Become a real DJ and discover the best secrets of the Berlin electronic scene at the hands of one of

Fuelled by our passion for beats and armed with years of experience, our mission is to turn lovers of music into creators of sound. Join us to learn the art of the DJ profession, while experiencing Berlin’s world-famous club culture from the other side of the decks. As Berlin is a modern and flexible city that constantly adapts to new changes, so is the Beatheim in how we adapt to the ever-changin

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🔥 Unearth the Untold Rave Chronicles of '90s and '00s Europe!

"Never Alone 1997-2004, Raving In Europe" drops a visual bombshell on November 25th!
Immerse yourself in the rebellious spirit of the underground rave scene, captured through the lens of Milan's maestros, Cheyenne Clementi and Valentina Morandi.

From clandestine gatherings in Marseille to wild nights in Lisbon and Prague, witness the pulsating heart of a free-party community.

Pre-order your front-row ticket to the euphoria – 226 pages of pure nostalgia!
Don't miss the rave revolution!




🎶 Laurent Garnier: A Legend's Journey 🎶

At 57, the French icon Laurent Garnier is redefining his path in the fast-paced industry. Just before his summer tour's cancellation, he shares his new lifestyle shift and the revelation that the joy of music resonates like savoring a delectable dish.

From catering school to rocking The Haçienda during the UK's Second Summer of Love, Garnier's journey has been unconventional. Mandated military service brought him back to reality, yet he continued to pioneer Parisian clubbing culture. His enduring anthems like "The Man With The Red Face" still ignite dance floors.

During the pandemic, he rekindled his passion for cooking, indulging in Japanese cuisine at a friend's restaurant. His dedication to both music and food showcases his eclectic nature.

As he approaches 60, Garnier aims to embrace a slower touring pace, savoring each city's essence. An album, "33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont," serves as a testament to his multifaceted artistry. 📀

Garnier's life is a harmonious blend of family, music, and culinary delights.


For the sixth edition of this compilation of Podcast created by our own students, we have this wonderful 1 hour DJ-Set by the hand of PYRAME.

David started his first steps as a Dj learning in our school.

We are pleased to see how he has been growing as an artist since his beginnings and it is a pleasure to have this wonderful Podcast made entirely for BEATHEIM.



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🎧🔴 Unlock the Groove: Elevate your DJ game with this tip!🔴🎧

Dive into the world of tempo and master its controls for seamless mixes. Learn how to finesse the beats per minute (BPM) to set the perfect vibe for every set. Whether you're dropping bangers or setting a chill mood, understanding tempo is your key to captivating the dancefloor. Let's turn up the energy or slow it down effortlessly!


Photos from Beatheim's post 07/08/2023

🎶 Elevate your DJ game with the DJS-1000 (16 track dynamic DJ sampler) and unleash the power of innovation! Intuitively craft one-of-a-kind sounds and phrases ahead of your set or on-the-fly, using the DJ-friendly interface for seamless sequencing and looping.

Featuring a stunning 7-inch full-color touch screen, 16 multicolored step input keys, and dynamic Performance Pads, the DJS-1000 delivers an unrivaled experience in the booth. Connect with Pioneer DJ's official account () to witness this groundbreaking equipment in action.

Key Features:
💿 Step Sequencer: Create grooves effortlessly with the changing colors of the step input keys, keeping track info on each track at all times.

💿 Tactile Performance Pads: Layer up to 16 samples with ease, while the LED lights indicate active samples, and Velocity Mode lets you control volume with pressure.

💿 Touch Strip: Masterfully control pitch bending and drum rolls for epic transitions and unleash your creativity with customized parameters.

💿 7-inch Touch Screen: Instantly access Home, Sequence, and Mixer screens for quick adjustments and an overview of assigned samples.

💿 Accurate Syncing: Link your DJS-1000 with CDJs or XDJs through Pro DJ Link and nail the tempo and beat manually.

💿 Live Sampling: Capture input sounds and transform them into individual tracks, ready for live remixing.

💿 Take your DJ performance to the next level with the DJS-1000 and set the stage on fire!


🚨 Legendary House Label Shuts Down After 31 Years

Madhouse Records, the iconic house music label founded by Kerri Chandler and Mel Medalie in 1992, is closing its doors. In a heartfelt Instagram post today, July 4th, label co-founder Kerri Chandler announced the news. The post stated, "It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that legendary house music label Madhouse Records will cease trading."

