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Works of faith,hope and love,

The interactive book: The Ugly Duckling – Where To? – Education Towards Tolerance*, in English and in Hebrew, printed and digital, suggests a different interpretation than the common one of H. C. Andersen’s most touching story: The Ugly Duckling which was written in 1843. It aims at developing critical thinking among its readers (from 9 years old to 90 +) and at combatting racism by revealing the discriminatory basic concept that stands behind Andersen’s tale:
white = beautiful opposite dark grey = Ugly.
The Ugly Duckling expresses this view towards the end of the story: …” From a thicket close by came three beautiful white swans” …, he is eager to approach the “royal” birds but hesitates. He looks at his reflection mirrored in the water: “But what did he see in the clear stream below? His own image; no longer a dark, grey bird, ugly and disagreeable to look at, but a graceful and beautiful swan”.
Andersen’s tale is translated into 65 languages. Unintentionally, parents and educators that introduce young children to this tale, teach them a prejudiced lesson that is hard to change or to delete in later years.
The readers of The Ugly Duckling – Where To? are invited to carefully examine Andersen’s original story and to invent/choose a happy ending that is consistent with the democratic and the humanist values of our time. They are equipped with a picturesque Ladder Test and a Circle Test that makes it easier for them to distinguish between a closed social system’s solution to an open democratic one.

I deeply hope that the book will help “….to compose a country committed to all cultures, colors, characters and conditions of man…” (Amanda Gorman’s poem) and will serve as a tool for both parents and educators in education towards tolerance.

The book is available at in printed and digital formats in English as well as in Hebrew and would be valuable to 3rd -5th grades.
*The booklet is an outcome of the academic essay:
Israeli, L. (2011). "The Other - a Resource or a Threat? Polar interpretations of two children stories: The Ugly Duckling by H"C Anderson & Raspberry Juice by H’ Shenav" (Journal of Peace Education, Vol. 8, No.1, p.1-17)

The Ugly Duckling – Where To? is one of a few school programs I have developed in the field of multicultural relations (from kindergarten to college students). For more information see
English tutor pre-school - 12/Abitur (Berlin-Mitte, Prenzlauerberg)
English tutor: pre-K- 12 / Vorschule - Abitur. Reading, writing, language arts, college prep, IB, SAT ACT testing, etc. Native and non-native English speakers. (Berlin-Mitte, Prenzlauerberg)

I am a native English speaker from New York City. I have a BA in art history and English literature from Bryn Mawr College and a MA in architecture from the TU Stuttgart, Germany. I work as a copy editor, proofreader, translator, and as a tutor. I am fluent in German.

I have tutored and taught English for 15+ years to students of all grades and proficiency levels. I tutor students in reading, writing, comprehension, language arts, spelling, essay writing, college prep, including testing. I work with students for both longer and shorter periods, helping them to steadily develop and grow their skills, or simply to get back on track quickly and sustainably. I also place emphasis on concentration, organization and time management skills, as mastering these facilitates better and deeper learning both in the short and long term. Critical thinking is also a focus of most lessons.

I not only greatly enjoy teaching and tutoring children and young adults, but I also believe that sessions with a tutor can sometimes be the crucial difference between doing poorly and excelling in school. My ultimate goal as a tutor is to help students reach their greatest potential. I also teach my students to learn to help themselves and become independent learners. I truly believe that if my students fail to achieve their potential or defined goals, I have failed at my job. Hence, I take my job and responsibility as a tutor very seriously. Consequently, I have a high rate of success.

I work extensively with both native and non-native speakers and can tailor lessons to reflect a student’s individual needs. I will create a curriculum if needed or desired but am also happy to work with any material a student has or would like to use, provided it serves the learning process. I also am willing to communicate with students' teachers if this is desired or requested. (I am fluent in German.)

A free consultation session is available upon request. Please feel free to contact me at:
[email protected]
I am looking to interview parents with teens and pre-teens.
If you are interested please do get in touch.
"what would you say are the main challenges you face as a parent of a teen or as a teenager? We are just doing some research for a new product we are working on. We would love to hear more. Would you have 10mins to speak? looking forward to hearing from you."
About Product: "KRATOS: The personalized digital life skills coach for parents and teens to connect, learn, grow, and thrive"
Works of faith,hope and love, 16million year-old wood, lamps crosses mode of opal, wood opal.
Today is our first concert
Starting with CHRIS ROLLENS on Wed. 3rd June at 1:30pm

Wednesdays at 1:30 – 2pm
BBS musicians will treat us to some live music
from their own kitchen at lunch time

We would love to hear from any BBS-related musicians, parents and students out there who would like to perform from their kitchen.
Please send a mail to Nina Hynes
[email protected]
An alle Interessenten an einem Bachelor- oder Masterstudium im Ausland:

Crimson Education veranstaltet zu genau diesem Thema ein einzigartiges Seminar am 23. Mai um 18:30 hier in Berlin!

