Intensive academic 3-6-weeks short-term study abroad program in Berlin

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FUBiS is an intensive, academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted towards their degrees at their home institutions. It is our mission to provide international students with a premier study abroad program delivering the highest academic quality and furthering the development of intercultural competence. FUBiS' goal is to provide a stimulating and rewarding experien

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Photos from FUBiS's post 10/01/2024

Hi guys! 👋🤗
Term I of 2024 has officially started! 🎉 We are delighted to welcome 91 students from 21 countries for the next three weeks. During those three weeks they will attend German language and subject courses on interesting topics such as law or politics. 📚The majority of the students come from South Korea, Singapore, and various Latin American countries. 🌏
We usually take a couple of pictures during events and upload them to our website - and the pictures of our orientation event are already online! 📸😊
Follow us on Instagram for more updates: www.instagram.com/fubisberlin/


A big thank you to our students from all over the world, our instructors, partner universities and other partnering institutions 🤗 You made 2023 extra special for us 😇 See you all in 2024 🎊🥂


🎉Registration for our summer terms in 2024 is now open 🥳🙌

Go to our website and check out our offered courses in
➡ Term II: http://www.fubis.org/2_prog/term_2
➡ Term III: http://www.fubis.org/2_prog/term_3

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable summer in one of Europe’s most exciting and vibrant cities! 🤩🧳🌍


📣 Great news: the course program for FUBiS Term I 2024 is now online! 🎉🤩

Check out all offered courses, housing options, and field trip offers: http://www.fubis.org/2_prog/term_1 📚🧐

✅ Registration in open until November 22, 2023. Follow this link to register for Term I 2024: http://www.fubis.org/5_geb/anmeldung

Hope to start the year 2024 with you in Berlin! 😊🤝

Photos from FUBiS's post 24/08/2023

Almost a week ago we said goodbye to our last FUBiS cohort this year 🎉🥲 A big thank you to our students for making this summer truly unforgettable! We hope that you made great memories, friendships, and new experiences and that you will come back to FUBiS, Berlin or Germany one day!

We wish you all the best for all your journeys ahead 👋🫰🍀

PS: You’ll find more impressions from our farewell ceremony here: http://www.fubis.org/1_fubis/fotos/2023_summer_3/farewell/index.html 😊📸

Photos from FUBiS's post 15/08/2023
Picture Gallery FUBiS Term III 2023 25/07/2023

Our term III 2023 FUBiS program just started this week! 🎉😍
For our last term of the summer, we are pleased to welcome 310 students from more than 30 countries. Our orientation event took place on Sunday and we can't wait to get to know you on campus and on our program activities of the next 4 weeks! ☺️

For more photos of our orientation event, visit our website: www.fubis.org/1_fubis/fotos/2023_summer_3 and follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/fubisberlin/ for more insights and updates!

Picture Gallery FUBiS Term III 2023


📢 Calling all FUB alumni near New York City ⬇️

FU goes New York City. Join us!
Together with the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society, Technische Universität Berlin and Deutsches Haus at New York University, Freie Universität Berlin is hosting the symposium “Critical Stances towards AI : For a Critical and Self-Determined Approach to Digital Technology” in honor of what would have been Joseph Weizenbaum’s 100th birthday.

📅 28 to 29 September 2023 in

Join us to discuss topics the Berlin born pioneer was deeply engaged with: , algorithmic in societies and in the ecosystem.

The symposium is open to alumni and former research fellows of the universities and non university research institutions involved in the Weizenbaum Institute.

ℹ️ Detailed information about the and the preliminary program can be found here: https://www.tu.berlin/en/go216460/
👉 Places are limited, and prior registration is required. To register please refer to: https://events.tu-berlin.de/.../01872c96-d974-79c2.../apply
⏲️ The registration deadline is 18 June 2023.

Picture: Weizenbaum Institute

Photos from FUBiS's post 08/06/2023

A warm welcome to our FUBiS term II 2023 students ☺️👋
On Sunday, 160 students from 20 different countries were part of our orientation event and the start of our first summer program this year. We look forward to the next 6 weeks with you!

