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Montessori for kids aged (2-6) the benefit of toothpicks
Hey! We are looking for babysitters for HighTech modern company in Berlin.
The task is to take care of the employees’ kids :)

We are looking for:
• active - who love working with children and taking care of them
• available - who is ready to work and has time for that
• reliable - takes babysitting work seriously and is ready to commit

The babysitter needs to:
• be legally authorized to live and work in Spain
• be 21 y/o and older
• have >1 year of paid experience as a babysitter
• have experience with kids of different ages
• speak English fluently + other languages
• pass in-person interview as a next step
• be ready to provide a criminal record certificate

What we offer:
• the ability to manage your own schedule and work with clients
• delightful experience with modern and progressive families
• safe payments for your services

You are very welcome to apply here :)
Hi there! could you post the dates for the Montessori summer class age 1y+? Is there still a group running this year where one can still sign up? Thanks a million!
🇺🇸 Montessori Mama is now on Facebook! Follow us to order handmade Montessori materials and learn about all the little ways you can make a huge difference in your baby's development! 👶💡🏠🇷🇺 Монтессори Мама теперь на Фейсбуке! Следуйте за нами, чтобы заказать Монтессори материалы и узнать про всех маневровочки сделать огромную разницу в развитии вашего ребенка!👶💡🏠

Germany's 1st Montessori Early Learning Center -
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Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 26/12/2022

Montessori Early Preschool Class | There are TWO places left for children 2.5-4 years old available on Wednesdays, 10:00-12:00 in our next term of classes! Link to register is available in profile page. Class dates: 11 January - 31 March (12 classes). Siblings can attend together with 15% discounted tuition. ❤️

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 03/11/2022

We’ve had some changes in our movement room! These photos are from our Montessori Newborn Class set-up! Thanks to Chad’s talent as a woodworker AND rock climber, we have a new climbing wall with two routes for different level climbers. 😎


OPEN REGISTRATION 🌻 Montessori classes start again next term in just 2 weeks! In our Montessori Toddler Class we have ONE place available on Wednesdays (10:00-12:00) from October 12 - December 14. This class is for parents and children 1.5-3 years old.
📝Enrollment link in bio!
*all other classes are full and you can join the waiting list for future terms on our website. :)
💛photo by

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 27/09/2022

Father’s meetup this weekend! There are a few places left if your little one would like to come visit our lovely classroom on Saturday, October 1st (10-11:30). This is a DADS-ONLY discussion and playgroup. Tickets available in bio link! Teacher Chad looks forward to seeing you there!

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 03/08/2022

WATCH THE HANDS 🤗When threading a bracelet, this toddler uses two hands simultaneously to do different things. When matching insects to language cards he uses one hand and the other is synchronized. By looking at these two photos (from the same day!) you can see that this toddler is training his fine motor skills and working on integrating the left and right sides of his body. 80% of a person’s brain is developed by age 3! Keep this in mind and watch those little hands work! ✨


*It’s finally happening!!!*
Fathers Meet-Up is a place for dads to connect with each other and discuss their journey through fatherhood while children enjoy a fully prepared Montessori environment!

Classes are offered once per month on Saturday (10:00-11:30) at Montessori Mother ELC for fathers and children aged 8 weeks – 4 years old.

Classes are led by Montessori guide and parent, Chad Chittenden. Each class includes a combination of group discussion and child-led play.

*sign-up link in profile*


Just a couple of sweet babies enjoying some dinner together... 💛 It’s such a normal activity, yet I feel so proud of her!

📷 Jennie Bo (10m) and her BFF (8m) at the weaning table made by her papa

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 13/07/2022

☀️Montessori Toddler Class ☀️We have a place for 2 lucky toddlers to join our classes starting NEXT WEEK! 🌈 Available places are on Tuesday or Wednesday (10:00-12:00) from 18 July - 23 September! • This is a class for children 16m-4y old to attend with a parent or caregiver. Each weekly lesson includes a child-led work cycle with Montessori materials, a group snack time, and a multilingual music circle.

*Sign-up link in profile!*

We hope to see you soon!


🌈Practical Life in the Toddler Classroom🌍 I heard a parent say recently in class “Wow! Before this class I thought Montessori was just children playing with smart toys.” Wow, Montessori is so much more! Not only are children learning invaluable life skills and getting the respect of an equal and important member of their infant community, they also learn the life-long lesson of “I can”. I CAN challenge myself and I can be successful. I CAN take care of myself and the space around me. My ideas are important to me and my efforts are valuable. These messages of course precede the future message of I CAN create positive change in this world. And they will. 💛


I almost forgot to share this cute new material I made for Father’s Day! Stereognostic matching of 6 baby animals to their fathers 👨‍👧💕 Fun fact! Did you know that a baby turtle is called a hatchling? 🐢

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 28/06/2022

Notice something different about our shelves? It’s our first Preschool (cooking) Class! The class was so beautiful yesterday the other mothers and I shared tears of pride and joy. 💛 There are still 3 places available in our Montessori Summer School and you can book the class online to join us this week! Link to the classes and our Preschool Class waitlist can be found in our profile. We look forward to welcoming you into our lovely community!!!