All of Chandler's Madhouse releases will find a new home on his Kaoz Theory label, while the remaining records will be incorporated into its parent label, Champion Records.

"We're naturally saddened to bid farewell to Madhouse Records after an incredible 31 years, but all good things must come to an end," said Raj Porter, representing Champion Records. "Both Kerri and Champion have exciting new projects on the horizon, and it feels like the right time to conclude this chapter."

Madhouse's journey began in 1992 with Chandler's timeless album "A Basement, A Red Light, And a Feelin'". Over the years, the label showcased extraordinary talent, featuring artists like Dennis Ferrer, Demuja, Black Loops, Kevin Over, and Fred Everything.


🎧🔴 Unleash Your DJ Skills with Mind-Blowing Loop Techniques! 🔴🎧

Attention all music enthusiasts and aspiring DJs! Prepare to have your mind blown with the hottest DJ Tip reel on Instagram! In this jaw-dropping video, we reveal a treasure trove of mind-bending loop techniques that will take your mixing skills to intergalactic heights!

Discover the secrets behind seamless transitions and mind-melting beats as we guide you through a mesmerizing journey of loop wizardry. From loop slicing to reverse looping, and everything in between, this reel will equip you with the power to captivate any crowd and elevate your DJ game like never before!

Get ready to unleash your creativity and set the dance floor ablaze with these mind-blowing techniques. Don't miss out on this electrifying opportunity to become the next DJ sensation. Watch now and join the ranks of legendary DJs who know how to keep the party pumping all night long!


Photos from Beatheim's post 28/07/2023

🎧 Unleash Your DJ Superpowers with RMX-1000!

The ultimate game-changer in effectors and samplers, the RMX-1000 combines editing software, performance hardware, and VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins. Studio FX and beat boxes come alive with the physicality of pro-DJ equipment. Features from flagship mixers and effectors, like the Isolator FX, X-Pad, and multiple FX chaining, converge into this one unit. Control multiple parameters intuitively and customize the hardware using remixbox™ editing software. Plug the RMX-1000 into your PC/Mac and manipulate VST/AU/RTAS plug-ins for fresh studio productions. Build and break tracks with 10 types of FX in the Scene FX section. Alter audio input rhythm and timbre using Isolator FX. Engage with drum samples using the X-Pad and Pitch control. Seamlessly transition back to the original track with Release FX. Personalize your DJing experience with remixbox software. Follow for more updates.


🔥 BREAKING NEWS! 🔥 Following the tragic death of Tony Allen, an incredible transformation has taken place within Tomorrow Comes The Harvest. The group, now a dynamic trio, is ready to conquer the world! 🌍

Prepare yourselves for an EPIC album release on September 8th, titled "Evolution," brought to you by Axis Records. This groundbreaking masterpiece aims to shatter boundaries, weaving together mesmerizing sounds and rhythms through breathtaking improvisation.

Joining forces with the legendary Jeff Mills are the mesmerizing Prabhu Edouard, a tabla player extraordinaire, and the brilliant Jean-Phi Dary on keyboards. Together, they promise to create musical magic like never before!

But that's not all! The trio has unveiled a MIND-BLOWING European tour, commencing on July 20th. Get ready to experience their enchanting melodies at iconic venues like the Barbican Centre in London, Theater des Westens in Berlin, and the National Concert Hall in Dublin!

Stay tuned for more updates and be the first to witness this extraordinary evolution!


For the fifth edition of this compilation of Podcast created by our own students, we have this wonderful 1 hour DJ-Set by the hand of BAUEN.

Gaston started her first steps as a Dj learning in our school.

We are pleased to see how he has been growing as an artist since his beginnings and it is a pleasure to have this wonderful Podcast made entirely for BEATHEIM.


🔗 Link:

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Bauen felt the connection with music since a child playing guitar and piano, listening to different genders but most importantly he felt in love with music. He started DJing in small parties with friends as a teenager by the same time he studied sound and recording. In 2018 he started his professional career as dj and producer, playing in bars and clubs in Buenos Aires, Copenhague and Berlín, with some releases in Psicodélica, Wareblues, Moiss Records, Crooks & Villains, Hustler Trax and more coming soon. He keeps producing house music, taking production classes with the legendary Argentinian producer Manuel Sahagun. You can find in his sets deep house and house sounds, with some funky, soul and groovy stuff.

