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Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium

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Drum lessons in Kreuzberg, Berlin
Drum lessons in Kreuzberg, Berlin


Dear Berlin Bongoers!
in a desperate search for bongos i could borrow for tonight
hey paradiddlers!

i am selling some drums and cymbals, extra discounts for you all

check the ebay ads and get in touch if interested

a little rhythm karaoke for yous Paradiddlers!
A new episode of Can-Do Musos TV is here. Check it out!! This episode was filmed around Berlin, Germany and features music from James Durbin, Rachael Leahcar, The Mix, Joey Stuckey, Rudely Interrupted, Highlights of the clinic at JustMusic Berlin, The Shruggs, Buck It, Motorcash (Olle Frödin), Justin Hines, The Mendenhall Experiment, Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts, and Risk Of Falling. Thanks again to Rich Millin from Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium, Jan Draheim from Just Music, and Arts Access Australia for the Berlin Exchange project 2017 Hope you enjoy the show, and please share it around your friends.
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Rich! so bomb-ing!
This is awesome...

Thanks for recommending your wonderful page - I LOVE it!

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Drum School in Kreuzberg, Berlin Drum lessons in Kreuzberg, Berlin!
€40 per hour lesson (€25 for 30 minutes), but the first one is free!

There is also rehearsal space available for individuals wishing to practice on acoustic drums. You can book online here:


or email me: [email protected]

Rich Millin has been teaching Drums professionally
since 2001. Before he left for Berlin, Rich was the Head of Drums at The Academy of Music & Sound in Swindon, UK and taught both degre

Wie gewohnt öffnen


Just so we're all clear...


I love it when the students are happy drummers 😁


Today's Inspiration:

angry drummer 13/02/2021

Hey all!

Just an update on the school re-opening.

The new date for business to resume from the senate is 8th March.
Again, this could be extended and I will make sure to keep you all informed.
Until then, here's some more home-schooling for you :-)


Lesson: if you can't quite get something first time (or second, or third...), don't lose your cool... Just keep trying :-)

angry drummer funny mad drummer. oliver loses it

Ryosuke Kiyasu snare drum solo in Tokyo - August 23,2015 29/01/2021

Hey everyone!

I hope you're all ok and safe and healthy!

This is an update on where things stand as far as the school resuming 1-1 drum lessons:

At present, the Senate and Gesundheitsamt have in mind that businesses can re-open for lessons on 14th February.
This, as we all know, is open (and probably quite likely) to change and may be pushed back into March.

I really hope it's not pushed back and that we can start again in a couple of weeks!

Until then, maybe enjoy this super important lesson on how to "drum solo"

All the best! And I wish you all well and hope to see you all soon :-)

Ryosuke Kiyasu snare drum solo in Tokyo - August 23,2015 Ryosuke Kiyasu snare drum solo show in Tokyo, Japan on August 23,2015Venue: Ekoda Flying Teapot (Tokyo,Japan)If you would like to support my work, please mak...


Good morning all!
Just to keep you updated: The senate has said this morning that lockdown will now be until at least 14th February.
So, no drum lessons until then :(

Sorry all...

I hope you can keep up some practice at home!
Keep safe and healthy everyone!


So it seems that lockdown will last for the rest of January...
I am so itching to get back into the school and see all my lovely students, but for now, safety first.

Stay healthy and happy everyone, and fingers crossed & thumbs pressed for a Feb re-opening!

(You'd better all be practicing hard until then!)

Rich :-)


That's some good timing...

Dr Paradiddles WonderDrumporiumDr Paradiddles WonderDrumporiumDr Paradiddles WonderDrumporium 14/11/2020


Struggling for cash but need some skins??!!!

I have loads of second hand Evans (plus a few other Remo) drum skins for sale (some are completely unused)!

I have 10's, 12's, 14', 20's and 22's, for Snares, Toms and Bass drums, both for Batter and Reso side for all.

Starting at €5 for used 10's, 12's and 14's ranging to €30 for a couple of unused 22" Bass Batters.