Visit our website for more photos from orientation ➡️ http://www.fubis.org/1_fubis/fotos/2023_summer_2 and follow us on Instagram ➡️ https://www.instagram.com/fubisberlin/ for more insights 😊

"International Finance” I FUBiS Digital Lecture Series 02/06/2023

🎓🌟 Calling all finance enthusiasts! Learn more about "International Finance" with Dr. Burcin Col and dive into and their impact on . Unlock the secrets of Financial Times and The Economist 🌍📰

🗓️ Join us for FUBiS Term III, from July 22 to August 19, 2023, in Berlin, and enhance your knowledge on international finance:
💡 Learn analytical tools needed to understand international financial markets as well as the institutional and economic forces affecting them.
💡 Relate the fundamental topics to current debates.
💡 Enjoy exciting field trips that will help complement and enrich the classroom material.

📺Watch Dr. Col talk about her FUBiS course on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6UpQnpQUw

📅 Course Dates: July 22 - August 19, 2023
❓ Course info & syllabus: http://www.fubis.org/2_prog/term_3/B-Track/index.html
🚨 Register by June 24 to secure your spot: http://www.fubis.org/5_geb/anmeldung

"International Finance” I FUBiS Digital Lecture Series Session topic: The European Monetary Union and the EuroFUBiS instructor: Dr. Burcin ColLanguage of instruction: EnglishAs part of the FUBiS digital lecture s...

Photos from FU-BEST's post 02/06/2023
Photos from FUBiS's post 05/01/2023

Yesterday we kicked off our first FUBiS term in 2023 🤩🎊
We welcomed 91 students (mostly from South Korea, Singapore, the US and Latin America) on the Freie Universität Berlin campus in Lankwitz. We are looking forward to being your hosts the following 3 weeks and wish you an unforgettable time in Berlin and at FUBiS! 😊🌏📚


Happy holidays and a peaceful new year from the FUBiS team! 🎊🥂 See you again in 2023 😊👋

Photos from FUBiS's post 21/12/2022

Last preparations for FUBiS Term I 2023 🥳
The whole team is looking forward to welcoming you on campus first thing in January 🤗

Safe travels for all Term I students and we hope you are es excited as we are 🧳😊


🚨 Registration for our two summer terms in 2023 is now open 🚨

📚 Check out the course portfolios here:

➡️ Term II: fubis.org/2_prog/term_2/index.html
➡️ Term III: fubis.org/2_prog/term_3/index.html

✅ Come to Berlin next summer and register for FUBiS here:

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin soon 😊👋


❓ Are seemingly Democratic nations increasingly becoming authoritarian? And how closely do those societies resemble fascist regimes?

❗️ These questions and many more will be answered in the new FUBiS course “Fascism without Borders. Fascist Movements in Comparative Perspective”, taught by our very own instructor Dr. Marcus Funck.

In this course you can now find out more about fascism in Europe in one of the most historically meaningful cities in Europe: Berlin. As part of the program, you will join excursions throughout Berlin to get a firsthand experience of all of its historical remnants.

➡️Follow this link to get more information on the course: http://www.fubis.org/2_prog/term_1/subject-courses/index.html

If you are interested in participating in a program at Freie Universität Berlin coming January, apply to now! Get credits for your respective degree, join a host of diverse students from all across the world in discovering this fascinating and lively city! 😊🙌

✅Register for FUBiS Term I 2023 here: https://server44.sewobe.de/portal/individuell/12399_erg_fubis/index.php?MANDANT_KEY=d9da28ba198f61ee36cd04573afc530a&TERM_ID=31


Are deep conversations about life and the universe familiar to you? 🤔🌏

With our FUBiS course “German Philosophy: From Kant to Habermas”, taught by our distinguished instructor Dr. Frieder Otto Wolf, you will learn how to look at life and the universe through a different lens 👀🔎

Join us in exploring the origins of modern thought and empirical science 🤝 You will learn about a comprehensive journey of German philosophy starting during the European enlightenment era 💡and ranging throughout the tragedies of the 19th century up to contemporary philosophers such as Jürgen Habermas, one of the greatest contributors to critical (race) theory.