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Photos from Beatheim's post 21/07/2023

🎧 Unleash Your Inner DJ with the Pioneer XDJ-700!
Get ready to take your DJ skills to the next level with the compact powerhouse, the XDJ-700. This incredible DJ multi-player, brought to you by , packs a punch with its amazing features and sleek design.

With its large touchscreen and intuitive club layout, the XDJ-700 lets you effortlessly navigate through your tracks and unleash your creativity. Prepare and manage your music library with ease using our free rekordbox™ software on your PC or Mac.

The XDJ-700's impressive features include a 7-inch full-colour LCD touch screen for ultimate control, faster browsing options, and the ability to trigger Hot Cues and Hot Loops in perfect time. With beat perfect quantization and slip mode, your live edits will be seamless and flawless.

Whether you're rocking the smallest booth or setting up at home, the XDJ-700 is your ultimate companion for an electrifying DJ experience. Get yours now and IgniteTheParty !!


🎧 Experience the Unforgettable Fusion 2023 Festival, Anytime, Anywhere!

Missed out on the mind-blowing Fusion 2023 Festival? No worries! Brace yourself for an epic journey as we bring the entire festival extravaganza right to your ears.

Introducing the sensational Fusion 2023 Soundcloud playlist, featuring over 200 electrifying sets that will make you feel like you're right there in the midst of the action.

From heart-pumping beats to soul-stirring melodies, each track captures the essence of Fusion 2023's unparalleled energy. Immerse yourself in the ultimate festival experience by following the official Soundcloud account of "Jeden Tag Ein Set" at Prepare to be blown away!

Don't miss your chance to relive the magic of Fusion 2023! Get ready to dance, groove, and lose yourself in the immersive soundscape of this iconic festival. Click the link in our bio to embark on this extraordinary musical journey!

🔗 Link:


For the third fourth of this compilation of Podcast created by our own students, we have this wonderful 1 hour DJ-Set by the hand of THREE RIVERS. Follow Three Rivers - MIXCLOUD -

Albert started his first steps as a DJ learning in our school.

We are pleased to see how he has been growing as an artist since his beginnings and it is a pleasure to have this wonderful Podcast made entirely for BEATHEIM.


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Photos from Beatheim's post 10/07/2023

🔊 Introducing the game-changing PIONEER DJM-A9, the ultimate 4-channel professional DJ mixer in sleek black. Prepare to be blown away as this extraordinary device takes your club-standard mixing to new heights. With unmatched sound quality, enhanced playability, and seamless connectivity, the DJM-A9 is a true powerhouse designed to elevate your performances to the next level. Experience stunningly clear sound quality with its state-of-the-art technology, delivering crystal-clear, high-resolution audio. Unleash your creativity with evolved playability, featuring spacious EQ k***s and silky-smooth channel faders for seamless transitions and scratching. Take control with the world's first Center Lock k**b for precise effects manipulation. Discover the newly advanced Beat FX, offering a range of effects and a unique analog tape-style sound. With expanded connectivity, dual headphone outputs, and a dedicated booth EQ, you'll have unrivaled flexibility and freedom. Embrace the future of DJing with the PIONEER DJM-A9 and revolutionize your performances. Get yours now and join the DJ elite!


🔥 SHOCKING: UK festival HighRise in Flames Amidst Founder's Sexual Assault Scandal!
The highly anticipated event has been CANCELLED as horrifying allegations against its founder, Guy Hughes, send shockwaves through the music industry. A deleted statement sparked a mass exodus of talented acts like Iration Steppas, Aba Shanti-I, and Channel One Sound System, leaving fans devastated. Ticket holders are demanding REFUNDS after Hughes's Instagram post defending himself caused outrage online. But wait, it gets worse! In the now-removed post, Hughes shamelessly downplayed the allegations, claiming consent is a ""grey area."" Worm Disco Club and other prominent artists have since joined the boycott, refusing to support a festival tainted by sexual assault.