Write to me for anything you may need and I'll check stock and confirm prices for you

Collect from here:


Happy weekend!

Dr Paradiddles WonderDrumporiumDr Paradiddles WonderDrumporiumDr Paradiddles WonderDrumporium Dr Paradiddles WonderDrumporium, drum school located in Kreuzberg, Berlin, offering drum lessons in English and Italian

Photos from Dr. Paradiddles WonderDrumporium's post 15/10/2020

Todays lesson


HELLOOOOO ALL STUDENTS AND Dr Paradiddles Patrons...

I have made the executive decision to (partly/part-time) re-open the school.

There will be availability for around half the number of lessons as usual due to the fact that the room will need to be aired and cleaned between lessons.

Also, ALL students MUST bring their own drum sticks, headphones, face-masks and gloves please.

Anyone who feels happy and comfortable with taking lessons in the school again (beginning next week) should email me ASAP so I can fill the calendar.

I can't promise that I can fit you all in, but I will do my best :-)

Looking forward to seeing you all (hopefully) again soon!


I still have some openings available for lessons on Thursdays and Saturdays at a studio in Wedding!

Let me know if you would like to start again!



Hey everyone!

Let's try to relieve some boredom!

I am going to start a Dr Paradiddles YouTube channel and post videos of ANY song(s) you would like to learn!

I will make two versions of each song:
1stly the full version on drumkit
2ndly a stripped back version for those of you stuck at home without access to a drum kit to practice on.

I will then make a secondary video for each song, breaking the song down and explaining relevant practice ideas for each part.

So, I need your requests!
Which songs should I upload for your learning pleasure?

Any song will be considered!

Also, any Berlin based Dr Paradiddles patrons who DON'T have access to a drum kit but would very much like to practice, hit me up and I can sort you with some keys for the school.

I am happy to offer a special LockDown Deal for anyone wanting to rent keys in the interim period - let me know if you are interested!

Us teachers (Klari, Alessandro and myself) are also all happy to offer lessons online.

Speak soon all!
And stay safe!

Rich, Alessandro and Kla Ri :-)



A few people have been asking when the school will be re-opening for lessons.

As it stands, normal schools will be re-opening in May, but only for students who have exams.
Small businesses are re-opening slowly, but, as far as I'm aware, there are still thousands of Corona cases in Berlin.
This makes me feel uneasy.

I obviously still feel responsible for Dr P's patrons health & safety - but, at the same time, I also feel responsible for helping students to maintain your learning and also, offer to give you something fun to do and to keep up with your drumming skills.

This time in our world history is extremely hard for everyone and I am still totally unsure how to proceed or what the timeline will be...
But, for now, I am sorry to say that I will be leaving the school closed at least for the next two weeks.

In the meantime, myself, Alessandro and Klari are happy to offer lessons online.

Let me know if you would like to try out some online learning!

Lastly, I would like to wish you all well and hope that you and your respective families & friends are safe & healthy and not too bored...


Hello to all current, former and future Dr Paradiddles students!

I am hoping you and all of your family and friends are safe and well in these difficult days...

And, I am writing to offer some relief to any boredom you may be suffering from!

The teachers at Dr Paradiddles are all able to offer some form of online education, depending on your circumstances, situation, experience and equipment.

Write to us now to arrange a lesson designed specifically for you. We can make it happen via Skype or Whatsapp or Facetime or one of those...

Stay safe everyone!

Timeline photos 28/03/2020

First online lesson working a treat!
Let me know if you're interested in some drum action while you're bored stuck at home...
You don't even necessarily need a kit!
Hit me up!

HASERIM חסרים A MOMENT 24/03/2020

HASERIM חסרים A MOMENT סינגל ראשון מהאלבום החדש של "חסרים". "חסרים" הם האחים אסף, עידית ונדב מאיר. הרכב פולק/ רוק ותיק. מילים ולחן: נדב מאיר נדב מאיר: שירה, גיטרה בס, גיטרה אקוסטית...


go play outside, they said >

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