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Englischkurse, Business-Englischkurse, Cambridge Zertifikate, Prüfungsvorbereitungskurse, Worldwide Das Cambridge Institut ist ein Open Examination Centre, d.h.

Das Cambridge Institut - gegründet 1961 - ist Deutschlands erstes Sprachinstitut, das sich auf die englische Sprache spezialisiert hat. Nach 54 Jahren hieß es "Goodbye Hildegardstraße 8" und "Hello Residenzstraße 22". Ab jetzt lernt man im Herzen Münchens, zwischen Oper und Odeonsplatz, alles rund um die englische Sprache und Kultur und man kann nun in neuen Räumen die international anerkannten Ca

Wie gewohnt öffnen


Wishing you a very happy Easter! Enjoy the day with your loved ones!🌷🐰

Join us for some egg-citing language learning adventures. 📚🎓


Radiate happiness with our Synonym of the Day: 'Beam'! 😊✨ While both 'smile' and 'beam' convey joy, 'beam' adds an extra layer of radiant delight to your expression.

Did you know that?


'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' is known as a pangram, a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet. 🐶
It is commonly used to display font samples and test typewriters and computer keyboards! 📚

Did you know that?


Unlocking the power of language for every woman, every day.
Happy International Women´s Day from Cambridge Institut!
Let´s empower each other through language and education. 💪🌍


Our word of the day: 📚
panacea /ˌpæn.əˈsiː.ə/
- a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases
"panacea" originates from Latin "panacea" that would heal all illnesses. 🩹


Across his plays and poems, William Shakespeare employed over 20.000 words with 1700 of them making their first appearance in the English lexicon.
Some of the words that are widely attributed to Shakespeare might sound familiar, such as "Gossip", "Kissing", "Lonely" or even the word "Manager". 📚


Instead of a single word, we present you a synonym today!🚀

While "unemotional" describes a person who isn’t experiencing or expressing strong feelings, "glacial" describes someone who is particularly cold and unsympathetic.

Both words carry different connotations and nuances.
"glacial" describes the presence of negative feelings, whereas "unemotional" suggests a lack of feelings.


Not only do they focus on English in schools , but also because series and movies are not dubbed into their own languages.

So, Scandinavians are more likely to sound like the real deal! 🙌


As we are starting to offer German courses, here is a word that is almost similar to it´s german translation:
"Doppelganger" - /ˈdɒp.əlˌgæŋ.ər/

originates from German word "Doppelgänger" and describes a person who looks remarkably similar to another person, to the point of being almost indistinguishable.


Get your German going! 🚀
Join our new courses at Cambridge Institut - 5 mins from Marienplatz.

+ Intensive Day Course - 5 days/week
+ Evening Focus Course - 2 evenings/week
+ Evening Afterwork Course - 1 evening/week


Wishing you a joyous New Year filled with luck and success!
May 2024 be a year of growth and success for all. We can't wait to welcome you back to Cambridge Institut 🎉


UNSER BLACK WEEK DEAL - Ein echter Englisch-Booster! 🚀 Sichere dir einen Rabatt von 20 % auf den 10-tägigen Intensiv-Onlinekurs, der am 4. Dezember startet. Unser exklusives Black Week Angebot gilt bis zum 30.11.!


Wishing all the little children a wonderful International Children´s Day 2023!

Education plays a crucial role in our lives and every child deserves the chance to develop their full potential and realise their dreams. Let's work together to ensure that education is accessible to all and that children have the opportunity to learn, grow and change the world.


Looking out for some good news? There we go!
The IUCN nature conference, a forum consisting of climate and nature scientists, young people and other international changemakers worked out a plan on how to save the oceans and guarantee a resilient, environmentaly friendly and climate-neutral future for the oceans by 2050!
For this mission, 68 billion Euro will be secured by 2030!


Can you believe that?

A study found out, that a new word is created almost every two hours.
This makes almost 15 new words per day!


Our word of the day:
AGLET - æɡlɪt
Aglet is a metal or plastic tube fixed tightly round each end of a shoelace.
The word originates from the french word for needle called "aiguille" which originates from the latin acus.


Our word of the day:
The subject "Panacea" describes an answer or solution for all problems or difficulties.

This proposal is not our panacea.


Happy Halloween from Cambridge Institut! 🎃
Our fact of the Day?
Since 2013, Stephen Clarke holds the world record for the fastest carved jack-o'-lantern ever. ⏱
Did you know that?


Our grammar rule of the day:

In case you´re using the if-sentences to express conditions in the presence or the past, do not use “will” or “would” in the if-clause.

Or as John, one of our teachers, would say: " if + will makes me ill, if + would isn´t good!"

If I knew her name, I would tell you.
Do not say:
If I would know her name, I will tell you.


Dive into the fascinating lives of remarkable women authors behind the books of this year's literature course. 💃Eager to join us? Contact us by mail or phone!

Here are the dates:
- Tue, 24. Oct or Fri 27 Oct, from 4 to 5 pm: Winifred Watson, Monica Dickens, Joanna Cannon

- Tue, 31 Oct. or Fri 3 Nov, from 4 to 5 pm: Dorothy Whipple, Elizabeth von Arnim, Elizabeth Berridge


Happy to all the incredible young girls! 🎉👧

At Cambridge Institut Munich, we believe in empowering the next generation through language education. By nurturing motivation for learning English from a young age, we provide them with the key to endless educational and career possibilities. 🌟💼


Our fact of the week:
"S" is the letter that most of the words in English start with.

Did you know that?


word of the day: ordinary
Ordinary describes something that is not different, special or unexpected in any way.
A synonym for ordinary would be "usual" or "normal".

This was an ordinary day.
He is just an ordinary boy.

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Our Story

Das Cambridge Institut - gegründet 1961 - ist Deutschlands erstes Sprachinstitut, das sich auf die englische Sprache spezialisiert hat. Auf rund 800 Quadratmetern mitten in der Münchner Altstadt bietet das Cambridge Institut Englischkurse und Prüfungen in schönem Altbau-Ambiente. Zahlreiche zufriedene
und wiederkehrende Kunden stehen für die Qualität unserer Kurse.

Jährlich werden Sprachzertifikat-Prüfungen der Universität Cambridge weltweit in 135 Ländern abgelegt. Die Cambridge Prüfungen sind international bekannt und von Bildungseinrichtungen und Firmen als Nachweis qualifizierter Sprachkenntnisse
anerkannt. Mit jährlich über 6.000 Prüfungskandidaten ist das Cambridge Institut gegenwärtig die größte Prüfungsstelle
in Deutschland. Das Cambridge Institut ist ein Open Examination Centre, d.h. bei uns können Sie die Cambridge English Prüfungen
unabhängig von einer Kursteilnahme ablegen.

Das Cambridge Institut ist eine Prüfungsstelle für Zwischen und Abschlussprüfungen mehrerer Universitäten weltweit.





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