Photos from Beatheim's post 03/07/2023

🔊 Elevate Your Sound to New Heights with the Professional Nearfield Loudspeaker!

At Beatheim DJ School in Berlin, we rely on the exceptional quality and versatility of these cutting-edge speakers. The Alpha 50 Evo, with its 1"" aluminium tweeter and 5"" Slatefiber cone woofer developed in Focal's renowned French workshops, delivers unrivaled dynamics, impeccable tonal balance, and flawless sonic coherence that will transport you to audio paradise, no matter where you're listening.

Featuring a 1/4"" TRS jack input alongside XLR and RCA analogue inputs, the Alpha 50 Evo provides seamless connectivity for all your audio sources. Its disengageable automatic stand-by mode and inserts for wall and ceiling fastening add convenience and flexibility to your setup.

With two powerful amplifiers ensuring high current capacity, you'll experience total control over your sound dynamics, even at high volumes, without a hint of distortion. The sleek bass-reflex design, rounded edges, and robust side panels of the Alpha 50 Evo not only enhance its acoustical integration but also add a touch of modern elegance to any space.

Join us on a sonic journey like no other, and witness the magic of detailed mixes and wide dispersion that fills every corner of the room. Connect, create, and unleash your DJ prowess with the Professional Nearfield Loudspeaker.

Tag and let the world know you're part of the audio revolution!


🔥🎧 SoundCloud Revolutionizes Artist-Fan Interaction with Groundbreaking "Fans" Feature!

The wait is finally over! SoundCloud for Artists () now empowers users to identify their ultimate fans through an ingenious algorithm that analyzes listening behavior, comments, sharing, and even location. But that's not all! Artists can now unleash their creativity and engage directly with their fans through personalized direct messages, ensuring they're always in the loop about upcoming releases, exclusive merch drops, mind-blowing live performances, and more!

This game-changing feature, aptly named "Fans," has been exclusively released to 50,000 Next Pro artists after rigorous testing by 10,000 talented individuals over a six-week period. While still in beta, it's already making waves across the industry.

SoundCloud's spokesperson, Tracy Chan (), emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to empowering artists. "Direct access to fans is our foundation," Chan stated. "With 'Fans,' we're providing artists with the ultimate key to success and turning their passion into their livelihood."

In an effort to further bolster artist-fan connections, SoundCloud also introduced a cutting-edge royalty structure, fueling deeper relationships and propelling artists towards greater profitability. By harnessing the vast amount of data generated by the fan-powered revenue system, this visionary feature amplifies not only the artist's voice but their earnings too.

Prepare for a new era of music interaction. Brace yourself for "Fans" on SoundCloud—the gateway to extraordinary artistry and the soundtrack of your life!


"For the third edition of this compilation of Podcast created by our own students, we have this wonderful 1 hour DJ-Set by the hand of GIGI ELISE. Follow GIGI ELISE - IG -

Julienne started her first steps as a Dj learning in our school.

We are pleased to see how she has been growing as an artist since her beginnings and it is a pleasure to have this wonderful Podcast made entirely for BEATHEIM.

🔗 Link:


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Soundcloud: -pek
Instagram: -pek

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Photos from Beatheim's post 21/06/2023

🎧 Introducing the PLX-1000: The Unbeatable Professional Direct Drive Turntable!

Prepare to experience the epitome of precision and excellence with the PLX-1000 ( ), a true gem crafted by Pioneer over 50 years of expertise in high-end turntable construction. This exceptional model combines the familiarity of a classic design with cutting-edge enhancements.

1️⃣ Unparalleled Direct Drive Performance:
The high-performance direct drive system delivers unparalleled stability and exceptional control. With a startup torque of 4.5 kg/cm (or more), this turntable achieves a blazingly fast rotation speed of 33⅓ rpm in a mere 0.3 seconds!

2️⃣ Impeccable Sound Design:
Say goodbye to resonance and vibrations! The PLX-1000 boasts a die-cast zinc chassis that effectively minimizes unwanted vibrations. It also features an 8mm thick resin-reinforced base and a 9mm thick anti-vibration material.

3️⃣ Master the Tempo:
With the multi-tempo control, you can effortlessly manipulate tracks, speeding up or slowing down the tempo at ±8%, ±16%, and ±50%. Need to get back to the original speed instantly? A simple reset button brings you right back to ±0% fixed rotation speed.

