Musethica International

Within one week participants play 12 concerts in social places.

Musethica is a performance program for advanced musicians born from the idea that performing regularly in front of an audience is a crucial step towards mastering the art of performing.

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Musethica, an education method with social impact

Musethica is an education method for talented musicians, introducing extensive concert performances to a wide range of audiences as a basic teaching tool. Selected musicians are given the opportunity to perform a large number of concerts as a fundamental part of their education, often playing together with their mentor. The mentor attends all concerts and is coaching the musicians after each concert. Musethica’s international team of experienced and carefully chosen mentors, coach the musicians in master classes and rehearsals, preparing concert programs of the highest quality. Together, the young musicians and their mentors perform extensively to all parts of society. At least 85 percent of the concerts are performed outside traditional concert halls. Musethicas concerts are played in prisons, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, elderly homes, homeless shelters, centers for spe- cial education, and in many other unusual places.

The aim is to play for all parts of society, prioritizing people who are ex- cluded or at risk of exclusion. The concerts are always free of charge. Musi- cians and their mentors perform without remuneration. The aim of Musethi- ca is to establish itself as a program of excellence and as an integrated part of the higher education in music universities and conservatories worldwide.


Musethica was born from a need that has traditionally been paid scant attention in the training of musicians – regular playing for an audience. The musician functions as a bridge between a musical composition and the listener. It is an art that cannot be learned just in the classroom. To comple- tely master their instruments musicians need that encounter with the audien- ce. The intensive Musethica training program is an enormous challenge for musicians but also brings moving moments. During the one-week sessions, the musicians play an average of 12 to 14 concerts and nd themselves surpassing their own expectations. Freed from the competitive daily atmo- sphere at academic institutions, the musicians are able to improve their concentration, enhance their performance and learn to listen to themselves and each other.




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