Das Seminar wurde bereits mit großem Erfolg in vielen Ländern auf der Welt veranstaltet und behandelt unter anderem Themen wie Studiengangswahl, Bewerbungsverfahren, Testvorbereitung und Studienfinanzierung.

Melde dich jetzt kostenlos hier an:
Radio workshop with Radijojo World Childrens Radio & Media Network at Berlin Bilingual School on Sustainable Development Goals . Many thanks to the partner project in India, who put together this short video with pictures from a Skype call between schools.

Tune into the radio show with content produced by class 5B, playing today noon on Piradio, UKW 88,4 MHz (Livestream, and at 4pm on Radio Alex, UKW 91,0
or on Radijojo "Wir entdecken die Welt"
We're considering BBS for our daughter next year. I see that the primary school has been moved to Weissensee temporarily due to renovations. Does anyone know how long it will take? The main campus on Weinstraße would work for us great, but Weissensee would be too far. Thanks!
There is even a shower cabin in the yard now!
In case people are wondering, whether there is anything happening at Weinstr. It certainly looks that way.

Truly Bilingual:

Wie gewohnt öffnen

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 28/09/2023

Throw back to the Friday two weeks ago: our grade 12 & 13 Spanish students visited the wonderful exhibition "Spanische Dialoge" which showcased some of Picasso’s paintings in the Bode Museum. What a beautiful way to finish off a busy school week 💛

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 26/09/2023

Last Friday, our basketball team (secondary school) took part in a tournament with the theme of "Sports Week for Everyone," where inclusion was the most important pillar of the day.

These photos captured significant moments of the tournament, where our students showcased their talent and passion for sports. They also reflected the spirit of inclusion and diversity that we promote in our school community 🙌🏻
- Alejandro
(Sport Lehrer)

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 25/09/2023

Some impressions from our grade 13th class trip to Weimar. They are back to Berlin now and only have a few months left until their Abi exams!


Berlin Bilingual School wish you all a wonderful and fun-filled holiday! ⭐️❄️⭐️ und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 🎆

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 22/12/2022

Newly installed sound-proof ceilings and new lightings in our secondary school! Looking amazing 🤩

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 21/12/2022

‘In my opinion, long and intense study of the human figure is the necessary foundation for a sculptor.’ - Henry Moore.
Pictured artworks by our Secondary school students 🤍

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 20/12/2022

Our secondary students won 2nd place 🥈 at the & preliminary basketball tournament, category WKI Jungen Rookie II. So very proud of them! Swipe left to see them in more actions ⛹️

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 19/12/2022

More artworks from our secondary students on display at the Winterfest last Wednesday. We have plenty of emerging artists in da house 🎨🎨


It always feels wonderful to give 💛 these cute little presents awaiting our hard-working teachers, Erzieher:innen and admin staff to take them home 🎄🍬🎁 We appreciate the work that they have been doing for making BBS thrive!

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 15/12/2022

The Winterfest at our Secondary school yesterday was a great success! Although the temperature was subzero, everyone enjoyed themselves nonetheless! Students from all grades performed a piece of music with their respective classes, orchestrated by our one and only Ms Anderson 💛Brillant performances and we are so very proud of them! Students‘ art works were also shown at the event! A wonderful day ended with warm punch and yummy snacks made by our parents 💕


While the rest of the world is busy preparing Christmas, here in our Secondary school, a series of professional green talks was launched by our green parent group 💪🏻 pictured here was one of the sessions designated to our 7th graders, hosted by Peter Fuchs, the topic was “gerechte Mobilität “ and “Sichere Schulzonen” which fits right into our Politics Program! Thank you Peter for motivating our students and sharing your expertise! More talks will take place throughout the rest of the school year, so stay tuned!


Do you know our BBS parents (Diversity Group) worked tirelessly for months to create this stunning cultural calendar for our families and friends? In each month, there are 5 special dates/cultural celebrations from around the world, beautifully illustrated and explained its significance and origins 🌟 Every single aspect of this project (from the design, illustrations to printing) was organised and implemented by our talented and devoting parents! We can’t be more proud! And you know what, you can get your hands on a copy at our Secondary school Winter Concert (14th) or at the primary school Winterfest on the (15th). It makes great gift for this festive season! So bring your cash 💵 and don’t miss out 🤗


Meet Janel Galvanek -the founder of Growing Tree Liberia, together with partners in the country, Janel is in the process of establishing a child-care complex that will serve as a much-needed home to street children and orphans in Liberia. A charity that we BBS has been supporting for years!
Last week, our 10th graders had the honour to talk with Janel and gained valuable insight about the ongoing projects that the has been doing! This year, BBS has donated €1800 to Growing Tree Liberia from our annual school charity run! Because we believe that every child deserves a caring-home and an equal opportunity to a bright future!