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 18/06/2022

Our cooking classes made Berlin’s course of the month on ! There are still TWO places left Tuesday-Friday bookable via Kindaling or our website if you would like to join us from 27 June - 15 July with your toddler! (link in profile) Classes are at 10:00-12:00, once per week for children 14m-4 years old. 💕🍪 *all recipes will be vegan and gluten-free!

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 17/05/2022

Does your little one love spending time with you in the kitchen? Will you be in Berlin from June 27-July 15? Summer Cooking a classes will be taking place Monday-Friday (10:00-12:09) for little ones 14 months to 6 years old!
Places available online 🧁 link in profile!
*all recipes will be vegan and gluten free*


When Baby first joins the Montessori Toddler Class at 16 months old and all of a sudden doesn’t seem like a baby at all anymore! 💛 Thank you for making this video of her precious toddler!

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 12/05/2022

Happy birthday to the woman who gave me life, after whom I named her first granddaughter, to whom I dedicate my school, my mother, Jennifer Diane Johnson. I love you, Mama, and I miss you every day! 🌻

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 09/04/2022

10 NEW Montessori Materials for springtime! 🐣 Our 2nd term has begun and our new spring materials have been lovingly prepared for the little ones’ hands.
{1} punch-out photos with poker
{2} butterfly and caterpillar puzzle -
{3} chick transferring
{4} egg hanging -
{5} butterfly coloring
{6} chicken and egg puzzle
{7} egg sorting
{8} umbrella dot painting
{9} imbucare bunny burrow
{10} gardening puzzle


Movement and practical life bringing peace and pride to this little one.... 🪞 I love the reflection of the art in the mirror. 💦 This is our hand washing station in use during Montessori Toddler Class. We also have a mini sink in the bathroom, this area is just for enjoying the process of washing hands and also to rinse off paint, since it’s strategically placed next to our easel. :)

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 18/03/2022

We’ve got a new material on the shelf! Chad adapted these lovely pegs to be stackable! We were inspired by to change a material we’ve had for a while which I originally purchased on Etsy. The try is from The holes in the top definitely add a whole new level of intrigue, inspiring longer concentration even in the little ones who already knew this activity well. 💛


This little one climbed ALL the way up and all the way down the climbing bridge by herself! Her buddy was as surprised as we were. Her trusting mama was right behind her to catch her if she fell, but didn’t interrupt her concentration. What a beautiful moment to witness!


Who builds all of our furniture at the ELC? This guy. Who brings his daughter to extra classes and lunch breaks so I can spend more time with her? This guy! Who fixes literally everything and keeps our fish friends healthy and happy? This guy! Who takes all the photos and videos for our online content? You can guess. :) And WHO coaches me through complicated situations and teaches me how to be a more compassionate and giving person every day? Chad Chittenden, my husband! He’s my other half. He’s the best person I’ve ever met on this planet. And it’s his birthday today! 🎂


NEW BLOGPOST | Montessori Materials for Snack Preparation
Our snack preparation area is one of the children’s favorites in our Montessori Toddler and Montessori Baby classes! These materials can be used as early as 14 months up to 3 years old! Find 12 Montessori snack materials for toddlers in this post, including their presentation descriptions and links where to find all the tools! *link in profile*


I’m having a great time visiting the Montessori Toddler Classes this week and putting materials together for your little ones.❤️❤️❤️

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 06/02/2022

A work cycle in Montessori Baby Class 🌸 1. Wash your hands 2. Choose your work. *Woodworking, was this baby’s choice. 3. What’s next? Stick posting!


We’re happy to be a place where little ones create core memories of success, self care, and community. 💛 These are some beautiful moments captured in our Montessori Baby Class, held on Mondays and Fridays for children 6 to 16 months old.


The child’s joy in their purposeful work makes my heart swell with pride, knowing that they are building their self esteem and self image with every task they undertake, challenge they face, and success with they achieve. ❤️
This child is washing cloths using a washboard and a bar of soap. She will then wring out the water and hang them to dry using wooden clothespins, and repeat.
This waterproof apron is from and the table is a diy “ikea hack”.


