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EURASIA Institute is a certified language Institute in Berlin offering intensive German
language prep

In 2023 EURASIA will be celebrating its 30th Jubilee with more than 20000 successful students placements. Come and visit our awesome state-of-the-art campus in Berlin! The EURASIA Institute was founded in 1993 by Andrew Geddes with a vision of developing an international platform for academic and intercultural exchange. Since 1999 the Institute has become a renowned global player on the international education market and works with some of the top universities in the world.

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Gëzuar 111 vjetorin e pavarsisë Shqiperi 🇦🇱
Warm wishes for Independence Day from Klea, our Albanian Student Success Manager!

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Meet Ksenia, our International Education Counseling & Recruitment Specialist here at Eurasia. 🌍✨ Ksenia brings her bright qualities and kindness to her role, making her an invaluable asset in the field.

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🎓 Meet the Captain of Admissions! ⚓ Alexander, our admission department's fearless leader, has been steering the ship at Eurasia Institute with dedication and expertise. 🌟 His passion for education and commitment to helping students achieve their dreams is truly inspiring. 📚 Let's give a big shoutout to Alexander for making our academic journey smooth sailing! 🙌

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Introducing Mr. Imran Khan, the dynamic force behind Eurasia Institute Berlin's global initiatives 🌍. As the Director of International Development and Marketing, he skillfully combines Berlin's cultural richness 🇩🇪 with the ambitions of the global stage.


🤔 Did you know? 🇩🇪 Germany offers tuition-free education, vibrant culture, and fantastic career opportunities for international students. Get in touch for more info on how to begin your German journey with Eurasia via the link in the description! 🎓🌍


🌍 New Immigration Laws Alert! 📢 Ready to kickstart your German journey? Get in touch for more info via the link in the description with Eurasia Institute. 🇩🇪


Dive into Berlin's Epic Vibes with us! Get the scoop on studying, working, and living it up in this city. Get in touch for more info through the link in the description! 🇩🇪🌍


🎉 Join us in congratulating A***n Yari from Iran as he embarks on an inspiring journey to become a skilled nurse in Germany! 🇮🇷🌍🇩🇪 Your dedication and passion are truly commendable. Here's to your bright future, A***n! 🌟👏

📚 Curious about how you can achieve your career dreams like A***n? 🚀 Let us introduce you to the Smartgenius Career pathway at Eurasia Institute! 💼✨ With our revolutionary "Get Paid to Study" program, you can earn while you learn.

🌐 Whether you aspire to excel in nursing, business, or engineering, Eurasia Institute offers top-notch programs and expert training. 🏥💼🔧 Join us in shaping your future today! Register now and take the first step towards your dreams. 📝🎓

Ready to take the next step? Click the link in the bio to join our 1:1 counselling session. Our team of experts is here to guide you towards your path of success. 🗣️🤝


Join our info session and embark on a remarkable career journey with and .germany


Adem is a student here at Eurasia and is going to study medicine in Germany—his goal is to eventually become a surgeon! Here he shares part of his story:

“My name is Adem. I’m Tunisian, I'm 18 years old and I'm a football player. I've been in Germany for like two months. When I first came here I lived with a guest family, which was a very new and interesting experience. There are many ups and downs to living with someone you don't even know. But I've learned a lot about German culture—how they go on with their day. I’ve gotten to know the city better. I’ve gotten to just be out and about in Berlin, which is a very nice start for my journey in Germany.

Eurasia has helped me so much with everything..since the first day. Being in Germany, you’re required to do a lot of paperwork. There are lots of things you need to finish and documents you need to get done. Eurasia really supports you in that aspect, so you don't really feel stressed or like you have a lot to do. So whenever you need help with anything, they're always there for you, which is a very good thing to have as a newcomer in Germany.”

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Introducing one of our beloved team members, Maria Smolka! Maria is from Russia and has been working with Eurasia since August of last year. She is a student success manager for Eurasia and she…Here’s what she has to say about the program:

“I have been working with EURASIA for eight months. We have a very diverse team, so there are a lot of learning opportunities.

This company gave me a lot of space for self-development and for creativity, also. Eurasia gives a ticket to a new future. Thanks to Eurasia, thousands of students have come to Germany and started a new page of their lives. We play a big role in the future of these young people.”

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“Hi, my name is Siko Bolan. I'm 19 years old. I come from Ghana. Actually, my dad is German but I never learned German, so that's why my mom decided to let me come here. Eurasia has actually given me an opportunity to learn it quickly and go to Uni. I really want to do software engineering.
The first time I came to Eurasia, I was..I don't know. I had different expectations towards it–I expected it to be very hard..not like in Ghana. There our teachers are very strict and we don't really have a lot to learn—it’s very hard. But Eurasia made it so easy for us and the teachers were very friendly. They made it so much better. And I'm actually very confident in my German now because of that.”