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 09/12/2022

Can’t wait for our Winterfest next week🤗🎄☃️🍭
Primary school: 15.12
Secondary: 14.12

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 08/12/2022

Das war ein Basketball Tournier von den Berliner Wasserbetrieben und ALBA in der Kategorie WKII (8 und 9 Klasse) 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 07/12/2022

I think the art show that happened last Friday and Monday at our primary school deserves some more credit! Our art teacher Harriet did really a fantastic job 🙏🏽
A big thank you to all the helping hands 🙌


Grade 9 is currently exploring the challenging topic of early 20th century Expressionist poetry in their German lessons. In order to get a more visual experience of the era they went on a little culture Wandertag to Dahlem's excellent Brücke-Museum, where they "translated" the work of some of the greatest Expressionist painters into their own sonnets.

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 02/12/2022

The most amazing art work is on display at the primary at the moment. Our art fair is still happening until Monday!


The digitalisation of organisations can be seen all over the world 🌎 . In both primary and secondary school we continue to hold assemblies online. This is our way to update our staff and students at the same time!

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 30/11/2022

Yesterday was an exciting day for our 6th graders!

The German reading contest by the German Börsenverein - round 1 Schulentscheid. 🏆


We are immensely proud of our students from grade 1 to grade 11 who participated in our annual charity run as well as we are just as grateful to the generous donations we received! Almost 6000€ were collected! 🙏🏽

The money will go to:
1. Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe
2. Seashepard Germany
3. Growing Tree Liberia

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 28/11/2022

Our 7th grade visited the Jewish Museum last week - our students were learning about Jewish culture & traditions but also about the cruel parts of Germany’s history.


You guys rock! 👊🏽🤟🏿
Congratulations 🎉 Again first place 🥇

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 21/11/2022

On Friday, eight of our 6th grade students went to the Vorrundenturnier of ALBA Grundschulliga 2022/23 (section WK IV Jungen & Mixed II Rookie).

We won all the three games and we were rewarded 1st place! We will therefore play the second phase in 2023 in the Junior school group.

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 18/11/2022

Teamwork! BBS is proud of its community consisting of our staff, students and parents. During the last weekends, some of our members were working hard at Granitzstr to make our yard beautiful 🤩


One of the most popular workshops for our older students is bouldering. We go to the bouldering hall in Pankow every Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 16/11/2022

It’s so nice that the alba association sponsors schools to see their games first hand! 🏀


Thanks to the wonderful support of our pedagogical staff at BBS, the admin team was able to have a creative team building activity today as the offices stayed closed!

Meet the women who help our school run smoothly. 😍


Our dance factory is getting some impact protection, so that nobody can get hurt when falling down!

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 11/11/2022

Check out the latest art work from our 8th graders! 🌈

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 09/11/2022

Today we have been learning about Dia de los Muertos during the first of our 'Diversity Days' for this year.

We have broadcast interviews with members of our community, undertaken a variety of activities and discussions to understand the meaning behind the celebration...and one class even had the opportunity to view the Ofrenda at the Mexican Embassy this morning!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part!


Did you know that BBS is the only school in Berlin offering Leistungskurs Art in English? Well done to Mr Greaves and all the teachers in the background helping to make this possible!

Timeline photos 07/11/2022

Please, tell us - how often do you read to your child?
Let's educate together

Wer vorgelesen bekommt, lernt später in der Schule leichter, sagen Bildungsexperten. Immer mehr Kinder bekommen einer Studie zufolge aber selten oder nie vorgelesen.

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 07/11/2022

During the holidays not only our Hort team was busy but also our parents and janitor were giving some fresh paint to our secondary walls! 🙏🏽


Unser letzter Tag in der Hort City. Nächste Woche Montag (7/11/22) haben wir geschlossen für unseren Teamtag und am Dienstag geht es wieder mit der Schule weiter.

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 03/11/2022

On the menu today: Belgian waffles 🇧🇪.
Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth 🍭 🦷 (or two or three or four)?

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 02/11/2022

Every city has its own paper and so does our own Hort City. The Hort Report is just fresh out of the press!
Thank you to the reporters and editors of Hort City.

Photos from Berlin Bilingual School's post 01/11/2022

Let the party begin! Halloween is upon us 🎃 Stay tuned for some more Halloween pics this week 👻


Strict dresscode in the Bank of Hort City 🏙 But let’s put it this way, we are not a normal bank - we are creative and sustainable- if you don’t have a tie, you recycle and make one!


No magic carpet ride here… just the entrance to the BBS HCYS (aka Hort City Yoga Studio)
OK a little magic can be found - the fortune teller🔮 shares the room ❤️🤍

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