➡️Follow this link to get more information on the course: http://www.fubis.org/2_prog/term_1/subject-courses/index.html -philosophy

If you are interested in participating in a program at Freie Universität Berlin coming January, apply to FUBiS now! Get credits for your respective degree, join a host of diverse students from all across the world in discovering this fascinating and lively city! 😊🙌

✅Register for FUBiS Term I 2023 here: https://server44.sewobe.de/portal/individuell/12399_erg_fubis/index.php?MANDANT_KEY=d9da28ba198f61ee36cd04573afc530a&TERM_ID=31

Photos from FUBiS's post 14/09/2022

Our CEO Yasmin Fischdick and FUBiS program director Sophia Schmieder are currently attending EAIE European Association for International Education conference in Barcelona and look forward to a fruitful exchange about current study aborad developments 🎓🌏


🎉Our Term I 2023 program is online now and registration is open 🥳🙌

From January 3 to 26, 2023 you can learn or improve your German on five different proficiency levels or learn more about politics, philosophy or history in one of our six subject courses 🧐📚🎓

📖 Have a look at our whole course portfolio here ➡️ fubis.org/2_prog/term_1

✅ Register for Term I 2023 here ➡️ fubis.org/5_geb/anmeldung until December 6, 2022. If you register until November 8, 2022 you can get our early bird discount on the program fee😉

Hope to see you in Berlin coming January 😊👋


Think German philosophy is just an endless string of mean mugging men moaning about the hardships of society? Well, think again.

The ‘German Moment in Philosophy’ is defined by the varying worldviews of some of Germany’s greatest reasoners. From Kant, via Nietzsche, to the Frankfurt School of Thought, few countries can match Germany’s philosophical interplay of hope and nihilism, tradition and progress, good and evil.

Step aboard the philosophical rollercoaster in FUBiS’ and Dr. Frieder Otto Wolf’s course ‘German Philosophy: From Kant to Habermas,’ this Summer Term III (July 23 – August 20) on-site at Freie Universität Berlin.

Register until June 25 on the FUBiS Website:


Who, what, how, where, and, most importantly, why – these are the questions pertaining to global gender inequalities in the 21st century.

In this year’s Summer Term III (July 23 – August 20), FUBiS and Dr. Alice Margaria offer the online course ‘Genders and Diversities: Old Questions, Persisting Challenges, Future Opportunities’ to equip you with the intellectual expertise to identify, understand, and tackle these issues of worldwide importance.

Covering themes of LGBTQI+ problems, women in leadership positions, and the power of speech, don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a difference.

Register until June 25 on the FUBiS website:


“And here, poor fool, I stand once more, no wiser than I was before.” … said no one ever after taking this course.

Join FUBiS and Dr. Anja Richter this Summer Term III (July 23 – August 20) in the on-site course ‘Schlüsselwerke der deutschen Literatur von der Klassik bis zur Gegenwart‘ to discover the fascinating path of how German literature defined itself – and society – over the course of centuries.

From Goethe to Brecht and from utopias to art movements, partake in a theoretical and practical experience unlike any other.

Register for this exclusive subject course taught entirely in German until June 25 on the FUBiS website: www.fubis.org.


Capitalism has always been a double-edged sword. It creates unparalleled wealth for a world, which it slowly destroys along the way – as we must observe on a daily basis.

What are we to do about it and how might one transform the system to serve our and our planet’s needs?

Get to grips with the intricate nature of modern economic theory, the ambiguity of morals in a money driven society, and the responsibility of individuals and corporations to achieve justice in a system of shortcomings.

This 2022 Summer Term III (July 23 – August 20), FUBiS and Dr. Wolfram Bergande offer the on-site course ‘Economic Ethics: Can the Market be Moral?’ Register until June 25 on the FUBiS website: www.fubis.org.

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