Glorious reception for German foreign minister in India 🇮🇳 😱 well she didn’t deserve more

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Day #4 in South Africa:
Opportunities to Study and Work in Germany. We drove up to College in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands. With its breathtaking location and a magnificent campus, Hilton tops the country's ranking.
together with International Education Link, pitched to the students of Hilton College and other visiting schools.

It was an absolute honour to be so warmly welcomed.

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Day #3 in South Africa:
Opportunities to Study and work in Germany. We are on ground in together with International Education Link, we pitched to the students of Durban Girls' College grateful for the warm reception offered to us and the exceeding interest for studying we held 1:1 discussions with parents and students and discussed eligibility requirements, timelines and benefits.

From there we held extremely engaging counselling sessions with students and parents at College on the Botha's Hills in KwaZulu-Natal. In all engagements it's fairly noticeable that Germany is an exciting study destination.

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Day1: we are on the road in South Africa with International Education Link
Had a wonderful 1:1 career counselling with students from Senior School in Johannesburg and later in the afternoon hosted a very interactive public engagement with students and parents Johannesburg Marriott Hotel Melrose Arch

We are committed to connecting cultures and bringing opportunities to as many students possible.

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2nd day in Ivory Coast, Abidjan. We are on the road to talk about academic opportunities as well as Germany. We had an exciting presentation at the Université Nangui Abrogoua
Most of the students here were highly interested in sciences and medical related subjects and obviously Germany provides plenty of opportunities for that.

Besides meetings with students we had an extremely interactive Radio Show Life Radio 107.7 and discussed opportunities, requirements and finance matters. Many thanks to our partner Yies Africa for the brilliant organisation.

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After 2 years of disruption is back to Madagascar at Novotel Convention and Spa Antananarivo. Students are excited about the Get Paid to Study Programmes. Many thanks to our partner Fan Education Agency for the organisation.

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Mit „Vielfalt und Exzellenz in der Ausbildung“ --Diversity and excellence in trainee programs

Was a great honor for witness the Award Ceremony of the best apprentices from the whole of Germany Futurium organised by BWK BildungsWerk in Kreuzberg and joined by 20 training companies. 300 applicants and 6-best trainees selected in the 6-categories; Media, Culture, Early Child Development, Production, and Technology, Health and Social, Green Jobs, Nutrition and Sustainability, Commerce and Administration.

"Your roots don't matter to excel as a trainee in Germany, what matters most is motivation, a strong will, and the courage to learn" This was the main message of the day.

Statistics show that a total number of 324 training occupations in Germany till 2021 were deemed recognized. Over 536.23 trainee places were officially made available in 2021 according to statics unfortunately, a total of 233,400 unfilled in-company training places were registered at the end of July.

Our goal is to make dual academic studies and vocational training attractive to foreign students. With the Get Paid to Study in Germany, we intend to give opportunities to qualified and motivated young people around the world a chance to start a well-paid career in Germany.

Want to learn more or partner with us? check the link in the bio and book a 1:1 consultation.

or write to us at [email protected]


The choices you make today define who you will be in the future!

Email us today and let’s decide the better path for you to take!

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Your time to make a change is NOW!
Germany has opened its doors to many international students! Become a highly qualified professional with a world-class degree!
Ready to start? Contact us for further guidance

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Supporting our students to realise their dreams in Germany is our main drive. Our career pathway students, Malik (India) and Rajab (Uganda) will be joining Vivantes Clinic in the department of Pulonomolgy and Oncology. We are committed to extending the same opportunity to many more motivated students around the 🌎

📧 [email protected] to learn more today!

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Big congratulations to EURASIA Institute for winning our first Diversification Support Award at the NET24 – World's Best Agents Conference held in Warsaw on the 28th of October 2022!!
Swipe right so see some highlights of the day!



Marriott Warsaw Hotel :
We got it! Our team is honoured to have been voted by New Edu Trend. Thank you for recognising our efforts.

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live from
Our top team is on ground to network and talk business

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Our Story

The EURASIA Institute was founded by Andrew Geddes in 1993 and is all about imparting knowledge of languages and cultures. The EURASIA Institute is continually expanding its world-wide network - with universities, institutions, companies and associations, and values the positive synergies that arise from this mutual cooperation.

With its multi-faceted range of products and services, EURASIA aims to build bridges and thereby help to create better understanding between cultures.




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