2 German course on YouTube channel germany4students.

Nebensätze mit als | Subordinate clause using "als" in German | Lesson 36 | A2 German Course "Als" in German language is explained in this lesson of free A2 German course. Here are some examples of subordinate clauses (Nebensätze) in German that use ...


If your kids are going to Kindergarten or starting school this year or next year, it is good time to prepare them for the school. Considering the difference between the tasks/activities, way
of teaching and learning between Pakistani schools and German schools (Most of us are not familiar with this difference), we have designed and published this book on Amazon.
This book is meant to ensure a smooth transition of kids from Kindergarten to a German school. Complete list of content of the book is available on Amazon on the above mentioned link.


Are you coming to Germany as a student? You need a public health insurance for enrollment at university. fulfills all requirements for this purpose and offers additional advantages. Use this link and get your public health insurance hassle free.
No office visits, no waiting time. Get your confirmation online within 24 hours.


Do you know the gender of German nouns ending with -heit? If not, follow this series on YouTube channel germany4students


If you are coming to Germany on student visa, you need public health insurance for enrollment at university.
BARMER is public health insurance that you can get online and have also support in English, in case of questions.
Here is direct link to get BARMER public health insurance.
Personal liability insurance
Covers you in case you cause damage to someone's person or property. A no-brainer for everyone living in Germany. Only €4 per month.
Household contents insurance
Covers the items (i.e. electronics, furniture, other valuables) in someone's flat from theft, fire, or disaster.
Legal Insurance
Legal insurance helps in case of problems with landlord, issues with employer, traffic accidents etc.
Covers legal fees in case of disputes. Free lawyer consultation is included with the membership.
Membership can be acquired from this link


Apply now for English taught tuition free bachelor program Autonomous Vehicle Engineering.
Contact us for any assistance you need regarding admission process for this amazing program.


Study Master programs in Artificial intelligence in Germany for free. Get your assessment done to check, if you qualify for English taught tuition free master programs in Germany.

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SAE Institute Germany SAE Institute Germany
ZielstattStr. 30
Munich, 81379

Studieren am weltweit größten Ausbildungsinstitut für Medienberufe.

Am Stadtpark 21, Munich
Munich, 81243

Die Schülergesellschaft ist der Verein der ehemaligen Schülerinnen und Schüler des Karlsgymnasium

Oskar von Miller Forum Oskar von Miller Forum
Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 25
Munich, 80333

Live, work, share - strive for excellence An educational initiative of the Bavarian construction ind

Deutsche Versicherungsakademie (DVA) Deutsche Versicherungsakademie (DVA)
Arabellastraße 29

Die Deutsche Versicherungsakademie (DVA) ist der Bildungsanbieter für die Versicherungsbranche. Imp

The Macro Monkey The Macro Monkey
Munich, <>

Todo lo que tenemos para ofrecer es la sabiduría adquirida durante más de 15 años en los mercados… Global Macro, trading, portfolio management… and more

eXtreme visual media eXtreme visual media
Landsberger Str. 234
Munich, 80687

Schulungs- und Beratungsunternehmen für das digital Imaging.

DieFarbe DieFarbe

This channel makes videos related to ArcGIS and Rstudio which are the basic software that one must k

Techstarter Techstarter
HerzogspitalStr. 24
Munich, 80331

In nur zwölf Monaten lernst du alles, was du für einen erfolgreichen Job Einstieg als Cloud Spezia

Muhammad touray Muhammad touray

Kita Landeshauptstadt München Kita Landeshauptstadt München
Landsberger Straße 30
Munich, 80339

Die Landeshauptstadt München sucht pädagogisches Personal.

bode_akademie bode_akademie
Tizianstraße 106 A
Munich, 80638

Institut für qualifizierte Fort- und Weiterbildungen in den Bereichen Sport- und Bewegungstherapie

HABA Digitalwerkstatt HABA Digitalwerkstatt
Freddie-Mercury-Straße 5
Munich, 80797