4️⃣ Seamless Connectivity:
The PLX-1000 offers easy connectivity with interchangeable power and audio cables. Switching or replacing cables is a breeze, allowing for hassle-free setup. Plus, the professional-grade gold-plated RCA connectors ensure low impedance and deliver incredible sound quality.

Experience the legacy, precision, and performance of the PLX-1000, a turntable that encapsulates Pioneer's dedication to excellence. Elevate your DJing and audio playback to new heights with this extraordinary piece of craftsmanship.


🎧 Funeral Playlist Revealed: Ryuichi Sakamoto's Final Musical Journey!

The late legendary Japanese composer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, known for his extraordinary talent and mesmerizing melodies, has left behind a profound legacy that extends beyond his iconic works. In a heartwarming gesture, Sakamoto's team has unveiled the captivating playlist carefully curated by the maestro himself for his own funeral.

Embracing a diverse range of musical expressions, Sakamoto's choices reflect his profound love for the arts and his eternal dedication to the power of music. The playlist commences with the ethereal masterpiece "Haloid Xerrox Copy 3 (Paris)" by Sakamoto's collaborator, the brilliant Alva Noto. Prepare to be enchanted as the journey continues through the timeless compositions of musical geniuses like Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, and the incomparable Nino Rota. The crescendo of emotions builds and culminates with the captivating finale, Laurel Halo's hauntingly beautiful composition, "Breath."

Sakamoto's management expressed, "He truly was with music until the very end." These poignant words capture the essence of a true musical soul who poured his heart and soul into every note, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sound.

🔊 Dive into the captivating playlist below and immerse yourself in the profound beauty of Sakamoto's musical universe.

🔗 Link:


For the second edition of this compilation of Podcast created by our own students, we have this wonderful 1 hour DJ-Set by the hand of REZONAND. - Follow REZONAND - IG - .dj

Tibor started her first steps as a Dj learning in our school.

We are pleased to see how he has been growing as an artist since his beginnings and it is a pleasure to have this wonderful Podcast made entirely for BEATHEIM.


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AMIBerlin - Arabic Music Institute Berlin AMIBerlin - Arabic Music Institute Berlin
Ohlauer Str. 41, Expedition Metropolis
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We offer lessons in Arabic instruments (Oud, Darbuka, Nay, Violin “Kaman” and Qanun), and singin

PallasStr. 15
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Der STREICHERKLASSEN punkt BERLIN, ist ein Ort an dem Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene sich regelm

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Die Musikschule Klangfabrik bietet hochqualifizierte Musik Unterricht in Fach Klavier,Flöte,Gitarre

Free your voice Free your voice
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Private voice lessons for anyone wanting to explore and expand their own singing potential. I specia

Deutsch-Russische Musikschule TonKunst Deutsch-Russische Musikschule TonKunst
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Die Deutsch-Russische Musikschule TonKunst in Berlin - Karlshorst bietet ein breites Spektrum an Ins

Vascomix dj  Le dragon Vascomix dj Le dragon
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Animateur événementielle, vente et location d’instruction musical de dj‘s , Conseils et Orientation

Gesangsunterricht in Berlin - Time to Sing Gesangsunterricht in Berlin - Time to Sing
Grunewaldstraße 85
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Gesangsunterricht | Berlin | Für Erwachsene aller Niveaus | DE EN FR RU

Global Music Academy Berlin Global Music Academy Berlin
WildenbruchStr. 80
Berlin, 12045

Die Global Music Academy ist eine Bildungs- und Kultureinrichtung für globale Musik- und Tanzkultur

Westerland Musikschule Westerland Musikschule
Prenzlauer Promenade 149/152
Berlin, 13189

Deine Musikschule in Pankow! Wir bieten Unterricht für dein Lieblingsinstrument oder Gesang an. Au

MUSIK & BEWEGUNG: Eltern-Kind-Kurse, Inhaberin: Johanna von Kuczkowski MUSIK & BEWEGUNG: Eltern-Kind-Kurse, Inhaberin: Johanna von Kuczkowski
Marchlewskistraße 33
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Musik-Eltern-Kind-Kurse für Kinder von 2-5 Jahren mit Johanna von HANS DIE WANZE im Spielraum für