This summer we will have the special option to attend Montessori Mother ELC and see what are classes are all about for just 3 weeks in a Montessori Summer School program (27 June – 15 July)!

Each week we will be centered around a special group cooking project and in true Montessori style the entire environment will be available to the child to explore and learn.

You can find more information and sign up directly using the link tree in our profile!

I can’t wait to see you there!


Hi there! I am looking for classical musicians to visit our Montessori Music Classes and perform for our students who are 0-3 years old. Do you know someone who might be interested? We have two , 1-hour performances, one Saturday per month. You can find the class details at the link below. If you are interested in performing for us, please email me at [email protected]
I look forward to hearing from you!


Jennie Bo’s favorite Christmas presents were the grasping cube made by her Papa and the play socks given to her by Mama. Thanks to for the beautiful macrame toy holder! Jennie can find her cube herself when she drops it instead of relying on us to get it for her. :) 💝 It felt like such an honor to give Baby Girl something that is important to her right now as she learns about her hands and feet. What was your little one’s favorite? .europe


VACANCY: Weekend Music Teacher
* Can you play multiple instruments and sing?
* Do you love children?
*Are you familiar with the Montessori approach?
*Do you have experience working with babies and toddlers?
Please email me at [email protected] to possibly join our team at Montessori Mother ELC!
- Katelynn


· Full-time from May 2021
· 3 month Part-time trial & training period
· 8 weeks annual paid vacation

· Assist Head Teacher with classes
· Guide Montessori newborn, baby, and toddler classes
· Clean and arrange Montessori environment for the next day
· Switch between baby & toddler classroom set-ups (light lifting)
· Make Montessori materials (crafting)

· AMI 0-3 Diploma (teacher or assistant)
· 100% accountability and dedication
· Graceful and courteous presence in the school
· Interest in the Montessori approach
· Comfortability working with parents in the
*Extra consideration will be given to applicants with prior Montessori teaching experience

Future Opportunities at Montessori Mother ELC:
· 0-3 Head Teacher

How to Apply:
· Email your CV to Katelynn Johnson at katelynn{at}
· You might also include: a cover letter, a recent photo, and your social media.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Our ELC is closed for the holidays!
The last 2 weeks of classes the little ones were painting and drawing a lot Lin our art area - even the babies in Newborn Class took part! Little P took his work to the next level! Art handmade by toddlers is so special because it is so pure and unguided. 🎁
How do you feel about gifts made by babies and toddlers? Are they still treasures even if the child hasn’t technically made them *for* you or anyone else?
I would love to hear your opinion!

Photos from Montessori Mother ELC's post 30/11/2021

🎶 flashback to our music class in October 🎵 I was singing our “Hello” song to everyone here (the one by )💚💚💚 If you would like to attend one of our monthly music classes on a Saturday next year, you can sign up on our website! Tickets to all the dates from January - June are available now! Feel free to share this link with your friends who may be interested in visiting the ELC with you! The door is open to all Berlin families. :)


Now that the holiday season has begun I just couldn't help myself. Finally I have something to offer a holiday special on! 15% off all of our online courses!

Do you know anyone who might like to learn about Montessori Potty Training? Or a family who is expecting a new baby and want to use Montessori from birth? Or perhaps your child has a babysitter or caregiver in their life who would benefit from learning about the Montessori approach to working with toddlers or Montessori materials for newborns ?

Anyway, I hope that this sale will bring joy to at least one person. If you need a cute holiday gift card, just email me letting me know!


We had such beautiful music classes today by the amazing !!! The little ones were “vibing” with our theme this month of family, gratitude, and harvest. 🍂 🌰🍁🌻 This little video was during our vocal warmup. :)

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Our Story

Montessori Mother is a private Montessori classroom and centre for family learning. Launched in 2017 as “Montessori Mother: Berlin’s pop-up Montessori classroom,” it has provided weekly playgroups for children from 0-3 years old and Montessori home environment consultations.

Montessori Infant Community
Montessori classes and developmental playgroups are offered every day for children ages 2 months to 4 years. In Montessori, this environment is known as an “infant community,” because everything in the space is prepared to support the children’s development of independence, responsibility, concentration, and curiosity. Montessori Mother is dedicated to following the Montessori method and creating a positive educational environment for its students.

The coworking area offers a space for parents to relax, work, or enjoy some tea and coffee. Our hope is to allow parents and children to work together in an environment prepared beautifully to fit both of their needs.

Montessori education is also very helpful and effective when implemented by parents outside the classroom. Montessori Mother offers weekly workshops and seminars are to support parents in their Montessori journey. Katelynn Johnson, the Director of Montessori Mother, also offers Montessori home consultation services for expecting parents and for families with children 0-3 years old.



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