DAS Language Camps

DAS Language Camps


Full immersion learning for B1+ classes at the DAS Akademie Berlin
Reading, listening, writing and speaking - all skills are trained not in the classrooms of the DAS Akademie Berlin
I believe it was a great experience and memory for my 11-year old son Yuchong. Very luckily, we got the information about the camp from the German teach in Stockholm. Both of my kids were born and grew up in Berlin. When we moved to Stockholm 5 years ago, Yuchong was six and half years old. After living in Sweden for 5 years, he has been losing his German ability as he does not really use German. Then it was a great opportunity to know this DAS camp and to send Yuchong for it for two weeks, to improve his German and to have a happy time with some new friends from all over the world. I would say he really had a great time at DAS camp in the area where he was born and the program was organized in a very good was, with very responsible teachers. The most lucky thing for us was that we had the lucky draw and thus got a free place for Yuchong, which saved me quite some money!! I am thinking about to send him and his younger sister to DAS camp in the near future. DAS camp reserves my high recommendation to the kids and parents.
DAS Akademie, thank you.
2 weeks isn't a long period, but in those 2 weeks, I got to know almost all the best of Berlin, I made friends with lots of people, and more importantly, my German skills improved a lot. Thank you for the camp!
This video retells my two weeks, from the moment I left Vietnam to the activities that I took part at DAS Akademie. It is one of the most meaningful time in my life because I won't have so much fun getting stuck at home :p
1. Celebration of Life - my original composition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPlAXLcSXWE

2. Caleste - Leo Rojas:
Photos and videos are taken by me. There are also many more photos in the camp's website! Check them out!

DAS Akademie, cám ơn.
2 tuần không phải là một khoảng thời gian dài, nhưng trong 2 tuần đó, tôi đã biết được hầu hết những thứ tốt đẹp nhất về Berlin, tôi đã làm bạn với rất nhiều người, và quan trọng hơn, trình độ tiếng Đức của tôi đi lên rất nhiều.
Video này kể lại 2 tuần của tôi, từ khoảnh khắc tôi rời Việt Nam đến những hoạt động tôi tham gia tại DAS Akademie. Đó là một trong những khoảng thời gian ý nghĩa nhất trong cuộc đời của tôi, vì tôi không thể nào mà vui đến vậy khi cứ ở nhà mãi :p
Âm nhạc:
1. Celebration of Life - một sáng tác của tôi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPlAXLcSXWE

2. Caleste - Leo Rojas:
Hallo! Mein Name ist Vasil, Ich bin 15 Jahre alt und Ich komme aus Bulgarien. Ich habe mich getraut, das Wort "Mut" zu wählen.
Hallo! Ich bin Tatjana und komme aus Bulgarien. Ich habe eine Fotocollage zum Thema "Freiheit" gemacht! 😜
Hallo! Ich bin Tatjana und komme aus Bulgarien. Ich habe eine Fotocollage zum Thema "Freiheit" gemacht! 😜
ich heiße Svesdelina, bin 15 Jahre alt und komme aus Bulgarien.Mein Wort ist "bittersüß".
Hallo, ich bin Ineta aus Litauen! Mein Wort ist Lecker. Ich habe Video Idee allein gedacht, aber mit meinen Feundinen gemacht. Warum? Weil das lustig ist!
Ein Sommerkreis
In Blau und Weiß
Das hat ein Junge gezeichnet.
Und aufs Papier
Schreibt er dann hier
Worte, die jetzt singen wir:
Es lebe Frieden!!!!
Das Wort- frech

Milda aus Litauen

A creative language school.German and English langauge Camp orginized by the langauge school in Ber D.A.S. Akademie besuchen! :) Karina.K.

Are you looking for a language school in Berlin to start speaking German from the very first lesson or you work in Berlin vibrant start up scene and need to improve your English language within a short time? With excellent teachers, in small groups and fun social programme we give our international students an authentic experience of Berlin life and a perfect central location just 1 minute from th

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Are you sick of the rainy weather? Not long until the sun shines on DAS Camp😎🌞

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DAS Summer Camp 2020!!! Waiting for it😎😎😎

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Are you ready for the best summer?

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Counting down the days for summer time!

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We cannot wait for DAS Summer Camp to begin!

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Ready for DAS summer camp? 🇩🇪

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Fancy summer? DAS Camp!! 😎🌞😋 Take part in the online contest on DAS camp website: https://www.languagecamps.de/en/ to win a study trip in Berlin.

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Our motto: Erst lachen, dann machen!

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Discover Berlin at DAS Camps during the summer!

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In this cold wheater, better think about summer🌞🌞😎
DAS Camp

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Enjoy the summer at DAS Camps, you won't regret it!

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Enjoy at DAS Camps of our outdoor activities!

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Want to learn German while making new friends & enjoying fun activities in Berlin? DAS Camps might be the perfect choice 😊

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New year, new experiences?

Sommercamp Wettbewerb - LANGUAGE CAMPS - Lerne Deutsch oder Englisch in Berlin 17/12/2019

Sommercamp Wettbewerb - LANGUAGE CAMPS - Lerne Deutsch oder Englisch in Berlin

Du bist zwischen 10 und 17 und interessierst dich für Deutschland, für die deutsche Sprache und Kultur? Deutsch ist eines deiner Lieblingsfächer in der Schule? Dann mach mit bei unserem Sommercamp-Wettbewerb und gewinne zwei Wochen Sprachaufenthalt in Berlin im Wert von 1599€!


Sommercamp Wettbewerb - LANGUAGE CAMPS - Lerne Deutsch oder Englisch in Berlin Gewinne unseren Wettbewerb und bekomme einen freien Platz in unserem Sommercamp in Berlin! Lerne Deutsch in Deutschland vom 11. bis 25 Juli 2020.

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Have you heard that we are giving away a free spot this upcoming summer? Read more about this contest by clicking the link below. Good luck and hopefully we will see you at our next summer camp! ☺️


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Join the adventure at DAS Summer Camp!

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Enjoy the summer while learning German at DAS Camps! 😊

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Language, fun and friends! What a great combination🥰

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Always a joy at DAS Camps! 😋

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Friendship 😊

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Our lovely staff takes care of you 😊

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Who's excited for the upcoming summer camp?

DAS Instagram Contest - LANGUAGE CAMPS - DAS AKADEMIE 22/11/2019



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DAS Instagram Contest - LANGUAGE CAMPS - DAS AKADEMIE Try your shot to win a Herschel backpack, a personalised German book or a customised T-shirt in DAS Instagram Contest! Good luck :)

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Spaß! 😋

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Have a wonderful summer at DAS Camps!

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